Tuesday, August 19, 2008


.Robert Dam, one of the Building Inspectors for the town, might have saved a life recently. The following is a thank you e mail we received from a grateful resident. The town is proud of the fact that we have outstanding employees like Robert Dam working for us. We encourage everyone to get a carbon monoxide detector

Dear Mr. Dam,

Please let me take the time today to personally thank you for saving my life. When you came to my home last July, you told me I needed to get a carbon monoxide detector. To be honest, I only did so just to go through the motions. Last night, I did something very foolish, I left car running in my garage. For six hours my car was running. The carbon monoxide alarm sounded, I called 911 and was told to get out the house. The Fire Department came and it was then I realized what I had done. The guys from fire house were wonderful. They opened all the windows, shut the off the gas and hooked up a fan to clean the air. They were very concerned if I was okay and stayed until it was safe to go back in. They turned the gas back on, checked the furnace and my range, making sure everything was the way they left. One fireman in particular, I should have gotten his name, explained to me what was happening in a way I could understand. But it all comes back to you, you saved my life last night.

Yours very truly,

Dolores A. Tilford


Anonymous said...

By the way Paul what is the agenda for Thursday meeting that you are having in the afternoon so many of the residents will not be aware of what you and the board will be passing.

Anonymous said...

Why not require COMMERCIAL buildings to adhere to higher life safety health standards? Things like fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in every rental unit. How about a requirement that all commercial space be sprinklered - including retro-fitting existing space? Are firefighters in less danger in older buildings. Its a good idea for residences - how about work spaces? Or are you afraid commercial real estate owners and their attornies will stop contributing to your re-election campaign?

Anonymous said...

Why not require COMMERCIAL buildings to adhere to higher life safety health standards? Things like fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in every rental unit. How about a requirement that all commercial space be sprinklered - including retro-fitting existing space? Are firefighters in less danger in older buildings. Its a good idea for residences - how about work spaces? Or are you afraid commercial real estate owners and their attornies will stop contributing to your re-election campaign?

Anonymous said...

"fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in every rental unit"

already mandated, no?

Anonymous said...

You may think that you are a smart ass the way you throw a dig at the supervisor and attorney contributios.
If safety is to be considered the supervisor is the first to stand up for any law to be passed.
I'm quite sure that many of the commercial buildings and as you state old buildings are all equiped with the necessayr features.
All these building have periodic inspections by the fire departments so I'm sure that if there are any violations they are taken care of .
We have a good working building department that checks into the safety of the tenants.
They may not be on their toes as far as long time construction sites one in particular almost six years to finish .,
The safety rules and regulations are on the books if home owners will not follow is is their hard luck.
This woman listened to the building inspector which in return saved her life.
Kudos for Robert Dam

Anonymous said...

Being a CSEA Union employee, He must one of those non-essential employees that your Comptroller says they are!!!!!!!!!! I think he and his union brothers deserve at least a 3% raise like all other Town workers have gotten this year. Mr Feiner,why are shortchanging the people that make you look good.

1:25PM Responds said...

Dear 3:56 -
Mandated? No, "suggested" and with no penalty for failure to conform. Required in single family residences? Yes.

Dear 5:32 -
Paul is really quick to push for enhancements for single family residences, but VERY SLOW to require additions for commercial properties. That's just the reality. As it is also real that older buildings do not/will not have to conform - unless they need a building permit and do not have their attorney and Ben Franklin meet with the building inspector...

Anonymous said...

The building inspectores do not need a Ben Franklin under the table to do their job.
Maybe one can make a statement for another department within Greenburgh but not the Building dept.

Anonymous said...

Is the comptroller entitled to the same health and retirement benefits as other town employees?

Anonymous said...

Stupid does he work for the town.He gets whatever is due him no more or no less.

Anonymous said...

Another CSEA employee for the Town saving lives. Many do this on a daily basis. I support the CSEA members as a tax payer in this town, and Paul I hope you do as well.

Kudos to Mr. Dam for doing his job.

hal samis said...

If there is ever a Town Board meeting, you can be sure that:

another 10 minutes will be lost from public comment.

Yes, give him his certificate and pose for the obligatory photos.

Anonymous said...

Samis now you are getting to be a thorn in my side.
Yes this inspector saved someones life and he should be recognized by the town.
If you check with the fire dept. they will tell you that they also saved her home.
Kudos for this inspector.
Has he done som ething bad you would be the first to condemn.
This time you are wrong in your comment.

John Henry said...

Does the leadership of the CSEA endorse Supervisor Feiner's regular, blatant attempts to circumvent the Wickes Law?
Does the leadership of the CSEA endorse Suipervisor Feiner's hiring of independent part-timers instead of full-time union members?
The CSEA should be outraged with Feiner's behavior - where is the union leadership?

hal samis said...

