Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How long should it take to get a meeting?

How long should it take to get a meeting with the Town Board?
Yesterday over 40 people from the Valhalla School district stopped by at a Town Board work session. They have been trying, without success, to schedule a meeting with the Town Board since July. Because of a backlog of work - no meeting was ever scheduled with the residents so they walked into the meeting --demanding to be heard. The Board listened to a representative and scheduled a meeting next Tuesday.
Others have expressed similar concerns. My philosophy is that those of us in government should meet with everyone -anytime they want. When I asked for a meeting with Senator Clinton in DC - I got the meeting, without a fuss.
The rules of the Town Board require 3 members of the Board to agree to scheduling an item on a work session agenda. I think it's time for the rules to be amended---think that a portion of every work session meeting should be designated for citizens who want to appear before us, without an appointment.