Saturday, October 30, 2010

channel 5 & 9 up...halloween police patrols...block party..supermarket hours

Just received good news from cablevision's government liaison: Channels 5 & 9 are back up.

NOT WANTED: HALLOWEEN MISCHIEF---The Greenburgh police will be out in force tomorrow evening to significantly reduce the possibility of mischief, rotten eggs and shaving cream and other Halloween night pranks. We will have a significant police presence throughout the town--especially where there have been past problems.
I WILL JOIN THE POLICE CHIEF patrolling the streets (after I take my daughter out for Halloween). If you would like us to stop by your house after 8:45 PM please e mail me at Call the police tomorrow evening if you have any concerns. You can also reach me on my cell: 438-1343. In recent years our police have done a terrific job keeping the streets of Greenburgh safe. We will work hard to do the same tomorrow evening.

AN INTERESTING CONCEPT--HALLOWEEN STREET PARTY--Some neighbors on Southway between Eastway and Westway--have asked the town to close their street. They are planning a block party. This kind of event is safe, fun. I hope more neighborhoods will consider similar block parties on Halloween in future years.

WANT TO CHAT ABOUT THE TOWN BUDGET OR ANY OTHER TOWN MATTER? I will be at my problem solver desk tomorrow (SUNDAY) from 11:30 to 12:30 at Stop & Shop in Dobbs Ferry.
Paul Feiner