Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bob Bernstein's comments on the Edgemont Community Council page are false, fiction, inaccurate

The ECC page has been used by Bob Bernstein to criticize me. That's democracy and freedom of speech. I have no objections to that.
However-- in recent months much of what Bernstein says is totally inaccurate. Fiction. Make believe. I sent the following to Bob and the head of ECC a short time ago.

From: Paul Feiner
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 11:10 PM
To: Geoff Loftus; Town Board
Cc: Bob Bernstein; monica at ecc; aubrey graf-daniels; Peter Mellis; Gregory Adams
Subject: more distortions and fiction in last nights ECC post about me
Bob Bernstein, in last nights post about WESTHELP, indicated that I put up barbed wires at the WESTHELP facility.
I don't recall putting up wires or fences at WESTHELP. Can Mr. Bernstein provide some form of documentation which would confirm that the wires were installed at the direction of me or the town, not WESTHELP? And, that the town paid for the wires/fence?
During the time WESTHELP was operational, I met with some of the residents of WESTHeLP and tried helping them find employment and housing. Many met with me at Town Hall--and walked from WESTHELP to my office.
As indicated previously - many of the anti Feiner posts written by Mr. Bernstein on the ECC page are fiction and contain inaccurate information.

This is what Bernstein said -- please prove the allegations that this action was taken by me. Or, correct the facebook page.
Mr. Feiner, in one of his first acts as town supervisor in Greenburgh, erected an eight foot high barbed wire fence to "surround" the WestHELP apartments so that none of these women and their infant kids could stray the mile or so into this "surrounding neighborhood of family homes." The fence still stands today.