Friday, March 05, 2010


A number of residents have contacted me to ask about the debris clean up. I received the following update from Commissioner of Public Works Victor Carosi.

On another matter-- a town employee (who is hard working, responsible & dedicated) asked me to try to help his family find an affordable 3 bedroom apartment in Greenburgh. He can afford $1500 a month. I told him I would try to help. If you know of any opportunities please e mail me at I will forward your e mail to him.

The Town Bureau of Highway and Bureau of Sanitation are collecting debris from this storm daily. We ask residents to do their best to cut the limbs into 4-foot length, bundle and place curbside.

The Highway Department is first concentrating tree trimming and branch clearing from the main roadways such as Jackson Avenue, Ardsley road, Underhill Road, Secor Road, Ridge Road, Taxter Road, Benedict Avenue, Old Kensico Road, Old Tarrytown Road to name a few. Following completion of clearing the main roadways, crews will work all the secondary roads, neighborhood by neighborhood. One crew will start in the southern part of the Town, and a second will start in the northern sections of Town and both work towards the middle.

Additionally, Sanitation crews are dispatched back to the regular collection routes when they have finished the collection of garbage and will collect branches and tree debris.

We expect the storm cleanup to take about 6 to 8 weeks in total.

Victor G. Carosi, P.E.

Commissioner of Public Works


Fed Up With Feiner said...

Is the Town doing anything in response to the drainage study we paid for last year? The storm drain system must be full of debris from the last storm. The Town should be cleaning out the underground pipes between Harry's and Chase bank on East Hartsdale. Private property owners should not have to maintain these underground systems, the Town should. These lines carry water and debris from as far away as Grasslands and beyond. How can the town expect a private property owner to support this type of maintenance. Funny that the Town uses our tax dollars to keep Beaver Hill safe from flooding even though it is the responsibility of the State - clearly they are selective about which communities they need to support and which ones they don't. Town law requires private property owners to keep open culverts and catch basins clear of debris - where in the code does it require that a private property owner maintain the public underground system? An undo burden is being placed on taxpayers and the Town is being negligent in maintaining this system. Who will they blame the next time the stores are flooded?

Again, did the Town do anything to address the comments in the $60,000 study? Of course not.