Monday, May 03, 2010

should there be a westbound entrance onto I 287 at hillside

Met with Alan Weissman, manager of Alfred Weissman Real Estate last week. They own the building across from Greenburgh Town Hall housing Dannon’s headquarters. They are proposing the construction of a new westbound entrance ramp onto I-287 at Hillside Ave. They are willing to dedicate the required land for the construction of this westbound access onto Hillside Ave. This could be a benefit to emergency and police vehicles, allowing for faster response times. In addition, commercial interests in the area would gain from the convenience of having both exit and entry to a major thoroughfare. Currently, a motorist leaving the area must take local roads with a host of traffic lights just to get back onto 287. The lack of convenient access onto the highway is a deterrent to office and retail business who would otherwise surely take advantage of the central location of Greenburgh.
This suggestion could also act as a relief valve by keeping people from cutting through local neighborhoods. Mr. Weissman presented me with a copy of the proposed layout –which I would be happy to forward to residents who e mail me.
This suggestion is very preliminary. The road is state owned and the state would have to decide whether they support the initiative and if they would fund the construction.

What do you think?
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