Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Robert Bernstein has been circulating misinformation about the TDYCC. Here is a response from the police chief.
The Edgemont Community Council’s Facebook posting of August 30, 2012 infers that the Greenburgh Police Department has not, until the date of this post, investigated the theft of 19 computers from the Theodore Young Community Center. This is a false statement. If this is based on Greg Shillinglaw’s Journal News report of August 31 reporting that a police investigation began on the date it was reported July 5, 2012, why would your post report that it was not investigated until August 30? Unfortunately, because this is an active investigation I can’t go into specifics of the follow-up work that was done only to say this is not true and this crime has been investigated since the date of report.

The part time employee that perked the interest of the Journal News reporter by stating she had seen a video tape and could identify a perpetrator and inferred that this was a new revelation was found to be untrue. She had not viewed any video tape related to this incident.

Your post states that the Greenburgh Police Department claims not to know the identity of the person on the video tape which is again false. What is this based on? Nowhere in the Journal News report does it state the identity of a person on tape was known or unknown.

I covey these facts hopeful that the majority of the Edgemont community would not think the Greenburgh Police Department would not investigate a crime and worse be involved in a cover-up or succumb to political pressure of which there has been none. Investigations are guided by solvability factors and available resources to determine facts to support probable cause to arrest and not to rush to judgment on potentially arresting an innocent person.


Joseph J. DeCarlo

Chief of Police