Monday, August 29, 2011

why it takes longer than we hope to get some power restored

There are still power outages in Greenburgh. But---I have to admit, I am pleasantly surprised. Many people who complained to me yesterday and this morning –telling me that they were out of power—have now called or e mailed me advising me that their power was recently restored! Con Ed is working closely with town staff. Hopefully, before we know it all power will be restored. The following information may be of interest –explaining the processes that could delay power restoration.
Many people and businesses in the Town are without electric power. In some cases, it’s just a downed wire from trees or wind, in which case Con Ed is dispatching crews to replace the downed wires to restore power. In other cases where power lines have been submerged from water rising in flooded basements, Con Ed cuts the power until such time that certification is verified by an electrical inspection agency working under the imprimatur of the Town Government. If one’s power has been terminated by Con Ed, the following must be implemented:

A licensed electrician must be commissioned by the party without power to perform a mega test to ensure integrity of the power cables.

Such mega test must be witnessed by one of the electrical inspection agencies authorized to perform inspections within the Town who will then certify to the Town and Con Ed that the power lines are capable of carrying electric current safely.

Con Ed will then restore power


GreenburghRican said...

Mr feiner

Do you have any knowledge of any websites that we can access for fema assistance regarding damge sustained from hurricane irene? Any information locally and fedetally would be appreciated