Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last week I sent out an e mail advising residents of a free discount drug card that is available at my office. I asked for feedback from residents and have received some comments. I also have free pet drug cards (10-85%) savings on most drugs for pets. There is no cost for the card. The card never expires. the card is pre activated, with no deductibles, no registration, no claim forms. Over 80% of pharmacies in the US accept the card. Please e mail me at if you'd like the card (specify if you want the cards for humans or pets). PAUL FEINER
I just brought the card and my script to Duane Reade here at 4 corners and asked what the price would be with and without card. The Rx would have been $41 w/o and it was $13.32 with card- over $27 savings. Thank you so much!!


feedback on Rx discount card..The card cannot be used if you are paying for rx with your insurance. If your medication is not covered in your plan, or if you are in the donut (Medicare D (where no medications are covered) you can use it. Discount is about 20%. This info from Joe, pharmacist at Hartsdale Pharmacy on E. Hartsdale Ave. Joan
If you have AARP coverage the coverage with AARP might be better than the prescription card.