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Many residents of Edgemont, especially those with pre-school age children, have complained to me about the lack of playgrounds for pre-school age kids. There are two playgrounds in the elementary schools that the town built a number of years ago. But, the playgrounds are not accessible to parents and pre-school children during the day time.
I am looking for a location to build a pre-school age playground that could be used by parents during daytime hours when school is in session. I have reached out to the school district and others.
This could be a major quality of life enhancement.


feiner proposal is non-starter said...

Feiner is creating false expectations with blog posts like this.

First of all, let's be clear -- Feiner is NOT proposing to spend any town money to acquire any property to build any pre-school playgrounds in Edgemont.

To the contrary, Feiner wrote the school district and neighborhood civic association presidents that he thought Edgemont itself should pay for any pre-school playground.

That was his brilliant idea -- telling Edgemont how to spend its money.

Put another way, even though the town already has two underutilized fitness centers paid for by unincorporated area taxpayers, he wants unincorporated area taxpayers to subsidize Greenburgh Central's fitness center at Woodlands High School because voters there twice rejected their school budget.

But as far as Edgemont is concerned, where there happens to be a real need for a pre-school playground, Feiner thinks Edgemont's school district has plenty of money and should fork over the dough.

Recreation, however, is a town responsibility, which is something Feiner conveniently forgets when it comes to Edgemont.

The town has had ample opportunity over the years to purchase open space in Edgemont that could be used for a playground. Even though voters in the unincorporated area created a fund between 1997 and 2003 to be used for that purpose, not one dime of all the money raised was ever used to purchase space in Edgemont. It went to Taxter Ridge.

Tax dollars were also not used for playgrounds that were built at the elementary schools in Edgemont. Those funds came from builders' funds that had been set aside for recreational purposes whenever new homes in Edgemont were being built.

Earlier this year, a two-acre parcel of land near the Nature Center was thought to be available. Feiner tried to get publicity for himself by suggesting that the town should buy the property "for the Nature Center" -- but never followed through.

That two-acre site would have been a good location for a pre-school playground, but there are plenty of others.

However, don't expect Feiner to support using town tax dollars to improve recreational opportunities in Edgemont. He hasn't done it in sixteen years.

Like anything Edgemont needs to protect its children, whether it's sidewalks near our schools, shoveling the snow off Ardsley Road's sidewalk in the winter, or acquiring more playgrounds for Edgemont kids, Feiner's attitude is simple: you want it, pay for it yourself.

Jim Lasser said...

Also, the Town did not pay for the playgrounds at the elementary schools - they were built many years ago with escrow funds - that is, funds paid by developers in lieu of the developer providing green space.
The playgrounds are being refurbished with private funds - from the Edgemont School Foundation, the PTA/PTSA and Edgemont Rec.
The Town has NEVER contributed a penny.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Feiner heard that Edgemont residents, through the Edgemont School Foundation, are donating tens of thousands of dollars this year to refurbish the elementary school playgrounds because they knew they could never count on the town to do it.

Maybe he figures they'll kick in a few more bucks for a pre-school playground while they're at it.

But will the town assume any responsibility for paying for any of this?

For Edgemont's kids?

Never. Not on Feiner's watch.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean for "edgemont" to have its own playground? If this is intended to be a playground reserved for residents of the Edgemone SD (a sort of Scarsdale pool environment), then let the SD and the wealthy Edgemont residents fund it. If, on the otherhand, there is a demand for a playground south of Hartsdale Ave and East of the Sprain and West of the BR Parkway, that will be open to all Greenburgh residents, then good. That is a wonderful use of our resources and I applaud it. However, I caution Egdemont's residents to be careful what they wish for b/c, unlike in Scarsdale's playgrounds, they won't be able to post those "residents only" signs to keep out the "other."

Anonymous said...

There's no need to worry about the concern raised by Anon at 12:29 because Feiner's not proposing to use any town funds to pay for any playgrounds in Edgemont. He never has and presumably never will.

On other hand, he'd very much like Edgemont to continue to fund all other town parks and recreational services, and if it also means having Edgemont subsidize Greenburgh Central when its budget fails to get voter approval, he's all in favor of that too.

