Wednesday, January 04, 2012

do you want to serve on a board/commission?

Would you like to serve on a policy making or advisory board/commission? If the answer is yes- please send the Town Board a note advising of your interests. There currently is a vacancy on the Board of Ethics. The Town Board must appoint a resident who is NOT a registered Democrat or Republican. We have registered Dem's and Republicans on the Ethics Board and need an independent (you could be a member of a 3rd party--conservative, working families, Independence,etc..).

We are also hoping to appoint someone to the Antenna Review Board--the Board that reviews applications for cell towers or antenna systems. This issue is in the news now because of the application of NextG to place antenna systems in residential neighborhoods.

We have Boards/commissions that make policy for the library and review programs at our parks. We have vacancies on a board that deals with environmental matters (conservation advisory).

Democracy depends on an active community. Please get involved. E mail if you're interested in serving. Tell us what you're interested in working on. Send us your bio. Thank you for being a partner in our government.


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