Monday, September 27, 2010


Hundreds of people enjoyed our E Hartsdale Ave sidewalk sale this Saturday. Free food, great music, terrific businesses, a fun crowd. I'm seen with Town Clerk Judith Beville, organizer of the event in this photo.


Fed Up With Feiner said...

A bit self-promoting, don't you think? Thanks for leaving our trash cans overflowing all weekend long, the stench was wonderful.

How about collecting up all the trash cans and taking them to the Town garage to be steam cleaned and repainted. It would be nice if the Town moved them to sweep around them once in a while. Lining them with trash bags would keep them odor free as well.

More than 15 years ago Mr. Feiner solicited contributions from the public to install memorial stones around the trees on East Hartsdale Avenue. Has he inspected them lately? Some are missing and others have been loosened and will soon be lost. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that memorials are dishonored by Feiner based on the condition of the 9/11 memorial wall at Webb Field.

How about less self-promoting and putting more work and money back into East Hartsdale Avenue. Fix the sidewalks, repair the street lights (many don't work at all and others burn 24/7), install a community bulletin board at the station, light the flag pole at the station (inexpensive solar lights are available for flag poles), clean and refurbish the trash cans, remove the graffiti from the benches and traffic signal control box, ask the stores to adopt the benches and keep them clean and clear of bird droppings, trim back the trees (one is actually resting on the awning of the new Mexican restaurant), implement a daily shuttle service to the train for seniors & the disabled on the weekends, clear the catch basins on the avenue of leaves and debris, etc., etc., etc.