Anonymous said...

The above posts are not true. I suggested that the town build a pre-school playground in Edgemont, using town (NOT SCHOOL) resources---just like we did when we built the playgrounds years ago.
Many Edgemont parents have contacted me requesting a pre-k playground area that could be used during school hours.
Parents have no place in Edgemont to bring their children during school hours. That's why there is such a demand for this idea.
I would be pleased to recommend this enhancement at other locations throughout the town.

Paul Feiner said...

The above post was from paul feiner--I indicated that the pre k playground should be paid for by the town

Anonymous said...

Having a pre K playground is a good idea. Edgemont families have to go all the way to Scarsdale. Some nannies don't drive.

Anonymous said...

Feiner's proposal NEVER said or, to use Feiner's word, "indicated" that a pre-K playground in Edgemont "should be paid for by the town."

To the contrary, he merely passed along the suggestion of a pre-K playground as something he thought the Edgemont school district should consider, and he asked neighborhood civic association presidents to lobby the school district for that too.

Now that he's gotten hammered for telling Edgemont how to spend its money on a matter that the town should be paying for, he's accusing his critics of lying. Typical Feiner.

Perhaps residents should be reminded that Feiner has had the opportunity for the past sixteen years to propose a pre-K playground for Edgemont kids to use, but he's never once proposed using any money in the town budget for that purpose and, thanks to Feiner, the town's open space funds, 22% of which came directly from Edgemont taxpayers and which could have been used to acquire land in Edgemont for a pre-K playground, were never used to acquire any land in Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

There's a playground at the Greenville school which if not for the people outside the community using it no one would be enjoying it.Is this another ploy to purchase another park area,to keep Greenburgh green.

Anonymous said...

Why dont the Greenburgh police enforce resident restrictions on parks, whether in Hartsdale or Edgemont?

Anonymous said...

Feiner now says he wants to use "town funds" to build a pre-K playground in Edgemont.

Oh really.

Land in Edgemont is approaching $1 million an acre.

So how much town money did Feiner say he was prepared to spend on that pre-K playground?

That's right. He didn't say.

It's easy to make up empty campaign promises on the fly, isn't it? Problem is, people notice.

Anonymous said...

I speak to lots of people around town. The suggestion was initiated by a young mother a few weeks ago. I immediately contacted the school district. My goal: to see if we could develop a partnership. The school would provide the land. The town --the playground. The playground would be accessible to small kids who are not enrolled in the school system and can't access existing playgrounds during school hours.
Why didn't I bring this up before? No one had mentioned this to me. Anonymous may not have small kids so anonymous may not recognize that this is a concern some Edgemont residents have.

Paul Feiner said...

above was written by Paul Feiner

Anonymous said...

Oh give me a break with these "partnerships". The land is what costs. Not the playground. I dont even think legally the school district could enter into this "partnership" whereby the school gives up valuable land so that anyone in the Town can use is. This is so ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

And would anyone in the Villages go into a partnership with the Town?


Anonymous said...

Feiner's proposal is still a non-starter.

I've lived in Edgemont since 1991; I have two kids in the Edgemont schools, both of whom were born in Edgemont, one in 1992 and the other in 1998.

My wife and I are well aware of the fact that there are no playgrounds in Edgemont for pre-K kids.

We learned quickly from other Edgemont parents that one had to schlepp the kids to Scarsdale to find such playgrounds -- and that's still true today.

That's because Greenburgh offers Edgemont parents of pre-K kids nothing as far as conveniently located playgrounds are concerned.

So now Feiner wants to remedy that not by using our tax dollars to finance a playground like he's done in other parts of Greenburgh.

Oh no. He's decided the Edgemont School District should donate school property for that purpose and, because he's a sport, he'll throw in the playground equipment for free and call it a "partnership."

Now I see why people in Edgemont find it so impossible to deal with Feiner.

Scarsdale's village government bought and equipped those playgrounds for pre-K kids to use. These playgrounds are located in residential neighborhoods. They are not located on school property.

Greenburgh offers pre-K playgrounds off of school property in other parts of Greenburgh. Why not Edgemont?

