Monday, April 05, 2010


I have received some calls about the storm debris clean-up from residents. I received the following e mail from the Commissioner of Public Works, Victor Carosi. I will continue to keep you updated.

Thanks for your patience. This is a difficult effort – we are trying very hard to address the clean up as quickly as possible.



The Town of Greenburgh Department of Public Works is currently collecting tree and yard debris from the effects of the March windstorm and the earlier February Snow Storm. These two events resulted in an unprecedented number of trees downed and damaged. The windstorm resulted in 55 large trees along the roadside uprooting and impacting homes. The total number of trees down is well into the 100’s.

The Public Works department has two crews assigned and dedicated to debris collection daily. Heavy equipment is used to collect and dump the debris into our large container trucks, where it is then brought to the Taxter Road waste transfer station. Additionally, sanitation crews collect bundled debris as part of the normal organic yard waste collection program.

DPW work crews started the collection of tree debris following the initial clearing of blocked streets on Saturday, March 20. That day, crews were focused in neighborhoods that received the greatest damage and were most impacted with large debris restricting access in the neighborhood. The next week, efforts focused largely on removing the many municipal trees that impacted homes.

As of the publication date of this bulletin (April 5, 2010), work crews have made a first pass through the southern part of the Town, including Cotswold and Edgemont sections. Crews then moved to the north part of the Town and are now working in the Wyndover park neighborhood and soon will be in the Parkway Homes area.

While it is very difficult to predict exactly when the work crews will be in any neighborhood, updates are provided periodically through the “g-list” e-mail system

Residents are reminded that bundled debris in 4-foot lengths or less will be collected by the Sanitation Department weekly as part of the normal Organic Yard Waste program. Also, residents are encouraged to advise any contractor working on their property to bring debris directly to the Town Taxter Road Waste Transfer Site rather than placing all the tree branches and debris curbside and waiting for Town DPW to collect. Dump tickets are required and can be obtained at a nominal fee at our DPW Office in Town Hall. While the Town will collect bulk tree debris left curbside, it may take many weeks for crews to be in your neighborhood. Therefore, we encourage residents to employ their contractor to include debris removal from the property.

With the large number of tree uprooted, many residents are asking when the remaining stumps and trucks will be removed. Again, as we are still collecting debris, the removal of stumps and restoration of the surrounding soil will not commence until all debris is removed Town-wide. We currently estimate debris clearing Town-wide will extend into June.


Mr. Cinque said...

Why do't I believe any of this.

Mr. Cinque said...

That is....Why don't I believe any of this.

Fed Up With Feiner said...

There have been no trucks in the East Hartsdale Avenue area picking up debris. Why is this always the last community to get Feiner's attention, except of course when it's election time? East Hartsdale Avenue is one big pot hole as well. The trees along the avenue are overgrown and unattended to. The apartment buildings and stores leave their garbage out over night even though it is in clear violation of our local codes. Last week the garbage in front of 100 EHA was blowing all of the sidewalk, there were broken bottles all over the sidewalk. These buildings have live-in supers. There is no reason for them to leave garbage out over night. Some merchants put their garbage out on Saturday when they close and it litters our sidewalks until Monday morning. This is just unacceptable and smacks of no respect for our neighborhood. The residents shouldn't have to walk through garbage. The Town needs to pay more attention to this part of Town. They need to clean up and spruce up the area, repair the sidewalks, repair the roads, trim the trees, clean out the garbage receptacles (actually use some soap & water - they stink!), clean the benches (covered in bird poop and some have grafitti sprayed on them), get after the merchants to keep the sidewalks clean, get after the residential buildings to stop putting out their trash overnight, etc. Feiner passes through this area each and every day - does he actually look at anything or is he too busy tweeting while he's driving?

VMcD said...

We just want to thank you and all the town staff for the effort and the great job during and the post storms clean-up.
You really have done a great job in such disastrous time.
Give Mr. Carosi a big thank you, the DPW continued effort is commendable.
We were very impressed.

um, Hartsdale? said...

MVcD clearly doesn't live in Hartsdale. I'll bet his debris was picked up pronto. No "Dump ticket for a nominal fee" required for MVcD.
Fed Up is 100% correct. Hartsdale village looks like a cesspool.

Paul's only interest in Hartsdale is to try to stake claim to the parking district.What's wrong with this picture?

Mr. Cinque said...

Paul appears to be picking up the Lower Income parts of town first. He figures the Medium and Upper Income parts of town will pay for there own clean up. Saving him face. Or will he say see I got the clean up done sooner the expected. Paul like I said before stop picking up garbage on Thursdays and Fridays and clean up the storm debris for two weeks this would speed the clean up and reduce cost TO THE TAX PAYERS !

Fed Up With Feiner said...

On 4/6 I posted a comment about the ongoing neglect of East Hartsdale Avenue. As of today, 4/13 the Town has yet to pick up any of the storm debris. The piles are now spilling into intersections and rolling down the embankment of the Pipeline.

The garbage receptacles on the avenue were not emptied until after 12 noon on Monday - after a full weekend of nice weather - they were overflowing Sunday afternoon and by Monday morning the garbage was all over the place.

Thanks Mr. Feiner - I'm sure we'll see you again around election time.

Mr. Cinque said...

There are reports of two crews working on the storm debris. Where are they is a good question!Thanks Paul for all your effort The town is clean, taxes are at an all time low. Business is booming!

Fed Up With Feiner said...

Today is April 15th. Still no removal of the storm debris along East Hartsdale Avenue. The short road between Caterson & Columbia (above Bob Gold parklet) is covered with large tree stumps and branches all over the place. The debris has yet to be removed along the Pipeline - some of the stumps are 2 or 3 feet in diameter and could easily roll into the roadway. The Town dumped debris on the parking authority property and has yet to pick it up. Use some overtime if you have to - there's no excuse for this to take so long. Don't blame DPW - Feiner and Town Board have not approved any overtime for the clean up.

Anonymous said...

Ridege Road and Hillcrest are in no better shape with respect to tree debris. Worse is that the lower part of Hillcrest is so "pot holed", that someone will break their suspension or lose a tire. Oops,I forgot. There's no capital budget once again, so the infamous 20 year plan that Councilman Sheehan once referred to is a figment of his imagination. When are the roads going to be addressed? 2011, maybe? The infrastructure of the Town is going down the tubes. Rumor has it that the Town had some discussions with United Water of New Rochelle some months ago about them buying the Water Dept and once they realized how old and feeble it is, they just said that they weren't interested.

FOOEY said...

WTH? I'm in Hartsdale and I can attest that it is a mess. The debris is piled so high on my property it's killed off any grass I seeded last year. GET RID OF IT!

I have numerous scratches on my car from driving around Hartsdale where branches are sticking out into the roadways.

Between the potholes and the treelimbs my car has taken a beating. I wonder if the town will be liable for vechile damage after a certain amount of time has passed, where they haven't addressed the conditions.

Fed Up With Feiner said...

Fat chance of getting Hartsdale cleaned up any time soon. Mr. Feiner & Company would prefer to use our tax dollars to support frivolous law suits.

The infrastructure is indeed a mess and there are no plans to address it. We will be paying for it long after Feiner and his Town Board are gone.

This guy and his team have got to go. He acts like a spoiled rotten kid and they act like bad parents. They either need to rope him in and insist that he follow our laws or they all should just resign and go home.

They are ruining our Town.