Sunday, September 30, 2012

Robert Bernstein continues to misrepresent...

Robert Bernstein, writing for the Edgemont Community Council facebook page, continues to misrepresent my position and actions. On Friday he tried to indicate that we have no intention of allowing 108 vacant apartments to be used for affordable housing unless the county provides millions to cover the costs of renovating the units. This is not true.
The town plans to issue an RFP--inviting developers to submit proposals to the town to convert the property into affordable housing.. It is my hope that the county will contribute county funds to make the project more affordable.  If they don't, we will still proceed with our efforts to utilize the building for affordable housing. Legislators rejected a proposal that would have generated $500,000 a year to the town in rental income from Ferncliff, an organization that provides services to the developmentally disabled community --most who are low income and are referred by the county DSS.
In recent months I have reached out to affordable housing developers inviting them to submit bids in the event the legislature denies the town the ability to generate maximum revenue from the property- for a worthy cause---helping the developmentally disabled. Some developers have expressed interest in submitting bid proposals to the town. However, the town will not generate as much revenue from affordable housing as we would have received from Ferncliff (the developmentally disabled would be living at Ferncliff).

Bob's most recent misrepresentation of the facts

Friday, September 28, 2012

brightview walking tour tomorrow..learn how to mulch...dobbs festa

Members of the Greenburgh Town Board will be conducting a site visit at the Proposed Brightview

Assisted Living Community site tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. We will meet with neighbors at the site 191 Old White Plains Road (across from the new Stop & Shop on Route 119). Brightview is proposing a 3 story 90 unit residence on five acres. There will be 45 parking spaces. The footprint is proposed to be 25,000 sq feet and about 70,000 total building square footage. You are invited to join us at this site visit.

LEARN HOW TO MULCH LEAVES—The Greenburgh Nature Center is holding their first mulching demonstration for landscapers and home owners on Saturday, September 29 at 10 AM at Longview Road (off of Fort Hill) in Edgemont. It’s free. You can learn how to mulch

The Nature Center provided me with the names of landscapers who mulch leaves. No need to bag most of your leaves when mulching would be cheaper and better for your lawns. If you want a copy of the list – please advise.

A FANTASTIC EVENT – TOMORROW IN DOBBS FERRY (Dobbs Ferry Festa). It’s one of the most enjoyable programs of the year—great for the family. The main streets in the downtown shopping area are closed to traffic from 1 to 8 pm. Interact with your neighbors. Eat delicious food, listen to great music. Dance in the streets! Have fun

Ashford Avenue Bridge Work Commences on Wednesday October 3, 2012

Repair work is scheduled to commence on the Ashford Avenue Bridge at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 3, 2012.

The work is expected to continue for several weeks between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

The Dobbs Ferry Police Department will be helping to direct traffic on the Dobbs Ferry side during the work.

Delays are expected along the east / west corridor on Ashford Avenue during the work phase. Motorists should consider using alternate routes during this time, if you can.

Paul Feiner

Saturday, September 22, 2012

another jewel of hudson opens-- o'hara nature center in irvington

Greenburgh residents who enjoy nature and hiking are lucky. The Old Croton Aqueduct, South County trail, Bronx River paths, Taxter Ridge park preserve, Harts Brook Park and Preserve, Glenville Woods & Greenburgh Nature Center are magnificant and beautiful properties.

Today, another jewel on the Hudson opened -- the O'Hara Nature Center. The center, which is located off of Mountain Road (Mountain Road is a road that connects to Taxter Road, E Irvington) has magnificant trails --connecting 400 acres of forested trails and ecosystems. When I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony this morning - I was stunned by the beauty of the property --it's a treasure! Please take a look at the new building and trails.

The new building, named for the O'Hara family (community leaders who lost their lives in a plane crash ), is a model of energy efficiency and green design (solar heating/cooling, rain water harvesting, thermal efficiency and reflexivity). The property and trails are spectacular. I encourage residents who enjoy nature to add this nature preserve to the list of trails you enjoy hiking on. You won't be disappointed.

Congratulations to the village of Irvington and the hundreds of volunteers and sponsors of the O'Hara Nature Center for their success. Generations to come will enjoy and explore the woods, will be educated about nature and the environment and will be inspired by the sustainable concepted used at the center.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

gym, solar heating, other improvements at tdycc

I asked Commissioner of Public Works Victor Carosi to provide the community with an update on the status of improvements taking place at the Theodore Young Community Center and Lois Bronz Children's Center. The following is a status report. Many infrastructure improvements are going to take place at the TDYCC (new gym, new ventilation system, new solar hot water heating system for the pool, heating and air conditioning system at the gym, possible flood gates at to reduce future flooding at the TDYCC).

