Thursday, December 31, 2009


Congratulations to....
Westchester County Legislator Alfreda Williams, former Greenburgh Town Clerk, on assuming her new post as Legislator representing the town of Greenburgh--effective January 1, 2010.

County Legislator Tom Abinanti who was elected Majority Leader of the Westchester County Board of Legislators.

Kevin Plunkett, a Greenburgh resident (he resides in one of our villages) on being appointed Deputy County Executive. Kevin is an attorney who represented the town of Greenburgh in a land use case in federal court.

George Longworth, former Dobbs Ferry Police Chief, on being named the head of the Westchester County department of Public Safety. George Longworth, a former Greenburgh resident, played an instrumental role in the creation of joint initiatives between Greenburgh and village police departments including the drug task force. He also suggested that the Greenburgh police dept and village police dept share dispatchers during the midnight shift, when there are few calls. This initiative, if implemented, could save taxpayers money and move a police officer from a desk job to patrol responsibilities.

Ned McCormack, new communications director for the County Executive. Ned is a former President of the Mayfair-Knollwood Civic Association.

Francis Sheehan & Diana Juettner --on beginning their new terms as Greenburgh Town Councilmembers. David Dwinell on his re-election as Receiver of Taxes. Town Clerk Judith Beville on her new term as Town Clerk.

Francis, Diana, David, Judith & I will be sworn into office on Wednesday at 9 AM at the NY School for the Deaf. We will also hold a swearing in ceremony at the Bailey School on Thursday at 9 AM. It's been our practice to hold swearing in ceremonies at local schools--providing students with the opportunity to witness & participate in an important government ceremony first hand. At the swearing in ceremonies we discuss our responsibilities and answer questions from the students.

Have a happy and healthy new year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bronxville court job opening

Bronxville has an opening for court clerk.. The job requires a working knowledge of criminal and civil law, court procedures, legal documents, office terminilogy and procedures; computer skills; the ability to follow direction; good people skills and occaisional night court work. Send a full resume to Harol Porr III, Village Administrator, 200 Pondfield Road, Bronxville, NY 10708 Salary range is: $45,000 - $50,000

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 year in review

By Paul Feiner

The year of the great recession - 2009 - is coming to an end. Greenburgh, like the rest of the nation, experienced the effects of the recession: mortgage tax revenues were down by $1.4 million, sales tax revenues down by 12.5%, assessed valuations decreased by $7.6 million. NYS mandated pension contributions up 67% in A budget, pension contributions up 33% in B budget, and there were additional six figure expenses mandated such as the MTA payroll tax. The New York State Legislature reduced STAR payments – causing school property taxes to go up between $300 - $600. To offset the bad news the town is offering employees early retirement if positions are not filled. We’re seeking permission from the State Legislature to tax hotel guests (like they do in cities and counties). We are also trying to sell surplus properties that are not needed. We made significant cuts in town departments to offset the loss of revenue.
Despite the bad national economic news the town has some positive news to report.

NEW BUSINESSES. Regeneron announced plans in December to expand their space. A new building is being built in Greenburgh. The 3rd building will generate 300 more jobs. Regeneron is a bio tech company that develops and commercializes medicines for treatment of cancer and serious illness. In the early fall of 2009 they dedicated two other buildings at the Landmark in Greenburgh.

BIO TECH NATIONAL HQ - OSI. Another major bio tech company is relocating their national headquarters to Greenburgh in the unincorporated section of Ardsley. Hundreds of new jobs, relocation of employees to the Greenburgh area from other parts of the nation and state, and more ratables for our town. A minimum of 200 employees will be relocated to the headquarters shortly. OSI anticipates an additional 400 jobs at the site within 5 years. OSI strives to turn pioneering science into breakthrough therapies from life threatening diseases including cancer, diabetes and obesity.

TWO NEW SUPERMARKETS. The town will be getting two new supermarkets in 2010. Shoprite received approval for a variance to build a supermarket at Midway Shopping Center, and the Town Board approved a rezone application to allow for a supermarket (Stop & Shop) to be built on 119 near the Tarrytown border. Construction is expected in 2010. Benefits for the town: The Stop & Shop supermarket will generate more than food, taxes and jobs for the town. New sidewalks for the neighborhood will be built by the developer ($238,000). Revised plans and traffic improvements ($1.5 million), $100,000 to the town for recreation and another $100,000 to the town to reduce the town’s contributions to the comprehensive plan study. Over half a million dollars in improvements to Bridge Plaza in Tarrytown. $325,000 in building permit/storm water permit fees.

WALGREENS TO OPEN DRUG STORE ON CENTRAL AVE/ARDSLEY ROAD. The vacant old Central Square Cafe is being replaced with a Walgreen's drug store. The old restaurant was demolished in December and the new store will open in 2010. Magnetic Analysis Corp. is moving to Greenburgh from Mount Vernon – 85 jobs! A few new restaurants on Central Avenue are being built or opened up.

ARDSLEY ROAD REPAVED. The county completed a major Ardsley Road repaving and drainage initiative.

NEW COMPTROLLER, POLICE CHIEF, COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC WORKS, COMMUNITY RESOURCES. Joe DeCarlo replaces John Kapica as Police Chief. Victor Carosi is the new Commissioner of Public Works and Bart Talamini is the new Comptroller. William Carter is Commissioner of the Department of Community Resources.

BUDGET CUTS. We continue to downsize. The Town Board offered employees an early retirement incentive if they retire and if they are not replaced with full time employees.

CSEA ZERO PERCENT SALARY HIKE: CSEA members approved a contract with a zero percent salary hike in 2009.

STUDY ON FIRE DISTRICT CONSOLIDATION. The town has one police department which serves 100% of unincorporated Greenburgh, and 3 paid fire districts which serve about 73% of the unincorporated section of Greenburgh. The cost for a police department: $22 million. The cost for 3 paid fire districts which serve less than 73% of the same territory: $28 million. Alan Hochberg was appointed to chair a fire district consolidation commission. A report will be released in the spring of 2010. The New York State Legislature approved a new law that will enable voters to petition for a referendum on consolidations of fire districts. Voters, not politicians, will make the decisions re:consolidation. We also received a report from a consultant re: ways to improve efficiencies and to share additional services between the Greenburgh Police Department and the Dobbs Ferry Police.

JOB CLUB. To address the growing unemployment problem in Greenburgh I have created a job club. I post job openings on (Greenburgh jobs group). I have asked residents to notify me of job openings in their companies. My group has helped over 30 people secure employment.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING. The Village of Ardsley approved a new affordable housing overlay zone. The Town Board has received an acceptable offer from a developer to purchase the Waterwheel property on 9A for $1.2 million dollars. The town will receive a non refundable deposit –final payment will be made when approvals are granted. Some affordable housing for volunteer firefighters and ambulance corp members will be built. We also sold foreclosed property at 27 Main Street in Dobbs Ferry and rezoned property in the Fulton Park section of town for working families housing.

VETERANS COMMITTEE. A new veterans committee was formed. Among initiatives: a Veterans Day function in Hartsdale and an oral history video (in planning stages).

SEEKING NEW REVENUE SOURCE. We're going to seek permission from Albany to impose a tax on hotel guests to generate revenue for the town.

DISCOUNTS FOR SENIORS. Town Clerk Judith Beville led a successful effort that resulted in seniors being offered a $1 discount off taxi ride fares to and from a doctor’s appointment or grocery/food shopping.

THE BUILDING DEPARTMENT EVACUATED SOME ILLEGAL HOMES. One house was occupied by 9 people on the first floor and 11 on the second floor. Other homes were also shut down by the Building dept. Electrical violations, light switches smoldering and melting. Steam irons used to provide heat. The safety of children and adults at stake.

SAD NEWS - CYCLIST KILLED BY BUS. Merrill Cassell, a Hartsdale cyclist, lost his life when a bus hit him on Rt. 119. A ghost bicycle was dedicated at the site in Merrill’s memory. The Town Board met with bicycle safety advocates and will work on making Greenburgh more bicycle friendly for cyclists.

STANDARD & POOR’S MAINTAINS TOWN’S AAA BOND RATING - HIGHEST POSSIBLE. 2009 was the year many localities around the nation saw their bond ratings decline. S & P maintained the AAA bond rating, which was just increased in 2008. Only 3% of all localities in the nation have the highest bond rating possible. This rating reduces our borrowing costs.

THE TOWN BOARD AND PLANNING BOARD agreed to use developer escrow funds to build a new playground at Webb Field Richard Presser Park, Central Ave. The playground will cost $120,000 (NON TAX DOLLARS) and be dedicated in 2010. Children will be invited to help the town select equipment options.

