Friday, June 03, 2011


Applications are out for the Town of Greenburgh Police Department Summer Youth Camp funded by the Lanza Foundation. Applications can be picked up at police Headquarters, Town Hall, TDYCC, Sacred Heart Church, Union Baptist Church, Greenville Community Reformed Church, Parks and Recreation, and the Housing Authority Office.

Applications must be completed and returned to Greenburgh Police HQ’s no later than Monday, June 13. Any application received after this date will not be considered.

Campers must be between the ages of 13 – 17.

The seven week course will include trips to Ottisville Correctional Facility, Westchester County Court House, Roosevelt Island, Rye Playland, and Washington D.C, with other interesting trips being planned.

Speakers from the US Secret Service, the FBI, the District Attorney’s Office and the ATF will hold classroom sessions to explain each departments mission.

Campers will be certified in First Aid ,C.P.R., and water safety.

The goal of this program is to expose our son or daughter to various law enforcement careers while developing academic ability and self-esteem. Campers will come away from this program with meaningful skills and a better understanding of the criminal justice system and its potential as a career.

Questions regarding the camp should be directed to Sergeant Robert Gramaglia, Commanding Officer of the Community Affairs Unit at (914) 682-5391 or by email at


Sgt. Robert J. Gramaglia

Reminder: Saturday, June 4, 2011 from 10:00AM to 2:00PM MOBILE SHREDDER TOWN HALL

Hastings Friday Night Live—tonight…

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The proposed property tax cap that the Governor and State Legislative leaders have been pushing to caused me to reflect on one unintended consequences to their proposal: our infrastructure.

Local governments, faced with the tax cap, may become penny wise and pound foolish--and put off necessary infrastructure needs. Many of our state, county and local roads currently are in bad shape--with many potholes. The tax cap will result in governments spending less on road repaving. Will some of the necessary repairs on our bridges be delayed? Will governments put off maintenance of municipal owned buildings, swimming pools, playgrounds? Will there be short term savings and long term liability?

Perhaps, the NYS Legislature should exempt infrastructure improvements made by local, school and county governments from the tax cap if the capital improvements were first placed on the ballot for voters to scrutinize and vote on.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

914 993 1545 or 438 1343

This is a resolution the Edgemont School district approved expressing concerning about the impact of the tax cap on school districts…

Tax Cap and Local Control Resolution

Edgemont Union Free School District

Adopted 3/16/2011

WHEREAS the Edgemont Board of Education is committed to being responsible to local

taxpayer needs by maintaining fiscal discipline while preserving educational excellence; and

WHEREAS local taxpayers have and should continue to maintain control over approval of

school budgets determining acceptable cost and quality of an Edgemont education; and

WHEREAS the local school budget is the only tax-funded budget on which local voters have a

direct vote; and

WHEREAS New York State is proposing a tax cap that would limit local determination as to cost

and quality of an Edgemont education; and

WHEREAS New York State currently imposes costly mandates on the Edgemont School District

that are unfunded or only partially funded by the state, and which substantially contribute to the

tax burden on Edgemont residents; and

WHEREAS the Westchester-Putnam School Boards Association has passed a resolution in

opposition to the current New York State property tax cap proposal enumerating cost drivers

imposed on school districts by New York State;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Edgemont Board of Education

opposes the imposition by New York State of a school budget tax cap and urges all New York

State legislators to reject such a tax cap proposal.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Edgemont Board of Education supports New York

State╩╝s goal to reduce local taxes for New York State residents and joins Westchester-Putnam

School Board Association in urging the New York State Legislature, Governor and Board of

Regents to reduce and reform cost drivers and eliminate unfunded and underfunded state

mandates in order to relieve the burden on local taxpayers.

BE IT ALSO FURTHER RESOLVED that the Edgemont Board of Education opposes the

adoption of any other New York State legislation that further erodes the ability of local school

districts to manage their own affairs in providing educational services to their student population

The following is a memo I received from school activists who are concerned about the impact the proposed property tax cap will have on our schools and property values.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As you may know, the NY State Assembly is on the brink of passing a 2% property tax cap (the State Senate has already passed a similar bill).

What you may not know is that this cap will NOT provide meaningful relief to those struggling to pay their taxes and it has the potential to destroy public education in NY and further erode already depressed property values.

There is an alternative - the "Circuit Breaker" legislation

- it provides substantive tax relief based on income, but the Albany leadership is not listening.

(further information attached)


Please follow the instructions below to contact your assembly member, state senator and the governor – they need to hear from voters opposed to this bill TODAY as the vote could come as early as next week.

It is not an exaggeration to say the fate of the New York public education system rests in your hands!

It takes a little effort, less than 5 minutes, but the impact could be enormous....

1. Copy and paste this link into your browser to find your elected representatives (enter your zip code and address):

2. Then copy and paste the following text, or compose your own message, to send emails to each of your representatives...

I am writing to urge you to "put the brakes" on the tax cap legislation. It will not provide meaningful relief and has the potential to decimate NYS public schools and further erode already depressed property values. There is a better alternative: "Circuit Breaker" legislation would substantively reduce taxes for homeowners overly burdened by property taxes. If a tax cap is inevitable, it MUST include exemptions for costs outside school district control; e.g. rising enrollment, certiorari-related tax refunds, pension contributions and reductions in state aid; also, the override threshold should be reduced to 55% and a contingency budget should be the fallback in the event of defeat, rather than 0% tax levy increase. And, in any scenario, mandate reform is needed to bring down costs across the state. Thank you!