Tuesday, April 24, 2007


President Bush signed a disaster declaration which will enable federal financial assistance to be given to businesses and homeowners that suffered losses as a result of the recent flood! This is great news. Senator Clinton's office called me within the past hour advising me of this. I will keep residents/businesses informed of the steps that need to be taken to qualify for financial help.


Feiner too expensive said...

I wonder if the declaration was based on the fact that we have two disasters in Greenburgh, the closed stores on east hartsdale and paul feiner. If not, it should be amnended. Feiner's management style of government by press release is now being seen for what it is - a dangerous farce as evidenced by his "the storm drains are being cleaned" missive before the flood. As the merchants of east hartsdale are finding out - and even Hal Samis appears to be realizing, we cannot afford Feiner. He is corrupt, lazy and divisive. Hey paul- you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Feiner is a disaster said...

Feiner's record indicates a serious attention deficit disorder. He scuttles from one issue to the next. He buys 100s of acres of property and doesnt budget to maintain them. Long term infrastructure projects dont interest him. Watch out east hartsdale merchants, Feiner will tire of your plight soon especially as he tries for another two years in office and moves into full campaign mode. The above blogger is right - Greenburgh under Feiner is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like Sheehan worshipers.Up to now Feiner has done a great job,Sheehan gets elected by stating many lies and all is changed.right now the worshipers are a chosen few.Many have realized the mistakes that they made in voting for SHEEHAN.Chief Sheehan has some department heads working against Feiner,as he does with the rest of the board. He's the real disaster.

hal samis said...

So how does the enlightened Town Council strive to be better than "management by press release"?
By sending their own press releases.

Do Greenburgh residents really need His and Her emails?

If the only "Deliverance" for taxpayers is "Dueling Emails" then it is no wonder that residents are feeling strung out.

Meanwhile, even though "there are lilac trees in no other part of town while there are no sidewalks either, didn't the rain that came fall places nowhere near the train"?

We don't need a Town Council to trail behind the Supervisor. If Feiner goes East, then the Town Council had the entire West to themselves. And they did nothing on their own. So perhaps Mr. Kaminer could alert his employers that the rain fell and caused flooding and damage in other parts of Greenburgh.

You can't be leaders if you're just playing the role of a follower.

There's enough turf to go around for the Town Council and even enough left over for the two Supervisor candidates who have elected to remain silent throughout the storm's aftermath. A silence that invites a similar response from voters when it comes to casting a ballot.

Anonymous said...

The name calling that goes on by Feiner haters is disgraceful. Don't you guys have a life?

Anonymous said...

I think the "His and Her emails" was a really good line.

I loved that!

Anonymous said...

I am often entertained by this blog with the pointing out of Greenburgh's flaws. With this topic, though, I just think it's inappropriate.