Friday, August 31, 2012

Postings on ECC page by Bob Bernstein about police investigation could be inappropriate

Bob Bernstein has been trying to stir up some controversy over a police investigation taking place in town. He has encouraged the Edgemont Community Council to post some stories on the ECC facebook page suggesting that the Greenburgh police are not working hard enough trying to solve the investigation.
I think that Mr. Bernstein's (who is an attorney) behavior is inappropriate. He is making allegations about the police WITHOUT having facts about the status of the police investigation. The police do not  provide citizens with day to day reports of the status of investigations. Publicizing allegations WITHOUT any facts to substantiate them is wrong. Bob: Rumors are not evidence.  Repeating rumors publicly doesn't solve crimes.
The Greenburgh police department is a professional department, and will always be independent of political interference. Every lead that is presented is investigated carefully by the department.
If Bob has facts - he should feel free to report them to the police.  They will be carefully investigated. And, if we find the bad guys arrests will be made no matter who they are.


Geoff Loftus said...


I think if you read the ECC Facebook postings carefully you will see that facts are presented as facts, and that news items that are not conclusive are presented in such a way that makes it evident that they are not factual. Just because you don't like the picture that is emerging doesn't mean that the ECC's story isn't correct.

I know from conversations with Bob that he respects the Greenburgh Police Department. But neither he nor I are naive enough to think that the police may have been handed evidence that was carefully shaped to avoid proving guilt. The delay in handing over the video may have allowed the guilty party to escape. Why wasn't the center quicker to turn over the video? Why weren't the police more insistent that they be given it? To use an old tag line: Inquiring minds want to know.

By the bye, here's a link to the Journal News story -- Bob Bernstein is only one of the sources of information for it. Your continuing to attack him personally is pathetic.

Geoff Loftus
ECC President