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Members of the Town Board, Planning & Zoning Boards met with residents of the community, commercial realtors on Feb 8 to discuss ways in which the town can be more business friendly. The meeting was very productive. Commercial realtors indicated that they would like to see the town amend our parking requirements and signage laws. Current restrictive signage laws make it difficult for businesses that are not located close to the road to publicize their services. If we amend our laws it would make it easier to attract businesses to Central Ave and the other commercial sections of town. In addition, we discussed a proposal that could save applicants significant dollars and time: having joint Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board hearings. If presentations would be made to different boards on the same evening applicants would not have to pay their attorneys and consultants to attend as many meetings. And the time period required to review the applications would be shortened. A draft of the comprehensive plan will be released to the community in the coming months. Some of the recommendations may be incorporated into the document.
Dennis Dilmaghani indicated that he would like to meet with residents of the Edgemont community. He owns the abandoned health spa on Central Ave and would like to replace the spa with a development that would be acceptable to the community. A meeting with Mr. Dilmaghani and civic leaders will be proposed.
We also discussed action steps the town could take to make businesses feel more welcome. Among the ideas: posting information about new businesses on the website and helping the local businesses publicize their new services. We also are going to conduct a survey of existing businesses --to get their feedback (experiences they had dealing with town government staff and the boards reviewing applications).
2 new businesses opening...A New Martial Arts Studio named
Scarsdale Aikido & Shaolin Martial Arts and Yoga Studio

Located at 77 Tarrytown Road


As emergency room visits escalate in New York and the nation continues to debate—and survive—the healthcare issue, a local entrepreneur and two doctors are working to do their part to offer a cure for the ailing healthcare system. Dan H. Purugganan of Mount Kisco, NY, is the Franchisee and Master Developer for a flagship urgent-care center called Doctors Express, located in Hartsdale, NY, at 359 North Central Avenue in the Dalewood Shopping Plaza between the Pathmark and Verizon stores.

The state-of-the-art center will open to patients on Friday, February 11th, 2011, with a grand opening and ribbon-cutting event slated for Thursday, February 17th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Grand Opening event is for media and area dignitaries. A special community day with kids’ activities and tours of the facility will be open to all on Saturday, February 19th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. . The company was founded in Baltimore, MD, in 2005 by an emergency room physician seeking a more efficient, affordable and personable system for urgent care patients. Doctors Express walk-in medical centers are quickly becoming America’s first nationally branded urgent care centers. Much like an emergency room, Doctors Express is a full 4-stage urgent care facility with physicians on staff. The centers provide state‐of‐the‐art treatment for acute illnesses, trauma, and sports injuries, including minor surgical procedures. Digital x‐ray service is available at all Doctors Express locations. Pre‐employment physicals, drug screening, and treatment of work-related injuries are also available to local employers. For more information, visit www.DoctorsExpress.com.



why don't u retire said...

Well, well, well dirty politics in Greenburgh and for once your not involved!! (or are you?)
It seems Mr. DiCicco of the Zoning Board and candidate for the 12th District Legislative seat recently accepted a gracious gift from non other than your favorite and most brilliant business owner in the toen of Greenburgh Mr. Deli Delicious or may I say his representative Mr. Pateman who is before the zoning Board on his behalf. On Feb. 5th the fundraiser took place and Mr.DiCicco attended very willingly, I heard. Even though it is outrageous and very, very unethical for a board member to accept any type of service or gift or campaign contribution from someone who has an application before them on a zoning matter (which a yes vote is expected at next weeks zoning meeting Feb 17).But what takes the cake is the Co host of the event was not only one of your appointees to the Ethics Board Mr. Constantine. Did he not know this was unethical? FOR GOD SAKES HE'S ON OUR ETHICS BOARD!!!! HELLO!!!
You already recently appointed another yes man to your Zoning Board so he could vote yes for Deli Delicious and now this. It looks and smells very fishy don't you think.
Both these Board members should be removed immediately from their positions. Mr. DiCicco should be barred from voting on Deli Delicious's zoning application. If he was honorable enough he would recuse himself.
Dirty politics in Greenburgh, whats new ?