Friday, July 01, 2011

county should rent out closed sprain ridge pool

There is a big sign in front of Sprain Ridge Park (off of Jackson Ave—on the Greenburgh/Yonkers border) announcing that the pool is closed during the summer of 2011. A major county asset (the pool) is not being used in 2011—disappointing many children and families.
A suggestion: If the county doesn’t have the funds to keep the pool open during the season they should consider renting the pool to a swim team, camp, private business, non profit organization or another entity. If this would be done the county would generate some additional revenue for the county government and they would also be providing children with a nice pool to enjoy—at no cost to the taxpayers. It’s a crime to close down a county pool for an entire season.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor
914 993 1545 or 438 1343