STORY WALK. The Greenburgh Nature Center inaugurated Story Walk, an innovative idea from Vermont. Pages of children’s books are placed on a stake and the book is spaced equidistantly along the length of a wooden trail.

CNN/MONEY RATES GREENBURGH AS #12 IN LIST OF SIX FIGURE TOWNS. The nations best places with high income.

XPOSURE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM HAS STUDENTS INVESTING IN STOCK MARKET, STARTING THEIR OWN BUSINESS. The Lanza Family Foundation was so impressed by the Xposure After School Program that they increased their annual donation from $170,000 to $220,000. Children, ages K-8th grade, participate in weekly finance classes. They save and invest their money in the stock market. The program was featured on the cover of Scholastic Magazine.

GREENBURGH GOES GREEN - REQUIRES COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION TO BE LEED DESIGN. The Greenburgh Town Board approved a local law amending the town code requiring commercial and multifamily buildings to incorporate LEED green building measures in new construction. We received a grant of $169,000 to install energy efficient solar hot water systems at the Theodore Young Community Center pool from the U.S. Congress and $186,000 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to reduce energy use and emissions by undertaking projects improving efficiencies.

100% ELECTRIC CARS. Mini’s of Westchester invited Greenburgh to test 3 of the 450 all electric cars that are being tested out around the nation for eleven months. We are providing the company with feedback on the experiences we have with the car. It is anticipated that the all electric vehicle could be available to the public within 5 years.

EAST HARTSDALE AVENUE CONCERTS. Town Clerk Judith Beville organized (at no cost to the taxpayers) weekly concerts on East Hartsdale Ave. during the summer farmer’s markets.

COURT OF APPEALS RULES FOR THE TOWN. The NYS Court of Appeals ruled that the town complied with state law re: funding of town parks.

LANZA FOUNDATION RESTORES POLICE SUMMER YOUTH CAMP. We received a $65,000 grant so we can continue the Police Camp which serves over 20 children between the ages of 12-17. It’s a junior police academy. Youngsters are placed in a setting similar to that experienced by a police recruit.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN – A draft of the Comprehensive Plan document is in preparation and will be released in 2010 for comment and approval. We anticipate that the cost of the plan will be reduced by $100,000. The town entered into an agreement with the developer of the Stop & Shop proposal to contribute $100,000 towards the plan.

U.S. AIRMARKS $118,750 TO ENHANCE EAST HARTSDALE AVE. The U.S. Congress gave the town grants for improvements at East Hartsdale Ave. East Hartsdale Ave. has experienced an economic turnaround in the past year. 2 years ago half the stores were forced to close for weeks because of flood damage after a storm. Today the main business area has one vacancy.

A special thank you to the members of the Town Board: Sonja Brown, Diana Juettner, Kevin Morgan, Francis Sheehan, Town Clerk Judith Beville & all the Commissioners and employees for their hard work during 2009. Have a happy holiday season and a great 2010.

Energy Office 2009 Report

Allegra Dengler, Energy Conservation Coordinator

December 22, 2009

This was a very busy year for the Energy Office. The activities here in Greenburgh reflect the increased attention to increasing energy efficiency and alternative energy at all levels of government. The new Obama administration rolled out $40 billion dollars of energy conservation grants. Green job creation started ramping up, and the private sector showed serious interest in investing in all things green. The year ended with the Copenhagen conference in which the nations of the world tried to reach an international agreement to lower carbon emissions to reduce the severity of the climate impacts that are beginning to be felt worldwide. The failure to develop meaningful policies in Copenhagen means that the effort of local governments like Greenburgh are all the more important. The best energy policies improve our economy, create jobs, reduce our reliance on foreign oil and improve our chances of avoiding the worst case scenarios of catastrophic climate destabilization.

Activities of the Energy Office in 2009

The Greenburgh Climate Action Task Force

The Greenburgh Climate Action Task Force worked many hours, meeting once or twice monthly to achieve the Five Milestones of ICLEI, as per the charge from the Town Board to the Task Force. This groundwork has already proven very valuable in supporting grant applications for energy conservation measures.

Accomplishments include:

Preparation of a GHG (GreenHouse Gas) inventory of municipal operations.

Preparation of a GHG emissions target

Preparation of a draft Climate Action Plan, ready for hearings and adoption in 2010.

Presentation by all members of the Task Force of the Draft Municipal Climate Action Plan at the Greening Greenburgh Earth Day Climate Action Summit April 22 to an audience that included elected officials County Executive Andy Spano, Legislator Tom Abinanti, Supervisor Feiner and the Town Board.

Assistance with the preparation of grant applications. The GHG Emissions Inventory and Draft Climate Action Plan were especially helpful as supplementary materials to grant applications.

Research and evaluation of energy efficient street lighting

Review of Climate Action Plans from Westchester County, Bedford and New Castle for best practices in the County

Participation in the Lower Hudson Valley Sustainability Forum at Mercy College on June 15 which included leadership from Greenburgh and all the Rivertowns, including school, business, municipal leaders, Mayors and other elected officials.


Prepared new legislation based on LEED for commercial which was revised by Thomas Madden and passed by the Town Board.

Prepared a revision of the Energy Star for residential code to update it for safety and current standards. Awaiting adoption.

Prepared a resolution to adopt the Climate Smart Communities Pledge promoted by NYS DEC. Awaiting adoption.

Prepared a GHG Emissions Target resolution, the third milestone in the ICLEI Five Milestone process. Awaiting adoption.


Several programs were organized by Deann Cartwright, Outreach Coordinator, until her resignation at the end of August. On Earth Day, April 22, Greenburgh was one of just 10 communities out of hundreds of participants nationwide to host a Spotlight Conversation on Climate Change. This event gathered Greenburgh elected officials, environmental leaders, civic activists and staff to encourage ongoing collaborative sustainability actions. The event was sponsored by ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability, the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, AmericaSpeaks and Earth Day Network.

In addition to the very well-attended Earth Day event in April, the Energy Office organized events at the Greenburgh library to help homeowners reduce their energy bills. An example was the program, “LEARN HOW TO REDUCE HEATING & ELECTRICITY COSTS IN YOUR HOME.” Deann Cartwright also put together the program Greening Greenburgh for Greenburgh TV.

The Energy Office regularly responded to calls and drop-ins by Greenburgh residents who requested information about energy savings.


The Energy Office worked with Winsome Gordon and the DPW to get an EECBG grant in the amount of $156,000 for energy efficient LED street lights as a pilot project for this new type of energy efficient lighting. It is estimated that energy savings will be in the neighborhood of 75%.

The Energy Office got an EECBG grant for $30,000 to supplement the activities of the Energy Office for 2010, including planning and evaluating the pilot LED project and setting up a Trust and Agency account for energy savings as called for in the grant.

The Energy Office worked with Blue Springs Energy, a consulting firm, to obtain a PON4 grant of $24,500 for energy audits of Greenburgh municipal buildings. In connection with this PON4 grant, Blue Springs will be providing a website of information for Greenburgh residents and businesses for one year. The website service is valued at $4,000 for the year. These energy audits will provide good data to use for planning and to apply for grants in the future.

An application has been submitted and is pending for $9,050 for energy efficient lighting for the Theodore Young Center and for the Parks Department.

Sustainable Energy Loan Program: Greenburgh Green Homes Project

The Energy Office prepared preliminary work for developing a program to assist homeowners and businesses in energy conservation and alternative energy retrofits in existing buildings. This is based on the Babylon Green Homes model, which provides financing for weatherization projects for homeowners. The loans attach to the homes and not the homeowner, which removes a major barrier to weatherization and alternative energy projects.

In November, New York State passed PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Finance Enabling Legislation, but it does not allow private matching funds. This is likely to be amended to make the program feasible. Without this amendment, Greenburgh would need home rule legislation similar to that of Babylon or Bedford. The Energy Office is also exploring working with the Town of Bedford, which is in the process of setting up a non-profit LDC which would provide staff for processing, marketing and quality control for a weatherization program.


I represented Greenburgh at local and national events to network about best practices regionally and nationally to bring these programs back to Greenburgh, and to promote Greenburgh’s initiatives. As a consultant, I attended these events, trade shows and conferences at my own expense and no cost to the Town.

Bedford Environmental Summit, Jan 31, 2009. “Greening a Town Building Code: Greenburgh’s Experience” presentation by Allegra Dengler

AIA Energy 2 Symposium Greenwich, CT Feb 25. Presentation by Allegra Dengler, “Greenburgh’s experience with Energy Star Law”

Local Climate Leadership Summit: ICLEI Northeast Regional Conference. May 15. Rye, NY.

