Saturday, January 19, 2013

suggestion I made in tomorrows NY Times-how to help older unemployed residents find work

To the Editor:
Federal and state governments could help older victims of downsizing by approving legislation giving employers a one-time tax incentive if they hired older workers for new full-time jobs. That would both encourage job creation (as the credit would be given only for new positions) and motivate businesses to take advantage of the vast skills of older workers.
A reinvented approach is needed to help older people who desperately want to continue to work and contribute to society.
Greenburgh, N.Y., Jan. 13
The writer is town supervisor of Greenburgh.


Janet Ranucci said...

I saw your letter this morning in the NYT and Googled you so that I could get your email address and tell you what a great idea!...then came across your blog.

I teach and direct a couple of career focused certificate programs at Westchester Community College. Many of my students and graduates are in their 50s and 60s, and I know that they are facing age discrimination because most of them have great skills, relevant work experience and an excellent work ethic. Some of them have been unemployed or underemployed for two years or more an can’t even find jobs at half their previous salary. Many of them are in programs that will help them transition into new fields, in which they have transferable skills. But employers are apparently reluctant to hire older workers for entry level positions.

Any ideas about what can be done on the local/county level?

Janet Ranucci, Chairperson
Computer & Office Technologies Dept.
Westchester Community College