Dear Anonymous:

As John Belushi would say,

"Well 's-c-u-s-e me!"

I won't sleep a wink this night knowing that I am a thorn in your side. Maybe another Town employee will come to you assistance; perhaps it will be Mr. Androceles.

You think that the building inspector performed an act of meritorious and extraordinary service?

Then take a front row seat at the next Town Board meeting and get his autograph.

If he visits 200 houses a year and leaves the same information (which is all he did) should he get 200 commendations?

How about these as a public service and forget the award ceremony...

If you're going to drink, don't drive.

Look both ways before crossing a street.

Check the batteries in your smoke detector.

Buckle your seat belt.

Report suspicious, abandoned packages.

Don't stand under a tree, or out in the opne, when there is lightning.

Make sure that drugs are in kept in tamper-proof containers if there are small children in the house.

Properly dispose of poisonous household chemicals after use.

Don't leave a loaded gun where children can get a hold of it.

Wear white when walking at night.

Don't leave the stove on unattended.

When shooting up, don't share the same needle.

Don't overload electrical outlets.

Lock your door when leaving home.

And don't let the bed bugs bite.

get the idea?

With all due respect to Mr. Dam, he was just doing his job.

Anonymous said...

All he did was tell the lady what the law was about detectors. The Town board passed the law. might as well give them an award too! While you're at give one to the fire department, they removed all the gases.

Anonymous said...

Sir the law was passed for all new construction.

Anonymous said...


Your missing the point its about tax dollars going to people that are working hard for this Town. All they want is the standard of living increase.

Thanks for supporting them

hal samis said...

If that is the point, then I apologize for missing it.

I wholly agree; CSEA COL increases are both reasonable and appropriate.

My point, however, is that the ridiculous ceremonies the Town Board puts on so that they can pose for the cameras come at a cost.

And the cost is that it consumes the business portion of the Town Board meeting. That declining remaineder which is left after the meeting starts late due to truant members of the Town Board.

If they want to have these diversions, fine. However if they also want Town Board meetings to end by 11:00, then they shouldn't use these "pre-game" shows to eat up the clock and "borrow" the time from public comment.

One of the chronic photo-op offences are Police Department promotions. Does anyone else on the Town's payroll get promoted?
Hold the ceremony (if one is really needed) at the Police Department during the day.

Again, my reaction was to the likely outcome of the Supervisor's post. I'm sure too that employees would prefer a raise, not a certificate.

juettner is a disaster said...

a blog snippet - and why we need to get rid of juettner who only serves herself - 20 years of juettner is 20 years too long. Juettner is a disaster.

"Democracy is largely a gamble about who might govern best; and the right to vote is little more than a right to roll the dice.

Why then, do millions of people the world over fight for this right? Because the most important function of democracy is not to choose good governments but to throw out bad ones."

juettner must go said...

amen - if 8 years is enough - 20 years of juettner is unbearable.

Anonymous said...

The CSEA members deserve whatever the Police, management and teamsters get. They are a essential part of the Town. The Comptroller should just retire because this is not for him. Instead, of fixing problems he has created them. We still have a budget problem. What are you doing about this? Nothing. Nothing that is what you are doing?..............

Anonymous said...

Hal" gat a life" Samis.
If you own property then you should be concern but you don't the tax payers don't need you assistance.

Anonymous said...

Feiner is doing a good job

Anonymous said...

10:44 Hal may not own property but he is concerned about the taxes.
At least he has the smarts to bring wrong doings to light to help with the tax base.
What have you done or said to help the taxpayers?
You're the type that sits back and lets others do the dirty work.
Someone challenged the sewer tax what have you challenged. Put up or shut up.
Hal thank you for being a concerned citizen .
Could it be possible that you cannot read or understand your tax bill,bring it to Hal on any meeting nite and he will help you .
There should be more investigations made to see where our money is going,but please 10:44 leave this to people that have brains because you were short changed.

Anonymous said...

This comptroller is the best thing that has happened to our town.
The problem is that the book keeping that we had in place was never kept in order. That's why we have so many investigations going on by the State.
There were too many cover ups by certain people that have been mentioned over and over again on the blog because of some close ties.
The two, Kolesar and his assistant have and are doing the best that they can with what they have uncovered.Wait the fun has just started.

Anonymous said...

Let me congradulate Dam for a job well done. He does deserve to be recognized by the town board.
There's another person that should be recognizes by the town board and he should be awarded by giving him a pink slip. Guess who??????
If you guessed Regula you are correct.

Anonymous said...