ICLEI National Conference. May 18 to 20. Washington DC

Lower Hudson Valley Sustainability Forum. June 15. Mercy College. An inter-municipal Rivertowns forum to implement sustainability efforts collectively by sharing experiences and information. The Greenburgh Climate Action Task Force participated, along with experts, staff and elected officials like Drew Fixell, mayor of Tarrytown and Chuck Lesnick, City Council President of Yonkers.

USGBC Urban Green Expo 2009. Sep 22. New York City

Sustainable Hudson Valley. Community Based Climate Change Strategies. Oct 20 New Paltz

Greenbuild Phoenix. Nov 2009. This is the premier green building conference in the US, sponsored by the US Green Building Council. This year speakers included Al Gore, who called for a green building revolution. Gore said, “ We have a climate crisis at the same time we have an economic crisis at the same time we have a national security crisis. We need to create millions of good new jobs. Well, I know where we can get at least 2.5 million good new jobs: by building green buildings and retrofitting.”

Green2010 Green Buildings and Energy Conference: Education and Workforce Development for the 21st Century Economy. Dec 4. Hudson Valley Regional Council. Cary Institute for Ecological Studies, Milbrook.

Westchester County Climate Change Advisory Council, WMOA Municipal Officials Committee and others: Frequent meetings, including a summit with ICLEI, County Executive Andy Spano and countywide officials at the Westchester County Center on May 12.

Allegra Dengler
Energy Conservation Coordinator
Town of Greenburgh

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

teaching fellowship job

Reply to:

Harlem Academy is an independent school for children whose aptitude for
success in higher education might otherwise go unrealized. Working in
partnership with parents, our goal is for each student to attain the level
of academic achievement and personal development required to enter and
thrive at a top secondary school, while setting a course for life-long
learning and contribution to our world. The school's approach incorporates
a longer school day, small class size, team teaching, differentiated
instruction, experiential learning, and character development. The school
opened in 2004 with a small first grade class. Currently, we serve 87
students in first through sixth grades and continue to add one grade each

Job Summary:
All Harlem Academy fellows serve as teachers, organizers, collaborators,
and role models in a dynamic learning environment. All candidates must
possess a strong commitment to the school's mission, strong written and
oral communication skills, and successful experience maintaining a
professional work ethic.

Teaching fellows are expected to have leadership experience with elementary
school age children (especially with economically and culturally diverse
populations). Teacher training and experience with athletics (particularly
soccer, track, or lacrosse), the arts, Spanish or Latin, and/or other
academic areas also preferred.

Administrative fellows are expected to have a strong interest in
not-for-profit management and willingness to multi-task. Responsibilities
may include admissions outreach, curriculum research, classroom assistance,
reception, graphic design, technology support, and whatever else it takes
to help the program succeed.

The school offers a challenging and supportive work environment, leadership
and professional growth opportunities, health benefits, and a monthly
stipend of $2,000. The school has decided to add at least one additional
fellowship to begin on or about Jan. 4, 2010, running through June 30,
2010. Daily responsibilities are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with occasional
work outside of regular hours. Several fellows have been hired into senior
fellowship and teaching positions upon completion of their initial
fellowship, and opportunities for advancement will exist for this year's cohort.

To Apply:
Please visit our Web site at for more information.

Applicants are asked to submit via electronic mail an introduction letter and
resume to Vincent Dotoli at (attn: Fellowship).
Cover letters should be no more than two pages and should describe your
interest in and capacity for contribution to specific areas of the school

Friday, December 18, 2009


Dear Greenburgh Resident:

We, the members of the Town Board, responding to comments by residents during the public hearing and during informal discussions have strived to maintain high quality services to town residents while simultaneously addressing concerns regarding the cost of government. It is a delicate balance.

During the year, the Town Board conducted informal public outreach by knocking on doors, visiting residents in their homes, and engaging in dialog with larger neighborhood groups. Once again, the Supervisor, the town’s Chief Fiscal Officer, sought and received input from the other members of the Town Board prior to his filing the 2010 Tentative Budget on October 30, 2009.

Since October 30, the Town Board has held three public hearings and one public information meeting at the library on the Tentative Budget. The Board’s intent was to seek additional feedback from the community. As a result of the comments made, to ensure that the police department has the resources needed to address wide-spread community concerns regarding public safety, the Board decided to add $75,714 to the budget to restore overtime cuts that had been made in the police department. The Board also recognized the need to revise some projections, such as the potential revenue from town property sales, unclaimed funds, mortgage and sales taxes, and those revisions are in the 2010 Adopted Budget.

The Town Board recognized the need to further reduce headcount and, consequently, offered an early retirement incentive package to employees, provided the position will not be replaced with full time employment. To date one person has accepted – so a full time senior messenger has been eliminated in the budget. Several other employees have expressed an interest in taking advantage of the incentive. However, to be fiscally conservative, the budget does not reflect any savings from other early retirements and will not until such time as they are effective. Since the budget was proposed the Town Board directed department heads to come back with additional cuts. These additional cuts are reflected in the 2010 Adopted Budget.

The Town Board has decided to authorize the use of $1.1 million of the fund balance in the B fund (the fund applicable solely to residents of the unincorporated area) to maintain the tax rate increase in the unincorporated area at 6.85%. Significantly, we note here that the fund balance in 2010 will remain in compliance with the fund balance policy adopted by the Town Board in 2007. We also note here that the B fund balance increased by approximately $2,000,000 in 2009. It is the desire of the Board to have a healthy fund balance and to maintain stability and predictability in the future. Bonding agencies, including Standard & Poor’s, have looked favorably on municipalities which have fund balance policies. Standard & Poor’s awarded the town the prestigious AAA bond rating, which fewer than 3% of all local governments have in the nation. This is the highest rating possible.

Due to the relatively small dollar amount in the A budget (the budget applicable town-wide, including the villages), a change in the dollar amount can result in a large percentage rate change. To address the percentage change in the A budget, we have devoted most of the following message to the A budget. However, the work we have done in increasing revenues and decreasing expenses applies town-wide, including to the B budget.

One percent (1%) of the total property tax a typical village resident pays goes to town services. Ninety nine percent (99%) of a village resident’s total property tax goes to pay for village/fire, county, school and sewer taxes. The town is required to collect county and sewer taxes and does so in the same bill as the town tax but the town only has budget control over the town tax. In 2005, the town portion of a village taxpayer’s property tax bill, based upon a $15,000 assessed value, was $116.69 for the year (one hundred sixteen dollars and sixty-nine cents). In 2010, the town portion of a village taxpayer’s property tax bill will be $114.75 (one hundred fourteen dollars and seventy-five cents) for the entire year, which is slightly less than what a village taxpayer paid in 2005. Therefore, village residents will pay less for town services in 2010 than they did in 2005, and high quality services have been maintained.

So what is the bad news? During a three year period (2006, 2007, 2008) the town actually reduced the tax rate in the “A budget” (which all town taxpayers pay, including those in the villages) by more than 50% by giving back to the taxpayers what was considered at the time to be excessive fund balance. A “fund balance” is basically the amount of savings held in a bank account for emergencies and other unexpected, unbudgeted expenses. We felt it was better to have the excess fund balance sitting in the taxpayers’ bank accounts than the town’s bank. Then, the effect of the historic, drastic and rapid deterioration of the economy at all levels of government hit all of us, as is reflected in the dramatic decrease in mortgage and sales tax revenues and the equally dramatic rise in the unemployment rate and foreclosures. Had we been able to predict the worst economic crisis in our country since the great depression, we could have held onto the excess fund balance, not reduced the tax rates so significantly in 2006, 2007 and 2008, had a more consistent “A” budget tax rate over these years, and not need to raise the tax rate next year by 65.48% to return the town portion of a village resident’s property tax bill to what it was five years ago.

Below are some of the services a village resident receives as a result of the town tax ($114.75 in 2010 for a property assessed at $15,000, which is a typical assessment in the town):

1. We offer advance life support (ALS) and paramedic services at a significantly lower cost than each village could privately contract. Our service has a proven record of repeatedly saving the lives of village residents. Hopefully, you won’t need them, but if you do these services are ready to respond to your call 24 hours a day.

2. To address natural, technological and man-made disasters occurring within the town, including the villages, that have the potential to adversely impact other jurisdictions, the town has budgeted for and is creating a Comprehensive All-Hazard Mitigation Plan to coordinate first responders to major emergencies or disaster to provide overall coordination of resources from the town and villages to such an event. This plan will also make the town eligible for federal grant funding for the mitigation of natural disasters. We hope disasters won’t happen but we need to be prepared, as a town, if they do, and this is a cost-efficient way to do so.

