Sunday, June 17, 2012

NYS Legislature to vote on tennis bubble proposal this week

The New York State Legislature is expected to decide this week whether or not to grant the town of Greenburgh permission to lease the tennis courts at Anthony Veteran park to a private operator and to place a tennis bubble at the courts during months when the courts are not used by the public.

If the legislation is approved the town will generate as much as $3 million in revenue during the 15 year lease. In addition, residents who love tennis will have access to tennis facilities during months when the tennis courts are currently not being used. Improvements to the tennis courts will be made by the private company -saving the taxpayers substantial dollars that would have to be spent on infrastructure improvements. Since the courts are located in unincorporated Greenburgh there will be no financial impact to the villages.

The Greenburgh Town Board has made this proposal our top legislative initiative for 2012. State Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins has introduced legislation in the State Senate and State Assemblyman Tom Abinanti has introduced the same proposed law before the State Assembly.

Members of the Town Board have been in constant communication with both lawmakers and we have encouraged our representatives to take advantage of the considerable respect they have among their colleagues and to use their legislative skills to help the town obtain permission to place the bubble at the courts.

The State Senate and State Assembly will adjourn the session at the end of the week. If the proposed law is not approved by both houses before the legislature adjourns, the town will have to wait until 2013 to have the proposal considered again. The wait will cost taxpayers six figures in lost revenue.


Greenburgh Town Supervisor