Friday, March 02, 2007


I am holding planning to hold a meeting on March 22nd at 3 PM at Greenburgh Town Hall to develop a plan of action re: flood control initiatives. I will invite federal, state, county representatives to the meeting.
We've had some successes in the past. A few years ago we obtained a federal grant to uplift some homes on Babbitt Court and place them on stilts. Early on in my career I worked with former US Congressman Ben Gilman on a flood control initiative in downtown Ardsley. The US Army Corp of Engineers funded the initiative.
If you experienced flooding during todays storm please e mail me at
Any flood control initiative will require federal, state and local cooperation. Among neighborhoods that experienced flooding today were Central Ave and neighborhoods around the Bronx River corridor.


Anonymous said...

and the Saw Mill River Parkway at a few spots in Greenburgh, especially near Hastings-on-Hudson

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see the DPW clean out some catch basins on Central Ave. This should be done in all the areas,throughout the town.It would help with the constant flooding,in the area.Again thank you.