3. The town’s town-wide senior program serves or delivers over 30,000 meals to village seniors each year. The program provides a hot meal five days a week to eligible seniors. We have three nutrition sites – in Dobbs Ferry, Tarrytown and unincorporated Greenburgh. Our home delivery program provides delivery services to seniors who cannot come to one of these sites.

4. The town’s civil defense unit provides civil defense services during natural disasters and other major events, such as post 9/11 and during blackouts. These services include coordination of communications for police, fire, paramedics and refilling of air packs and fresh air for specialized rescues. The unit also responds to refill the air tanks of village volunteer firefighters during fires.

5. The town’s highly trained and specially equipped Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team is available 24/7 to respond to emergencies. Officers from throughout the town who meet very rigorous standards are readily available to respond to emergencies in the villages.

6. The town’s animal control department responds to calls for service within the villages. If there is a stray or injured animal the animal control unit will respond. We transport the animals to an appropriate medical facility for care.

7. The town has a recreation program for developmentally disabled residents.

8. The town’s road striping unit is responsible for striping roads, including the center and side lines and crosswalks on requested roads in all six villages.

9. The town acts as a collection agent for the schools and county. The town, as required by law, guarantees 100% of the taxes to both entities. If a property owner does not pay a school or county tax bill, the town must pay the tax and then use its offices to pursue collection of all unpaid taxes.

We need to continue reducing our expenses, increase shared services, and find alternative revenue streams to further reduce our dependence on fund balance. In 2010 the expenditures in the A budget will be $15,050,772. In 2009 it was $15,146,832. We’re spending less in 2010 than we did in 2009. It is not enough. Our work on the budget does not stop with the adoption of the 2010 budget. We will continue our efforts throughout 2010 to meet the needs of our residents for quality services balanced by an equivalent need to keep taxes down.

In closing, we want to thank all the department heads for responding to our repeated calls for budget cuts and revenue generation ideas. We especially thank Town Comptroller Bart Talamini who worked tirelessly without complaint “re-running the numbers” each time one of us put forward budget amendments. Of course, department heads could not do it alone. Therefore, we thank our dedicated town staff at every level in every department who worked with us to help lower a predicted higher tax rate. We particularly single out CSEA employees, and their leadership, and teamsters employees, and their leadership, for agreeing to a zero percent (0.00%) salary increase in 2009 to help control the cost of government.

We also thank our partners in the budget process, the residents of our great town, for their comments, suggestions, complaints and compliments, which collectively helped frame the scope of amendments we made to the Tentative Budget before unanimously voting to approve the 2010 Adopted Budget.


The Town Board of the Town of Greenburgh

Paul Feiner, Supervisor
Sonja Brown, Councilwoman
Diana Juettner, Councilwoman
Kevin Morgan, Councilman
Francis Sheehan, Councilman

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I received a call from Senator Cousins office today. Senator Cousins will take a first hand look at the destruction (tree clearing) in early January. We have tentatively scheduled a meeting at town hall on Saturday Jan 9th at 2 PM. I will then take her to Sprain Road/Ridge Road/Old Farm Road, etc.. We can also show her the destruction in Irvington and strategize re: next steps so that the kind of clear cutting that took place won't happen again.
The date for the meeting is still tentative-- I wanted to alert you to the fact that the Senator is interested in working with us. I think this is great news for our initiative.


My client needs to hire IMMEDIATELY, a senior accountant with 4+ years. Salary negotiable and commensurate with experience. Knowledge of ZANE software a must. NYC location. Must have recent public accounting firm or law firm employment history. Please contact me ASAP.
Larry Cohen 1-646-688-0520

Monday, December 14, 2009


In recent months the town has been experiencing some good economic development news. Shoprite at Midway…Stop & Shop at 119 (near Tarrytown border—rezone approved)…Regeneron expansion at the landmark…OSI choosing Greenburgh as their corporate headquarters in the unincorporated section of Ardsley.
More good news…Magnetic Analysis Corp is moving to Greenburgh from Mt Vernon. This company manufactures metal testing systems for industries.
The company plans to move to 103 Fairview Park Drive. 75 employees will move to Greenburgh. The company will take over about 47,000 square feet of space. They also plan to expand their workforce and will hire another 10 employees.
This company uses electromagnetism to detect flaws in steel products. We welcome the corporation to the town. The company had considered other out of county and out of state locations. Like Regeneron and OSI they selected Greenburgh!
In these difficult times – when so many people are out of work – it’s good news for our town to see quality companies that have hiring potential come to the town.
Paul Feiner


Corporate Social Responsibility Leader- Biotech

Scion Nonprofit Staffing,, has been retained to search for a Corporate Responsibility Leader inPharmaceuticals and Biotechnology.. Our client has offices worldwide and collaborates with its global network of more than 240 member companies to develop sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, and cross-sector collaboration.

Position Overview

The Lead for this practice will be responsible to continue to build and direct our client’s work with companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. This person will have pertinent and significant responsibility and autonomy in delivering consulting projects and developing business opportunities that provide high value to our client’s members and other leading companies that are interested in improving their sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance.

• Consulting and Member Services: Act as a principal in delivering consulting services to member and non-member companies in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Areas of project focus may include: corporate social responsibility strategy development and performance assessment, reporting and transparency, stakeholder engagement, access to medicines and human rights, environmental sustainability, responsible supply chain management, and issues management.

• Business Development and Recruitment: Recruit new member companies and identify new business opportunities.

• Internal Practice Management: Represent the Pharmaceuticals/Biotech sector at strategy discussions and internal management meetings.

• External Representation: Present at industry conferences; writing publications; form beneficial external partnerships; and create other opportunities to raise the profile of our client more broadly.


• Master’s degree in public policy, environmental management, business, law, or other relevant discipline required.
• 7+ years consulting experience required, including: developing and maintaining senior-level client relationships, overseeing multiple projects under tight deadlines, and pursuing and creating business opportunities.
• Significant experience working in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.
• Deep knowledge and experience in Corporate Social Responsibility: sustainable development, supply chain, environment, human rights, and stakeholder engagement.
• Experience in developing CSR-related methodologies, such as: sustainability reporting, social/environmental risk assessment, strategy design & implementation, or social/environmental impact indicator development.
• Experience with the European biotech/pharmaceuticals market is a plus.
• Proven leadership, mentorship and people skills and high ethical standards
• 25-40% business travel
• Language skills: Fluent in English and an additional European language (highly preferred)
• Capacity to work in a collaborative work environment


Our client is committed to developing an inclusive work environment, welcomes diversity, and is an equal opportunity employer.

Compensation and Benefits

This position is full-time and is based in New York, NY, and reports to the Managing Director for the East Coast.

This wonderful position offers a superb working environment and fulfilling work plus a competitive starting base salary of up to $125,000, a merit bonus program, possible sign on bonus, and or relocation package, plus possible US sponsorship for non US citizens, and exceptional benefits!

Our client offers a benefits package, including health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, a 401k savings plan, paid time off (PTO), sick and other family friendly leaves, paid time off for volunteer activities and a casual atmosphere.

To Apply:

Please email your resume to:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

response to questions about greenburgh nutrition program

Date: 12/3/09

To: Gerard J. Byrne, Commissioner

From: Joseph J. Lucasey, Deputy Commissioner

(Nutrition Director 1991-2006)

Re: Greenburgh Nutrition Program

The following question has been presented to the Town Supervisor regarding the Greenburgh Nutrition Program:

5. Why does the Town of Greenburgh continue to subsidize the Towns of Eastchester and Mt. Pleasant participation in the nutrition program? (For those not familiar with this, the Town of Greenburgh undercharges these two communities for the full cost of services between $50,000 and $100,000 per year, so over 10 years, this amounts to $500,000 to $1 million.)

In December of 2008 an analysis of the 2007 Nutrition Budget was prepared by the Comptroller’s office that showed the program costing $5.15 per meal to produce. At the time Greenburgh was charging the towns of Mount Pleasant and Eastchester $4.10 and $4.25, respectively, for meals. This analysis is the source of the faulty assumptions made by the questioner.

Using the spreadsheet created by the Comptroller’s office, it was determined that errors were made in the original analysis. Certain line items were included in the food cost that should have been included as a cost of distributing the meals. Also it was discovered that the benefits for the former director were incorrectly being charged to the Nutrition Program. After these miscalculations ($97,000+) were corrected, the true cost of preparing each meal was $4.29.

Although I do not agree with the type of budget analysis that the former Comptroller used, I did plug in 2010 budgeted numbers to his formulas and arrived at a food cost of $4.38 per meal. The towns of Mount. Pleasant and Eastchester will be charged $4.40 and $4.60, respectively, for meals in 2010.

