Friday, April 27, 2007


THe town will hold a free Green Living Fair on Saturday April 28 from 10 am to 2 pm at Greenburgh Town Hall. The purpose of the Green Living Fair is to provide the public with information on saving energy at home and in transportation, renewable energy, green building, sustainable food and other choices for sustainable living that will help reduce global warming and preserve a livable plant. For info contact Energy Conservation coordinator Nikki Coddington at 993-1649.


TREK2 said...

is a great initiative. However, in this entire greening of America, no one speaks of walking and bicycling. Where I live there is a supermarket 200 yards from my home. Neighbors would drive 200 yards to even pick up an 8 ounce can of food. I had some friends visiting from the UK recently, both husband and wife bicycle to work 30 minutes each way every day.

The other afternoon, I saw 25 buses carrying school kids home from the Greenbugh High School.

I do realize that infrastructure does not exist to make changes even in the near term. But at least, there should be some dreams. People are overweight for not moving enough, and commuting to school and work other than by automobile will not only solve an energy and pollution problem but a health problem as well. Furthermore, we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil if the people of the USA take some action in addition to the research into alternative forms of energy (biofuels, solar, etc)using alternative forms of transport to 'move from point A to B will have a direct impact to consume less fuel and bring our soldiers back home at a earlier date.