Tuesday, June 22, 2010


AFV Park and Massaro Park Pool Study Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Town's Web Site
The Greenburgh Town pool and Massaro pool are nearing the end of its life. At some point within the next six years a new pool may have to be built to replace the aging pool. It’s very expensive –could easily exceed $5 million dollars.
To read a copy of the report – please visit our website: www.greenburghny.com. I will be asking the Town Board to hold a special meeting at AF Veteran park with pool users to discuss.
Please be advised that we’re trying to be proactive – we’re trying to plan ahead so that when the pool needs to be replaced that we will be prepared. Our goal: to avoid having to close down the pool for a season. It’s my hope that we will get some extra years out of the current pool and that we will be able to avoid having to spend millions on a new pool in the near future.

Here is a direct link: http://www.greenburghny.com/Cit-e-Access/news/index.cfm?NID=18987&TID=10&jump2=0
Or http://www.greenburghny.com/index.cfm


Fed Up With Feiner said...

Just another example of financial mismanagement. I am sure you will throw good money after bad by putting expensive band-aids on the pools rather than bite the bullet and replace them. If you know now that the pools are aging out then you should plan for the replacement in your capital budget. The current economy lends itself to lower construction costs - everyone's hungry for the jobs so you're likely to get some very attractive prices. Do it now rather than later. You're making this same mistake with our infrastructure. You keep putting it off so that you don't have to raise taxes (thereby getting re-elected under false pretenses). The constant putting off just leads to higher and higher costs down the line. I guess after 20 years you figure you might not be in office much longer so why not just pass it off to the next person who has to clean up after you.

Aaaahhhhhh GRRRRR said...

Fed Up is right. Paul you're past expiration and you'll make sure every part of TOV outside of Fairview & TDYCC will be in pieces.
And.....WTH did I hear Ms Brown suggest at the last meeting "maybe we will need to close the pool down for a few years. like Dobbs Ferry did, because they didn't have to money to repair it"

Yes, yes Sonja! Let's keep the TDYCC open to the tune of 4 million a year, which serves less than 10% of the entire TOV and let's close the TOWN pool!!

And while I'm on the topic of Ms. Brown, how in Gods name is it appropriate to hold a moment of silence at a TOWN MEETING for a criminal? A person whose death is gang and drug related? "He graduated from Woodlands! (WOW) He worked seasonally for GBH. ( WOW WOW) WTH?WTH? This is who we elected? atta girl!
Paul, nice to know you are holding GBH's thugs in high esteem. Can we name a school after him? Can we? Huh?