In the 2010 tentative budget, it is projected that the expenditures for the Nutrition Program are $813,969 (updated from tentative budget) and with outside revenues from grants, donations, sale of meals, and resident tax dollars (A Fund), the local tax contribution is projected to be $240,961 (updated from tentative budget). If we no longer sell meals to outside communities and wanted to continue to serve the same amount of meals to our residents, local taxpayer contributions would have to be increased to $302,592.00. This would be an increase of 25.5% over the 2010 budget submission.

An additional question has been raised about whether Greenburgh should continue to produce its own meals or privatize the operation. On June 15, 2009, a RFP was sent out to solicit vendors to prepare meals for the Greenburgh Nutrition Program. Two vendors responded on July 6, 2009, with prices of $4.75 and $4.45 per meal. A budget was prepared that uses the lower price of $4.45 per meal and eliminates four full time kitchen positions along with the benefits. When this budget was calculated it resulted in a local taxpayer contribution of $269,337.00 from the “A” fund. This would be an increase of 11.7% over the 2010 budget submission.

The Nutrition Program has been preparing its own detailed budget for inspection and review by the Comptroller’s office for more than 17 years. During that time the budgets that were presented were considered to be sound fiscally by multiple comptrollers and their deputies. The program is also audited annually by the Town’s auditor.

After analyzing our budget submission and comparing it with different scenarios in 2010, I have concluded it is cost effective to the taxpayer to remain in operation as a regional kitchen, to continue the sale of meals to the towns of Eastchester and Mount Pleasant, and to not privatize at this time.


On Tuesday the Greenburgh Town Board will be voting on a resolution that will ask the NYS Legislature to grant Greenburgh permission to impose a hotel tax on guests. This could generate significant revenue to the town (probably in the six figures) and help bring down your taxes. The NYS Legislature has previously granted cities in Westchester (some smaller in population than Greenburgh) permission to tax hotel guests. Councilman Francis Sheehan prepared the following chart which helps justify the Town of Greenburgh being granted the right to impose a hotel/motel tax. You may click on any of the hyperlinks to see the enabling NYS legislation adopted for each of the 38 counties granted that right. We are larger (in population) than 50% of the counties that have been allowed to collect the tax. Even though no Town has been granted that right, we think our size helps justify an exception.
There are two options that the state could consider: option 1) authorizing the town to impose a hotel tax on the uincorporated section of Greenburgh. Villages could have their own hotel tax and would generate revenue for their village operations. Ardsley, Tarrytown & Elmsford have hotels within their borders. 2) The state could grant the town permission to have a hotel tax for the entire town—with revenues going to the “A” budget—which would reduce taxes in the villages/unincorporated section of town.

The Town Board will receive bids from developers interested in purchasing the waterwheel property in Ardsley tomorrow by noon. The Board will discuss the bids on Tuesday and will decide which developer is offering the town the best deal (non refundable deposit, purchase price). The developer will be selected Tuesday and must comply with Ardsley’s zoning code –which now requires some affordable housing to be built (goal is to build affordable housing for volunteer firefighters/ambulance corp members). The Board will discuss at 9:15 AM Tuesday.


1 New York Tax Law Section 1202-I
2 New York Tax Law Section 1202-V
Lewis County 26,176
3 New York Tax Law Section 1202-O*4
Seneca County 34,086
4 New York Tax Law Section 1202-S
Essex County 37,826
5 New York Tax Law Section 1202-W
Wyoming County 41,652
6 New York Tax Law Section 1202-U**
Orleans County 42,135
7 New York Tax Law Section 1202-G
Cortland County 48,302
8 New York Tax Law Section 1202-K
Montgomery County 48,679
9 New York Tax Law Section 1202-U
Allegany County 49,649
10 New York Tax Law Section 1202-O
Tioga County 50,171
11 New York Tax Law Section 1202-R
Genesee County 57,821
12 New York Tax Law Section 1202-J
Otsego County 61,962
13 New York Tax Law Section 1202-M
Livingston County 63,154
14 New York Tax Law Section 1202-U*
Warren County 65,971
15 New York Tax Law Section 1202-P
Madison County 69,766
16 New York Tax Law Section 1202-J*
Sullivan County 76,189
17 New York Tax Law Section 1202-U***
Cattaraugus County 79,688
18 New York Tax Law Section 1202-Q*
Cayuga County 79,823
19 New York Tax Law Section 1202-H
Chemung County 87,813
Enabling Legislation Requested 89,840
20 New York Tax Law Section 1202-G**
21 New York Tax Law Section 1202-F
Tompkins County 101,136
22 New York Tax Law Section 1202-T*
Ontario County 104,475
23 New York Tax Law Section 1202-L**
St. Lawrence County 109,701
24 New York Tax Law Section 1202-C
Jefferson County 118,046
25 New York Tax Law Section 1202-H*
Oswego County 121,395
26 New York Tax Law Section 1202-J**
Chautauqua County 133,789
27 New York Tax Law Section 1202-E
Schenectady County 151,427
28 New York Tax Law Section 1202-N
Rensselaer County 155,261
29 New York Tax Law Section 1202-L
Ulster County 181,670
30 New York Tax Law Section 1202-B
Broome County 195,018
31 New York Tax Law Section 1202-T
Niagara County 214,464
32 New York Tax Law Section 1202-G*
Saratoga County 217,191
33 New York Tax Law Section 1202-D
Oneida County 231,590
34 New York Tax Law Section 1202-K*
Rockland County 298,545
35 New York Tax Law Section 1202-A
Onondaga County 452,633
36 New York Tax Law Section 1202-G***
Westchester County 953,943
37 New York Tax Law Section
38 New York Tax Law Section 1202-O*2
Suffolk County 1,512,224

Nassau County 1,351,625

Thursday, December 10, 2009


SNOW ANGELS WANTED--If you are interested in volunteering some time this winter helping a senior citizen or disabled resident shovel their driveways (or walkway) after it snows - please e mail me at Over 18 years ago I formed the Greenburgh snow angels program. Volunteers help their neighbors. We're looking for volunteers who will help seniors/disabled residents at no cost. We are also looking for names of people who would be willing to assist for a fee. During the winter months I receive a number of calls after each snow storm from residents who need help.
If you are a senior citizen with special needs or a disabled resident and want to be added to the list of people we will try to find snow angels for - please e mail me.

Next Tuesday's work session begins at 9:15 AM at Town Hall. The work session will be devoted to the 2010 town budget. The Town Board will hold our third and final budget hearing on Tuesday evening at 8:15 PM.
- Opening Reception: Artist Wineke Gartz, White Plains
- Alycea Singer performs, Irvington
- Opening Reception: The First Annual Student/ Faculty Exhibition, Garrison
- Comedy: Brian Regan, Tarrytown
- Chanukah Party! @ Toast, Hastings
- Nutcracker Now 2009! Sleepy Hollow
- "Bring Your Wish List to Santa Claus, Hastings
- "Trains-- Your Ticket to the Great Outdoors" GNC, Scarsdale
- Margaret Slovak performs, Hastings
- Holiday Book Signing, Galápagos Books, Hastings
- SteveSongs, Mamaroneck
- Artist Reception: Nora Scarlett, Dobbs Ferry
- Holiday Showcase, Sleepy Hollow
- Hanukkah Puppet Show and Party, Tarrytown
- Cimarron Holiday Festival of Afro-Latino Roots, Mount Vernon
- Victorian Tree Decorating Party, Yonkers
- Hanukkah Concert: The Mama Doni Band, White Plains
- "The Transformative Power of Live Performance", Irvington
- Jessie Lambiase performs, Hastings
- Menorah Lighting Ceremony, Irvington
- Lou's Blues, Ardsley
- Closing Exhibit: Jean Duquoc, Tarrytown
- Matt Turk performs, Hastings
- Judy Collins, Irvington
Please be sure to click through to the “Local” and “What’s Happening” Pages for even more.

