Thursday, December 27, 2012

sanitation schedule in mail...pool to be repaired at TDYCC

 The 2013 sanitation/recycling schedules should be in the mail today. We will also be posting the schedule on the website: shortly.  I received the following e mail about the indoor pool repairs at the Theodore Young Community Center from Commissioner William Carter.

This letter is to inform you that we anticipate the pool closing at some point during the month of January.  This will be a necessary two-week closure for repairs being made in the pool.  Although we do not know the exact dates these repairs will take place, we would like to give you ample notice until the dates are definite.  It would be ideal for all of the repairs to be completed within a two-week period, however, the process may be prolonged.  It is essential that this issue be addressed immediately to avoid further or even permanent damage to the pool.

The objective of this letter is to also allow you time to prepare for this closing and not pose any inconvenience to our patrons.  It is important for these repairs to be made to allow the proper operation of the pool and to eliminate last minute closures.  A new schedule for all activities, including classes, will also be distributed once the dates have been confirmed. 

Thank you for you cooperation and understanding.  William Carter, Commissioner