Sunday, February 28, 2010

7504 out of power yesterday..722 this morning

Significant progress was made re: restoring power to Greenburgh residents who experienced power outages. I just spoke with Con Ed officials (after receiving the following update). Con Ed is assigning crews to Greenburgh. Most of the 722 remaining residents out of power will have their power restored today. Most of the roads that had been closed have been reopened (wires restored, downed trees removed). We hope to open up all roads today.
My cell phone is 438-1343 and my home is 478-1219 if you have any questions or concerns.
Again--sorry for the inconveniences many Greenburgh residents experienced. A special thank you to Victor Carosi, Commissioner of Public Works; Butch Nanna, Deputy Commissioner and the entire Public Works staff (and parks dept staff assigned to snow removal) for their efforts during this storm. Greenburgh got hit very hard and they have been working non stop.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

During the night shift I had one of my colleagues from engineering
review the available outage information related to the storm for
Greenburgh. As of this morning, we have identified:

7504 customers effected by the storm
6782 customers restored
722 customers remaining

These numbers are estimates that continuously fluctuate throughout the
event as our engineering group adjusted data based off of feedback from
the field and system analysis.

Of the 722 Customers, we have crews assigned to jobs related to 470
customers that will be dispatched at 7AM this morning.


Resident said...

Why was the Town Hall closed to the public on Friday? Wasnt this where the emergency generator was put to allow for the public to be sheltered there?

Mr. Cinque said...

When the power goes out people complain. When Con Ed trims back trees people complain. The reason we lose power is because the trees fall on the wires. People, please trim your trees. This way no one will complain.

Mr. Cinque said...

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