Upcoming Films in the Area
Irvington Town Hall Theater
-- "The Nutcracker": Saturday, December 19 @ 11:30am
-- "L’Orfeo": Sunday, December 27 @ 1pm
-- "Leonard Cohen at The Isle of Wight (1970): "Wednesday, December 30 @ 8pm
-- "Don Carlo": Saturday, January 2 @ 11:30am
-- "The Conversation": Wednesday, January 6 @ 8pm
-- "I Puritani": Sunday, January 24 @ 1pm
Memorial Concert
Saturday, January 23 @ 8pm | The First Annual Jonah Maccabee Dreskin Memorial Concert | Bet Am Shalom Synagogue, White Plains | A phenomenal double bill featuring Josh Nelson and Dan Nichols. Two of contemporary Jewish music’s finest artists. Come hear these great performers for a night of entertainment and community as we carry forward the legacy of Jonah Maccabee. Proceeds will help provide URJ summer camp scholarships to WCT member families. To purchase tickets, go to If you cannot attend but would like to support the Jonah Maccabee Fund, go to
Battle of the Bands
Your band could be selected to perform in front of a live audience at the Westchester County Center this winter. The event will be held on January 23, 2010. Amateur musicians, 15 – 20 years of age only. Deadline for Submission of audition CDs is Tuesday, January 5 Call Kevin Cook for details 914-864-7064 or

Looking for the H1N1 Vaccine?
Contact: Urgent Care of Westchester, 155 White Plains Road, Suite 101 Tarrytown, NY 10591. 372-7171 or
ANOTHER GREAT WEBSITE: has some interesting articles about the town of Greenburgh's recent approval of the Stop & Shop supermarket/retail zoning application. There's another good article about the Con Ed tree clearing and its impact on the community. They also have a good calendar of events.

2nd Greenburgh resident tapped for high level job in Astorino administration

This appeared in the Journal News today. Ned is a leader in the Mayfair/Knollwood civic association. Good luck, Ned.
Posted by Cara Matthews on Thursday, December 10th, 2009 at 7:10 pm
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Astorino picks banking executive for communications post
December10A former journalist and corporate professional will lead Westchester County Executive-elect Rob Astorino’s communications team.

Edwin “Ned” McCormack of Greenburgh today was tapped as Astorino’s communications director, a position responsible for publications and web operations and working with media and the public, among other responsibilities.

He’ll also serve as an adviser.

Astorino said McCormack has been a “trusted friend and adviser” for many years and that the job is a critical one given the challenges his administration faces in shrinking county government and implementing a federal housing settlement.

“There is a great deal of work to be done in turning Westchester County government around and I am confident that Ned will be able to communicate both our overall vision and our day-to-day progress to the myriad Westchester constituencies,” Astorino said.

McCormack is currently an executive at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he is responsible for communications involving global banking, markets, technology and other operations. Prior to that, he worked at JP Morgan Chase for 13 years in various public relations positions.

McCormack began his career as a reporter with Gannett Westchester Newspapers, a precursor to The Journal News, where he was a reporter, city editor and local columnist. He later went on to the Bergen Record in New Jersey and then to The New York Times where he worked on the business, metro and national desks for three years.

His appointment comes at a time when the incoming administration must tackle some complicated matters like a federal housing settlement and calls to shrink the size of government through cuts, mergers and consolidations, including in the area of communications.

“It’s clear we need to refocus on essential services and ways to be more efficient,” McCormack said today. “There’s no part of government that shouldn’t be scrutinized.”

McCormack said he’s looking forward to the challenges.

He is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he majored in government, and he has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from New York University.

The appointment is the third significant one for Astorino. He previously announced that Kevin Plunkett, an attorney in private practice, will be the deputy county executive and Mount Pleasant Supervisor Robert Meehan will be county attorney.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The Greenburgh Town Board will be taking some action steps tonight to reduce the workforce. We will be voting on a resolution offering a targeted $15,000 cash retirement incentive to current full time town employees who retire from the town within 60 days provided that the retiring employee’s full time position within his/her department will not be replaced within the department. We will also be accepting a grant in the amount of $24,500 from NYS Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to perform a municipal energy conservation study for the town of Greenburgh. To generate additional revenue for the town, the Town Board will be voting on a resolution next week that would amend NYS law to permit towns and villages to impose a hotel room ‘occupancy tax’ on hotels receiving rental income from the rental of hotel rooms within the town, similar to the Hotel room Occupancy tax authorized b y NYS law for counties and cities. This could produce significant revenue for the town (probably six figures) and help reduce tax increases in the future.
The Board will be promoting Chris McNerney to Captain, Thomas Maguire to Lieutenant and Nick Reckson to Sergeant. Nick’s father Abe (who is currently retired) served as Sergeant over a dozen years ago! The Board will be holding a public hearing to consider an agreement between the town of Greenburgh & Ardsley to provide fire protection services to unincorporated area residents of south Ardsley and Chauncey Fire Protection districts for the year 2009. A vote is expected next week. I have been receiving calls from residents who expressed concern that the town would be contracting with a PAID fire district to replace the all volunteer Ardsley fire district. These calls are based on inaccurate rumors. Why would the town unnecessarily increase taxes by replacing an all volunteer fire dept with a paid dept? This would be ridiculous.
The Ardsley fire dept does a fantastic job of providing service to some residents of unincorporated Greenburgh. The volunteers are very dedicated and service is outstanding.
We will hold our 2nd budget hearing tonight at 7:30 PM. We expect the budget (to be modified after the hearing) to be approved sometime next week

Monday, December 07, 2009


I have received a number of calls from residents of Sprain Road, Hidden Glen expressing concern that they will no longer be served by the Ardsley Volunteer fire department. A rumor is circulating that the Town Board will be contracting with a paid fire district to serve these streets.
There is absolutely no chance that the town will contract with a paid fire department to serve streets that are currently served by the ALL VOLUNTEER Ardsley volunteer fire department. It would make no sense to replace an all volunteer department with a paid department--especially since the volunteers do a fantastic job. A paid department will cost more to run than a volunteer dept.
The members of the Town Board & I are pleased with the service we receive from the Ardsley fire department. We are pleased with the response time. We're getting great value for our tax dollars. The volunteers are very dedicated and professional. Contracting with a paid district would make no sense.
There is absolutely no interest on the part of the town government ending our relationship with the terrific Ardsley volunteer fire dept.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

another job success story

From: Helene name deleted
Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2009 9:26 PM
To: Paul Feiner
Subject: RE: job opp


It looks like I have a job starting on 1/4 so you can remove me from the list.

That said, I want to thank you for all of your notes this year. The work that you do, and the enthusiasm with which you do it, has been such a nice lifeline during this tough time.

I wish you and your family all the best for a wonderful (happy and healthy) holiday season and happy New Year!



In recent decades there has been much controversy re: opening up the AF Veteran pool to residents of the villages.

A suggestion was made to me by a resident of unincorporated Greenburgh that I think could work. I'd like to suggest that residents of the village who would like to see the pool open to VILLAGE residents consider this suggestion and provide members of the Town Board & Village Boards with your feedback.

The town would seek permission from Albany to amend the Finneran law to authorize the town to invite all the villages to use the pool. Each village government would make their own determination--whether or not they want to join the Greenburgh pool. If a village opts into the pool - all taxpayers in the village would be assessed a pool tax that is equivalent to the tax residents of unincorporated Greenburgh pay for the pool. If there are capital improvements made at the pool in future years villages that opt into the pool would share the expenses with residents of unincorporated Greenburgh.

The suggestion was made that this could be subject to either a mandatory or permissive referendum in unincorporated Greenburgh and in the impacted village. If there is a referendum, village residents would be given the opportunity to reflect on the merits and negatives of this additional recreation benefit and additional tax. There would be no timetable set. A village may not want to opt into the pool now --but a few years later they may change their mind. Or the opposite could occur. The town will not advocate that the village opt in or out of the agreement-- we will make this option available to each of the village governments.

It should be pointed out that we expect major renovations to take place at AF Veteran pool within the next 5-7 years. We have an aging pool and will have to build a new pool facility at AF Veteran park. These renovations could easily cost over $7 million dollars. I think residents of unincorporated Greenburgh (who objected to village residents having access to the pool in the past) might be receptive to this idea now because they would like to see more people share in the costs of the pool renovations and pool costs. If more than one village opts into the pool agreement and if we feel the existing pools can't accomodate the demand- the town might use the extra funds we raise to build a larger pool to accomodate needs of the community.

