Monday, May 13, 2013

students preparing video of greenburgh for 225th anniversary celebration


Greenburgh Town Clerk Judith Beville and I will be working with two Ardsley High School seniors on a 225th anniversary video commemorating the highlights of living in the town. The two students will be incorporating images from the past and present in a video that will be presented to the Town Board by mid June. The students will be working on the project for about 5 hours a day. If you would like to share historical artifacts with them or recommend possible topics that should be included in the video, please advise. In addition, if you would like to show them (and a town employee) highlights of your own neighborhood that could be included in the taping, please let us know..

Please e mail me at or Judith Beville at and we will forward to the students.

Town Clerk Judith Beville has been overseeing the student internship program for four years and will be overseeing the program this summer. Does your son or daughter have an interest in government? We’d love to provide them with a great learning experience.

Hello, my name is Josh Eng-Morris. I spent most of my life living in Ardsley; I've been in the Ardsley School District since Kindergarten. This year I am a senior, going to University of Maryland- College Park next year. For the last four weeks of high school at Ardsley, instead of going to school we go off and find an internship that interests us, in order to get some out of school experience before college. For my senior externship my friend, Justin Hill and I, are creating a video commemorating the 225th anniversary of the Town of Greenburgh. Although I am going to college to study engineering, I still enjoy making videos I've always had an interest in film and editing. I have previously made short videos of different businesses and activities for the Town of Greenburgh YouTube page.

Hello, my name is Justin Hill and I am a senior at Ardsley High School. Most of my life I have lived in Ardsley, but before moving to Ardsley, I lived in Dobbs Ferry for a number of years. Next year, I will be attending a 6 year pharmacy program at Xavier University in Louisiana. For the final four weeks of my senior year, I was tasked to find an internship that will enrich my skills, and prepare me for future work. For my internship, I decided to intern at Greenburgh Town Hall, where me and my friend Josh Eng-Morris will be making a video celebrating the town of Greenburgh's 225th anniversary. I always have been interested in making films, and editing them. This internship will give me the opportunity to do just that, in a very fun and interesting way. I am very excited to partake in this great experience, and I hope to learn more about the wonderful town of Greenburgh.

If anyone would like to help us by speaking about Greenburgh or if there is any location in Greenburgh you would like us to incorporate in the video, which would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Feiner