Sunday, July 10, 2011


Appreciation barbeque. The free event, open to all veterans and their families, will be held at AF Veteran town park, off of Heatherdell Road beginning at 6 PM and concluding by 9 PM. All the food is being donated. Our donors include, as of tonight,:
1. $1000 from Community Mutual Savings Bank
2. Food for 300 ( or more, dependant on final head count) from Shop Rite
3. Tray of Brownies and Cookies from Carmine's Deli & Cafe
4. 2 or more trays of ribs from Harry's of Hartsdale
5. Potato Salad and Macaroni Salad from Wedged in Deli
6. Spinach Pie with Greek Salad from Eldorado Diner
If you would are a veteran and would like to attend the barbeque at AF Veteran park on July 21st please e mail me at

Sad news... Two of the most popular businesses in downtown Ardsley are set to close: Sunnydale and the Village Cafe. Jogi Singh and Nirmal Singh, the owners, have been terrific assets to our community. They work hard, are well liked, the quality of their food was always excellent and they care about the community. Ardsley won't be the same without them.
The following article is from RIVERTOWNS PATCH.
Paul Feiner
Ardsley's Sunnydale, Village Cafe to Close
After 39 years, two Rivertowns staples will close this month.

By Lizzie Hedrick | Email the author | July 8, 2011

After 39 years in business, Rivertowns staple Sunnydale Farms Food Store and the Village Cafe next door will close this month.
Owners Jogi Singh and Nirmal Singh are heartbroken about the decision.

"I moved into the community when I was 19 and a half," said Jogi Singh, who is originally from New Delhi, India. "The community welcomed me."

Throughout his career here, Singh first opened the small grocery store, next the luncheonette and later the gas station across the street—which he has since sold.

"I got married here, raised my children here, went to NYU," Jogi Singh said. Both business partners' two children went to the Ardsley schools.

The men expect to close the adjacent shops later this month.

"I don't know where I'm going after," Jogi Singh said. "When God closes one door, maybe he'll open two more."