We are sorry for inconveniences that community center users have experienced but believe that once the work is completed we will have a much better center --that will be more comfortable, more energy efficient, a more reliable pool, etc.. Thanks for your interest!


The Department of Public Works is working on several projects at the Community Center to improve the pool and gym. At this time a project is being bid to replace the ventilation system at the indoor pool and to replace the heating and air-conditioning system in the gym. The pool ventilation system has been poorly performing for some time. Fans are often placed around the pool deck to help provide ventilation as the existing system is not able to provide a level of comfort expected. The Town is bidding a project that will replace and redesign the mechanical ventilation systems for the pool.
In addition to the replacement of the ventilation system, the Town secured a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy in the amount of $169,000 to install a Solar Hot Water Heating System for the swimming pool. This project is construction included with the ventilation and air-conditioning project that is now out to bid. It is expected the Solar Hot Water Heating System will reduce the energy costs to heat the pool. Coupled with new work on the pool mechanicals, we expect the comfort of the pool and reliability of the pool heating systems to be greatly improved with both the solar hot water heating and new ventilation system.
Also now bidding with the pool project is a new heating and air-conditioning system for the Gym. Historically, the gym systems have been unreliable, poorly functioning and susceptible to leaking water onto the gym wood floor. They are noisy, disruptive and do not provide adequate cooling or heating of the gym at times. The Town plans to replace the existing units with new more efficient units. The new units will no longer be hanging from the gym ceiling, but will instead be installed above, outside on the gym roof. The new units are expected to provide much better temperature control to the gym and, as they are no longer in the gym, the amount of noise from the fans will no longer be a problem during events.
In the next week, bids will be received for these projects. A recommendation for project award is expected to the Town Board before the end of October. With no complications, we are expecting work to commence before the end of 2012 on the Solar Hot Water heating and ventilation system for the pool as well as new air-conditioning and heating for the gym.
Since last August, the gym has been closed from the flooding after Hurricane Irene. Flooding from the Manhattan Brook caused the old wood floor to buckle. The extent of the buckling of the old wood floor was compared to a skate park by some. The repair to this floor has taken considerable time. Asbestos was found contained in the glue that originally held the wood floor strips onto the existing concrete floor. This material required special handling to remove properly and not create any health hazard within the Community Center. The flooring, glue and all traces of asbestos containing material is now all removed from the gym. Recently, the Town Board directed that a new wood floor be installed as a proper surface for the Community Center gymnasium needs. The Town is nearing completion on the details and specifications for a new and improved wood floor. It is expected bidding will occur during October for the installation of the new wood gymnasium floor. If the project stays on schedule, the flooring installation should be underway during the winter months with an expectation to have the gymnasium flooring ready by the early Spring of 2013.
To help reduce the chances of future flooding damaging the TDYCC, the Town has applied for grant funding to implement a “ flood-proofing” project for the Community Center. Installation of a series of automatically operating flood gates successfully blocked stormwater from entering a hospital in upstate New York in a flood event. A consultant working for the Town suggested a similar system could possibly be employed to block flood waters from entering the TDYCC through the doorways. It was our experience during Hurricane Irene that the flooding of the gym and other areas of the Community Center occurred as water entered through the doors along the side and back of the building. By installing movable flood gates, it is hoped that future flood water will be blocked from these entrance ways. We have proposed this solution to FEMA and are now awaiting word on a possible grant award to fund this endeavor.
A final project nearing design completion is the replacement of the roof for the Lois Bronz Children’s Center. This project should be ready for bid also during October. Actual replacement of the roof may not occur until spring or maybe even summer of 2013 as roofing projects are very dependent upon the weather and temperature for construction.
In the coming year, the Department of Public Works hopes to continue to improve the Community Center as well as the Louis Broz Children’s Center so these facilities can continue to provide to the community for many more years.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

child safety seat inspection

Child Passenger Safety Seat Check Event

On Saturday September 22, 2012 the Greenburgh Police Department, in conjunction with Westchester Safe Kids, will be holding a special Child Passenger Safety Seat Check Event. This event will be held at the Midway Shopping Center 1001 South Central Avenue from the hours of 10am – 2pm and is sponsored by Shoprite, Westchester Safe Kids, Blythedale Children’s Hospital, and the Greenburgh Police Department. Certified Technicians will inspect your child's car seat for recalls, expiration dates, and make sure it's installed properly. If you are having difficulty installing the seat yourself, our trained technicians will assist you.