Locating pre-K playgrounds on school property would make no sense for the same reasons that pre-K kids can't use existing school playgrounds when school's in session.

Two years ago, Feiner's Edgemont campaign manager fought unsuccessfully to defeat Edgemont's school budget, and now, two years later, Feiner's telling the school district to give away some school property to form a partnership with the town.

How ironic and insulting is that.

Anonymous said...

Wondering - Is there any vacant space owned by the town (not the school district) in the Edgemont area? If so, then this could be a great idea. If the town can allocate the space and commit to ongoing maintenance, I'd bet that the ECC and/or some Edgemont area businesses would gladly contribute playground equipment.

Anonymous said...

The only town owned land I knew about was adjacent to Yonkers homes, so the town sold it to the Yonkers homeowners for a pittance, but cost the Edggemont school district.

Anonymous said...

By the way Edgemont there's vacant land where Mikey had his frankfurter stand, Maybe the residents could buy it.

Anonymous said...

Unless I am mistaken, this land is on Jackson Ave., hardley centrally located. In fact, many Edgemont residents are closer to Scaradale.

Paul Feiner said...

Another alternative: place a pre-k playground at the Greenburgh Nature Center. I have already contacted the Nature Center and made the suggestion. I believe that the town should contribute the funds for the playground, just like we did at the 2 elementary schools in Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Nature Center would be an ideal location! There's plenty of space for a playground, it's a nice environment, and doing so might increase visits to the Nature Center itself. Good thinking!

Anonymous said...

Good idea! Place it at the GREENBURGH nature center. How about Edgemont start to realize that there is just nowhere to go to maintain their little community and incorporate Hartsdale into its school district?

*shudders at the very thought*

Anonymous said...


How funny. Have you considered referring these people to Presser Park? Certainly there is state of the art playground equipment there. Right in Edgemont's own backyard! Perfect.

Wait! Why would any respectful family from Edgemont use Presser Park? You wouldn't even think to suggest it. Why?


You make me laugh.

You fool no one.

Anonymous said...

*sings merrily*

We love you Edgemont...Oh yes we doooooo!

Your kids can't find a swing
damn life is cruel

Hurry and succeed from us
To save your schoooools.

Oh Edgemont, we love you!

Anonymous said...

the nature center is an ideal location. Kids can play and then take advantage of the wonderful resources that the nature center offers (including the live animals).

another feiner non-starter said...

Feiner has come up with yet another half-baked idea, creating even more false expectations for Edgemont residents.

Now he says he'd like to see a pre-K playground on the grounds of the Greenburgh Nature Center.

The only problem with that idea is that it's against the law.

The 33 acres of land that make up the Greenburgh Nature Center were acquired in part by a federal grant.

As a condition of that federal grant, the land was to be used solely for "passive recreation." That means the town may not allow the public to use the property for any purpose other than to enjoy its natural surroundings.

Passive recreation means, among other things, NO PLAYGROUNDS.

Had Feiner consulted with anyone from the Greenburgh Nature Center, before pressing the send button on this latest idea of his last night at 11:15, he would have been told that the town is not permitted to build a playground on nature center property.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:53

Please give it up. Hartsdale is not leaving G7. Both Edgemont and G7 would have to approve it. Even if Edgemont were to approve it (which would not happen), G7 would not. Then the state would have to approve it. They would not.

The real problem here is that Feiner has done a terrible job at negotating acquisition of so called park land which is unusable.

Anonymous said...

Someone should get in touch with the dept. that issues these fereral grants if a playground can be built on this land. we cannot say yes or no until we ask them the question.There is nothing in this world that cannot be changed if the right people are reached. First of all why does the nature center need 33 acres of land ,and still seeks funds to defray some of their costs.

Edgemont Ethan said...

