Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I was very pleased to learn that Sidney Freund has been appointed Interim School Superintendent of the Greenburgh (Central 7) School district. He will serve until June 30th and replaces Josephine Moffett.
I have worked with Sidney Freund and have been impressed with his hard work, dedication to quality education, responsiveness and accessibility. If anyone can turn around the school districts reputation it's him. Excellent choice!


Anonymous said...


Please hope that the C7 BOE will treat the interim Superintendent with the appropriate level of respect.

Anonymous said...

Who is he? From within Greenburgh Central, I assume?

Anonymous said...

the school district is known as greenburgh central - not central 7 - details are not feiner's strong suit

Anonymous said...

The official name of the school district is Greenburgh Central School District No. 7 but many people refer to it as "Central 7".

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feiner the new interim superintendent for Greenburgh Central School District No. 7 is Dr. Sidney Freund. Please give him the honor he has earned and deserves.

Anonymous said...

I care less about whether it is central 7 or Greenburgh Central.

What I care about is raising the quality of the schools -- not their reputation. I cant tell if Feiner only cares about reputation, or is not willing to concede there are real issues with the school.

Anonymous said...

Whether a person has a title of doctor or mister what difference does it make,so long as our children get the best education money can buy. We thank him for taking this position,and we know that he will do a great job,in educating our children.

Anonymous said...

Another rich white guy (from Edgenot) telling us what's wrong with our kids is not going to make a difference. What's the matter - could couldn't find a qualified non-white?

Anonymous said...

No, 8:25, its legal name is "Greenburgh Central School District." The 7 was legally removed.

Anyway, I hope this guy is tough. What's his experience/background?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:51

Is Central 7 an employment agency for non-whites? Is that your message? THIS IS WHY YOU WILL SEE MORE AND MORE BUDGETS VOTED DOWN. YOU MAY EVEN SEE PEOPLE RUN FOR THE BOE ON COST CUTTING PLATFORMS. And why -- becuase if all you care about is employing minorities, and not about educating all our children, even the whites, you dont deserve teh communities support.

Board Member Terry Williams said...

Speaking for myself (though I am confident the entire board shares my sentiment) I disavow the racist and cowardly (because you choose anonymnity) statements of both bloggers: 9:51 AM and 1:32 PM.

Anonymous said...

9;51 and 1;32 youre the reason that the school system is failing.Instead of being good role models for the children you are showing them the worse things that many of us try to avoid. Racism does not produce educated children. In todays world we should all work together for the betterment of the children. Change you attitude,you lived your life let the children get educated and live a productive life.Books have two colors white and black.

Anonymous said...

Dear Board member Terry Williams-

Please refrain from kicking garbage cans in front of the new Superintendent.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Who is the guy?

Anonymous said...

you can talk about racism until your blue in the face but if you look at our community its very diverse, but if you look at Central 7 its not. Why? because our leaders should have to send there children to Central 7. You are leaders because you lead, not run away to other school districts.

Anonymous said...

Give Feiner credit. He is being very clever/coy in his word choice. By hoping for the improvement of the "reputation" of GC, he avoids impugning the BOE and GC staff over the quality of the school. At the same time, he flatters parent/voters of GC students by implying that the "reputation" is not deserved. He is a politician after all.

Anonymous said...

"Another rich white guy (from Edgenot) telling us what's wrong with our kids is not going to make a difference."

You're right. That's because the job of parenting is non-existent in the home. Stop blaming the BOE for everything and start blaming yourselves. Parents can make the difference. It's just easier to place blame than actually be an active participant in your childrens education.

Anonymous said...

Does he have any experience?

Anonymous said...

One thing is apparent if you live in Greenburgh you should be able to send your children to any public school in greenburgh(Dobbs,ardley,edgemont, where ever) and your school taxes should be based on which one you so choose. Lets stop dividing Greenburgh and come together.

Anonymous said...

"send your children to any public school in greenburgh"

Based on Federal and State laws, the only Greenburgh students who *might* qualify are those who attend Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow Middle School:

Children who are in failing schools are at risk of falling farther and farther behind in learning. The NCLB law gives you a new choice. If your child’s school is a Title I school identified as in need of improvement, you can ask that your child be transferred to a higher performing public school in the same district. This option is called public school choice. (And if there's no other school in the district, then sometimes out-of-district can be considered.)

(Note regarding below: ELA = Reading and Writing)

Elementary-Middle-Secondary English Language Arts (and some individual Mt. Vernon schools for Math)

Elementary-Middle-Secondary Mathematics (and some individual Yonkers schools for English Language Arts)

ALL OF WESTCHESTER'S SPECIAL ED DISTRICTS (a couple of exceptions for individual schools and subjects)



Math and ELA

ELA and Math




In Good Standing

Greenburgh Central (no longer legally named with the number 7) comes nowhere close to being categorized as a failing school. Sure, it's not Edgemont quality, but student achievement in Greenburgh Central is not low.

Source: NYS DOE, Accountability Status Reports, 2006-07 School Year

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh Central has pressing matters to handle, and I hope that the new superintendent is experienced with remedying such an ongoing exodus. Instructional quality at GC is fine, but discipline and marketing need significant improvements.

School Systems Serving Greenburgh ~ Enrollment Changes Since 2003:

Valhalla +5.4
Edgemont +4.4%
Pocantico Hills +2.5%
Elmsford +2.1%
Dobbs Ferry +1.2%
Tarrytown +0.9%
Irvington -0.4%
Ardsley -0.9%
Hastings -2.3%
Greenburgh -8.7%

(Source: NYS DOE)

It's sad that so many families in this district feel increasingly compelled to enroll their children in expensive private schools or pay full tuition for certain public school systems that have extra spaces available.

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh should consider a tax rebate if you choose to send your child to another school

Anonymous said...


Its not all about the numbers. I have asked students who have attended this school and they tell me "I wouldn't send my kids there" or they didn't like the students there. I have not gotten one positive response.
If you look at other schools they have pride in there schools. Something is askew. I hope the new sup. can address this problem.

Anonymous said...

WE should close all Greenburgh Central Schools and send all students to the school of their choice for up to $15,000. We would save a bundle of cash. GCS spends at least $22,000 for each student. We could save $7,000 a student

Anonymous said...

"Its not all about the numbers."
Very true. Though -8.7% enrollment over three years is certainly something important to consider.