Thursday, March 22, 2007


Residents of East Hartsdale Ave have a parking problem. A group of dedicated volunteers have formed a committee and have a great web site: They're working to come up with recommendations as to how we can address this problem.
My suggestion: The town should retain the services of a professional parking/traffic consultant who can help us analyze the problem and come up with recommendations/options.
East Hartdale Ave is getting younger. More young families, with more than one car, are moving here. The parking problem will get worst, not better - unless we address this concern.


Anonymous said...

It would be a shame to waste money on a consultant. I'd check around with other villages and hamlets first to see their strategies.

Is there somewhere around there to simply construct a residents-only parking lot or garage? (Clearly I have no clue about the situation or the area. I learned years ago to completely avoid East Hartsdale Avenue because of all the traffic.)

Perhaps something like this could be included in the comprehensive economic development study of Central Park Avenue, rather than a separate study and consultant.

Also - stream of consciousness, sorry . There's a lot of vacant land on Central Park Avenue that could be used for train commuters to park at a discounted price and take one of the shuttle busses to the station. This would open up more spaces in that garage for shoppers and residents.

Anonymous said...

one problem is that several of the apartment buildings have no built in parking

Anonymous said...

1. The traffic on East Harstdale (and West Harsdale also, the eastern end of it) is related to Central Avenue. The traffic to the light backs up for quite a distance the westbound traffic on Hartsdale Ave. The traffic situation must be considered in conjuntion with Central Ave.

2. I find it highly doubtful that any train commuters are going to want to park on central, and take a shuttle, even with a discount. Maybe the people who doent live in Gburgh and cant get parking.

3. Which train commuters are you talking about. The garage next to the tracks doesnt even allow night parking. Have we investigated whether night permits can be sold for that garage? White Plains does this and it seems to work.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you hire Sheehan, he is running everything else in the Town!