Dear Superisor Feiner -
You should know that putting a playground on school property for use during the school day is a non-starter for several important reasons.
First - A public park is exactly that, a PUBLIC park. Anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a child with them is entitled to access a public park. How do you propose the school district provide appropriate security from pedophiles and terrorists? Consider how many Town Halls have been held hostage by terrorists versus the number of schools held hostage. Schools have been the target far more often than dinky suburban town halls. As for the pedophiles - there still isn't a facility for children at Town Hall because you found out that you couldn't restrict access. If Town Hall with a permanent security detail can't protect children on its premises, why do you want to burden GPD with trying to protect an open park?
Second - State Education law requires that, during the school day, the school campus is reserved solely for the use of its students and faculty. Again, in the context of security, this makes common sense even if it were not the law.
Third - the playgrounds at Seely and Greenville, built by the community with escrow money and about to be refurbished with private gifts, are open to anyone and will remain so. Because they are on school grounds they are not available during school hours - but after school and on weekends they are used and enjoyed by a diverse group - and the ovewhelming majority of Edgemonters are delighted to share them. Unlike your Tarrytown campaign manager who fought to keep White Plains "white" and who now would prefer that no one "tarry" in his town, we welcome everyone.
Why not settle the Dromore Road controversy by using Town issued bonds to purchase the property (just like Taxter Ridge!) and turn it into an accessible playground?
Put your brain in gear before opening your politically motivated mouth.

Anonymous said...

"Why dont the Greenburgh police enforce resident restrictions on parks, whether in Hartsdale or Edgemont?"

Good question. Since there isn't a town playground in Edgemont there is nothing to enforce there. If there were one, I'm confident that there would be enforcement.

However, Webb Field (Presser Park)will continue to be invaded by non-residents using the field against Town rules and there will be no attempt to enforce its restricted use.

Anonymous said...

The only town park where residential restrictions are enforced is Veteran Park.

The town has never enforced residency restrictions on any of its other parks because even though paid for by unincorporated area residents only, the town treats them as public parks, open to everyone, and because it would be too costly to enforce any kind of residency restriction of the kind that exist in certain of the village parks, like for example, in Dobbs Ferry.

Thus, Edgemont residents are not permitted to use certain parks in Dobbs Ferry, because Dobbs Ferry won't allow non-residents in, but Dobbs Ferry residents are certainly free to enjoy Crane Pond and the Greenburgh Nature Center in Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it would be too costly to enforce town residents only to our parks but the bigger issues with Presser Park is in not who, but how the park is being used.

The park is being destroyed as it is being used as a sporting field. This goes against its restricted use and it will result in very costly repairs and maintenance. Town residents will foot the bill for this.

Or will continue to be transformed into a pile of dirt, no longer green, holes dug into it, painted white with hundreds of non-residents using it daily.

My taxes are high enough. I do not want to pay more to restore a field that needs repair because its restricted use is not enforced.

In the past residents have been asked to refrain from hitting a golf ball at the field as the town restricts do so. Why now, would non-residents be able to do anything they wish at the field? This makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

The reason Edgemont residents want a playground for tot's is not he true reason,It finally comes to light what their reasoning is. Dromore rd.they have said right along that they do not want more housing in their area,They are not interested in the children their sole interest is and will be no more development.What a bunch of creeps.Finally one can see how they try to get what they want whatever way they can.

Green Burgher said...

In case you haven't yet figured it oiut, Greenburgh does vikrtually no maintenance on anything it owns.
Mr. Feiner believes in ehancing the quality of life, but never seems to understand there is a cost involved.
So Central Avenue goes unswept, the oild Town Hall became a toxic waste site and Presser Park becomes a debris field. So what? It would cost money to maintain it and Mr. Feiner is more concerned with keeping taxes down. No matter our children and grandchildren will have to spend huge amounts of money to repair the neglect - Feiner won't be running for re-election and the sucker who is will have to take the heat.

Anonymous said...


Edgemont is not a Village!! Repeat!
Edgemont is not a Village!!

Why on earth would anyone be discussing any park, to serve any one particular neighborhood, within short distance to an available park with in their TOWN.

Well hell then! Why not put a park in Poet's Corner? Fairview? Mayfair?

Anon 3:23 writes: "We learned quickly from other Edgemont parents that one had to schlepp the kids to Scarsdale to find such playgrounds -- and that's still true today."

You need to venture out of Edgemont more often and actually go to a Greenburgh park.....if you dare.

Anonymous said...

