Sunday, October 30, 2011

con ed updates...

Finally...answered all the emails I received from last night to now. My power at home is out (just like many others). And, my blackberry lost it's connection too (around midnight last night). There are many outages around Greenburgh. Downed trees, downed wires. Burning wires. But---received some good news from two residents of Edgemont: their power was recently restored. Hopefully will continue to receive good news reports from others soon.
There are many thousands of people without power. I anticipate (based on previous outages) that it will take a few days before power is restored to all. Will keep you updated.

Hi Paul...I hope you are advising your constituents to call
1800.752.6633. Email is not the way to get their outages on record.


Mr. Cinque said...

It wasn't Con Edisons tree that fell causing the power outage. It wasn't Con edison who said please do not trim my tree back free of charge. Put the blame where it belongs.