Monday, January 10, 2011

prediction--fewer vacancies on Central Ave...logs being removed from dobbs ferry road, finally!

Last week's opening of Shoprite has been great news for the town and Central Ave corridor. The supermarket is crowded with customers - from all over the region. The additional traffic is helping neighboring businesses. And----we have been approached by more and more possible tenants who are SERIOUSLY THINKING ABOUT renting some of the vacant store fronts on the Avenue. They now realize that businesses can succeed on the avenue.
If we can replace the vacant stores with new businesses it will mean fewer certiorari refunds --which would be good news to the town, fire district and school districts. Fewer certiorari refunds will help the town, schools and fire districts make the town more affordable for all of us.
HOWEVER---in order to succeed in convincing possible new businesses to choose vacant Greenburgh store fronts over vacant stores in other communities -- the town must become more business friendly. We will hold a follow up meeting on Tuesday, FEBRUARY 8th at 7:30 PM at Greenburgh Town Hall to discuss initiatives the town could take that will help us attract new businesses.
Your feedback is welcome. Members of the Town Board, Zoning Board, Planning Board, civic leaders will attend this open meeting. Let's keep the momentum going!

SOME GOOD NEWS FROM SENATOR ANDREA STEWART COUSINS RE: LOGS BEING REMOVED ON DOBBS FERRY ROAD/SPRAIN PARKWAY- Spoke to our State Senator yesterday. She advised me that the state is now removing the logs from Dobbs Ferry Road/Sprain Parkway. These logs have been a big eyesore to the community. I saw some activity there last week and am very pleased. I asked the Senator if we could meet with state officials so that this area does not become a dumping ground again.