To anony 1:21:
Feiner is interested in keeping taxes down? ahem, ahem, Then why has the total local tax bill on my Hartsdale house gone up about 40% since i signed a contract to purchase my house in March 2003? For me this is the main issue and why I believe all New York state officials from the governor (check) to the Spanos (one down, one to go) to my Greenburgh rep's need to be held accountable. The reason my family and all our peers with kids, who have moved into Greenburgh over last half decade, chose this town was obviously not for the schools but for the relatively low taxes for the area, making private/parochial schools attractive with a reasonable commute to the city. Now, that this basic premise of living here has been eroded, I know a lot of young families disgruntled about the state of affairs. The failure of the Greenburgh Central budget to pass twice is the first manifestation of this discontent.

Anonymous said...

So why not build a usable park at Harts Woods? I am sick and tired of Feiner spending megabucks for park land that is unusable. Feiner said that Taxter Ridge would be the Central Park of Westchester. Well the last time I checked, Central Park has ball fields, a pond with boating, an ice rink - you get my point. Feiner is so out of touch. He cant implement.

Anonymous said...

After reading all of the comments - I am left wishing Jack Webb could enter the fray with his "just the facts" line and provide a cogent outline of the facts sans vitriol, opinion and the proverbial axes to grind. Blogs seem to be a good place for people to vent, however they are not the best way to reach attainable solutions via facts, reason, and cooperation.

Anonymous said...

All the park land should be sold to developers,this way our taxes will be lessened.We purchased all of this greenery to keep developers out,now what do you do with it. We cannot afford all these parcels.The reason why all this land was bought was to appease some of the residents,who insisted and wanted the land,whether it would be productive,or not.If the land bought in some revenue I would think about it,but it's doing nothing now and it will do nothing next year and there after.Now one area is looking for a playground .I can't understand why. Most of the homes have there own play things in their back yards,Children have play dates,and some go to nursery schools.They want more greenery taken away from developers,If someone buys land to build homes who are these people to go before the boards to put forth their comments of no moe housing in this area,but if they want a playground they will go to all lengths to get it,even if in the long run no one uses it.The nature center is the perfect spot for this .there is plenty of land that could make a nice playground.Leave the developers alone they spent th.e money let them build ,Dromore rd is not for sale.and Harts park is too far ,

john malone said...

Did anyone look into putting a playground at Cotswold Park next to Ardsley Rd? I'm not sure if it's aloud there, but it might. Parking could be a problem , because there is only street parking, so you might have to walk.

Anonymous said...

Heah, I am all for selling Harts. Lets be realistic, any homes or condos built there are not going to result in a significant increase in the school population. More likely, something like HIgh Point, catering to older people in luxury. If state or county money was used, lets see if we can pay back there share. Bet we'ld still make a lot of money. Then we can use that to turn Taxter Ridge into a real park. Or vice versa. But my point, sell one, improve the other.

Anonymous said...

Cotswold Park is not owned by the Town, it is only managed by the Town. It is owned by the Cotswold Park district (or something like that). I think the Park District likes it the way it is.

Anonymous said...

The town portion of your taxes have not gone up in two years. There have been two zero percent increases.

Anonymous said...

Someone above made a comment about maintenance, and that's an important point. I don't use the parks, but generally speaking, Greenburgh is looking pretty dumpy - roadways especially - more so in the past few years. I'm not sure if the other town parks are maintained well, but I have a feeling that a new town park would not be kept up well by the town.

Still, it would be nice to have a toddlers' playground in southern unincorporated Greenburgh. And assuming that the passive recreation restriction for the Nature Center is valid (sounds logical), then I just can't think of any location in the southern section of unincorporated Greenburgh. (Though who owns that large, fenced-off parcel of land on Central Park Avenue southbound - I forget the cross-street name - near the Edgemont-Hartsdale line?)

Anonymous said...

It might be time for Edgemont to give up on Greenburgh completely and continue to rely on Scarsdale. The teachers work together (Scarsdale Teachers Institute) and the teen programming is done together (Scarsdale Teen Center). Perhaps an Edgemont-Scarsdale toddlers' park could be developed on the other side of the parkway.

