Friday, April 20, 2007


Representatives of the state will provide Town Board members with a briefing on Tappan Zee bridge options at our meeting this coming Wednesday at7:00 PM at Greenburgh Town Hall. The state is reviewing options that could lead to a new bridge. We welcome your input and suggestions.


hal samis said...

Please let them be brief. There are current Greenburgh matters on the Agenda and the last time they appeared it took an hour.

Anonymous said...

A special meeting should have been called to speak on the bridge matters. This should not take place at a regular town meeting,since there are too many questions to be answered .

Anonymous said...

The Town Board should be kept informed. The decision that is made will impact thousands of residents.

hal samis said...

Of course the Town Board should be kept informed.
Surprise, the Town Board learns lots of thinks when they are not hold Town Board meetings.
And I agree that they should be at the Town Board meeting.

But I repeat that their "report" should be brief. Perhaps modeled after that of Al Regula when "reporting" on the Library progress. That has "impact on thousands of residents" too.

The Town Board should be consistent with how they treat matters -- in both time allotted and in allowing participation by the public.

I maintain that they have already established the rules.

Anonymous said...

yes, just a simple report please ... the bridge isn't as immediate of a concern as are at least a dozen other issues at hand that currently affect greenburgh

(plus, it's not like greenburgh is going to have any significant impact on the bridge plan anyway ... give us a report and perhaps we'll make some suggestions, but this is a matter that towns and villages will have little control over)

i'd like town meetings to deal more with things like sidewalk policy, snow shoveling policy, leaf pickup operations, roadway maintenance operations (including sewage grates), economic development/marketing plans, zoning, etc ... things that actually can be remedied that have an everyday impact on the quality of town life

Anonymous said...

yes, the town board and the town community should be kept informed ... so they should write up a memo and/or call a separate meeting ... this is not appropriate for a board meeting with so many other agenda items