Sunday, February 24, 2013

yonkers proposing development on yonkers/greenburgh border--255,000 sq ft of additional retail

Yonkers is proposing 255,000 sq ft of additional retail on Yonkers/Greenburgh border..Yonkers Planning Board to hold hearing on March 13 2013 at Yonkers City Hall....

Yonkers is considering an amendment to their zoning code that could impact traffic on the Jackson Ave corridor, 9A, Hastings and Ardsley. They have proposed an amendment to their zoning ordinance to permit 255,000 square feet of additional retail to be built at the Austin Ave development (undeveloped land near Costco, Home Depot and Stew Leonards). They also have proposed 400 units of residential apartments at the site.
Copies of the positive declaration the town has received form the city of Yonkers for the proposed PMD zone change and Austin Ave redevelopment next to the Stu Leonard's site will be shared with residents who request copies. them. The Yonkers Planning Board has scheduled the Scoping Session for the project on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, at 7:00 PM in the City Council Chambers.
Our planning department is reviewing the draft scope. I will invite Yonkers city officials to brief the Town Board on this proposed project at a public meeting of the Town Board.
The town has not been successful in preventing previous developments on the Yonkers/Greenburgh border. However, the Ridge Hill developers agreed (as part of a settlement) to pay for $5 million in road safety improvements on Greenburgh roads near the Ridge Hill development.