Has anyone asked Scarsdale if they would accept Edgemont as a village or as an unincorporated area? I think it might be beneficial for all involved.


Scarsdale Teen Center opens more activities to Edgemont youths

(Original Publication: July 8, 2007)

Teens in Edgemont like Dylan F. Pyne no longer have to go from one friend's home to another in search of fun in the small hamlet in southern Greenburgh.

The Scarsdale Teen Center in their neighboring town has become a hangout spot for many since it opened its doors to Edgemont youths in the fall.

"'There's not much to do' is the common complaint in suburban areas," said Pyne, a rising senior at Edgemont Junior/Senior High School, who said he liked the center's programs. "It's a place to make new friends and stay out of trouble."

Westchester County has awarded the center a $35,000 grant to help it better serve teens from the Edgemont school district.

"We are very excited about the grant. We are looking forward to enhancing the program," said Jessica Edelman, executive director of the center, at 862 Scarsdale Avenue. "It will enrich the environment with the two communities."

Edelman said the money will be used to develop more activities. Popular programs there now include Band Night, when local teen musical groups perform, and Late Night Food, when youths gather around 9 p.m. to relax and snack on pizza and chicken wings.

Past offerings have included an ACT/SAT preparation course, resume writing workshop, health lecture with a nutritionist and postgraduate career counseling. Teens also participate in such recreational activities as video game tournaments, pool matches and movie screenings.

The teen center, which is closed for renovation, will reopen this month and operate during the week and weekends.

William J. Ryan, chairman of the county Board of Legislators, said officials and residents had brought the issue to his attention.

"They lacked this type of youth service opportunity in this part of Greenburgh," Ryan said. "The two places are really nearby, they are only separated by town lines. It made sense for a teen center to service a regional need, not just divided by a municipal boundary."

Ryan added that he hopes the community partnership will serve as a model for other communities to follow.

The Scarsdale Board of Education, the Scarsdale Board of Trustees and private donors also fund the center. In addition, Edgemont Recreation, a nonprofit recreational organization, contributed $30,000 this year and plans to give $30,000 next year.

For more information and opening hours of the center in downtown Scarsdale, visit

Anonymous said...

Any park land on Central will become a dump unless residency restrictions are enforced. Which Greenburgh wont do.

Edgemont has county to thank said...

It's important to note that Edgemont had to look to Westchester County -- not the Town of Greenburgh -- to address yet another critical municipal need that's been long ignored in Edgemont, this time the need for an alcohol and drug-free place for Edgemont's teens to hang out.

Readers of the Journal News will note that there's no mention of Feiner or even Tom Abinanti in the Journal News story today. Abinanti is the county legislator who represents the villages, Hartsdale and Edgemont.

That's because neither one of these politicos had anything to do with getting that grant. Indeed, even though the teen center in Scarsdale has been reaching out for public and private funding this year to help Edgemont teens, Feiner and Abinanti were both either oblivious or just didn't care.

It's a sad reality that when Edgemont has municipal issues that need to be addressed, its civic leaders must go outside of Greenburgh to get the help that's needed.

And who in Edgemont was responsible for getting that grant?

Hint: Bill Ryan was the guest speaker this year at the annual meeting of the Edgemont Community Council which elected Bernstein its new president this year.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:54 leaves out one important fact.

There is one Greenburgh official who did play an important role in securing that teen center grant -- and that's Steve Bass.

Bass works for the county board of legislators and met with Edgemont civic leaders about the problem.

Bass understood that there's no community program for Edgemont teens, that Edgemont teens are just as vulnerable to the temptations of alcohol and drugs as teens are everywhere else in Greenburgh, and that the chances of Greenburgh ever doing anything for Edgemont's teens was pretty remote.

It was Bass who introduced Edgemont's civic leaders to Ryan.

hal samis said...

Just want the facts, "Bass introduced Edgemont civic leaders to Ryan" and that was when? 2007?

Scarsdale Teen Center opened its doors to Edgemont teens last fall (2006) says the thoughtfully included Journal News article a few postings before.

But maybe my biggest confusion is from being a strict semanticist. Why do you go to a School Board for a Pre-School matter?

