Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Town Clerk Judith Beville, along with Lee Mouzakitis and Felicia Constable (town employees) are organizing a unique fundraiser at the Greenburgh Town Hall on Friday, January 29th from 11 AM to 5:30 PM. We are asking musicians to donate their time and to show off their musical talents. Their performances at the lobby of the Greenburgh Town Hall (177 Hillside Ave, White Plains) will be recorded on public access TV. We will encourage visitors to Greenburgh Town Hall to make voluntary contributions to support the victims of the recent Haitian disaster. We hope many people will stop by at Town Hall that day to make a personal donation to the Haitian relief effort. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the afya foundation, a local Hastings/Yonkers based foundation founded by Danielle Butin of Hastings that has a track record working with Haitian residents.

If you are affiliated with a band or are a vocalist/musician and would like to perform – please contact Judith Beville at 993-1504 or e mail her at All musicians will be recognized with certificates at an upcoming Town Board meeting.

We also welcome food donations from residents to make the event more hospitable to our guests and potential contributors.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


hal samis said...

*cause ok.
*afya, sponsor ok.

*town clerk judith beville spending her time on this not ok. if she has so much free time, why is she being given stipends to do work which is part of the job? especially since the Town Board has learned that residents are upset over higher taxes.

*use of Town Hall, a place of business, not ok. how about the tdycc or the multipurpose center?

*"We will encourage visitors to Greenburgh Town Hall to make voluntary contributions to support the victims of the recent Haitian disaster."
intimidating visitors/residents who have business at Town hall definitely not ok.

*"All musicians will be recognized with certificates at an upcoming Town Board meeting."
any and all ways to waste the time of those who attend Town Board meetings -- the intent being to hold public comment(s) later than sooner during the meeting so that fewer residents will still be watching.

*the game as usual is to be on the politically correct side of all causes. never mind that the Town isn't managed well; the Feiner view of the Town Supervisor position is to be master of ceremonies. As for financial matters, what, me worry?

klondike bar said...

given all the negative press feiner, morgan, lewis and beville are getting, plenty to be worried about.

Greenburgh is experiencing a new scandal every week from the tax refund fiasco to the beville coverup to the kolesar revelations.

Astorino gets it. Paterson gets it.
Soon Greenburgh will too.

hal samis said...

But first the Town Hall benefit for the Sandy Annabi defense fund.

GOD said...

Judy, Judy, Judy.

Fed Up With Feiner said...

I'm not sure it's legal to hold a fundraiser on public property - great idea, wrong location. Also, Town staff should not be doing this on Town time - it's hard to criticize due to the tragic event - but again, do laws mean anything?

Speaking of laws, anyone have updates on all the money was going to collect on past-due parking violations - word is they hardly put a dent in it! Did they include these funds in their budget?

hal samis said...

Dear God,

It was Cary, i'll grant you that.
But our Judy is the Judy who ran for re-election as Town Clerk without bothering to tell folks that wearing the hat of the Valhalla School District she was also suing the Town of Greenburgh.

Isn't there some line in one of your testaments about biting the hand that feeds you?

But let's see how the indefatigable Ethics Board deals with my complaint, section 570-4 D of Town code.

klondike bar said...

rumor has it that more c4 is on its way to town hall

watch for reports from the front lines in the local papers and blogs

just another week in scandalburgh

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that the Supervisor posts all sorts of law suits / actions that he / the Town is taking, but omits the law suits filed against the Town, i.e. by Valhalla and the former Comptroller?

This blog is rapidly dying, if not already dead.

GOD said...

"Against whom do ye sport yourselves? against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood."

Isaiah 57:4

klondike bar said...

no problem
catch the action on lohud and

seems feiner's press magic is wearing thin - like his welcome in greenburgh.

hal samis said...

State Law requires an Ethics Board to be provided with Counsel.
The Town Board has never done so other than providing an attorney from the Town's legal department.
This attorney has reasonably removed himself from this position on the grounds that he cannot bring or participate in investigations of his bosses who have the power to fire him or raise havoc with his remuneration.
Now the Ethics Board has had to seek a volunteer (and may have obtained several as a result of a recruitment effort) to perform these duties. The problem is that volunteers have their own practices and lives and will serve when this and their volunteerism don't conflict.
An understandable difference between an attorney who provides service for remuneration and a volunteer.
(I have problems which the candidates, the Ethics Board members but that's to be discussed another day)
My point is that there is no shortage or cap on litigation costs when the matter is one to Feiner's liking or serves a purpose by feeding his press release factory.
Silly isn't it to spend good money from burdened taxpayers to bring actions against Town Board members who break the Town's Ethics laws.
Feiner is looking out for your interest while serving his own. That's what he calls a win-win.
And even sillier is the notion that the $55,000 for the Arts Council. for example, could be put to a better use: like tightening the noose around Feiner's neck.

klondike bar said...

the essential question is if everyone in the town knew about this and all the other scandals and fiascos that are raining cats and dogs in greenburgh, would it matter?

would they throw the bums out? would they elect pat weems?
would they elect a ham sandwich?

Spano and Coakley had a candidate running against them.

Blogging is nice but someone running for Town Supervisor and Town Council and Town Clerk other than the incumbents is what is needed.

The raw material to defeat the current officeholders who have forfeited the right to be there is in plain view.

Greenburgh is a big place. The time to start running to get name recognition is now.