Sunday, March 14, 2010


If you are cold and have no power-- consider staying at the Theodore Young Community Center tonight. The center is located at 32 Manhattan Ave (near Crossroads Shopping Center, off 119--a few minutes from Dobbs Ferry Road). Just spoke with Deputy Commissioner James Robinson who advised me that the center will be open. We have showers at the center, it's warm and we're trying to get cots so residents can have a good nights sleep. Best of all the price is right: FREE!
The following e mail was received last night --some people did not receive it so I'm e mailing this testimonial again.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

I took your advice and came to the Theodore Young Center where the staff has been most kind. When I couldn't make it to my daughter's in Peekskill because of the hazardous driving conditions, I was not sure of what to do but decided to listen to you and come here. Right now, I am e-mailing you from the center's computer lab while I wait for my inflatable bed battery to charge. Tametha, the recptionist was so kind and brought me this bed from her house so I could get a decent night's sleep. James Robinson, the supervisor here has been very solicitous of my welfare, bringing me coffee and letting me know he'll be around all night should I need him. All this because of this storm just two weeks after the last one. At that time, I spent three days without power at my daughter's. This is better because I'm close to home and will be able to check out the damage to my street--Taylor Road when it's light tomorrow. Thanks again for being so accessible and looking out for your constituents