For further information, please contact:

Sue Larking

Blythdale Children’s hospital

914-592-7555 ext. 71647

P.O. Peter Dandreano

Greenburgh Police Department


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sports Authority to replace Syms

Great news from the Mayor of Elmsford, Robert Williams. The vacant Syms store on 119 (across from the Greenburgh Library) will soon be one of the biggest Sports Authority stores in the Sports Authority chain. The Sports Authority went through the approval process last week and are ready to go.

It's nice to see vacant large shopping centers replaced with exciting new stores. Good for our town...more jobs for people out of work. Another sign that the economy is starting to turn around--in a positive direction.

Friday, September 14, 2012


New York State Department of Transportation has advised they will begin paving Tarrytown Road from Aqueduct Road (White Plains line) to the intersection with Knollwood Road (Elmsford line) Sunday, September 16 to Saturday, September 22 from 9:00 p.m. to 0500 a.m., weather permitting. The work will begin at Aqueduct Road and end at Knollwood Road. Both sides of the road are scheduled to be paved.

Many residents have contacted me -asking about the future of the Crossroads Shopping Center. Some expressed concern about the vacancies at the shopping center. I have been in contact with the owners of the property and received this update --which suggests that the future of the shopping center looks good --with some exciting possibilities. Will continue to keep you informed. The following letter was received today from the Executive Vice President of Heyman Properties.
With leases expiring, the struggling economy and tenants filing for bankruptcy such as the A & P Supermarket, Marty Shoes and the Avenue, we are experiencing leasing challenges at Crossroads Shopping Center. The leasing staffs at Acadia REIT and Heyman Properties, the partners who own the property, have been hard at work trying to interest tenants who would benefit the center and the community.
Understanding that the community would like to see the former A & P replaced by another supermarket, we contacted every grocery chain who has stores in this region. We currently have a lease out to a supermarket tenant who can only take the store if we can obtain approvals to expand the former A & P space by 8,357 square feet. Once the lease is signed we will be filing for a site plan modification and approval to construct the expansion areas.
Party City is under construction in the former Barnes & Noble space and has targeted early December 2012 for a grand opening.
We are working with several junior anchor tenants (8,000-14,000 square feet) who are interested in leasing space in the center. One such tenant is looking at the former Avenue space with expansion into the adjacent vacant 3,025 square feet. In addition we are working with several national and regional soft goods and hard goods retailers who have interest in leasing the former Jembro and T-Mobile spaces. Unfortuately all of the prospective tenants are waiting to see what tenant leases the A & P space before committing to terms.
We are confident that the Town will be very excited about the tenants who potentially will fill the empty store fronts. We will keep you apprised of any news as we move forward.

Kathy Rorick
Executive V P
Heyman Properties

How much does the elevated crosswalk at Crane's Pond cost?

Some Edgemont community members are pushing for an elevated crosswalk at Crane's pond. I think the crosswalk should be painted - would save significant dollars. This is the cost estimates of the elevated crosswalk. We would not need to do drainage work if we just paint the crosswalk lines.
Retention Policy: Inbox Retention 1095days (3 Years) Expires: 8/31/2015
Supervisor Feiner and Town Council,
In follow up to the work session Tuesday, I again reviewed the project costs submitted by the lowest bidder.  While the overall bid is $92,304 the itemized units relating to the sidewalk in the park add up to about $25,000, work related to the speed table / crosswalk is about $38,000 and the portion to address drainage concerns associated with the crosswalk construction is about $ 29,000.
Victor G. Carosi, P.E.
Commissioner of Public Works
Town of Greenburgh

Saturday, September 08, 2012

mobile many respond to job postings? free yoga

The mobile shredder will be at Greenburgh Town Hall today (Saturday, September 8) from 10 to 1 PM. The Town Board will hold our annual 9-11 memorial ceremony Tuesday morning, September 11 at 9:30 AM at the multipurpose center, AF Veteran park (memorial garden-next to multipurpose building).
Dog swim this Sunday, September 9th from 10 AM to 2 PM. AF Veteran town pool. The Bronx River Parkway will be closed this Sunday morning and early afternoon for bicycle Sundays....

