Wednesday, February 16, 2011


K Mart Manager
White Plains

As you may know, the A & P on 119 (next to K-Mart) is closing in the next month or two. This will create significant hardships for seniors who currently walk to the supermarket for food shopping.
I would appreciate it if you would consider reorganizing your floor plan so you can handle more supermarket items. I will advise our senior citizen population of steps K Mart is taking to address the hardships residents of Fairview will have after the supermarket closes.
Thank you for your consideration.



why don't u retire said...

instead of writing nonsencicle letters to department stores that most likely won't even pay any mind. Why don't u investigate if you can call the conglomerate that owns pathmark and A &P and mention that there actions may be discriminatory.
The stores to close r located in the most needy sections of the Town. why were the scarsdale & Knollwood A&P (which r almost always empty considered. Could it be there zip codes. Contact the Mayor of White Plains to join in a joint effort fight to save these markets. Save what is there now. Stop wasting time finding replacements which make no sense. Start a media and letter writing campaign. SAVE THE MARKET TO FEED THE People.

William said...

Store managers, especially in the larger chains, have little to no control over their stores layouts, items for sale and are limited to scheduling their employees and rotating their stock per CORPORATE mandates.
If you had every worked in the real world, instead of parroting ideas from Donna Reed's day, you might be able to help the residents. Why don't you become the lead agency for their building and offer it to your campaign financier, Ernest Tartaglione, of Deli Delicious fame.
BTW, when did you tell him he should stop the charade and reopen? We know it was your idea.

Fed Up With Feiner said...

I saw Mr. Feiner walking the aisles of the Central Ave A&P with his father a couple of weeks ago around 4:20 in the afternoon - shouldn't he have been at work? Too bad all employees can't have his flexible hours!

It was embarassing to say the least - his head was down the entire time focused on his blackberry; he looked like a 5-year old playing a video game. He nearly walked into other shoppers and store displays and was paying no attention to his father who seemed to lag quite a bit behind him. Grow up Paul - get a real job and stop destroying our Town.

Feiner runs this Town based on personal likes and dislikes of our laws and our citizens. He harasses volunteer board members who don't agree with him. He harasses employees who don't agree with him.

You know someone's been in office way too long when they believe they're above the law and better than others.

It's election time and once again he is looking for someone to run on his ticket who will promise to vote with him and not against him. He thought he had that with Sonja Brown but she showed him she had a conscience. It should be illegal for Feiner to subsidize someone elses campaign as it is as clear as day that he is attempting to buy their votes and have 4 rubber stamps on the Town Board. Vote this non-working bumb out of office!