I am going to float this idea. What's nice about this concept is that the town won't stand in the way of a village governments desire to have access to the town pool. Each village would have to decide, for yourself, whether it's worth the extra assessment to be able to offer your residents pool privileges at AF Veteran park.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Attended a sad ceremony on Route 119. A white ghost bicycle was dedicated in honor and in memory of Merrill Cassell. He was killed on his bicycle after he was sideswiped by a county bus. A law is being pushed for that would require motorists to give cyclists a 3 foot buffer when they pass. 14 states have similar bicycle safety laws. Mr. Cassell was a resident of Hartsdale and a dedicated environmentalist and former UNICEF budget director.
for info on the lobbying effort contact

Friday, December 04, 2009

7-11 ROBBER CAUGHT! fun activities this on vaccine

Good news about 7-11 robberies: Last night we were able to develop enough information on a Yonkers resident to charge him with one of the 7-11 robberies on Central Ave. The Greenburgh police has a great reputation when it comes to catching the bad guys!
- Gilda's Club Westchester Annual Holiday Boutique
- Hastings Friday Night LIVE
- Friends of the Dobbs Ferry Library Annual Holiday Used Book &
Vintage Jewelry Sale
- "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" starring the Fourth Graders at Hillside Elementary School @ Hastings High School
- Jon and Lynn Perform
- Peak Performances Volume 2 CD Release Party @ LIFE, Ardsley
- "The Nutcracker" in Purchase and Peekskill
- Ardsley Education Foundation Party
- Comedy: Kevin Meaney Christmas Show
- The Subdudes Acoustic Tour presented By The Mainstage Concert Series
- Spuyten Duyvil
- Santa Breakfast, Sleepy Hollow High School
- Holiday Book - & Bake-tique!
- Cinderella: Presented By Clocktower Players Kids Troupe
- Family First Saturday: Masquerades, Myths & Movement
- St. Nicholas Celebration & Concert
- Performance by Skin Against Metal on instruments of recycled materials -
- A Fairy Tale Holiday @ Lyndhurst
- Annual Tree Lightings, Dobbs Ferry and Ardsley
- Annual Holiday Gathering Warner Library
- The Faculty Honors and Tribute Concert
- Milonga del Arte: An Evening of Argentine Tango @ Arts Exchange-
- Comedy: Jim Breuer
- Westchester Jazz Orchestra: Sax Masters: Music of Coltrane, Cannonball, Bird & More - Over The Top @ Pumpernickel, Ardsley
- Hanukkah Book Fair & Boutique @ Greenburgh Hebrew Center
- Free Arts Day throughout the County
- Holiday Book - & Bake-tique! @ Hastings Public library
- Trim the Nature Tree @ Greenburgh Nature Center
- “Sinterklaas in Tarrytown”
- Sonny Rollins Performs Benefit Concert for Clearwater! Presented by Jazz Forum Arts
- Westchester Klezmer Players @ The Warner Library-
- Cinderella: Presented By Clocktower Players Kids Troupe
- Slide Presentation: Visions for Dobbs Ferry Waterfront @ 145 Palisades Ave. Dobbs Ferry
Upcoming Films in the Area
Irvington Town Hall Theater
-- "The Nutcracker": Saturday, December 19 @ 11:30am
-- "L’Orfeo": Sunday, December 27 @ 1pm
-- "Leonard Cohen at The Isle of Wight (1970): "Wednesday, December 30 @ 8pm
-- "Don Carlo": Saturday, January 2 @ 11:30am
-- "The Conversation": Wednesday, January 6 @ 8pm
-- "I Puritani": Sunday, January 24 @ 1pm

Looking for the H1N1 Vaccine?
Contact: Urgent Care of Westchester, 155 White Plains Road, Suite 101 Tarrytown, NY 10591. 372-7171 or

Save the Date . . . . .
- Thursday, December 10 -- Think Globally, Sing Locally, Take Me to the River Children's Community Chorus Sing with Legendary Folk Singer Pete Seeger | South Presbyterian Church, Dobbs Ferry
- thru December 13 -- Exhibit Jean Duquoc, “Poetic Land” @ Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown
- Wednesday, December 16 from 7:00pm - 9:00pm | Inter-Village Continuing Education Business & Social Networking On The Hudson | Blu Riverfront Bar & Bistro, Hastings
info great website with info about our community.

Greenburgh: Named by MONEY MAGAZINE in 2008 as “ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO LIVE” IN AMERICA (#80)


This letter is being sent to developers who have expressed interest in the waterwheel property. Others are also invited to submit letters of intent. A final decision will be made on Dec 15th.
I understand from staff, that you have expressed an interest in purchasing the property known as the “Waterwheel”. As you are aware, the property is comprised of four lots known on the official tax maps in the Town of Greenburgh, as the following:

Parcel I.D. Account
6.20-3-10 6165320
6.20-3-09 6166600
6.20-3-08 6166605
6.20-3-07 6166620

The Town is selling this property as one economic unit for a minimum price of $1,210,000.

If you are in fact, interested in the acquisition of the above noted economic unit, please forward a letter of intent to me, including an acquisition offer and any conditions. The Town will consider this offer as firm and final. The Town Board will be meeting on December 15, 2009 to discuss the offers received pertaining to this property.

We will be choosing the best offer received. This could include, but not limited to, purchase price, amount of downpayment and other conditions. Please note we are selling the property “as is”, and we make not claims or representations to the property. Consequently, prior to extending your offer it is expected you would perform your due diligence.

The letter of intent, must be received no later than December 14, 2009 at 12:00pm.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

Thursday, December 03, 2009



New York’s Largest Biotech Company Continues Expansion in Westchester County

Governor David A. Paterson today announced that Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., will move forward with an expansion that will invest close to $40 million and will create 300 new jobs in New York. Regeneron will add a third building to its research facility at BioMed Realty Trust Inc.’s, The Landmark at Eastview campus in Greenburgh, Westchester County.

Regeneron already occupies approximately 390,000 square feet at the site, which houses its corporate headquarters and research facilities. The biotech company employs close to 1,000 people at its two facilities in New York State, with more than 700 jobs in Greenburgh and more than 200 in Rensselaer.

“As New York’s largest biotech company, Regeneron is an excellent example of the type of investment that will revive our economy and expand opportunities for all New Yorkers,” Governor Paterson said. “With key green initiatives in BioMed’s Landmark at Eastview campus, Regeneron’s state-of-the-art facilities will help its scientists focus on their work as the company continues to grow, securing hundreds of New York jobs. I would like to acknowledge Empire State Development, the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency and the Town of Greenburgh for their successful economic development efforts. Investments like Regeneron show promise for the economic outlook of New York State.”

Regeneron discovers, develops and commercializes medicines for the treatment of serious medical conditions including cancer, gout, and retinal and other diseases. They will use the new facility for additional research laboratories and administrative offices. The nearly $40 million additional investment in the state-of-the-art complex in the Town of Greenburgh, represents a major commitment to the county and State by Regeneron and BioMed.

Regeneron’s decision to expand in New York rather than a competing state was encouraged by a $2.125 million capital grant, provided by Empire State Development. The Westchester County IDA will provide sales tax abatement and payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) incentives to Regeneron estimated to be worth $1.5 million in tax savings. The PILOT for the third building establishes a fixed assessment and annual payment schedule, which increases from 2012 to full assessment in the 11th year.

Empire State Development Chairman & CEO designate Dennis M. Mullen said: “For more than two decades Regeneron has grown right here in New York, achieving enormous success in life science research and development while investing millions into the New York economy and exceeding all of our expectations and job commitments. Along with Governor Paterson, we pledge to continue our efforts across the State to make smart investments and utilize our assets in order to assist businesses and encourage economic investment and prosperity for the state.”

With just four employees when it opened its research laboratories at The Landmark at Eastview in 1989, Regeneron now has nearly 1,000 employees at two New York locations. Regeneron’s full-scale manufacturing facility is in Rensselaer. In October, Regeneron and BioMed hosted a celebration for the completion of two new buildings developed for Regeneron on the 116-acre Landmark campus.

Westchester County Executive Andy Spano said: “Regeneron’s creation of new jobs and expansion to the third new building at BioMed’s Landmark campus attests to Westchester’s and New York State’s continuing commitment to the biotechnology industry. I applaud Governor Paterson's efforts to make this project a reality.”

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said: “I am pleased that Regeneron has chosen Greenburgh as their home and that they are expanding in the town. This exciting news helps Greenburgh in our efforts to attract additional biotech companies. We are pleased that our town is becoming a biotech center for the region. There are many positives to this deal: more jobs, prestige. This is good for our tax base. We thank Governor Paterson and the state and county governments for partnering with us.”

Pocantico Hills Central School District Interim Superintendent Jay Scotto-Friedman said: “On behalf of the Pocantico Hills Board of Education I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the efforts of Governor Paterson, Empire State Development, Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, The Greenburgh Town Board and the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency for developing a plan to provide for industrial growth within the Pocantico Hills Central School District. This plan will ultimately benefit our residents and students.”


