Friday, April 01, 2011

follow up to concerns raised at edgemont meeting

Last week Greenburgh Town Board members, department heads and I had the opportunity to meet with residents of Edgemont at our annual community outreach meeting. As a result of the meeting we have already taken the following actions. These actions highlight the value of these outreach meetings and our desire to be responsive to the residents of Edgemont. I hope you will share this with residents.
*CRAIN’S POND—Most of the residents who attended the community meeting asked for an elevated crosswalk at Crain’s Pond. Since last weeks meeting we have posted the Request for Proposals on the town website ( ). I have spoken with Commissioner of Public Works Victor Carosi. We will invite leaders of the civic association to interview potential contractors so that the community will have maximum input in the selection and details of the crosswalk.
*HOUSECALLS—A few residents complained of street lights that were not working…obstructions to a path on Fort Hill Road…road/curb related problems. Commissioner of Public Works Victor Carosi and I made housecalls to some of the residents- personally inspecting and reviewing their concerns. We are in the process of addressing the individual concerns residents showed us. If you attended the meeting last week and did not provide us with your phone or contact info – please contact me at or 993-1545. We will follow up on your concerns immediately.
· REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS ARE NOW ON WEB—To encourage more businesses and professional contractors to compete for town business (even if they are not on our RFP list) we just started to post all RFPS and contracts to bid on the town website.
· I have spoken with the Assessor, Edye McCarthy. Earlier this year the town was notified by the state that NYS was reducing the utility assessments. The Edgemont school district will lose about $14,000 a year annually –as a result of this. During the past few years the town has always notified the schools/fire districts before we settle any certiorari actions. We do not settle certiorari’s that impact school districts without their consent since they are being impacted. After we were notified by the state that the school district will lose $14,000 (not a significant dollar amount from a tax standpoint) we should have immediately shared the information with the school district and fire district. In the future—as soon as the state of NY advises of any action that impacts the schools or fire districts we will advise them immediately. The town had no input in the utility reduction. This action was taken by the state of New York.
· WE WILL REBID THE ENERGY GRANT: A constituent who spoke at our meeting was critical of an energy contract that the town was considering to provide consulting studies to assist the town in achieving its sustainability and energy efficiency goals. The cost: $30,000, conditioned on the costs being fully funded and paid for by a federal grant that we had received in 2009. Only one company bid on the grant. We want the process to be transparent. We want to encourage other contractors who may be qualified to do the work to submit a bid to the town. We will rebid the contract –and will post the RFP on the town website. I will also share the RFP with environmental organizations—and will ask them to forward to other qualified contractors.
Finally, a question was raised—what is the town doing to make government more efficient. A citizens panel, made up of over 30 residents (many with significant management experience) is working with me –reviewing every line in the budget. We are looking for ways to make government more efficient, to cut costs and expenses. In the past few days the Library Board highlighted their commitment to cutting costs by revoking salary increases that had been previously awarded to library administration. Every department head is coming up with cost cutting or new revenue generating initiatives.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


Anonymous said...

In either 2000 or 2001 you spent $ 70,000 on a study by professional management consultants on ways for the Town to operate more efficiently. (A) why not put this report on line for all to see? You know why you won't do it? Because you didn't implement one single solitary recommendation. Don't waste the time of 30 residents for another report that won't be taken seriously and acted upon. If you don't know what to do that step down and let's get some real professional managemnt in place now.