Earlier this week I sent an e mail advisory out about the job club I formed almost 4 years ago. I share lots of job openings with residents every week and encourage people to advise me of openings.
Since my e mail went out about 30 people have asked to be added to my jobs e mail listing. I have also received a number of e mails from residents sharing job openings with me. After I posted one job opening, I got this e mail --advising how many responses they received from members of the "job club".
If you're not on the list and are unemployed - send me an e mail and I'll advise you of all job openings I learn of. And, if you're working and know of job openings, let me know by e mailing me at
Hi Paul,

Although I imagine we’ll receive more resumes over the weekend… here’s what we have so far: 9 responses in <72 hours="hours" u="u">.

The good news is that, for the most part, these applicants appear qualified.

We will update you next week – and, of course, if we hire one of the folks that came through as a result of your emails we will let you know!

In comparison… after one week on, we have received only around a dozen applicants … and, overall, these applicants are considerably less-qualified.

You perform a good service for both sides. Thank you!



Please communicate this opportunity in your next job-opportunities-in-Westchester email.

We are a food manufacturer and distributor looking to fill a newly-created position located in our Rye, Salary:
$40,000-$50,000/commensurate with experience

No phone calls please.
Please email your resume to and reference that you are emailing in response to the Greenburgh Job Listing.

Thank you!

Yoga Station is offering a FREE yoga class this Monday 9/10 at 6:15pm to celebrate our first year anniversary! Thank you Greenburgh for all your support...we could not have done it without you!
The class is a 90 minute Vinyasa class for students of all levels. Be prepared to sweat! Bring your yoga mat, bare feet and clothes you can move in and help us celebrate our first year in style!

Thank you Paul, for helping us get the word out!

Best wishes,
Char Daigle
Yoga Station
221 East Hartsdale Avenue, Second Floor
Hartsdale, NY 10530
tel: 914-874-6295
enjoy the weekend.

Friday, September 07, 2012

scarsdale inquirer reports that former County Exec Spano was considering closing down WESTHELP

In recent years some of my critics complained that I refused to renew the lease with WESTHELP after the former County Executive, Andy Spano, invited the town to start the negotiations for the lease renewal. The town, under the old lease, was receiving  $1.2 million dollars.

These allegations were never true and I e mailed the Scarsdale Inquirer copies of letters I sent to the county  in 2009 indicating that "I would like to start the discussions that will determine whether the lease will be renewed."
In today's issue of the Scarsdale Inquirer  the newspaper reports that "Diane Atkins, (who was deputy to Social Service Commission Mahon) "said that the county was, at that time already considering other uses for the WestHelp apartments because the shelter was underutilized. We didn't have a lot of referrals to that facility."

Former deputy and chief advisor to Spano, Susan Tolchin "echoed Atkin's arguments that the decrease in the county's homeless population made WestHelp less necessary." "If we had stayed in office we would have looked at the possibility of closing the facility," Tolchin said. "She also said that she didn't recall that Greenburgh refused to renegotiate."

I learned a lesson today  - I have to do a better job responding to misleading, inaccurate comments made by critics about my record.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Robert Bernstein has been circulating misinformation about the TDYCC. Here is a response from the police chief.
The Edgemont Community Council’s Facebook posting of August 30, 2012 infers that the Greenburgh Police Department has not, until the date of this post, investigated the theft of 19 computers from the Theodore Young Community Center. This is a false statement. If this is based on Greg Shillinglaw’s Journal News report of August 31 reporting that a police investigation began on the date it was reported July 5, 2012, why would your post report that it was not investigated until August 30? Unfortunately, because this is an active investigation I can’t go into specifics of the follow-up work that was done only to say this is not true and this crime has been investigated since the date of report.

The part time employee that perked the interest of the Journal News reporter by stating she had seen a video tape and could identify a perpetrator and inferred that this was a new revelation was found to be untrue. She had not viewed any video tape related to this incident.

Your post states that the Greenburgh Police Department claims not to know the identity of the person on the video tape which is again false. What is this based on? Nowhere in the Journal News report does it state the identity of a person on tape was known or unknown.

I covey these facts hopeful that the majority of the Edgemont community would not think the Greenburgh Police Department would not investigate a crime and worse be involved in a cover-up or succumb to political pressure of which there has been none. Investigations are guided by solvability factors and available resources to determine facts to support probable cause to arrest and not to rush to judgment on potentially arresting an innocent person.


Joseph J. DeCarlo

Chief of Police