Earlier today I attended an exciting announcement at White Plains Hospital. OB patients receiving care at Greenburgh Health Center (GHC) — a primary health care facility located at 330 Tarrytown Road in White Plains — will have their babies delivered at White Plains Hospital Center. The change will make it more convenient for expectant mothers in the greater White Plains area to deliver their babies closer to home. They previously delivered at Sound Shore Medical Center in New Rochelle.
In addition, to help provide healthcare services to the approximately 300 new patients and their newborns who will be cared for at White Plains Hospital Center each year, GHC’s five OB/GYN specialists and four pediatricians have joined the Hospital’s medical staff. The Hospital’s William & Sylvia Silberstein Neonatal & Maternity Center is one of the busiest in Westchester with nearly 2,000 births last year.
GHC is one of two satellite sites of Mt. Vernon Neighborhood Health Center, Inc. (MTVNHC), a Federally Qualified Community Health Center.
Today, representatives from MTVNHC, GHC and White Plains Hospital Center joined in announcing the new healthcare relationship that will benefit a segment of the White Plains community. Originally, OB patients at GHC delivered at St. Agnes Hospital, White Plains. But after St. Agnes closed in 2003, the patients were directed to Sound Shore Medical Center to deliver.
“This is a significant development in the history of our network in providing a high level of health care for so many individuals and families throughout Westchester,” said Carole Morris, CEO and Founder of the Mt. Vernon Neighborhood Health Center. “It means that Greenburgh Health Center’s OB patients and their children will have access to the most advanced obstetrical and pediatric care located conveniently in their community.”
Judith Watson, GHC Executive Director, said: “We are very pleased to expand our affiliation with White Plains Hospital Center, where our internal medicine physicians already have admitting privileges. The outstanding care and technology available to our moms and newborns, and the maternity center’s convenient location, will be greatly beneficial to the patients who use our Greenburgh center.”
Jon B. Schandler, White Plains Hospital Center President and CEO, stated: “We are pleased to welcome Greenburgh Health Center to our hospital family. We look forward to providing the new OB patients and their newborns with expert care and personalized attention that have become synonymous with the White Plains Hospital Center name.” He added: “In the William & Sylvia Silberstein Neonatal & Maternity Center we have created a unique place where families can celebrate the birth of a child in a soothing, safe and welcoming environment.”
The Hospital opened the new $5.5 million, 30,000- square- foot William & Sylvia Silberstein Maternity Center in 2001, featuring labor and delivery suites, a maternity pavilion and a neonatology pavilion that all have comprehensive state-of-the-art medical equipment and 24-hour coverage by board-certified neonatologists and neonatal-trained registered nurses.
It also includes a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), one of the most advanced in the region, for babies born prematurely or with complications. Level III is the highest level of care awarded by the NY State Department of Health that a community hospital can receive for caring for premature or at-risk infants.
In addition, GHC’s patients and their families will benefit from other related services at White Plains Hospital Center including its team of highly experienced gynecologic surgeons, and state-of-the-art technologies including the daVinci® robotic surgical system to help perform minimally invasive gynecologic procedures.
Accredited by the Joint Commission, GHC’s team of 80 bilingual board certified physicians, specialists, nurses and clerical staff provides primary care, dental and specialty services for more than 19,000 registered patients, resulting in more than 92,000 patient visits annually. In addition, the Center—which was established 40 years ago— offers enabling and support services such as social work, transportation, patient advocacy, the Reach out and Read program for children, and the WIC program, as well as facilitated enrollment into Medicaid plans. It also provides care for the homeless at the Coachman Family Center in White Plains and Grasslands Homeless Shelter in Valhalla.

sales rep job opening

sales rep
State Sales Representative Commercial Roofing Systems
Position Summary
NY, Provides leadership and direction for the development and implementation of strategy, goals, objectives and plans that provide for the continuing success of sales efforts within each state for a National Roofing Company.

Position Responsibilities

This individual will drive the strategic plan to grow overall revenue by developing relationships at the C level and delivering service and value to targeted customers. Candidate must have experience in the development and execution of successful account management and service programs. Strong verbal and written communication skills are required.

The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated, fast learner and enjoy working in a developing, dynamic and fast-paced environment. This person should have demonstrated the ability to prospect, manage projects, and manage internal and external relationships. Prior account management experience is preferred. A minimum of 2 years experience in outside sales is required. Additional requirements associated with this position include the ability to communicate at all levels within a customer's organization and the ability to create, articulate and implement value-added concepts. A 4 year college degree is required. Travel required within state. 4-6 weeks training at corporate office is required.

Other Requirements
• Able to pass a background check/drug screening
• Valid driver’s license/clean driving record
• Available for interviews 3-5 December 2009
• Proficient in Microsoft Office
• Knowledge of state school systems, hospitals, jails, and other local government organizations
• Ability to work from home office
• Military experience is a plus

35k base + commission

Email resumes to

You hav

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

job opening homecare agency

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 3:58 PM
To: Paul Feiner
Subject: Caregivers Needed

Hi Paul,

We are a homecare agency located in Greenburgh and are seeking compassionate homehelpers. Applicants can be either hourly or live-in but all must have a valid drivers license. No certification required but must be experienced working with seniors.

Home Instead Senior Care (914)997-0400


The town of Greenburgh and other large municipalities in the state have an overpayment and duplicate payment account. At times overpayments of taxes occur. The town is posting a 256 page long listing of people who may be owed money on our website from 1996 to the present: As you will note from the message below from the Receiver of Taxes documentation is required before a refund check will be issued. It is possible that the name on the account will not be entitled to the refund.
This account will be updated on a regular basis and will remain on the town website.
There are several ways in which an overpayment can occur, ranging from the simple
inversion of a number to a bank paying on a wrong account. For example, the bank
believes it is paying on property located at 12 Main Street in Hastings when in fact it is
paying on 12 Main Street in Tarrytown. Often at a closing or a refinance, both the title
company and the bank pay the same tax. Also, if you sell your property the new deed is
not placed on our records for several months and the new homeowner may be the party
entitled to the refund. Even though the seller’s name still appears on the account, they
may not be the party entitled to the refund.
If you believe you are entitled to the refund, then I will need the following documentation
to satisfy our auditors and meet the requirements of the law.
If a duplicate payment was made, please submit a copy of either of the cancelled checks.
If a simple overpayment was made, please submit a copy of that particular check. Please
be sure to indicate in your request, that you are the person entitled to the refund.
Please ask your bank to submit to my office a copy of the cancelled check, or provide
documentation that they paid the tax either in error, or more than once on your account.
They should also specify whether the funds are to be returned to your escrow account, or
mailed to you directly.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at 914-993-1512.
David C. Dwinell
Receiver of Taxes

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Je’lyn Milan Brown, thirteen year old resident and middle-school student in the Town of Greenburgh, launches the 1st Annual Bringing Joy to the Children toy and clothing drive for children at the Coachman Family Center, temporary home to over 150 homeless children. Please donate an unwrapped toy or article of clothing to Town Hall, 177 Hillside Avenue, Greenburgh, NY 10607 by or before 5:00pm, December 21, 2009.


Flu Shots Available at the Multipurpose Center:
The regular Flu Shot will be administered by Westchester Department of Health at the Multipurpose Center, on Thursday, December 10th from 1-3pm.

Anyone interested must call 693-8985, x 116, or x101 to reserve a spot. There is no fee for individuals with Medicare. Please bring Medicare information on December 10th. There is a $20 fee for people who do not have Medicare.

hi level appointment

Basic Function:
The Chief Technical Architect is a talented, technical leader within our highly innovative product team. The qualified candidate should be a well-seasoned, hands-on technical leader with a proven track record in planning, deploying, managing, and maintaining large-scale hosted web applications.

Key Accountabilities
• Be a visible leader within the Clickable management team.
• Responsible for establishing the long-term vision and plan to build out a highly scalable hosted application.
• Inspect and oversee all design aspects of the application to ensure scale and consistency with the agreed upon system growth plan.
• Work with business leaders to help define the business product roadmaps, priorities and schedule of product releases.
• Ensure integration and execution of various development projects and lifecycles.
• Actively review the business development pipeline and ensure the overall product architecture can meet customer demand.
• Develop and oversee adherence to internal development standards and methodologies.
• Represent technology to customers, prospects and investors.
• Contribute to a forward thinking culture that ensures our products are on the leading edge of industry trends.
• Work closely with engineering teams in New York and India.
• Extensive experience building high-scale, secure, hosted internet applications.
• Extensive proven experience with all aspects of web technologies and architecture.
• Experience supervising and mentoring development and offshore teams.
• A proven track record of managing, analyzing, designing, testing and implementing mission-critical web applications on time and within budget.
• Extensive expertise in software design standards and methodologies (multi-tier architecture, performance, scalability, reliability and security).
• Intimate knowledge of standard software development methodologies (Agile, etc.) including analysis, design, development, testing, and code review phases of project lifecycle.
• Knowledge of full project life cycle systems development is essential along with knowledge of project management methods and practices.
• Knowledge of distributed web systems infrastructure, including switching, routing, and load balancing, database clusters, and enterprise storage systems.
Company Description
Clickable makes it easy for advertisers and agencies to manage pay-per-click (PPC) performance across all major advertising networks. Powerful recommendations and reporting make you more efficient, effective and confident with your search advertising - even at first login