Friday, March 23, 2007


I am releasing my proposed capital budget for 2007 today.Among the highlights of the $5,548,000 budget is a $103,500 requested appropriation to upgrade the GIS system (Geographical Information System). The town wants to be on the cutting edge of technology. This new system will enable the town and village residents to have the ability to share data significantly reducing the dupliation of town and village services and enhance the functionality of digital communications between all departments within the town and villages. Example: the assessment dept currently obtains the information via hard copy. The Assessor's office inputs the information from the village permits into a spreadsheet as does the villages when issuance of a building permit. Currently, there is no connection of information between town departments: the police need information from the Public Works dept and was unable to get the information digitally. Therefore, it had to be recreated. Other advantages: As the assessor assesses property it's imperative that ownership information be consistent between the villages and the town. This will enable that to occur. Most important this will expand the connection the town and villages with regard to emergency services. Example: mutual assistance, ambulance, fire and police.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea, but please outline specifically why it's $103,500. An undergrad intern could easily do the work involved for free (three college credits), so how much does the necessary software and hardware cost?

Jim Lasser said...

Anonymous has asked a good question - there are several followup questions which should be answered before this item goes into the capital budget. Salaries are NEVER capital expenses. So, can we presume the full amount represents hardware and software? What is the breakdown? What is the expected life of the hardware? Does the software have annual updates or is it a one-time purchase? Being more business-like about the Town's finances shouldn't be difficult - but to be business-like requires adopting a realistic attitude towards the growth and development of Greenburgh. Why not start the process with this year's Capital Budget?

Anonymous said...

awaiting a response from the supervisor here ... "outline specifically why it's $103,500."