Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cable TV competition

Finally-- we have 2 cable TV companies in the town. The Greenburgh Town Board approved a franchise agreement with Verizon last night. Cablevision will continue to provide service to Greenburgh residents.
This has been a dream of mine for years-- in fact, when I had a full head of hair (in the 1980s) I wrote to every cable TV company in the United States asking them to come to Greenburgh and compete. No luck!
We almost got lucky in the early 1990s when Liberty Cable (a NYC company) responded to our request and expressed a desire to offer competition. They even took a page one ad out on the bottom of the NY Times offering service in Greenburgh.
But, they backed out.
Now, we have the real thing. Hopefully--Verizon will help all of us. Our prices could go down and service could go up.
We've been fighting for competition for a long time.


Linda said...

what wonderful news...when we actually be able to get information on it? Switch over? Haven't seen any advertising on it.