Monday, December 05, 2011

Ardsley Village Board approves waterwheel housing

Over a year ago the Greenburgh Town Board approved an initiative to create a workforce -affordable housing opportunity in the village of Ardsley. The town owns the foreclosed Waterwheel property on Saw Mill River Road and agreed with Ardsley officials that the property should be converted into affordable workforce homes. We decided to partner with the village and to turn foreclosed land into an opportunity for a better life for others.

I attended the Ardsley Village Board of Trustees meeting tonight. I was very pleased to watch the Village Board vote --the final approvals for the 22 unit condo development. The village of Ardsley is part of the federal housing lawsuit. These affordable homes will help the village comply with the federal stipulation. Some of the units will be the new home for volunteer firefighters, ambulance corp members or police!

I would also like to congratulate Ardsley's new Mayor, Peter Porcino, on his first meeting. And would like to congratulate Larry Nardecchia Jr on his new term and welcome Ardsley Trustee Nicole Minore to village government.

A special tribute to former Ardsley Mayor Jay Leon who worked very hard on the waterwheel affordable housing meeting. He lobbied members of the Greenburgh Town Board to use the property for affordable housing. He worked with Volunteer Firefighters, ambulance corp members and with residents of Ardsley -- encouraging them to support the project. Without the enthusiastic support of the Mayor it would have been difficult for the project to have obtained all the approvals and for this affordable housing condo to be built.

It is anticipated that construction will start in 2012.



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