Does the Community Center run its own programs or does the School District run them? Do we not have a Parks Department?

And Edgemont Ethan (thanks for a "name") why purchase Dromore? If it become a meaningful sized park, then it becomes meaningless because there will be no room for parking. And that ignores that abutting the property are 1) the Nature Center and 2) the spacious playfields (often unused) of the Edgemont High School.

Edgemont is a School District. By hiding in sight, in the open what would otherwise be called greenspace or parkland, Edgemont has fostered the notion that they ain't got none.

Yet, if you consider all the property controlled by Edgemont schools, there is ample.
And since, Edgemont wants to encourage commercial development along Central Avenue to bring in more tax dollars, the Town would be wrong to buy any of that property for greenspace and remove those parcels from the tax rolls, Town AND School District.

Hartsbrook looks just dandy for Edgemont (of course it not within the Edgemont Village borders but still near enough) and to keep it "restricted" for their exclusive use, perhaps everyone in Greenburgh would voluntarily agree (just to shut them up) to hoof it across the street and use the County Park.

Memo to Comprehensive Plan committee:
Perhaps we could establish a new class of citizen, "Preferred". Membership is defined by pn what streets you live. Membership confers certain privileges including the vaunted GOLD Card which permits the holder exclusive access to Parks entire, certain portions of Parks, and the right to access these lands by a Private entrance, such as in use already at Danny Gold Park.

Anonymous said...

The Scarsdale Teen Center opened its doors to Edgemont students in the fall of 2006 and, in return, asked Edgemont to come up with public and private funding pick up one third of the teen center's budget.

Edgemont met the challenge.

This spring Edgemont Rec came up with $30K and, as was announced in today's Journal News, Edgemont's civic leaders persuaded Ryan to come up with another $35K.

The combined $65K represents the one-third needed for the teen center to continue to be open to Edgemont teens.

Over the long haul, though, if Edgemont wants to help its teens, Edgemont will have to find a way to come up with its own funding (in partnership with Scarsdale) because it has never been able to count on the town of Greenburgh to use any of the millions of tax dollars it collects from Edgemont each year to fund any programs for Edgemont's teens.

The same is undoubtedly true for a pre-K playground, sidewalks where needed to get kids safely to and from school, shoveling snow from sidewalks on important public thoroughfares, and any other services Edgemont needs that the town can't or won't address.

Of course, when Edgemont pays millions of dollars each each in municipal taxes and doesn't get these basic services -- but subsidizes these services in other parts of town -- the idea of Edgemont forming its own village becomes more and more attractive.

Anonymous said...

"Does the Community Center run its own programs or does the School District run them? Do we not have a Parks Department?"

Edgemont has its own "village" rec department:

"The Edgemont Recreation Corporation is an active non-profit organization that offers a variety of recreational programs for elementary through high school students in the Edgemont School District. The Edgemont Recreation Corporation co-sponsors the following programs: Youth basketball leagues, baseball leagues, soccer leagues, and softball leagues. The corporation also conducts programs for all ages including a summer day camp."

Anonymous said...

"Memo to Comprehensive Plan committee:"

Does such a committee really exist in Greenburgh? I always got the sense that Greenburgh doesn't do much planning, particularly in any long-term sense.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty strange (and dangerous) that there are no sidewalks on any of the streets leading to and from the three Edgemont schools. Do the other school areas in the town have sidewalks? Meaning, is this something that the town has neglected just in Edgemont, or neglected throughout Unincorporated Greenburgh?

Anonymous said...

" ... the idea of Edgemont forming its own village becomes more and more attractive."

It is possible to do so legally, but I was never a big fan of Edgemont becoming its own village. But I think the time has truly come to either incorporate Edgemont as a Village (with in Greenburgh or perhaps Scarsdale) or to secede from Greenburgh as a unincorporated area of the Town of Scarsdale.

There just never seems to be common ground between Southern Unincorporated Greenburgh and Central/Northern Unincorporated Greenburgh, and I can't forsee how the situations will improve in the future. There are some significant short-term financial implications, but in the big picture I now think that creating the Village of Edgemont is the only solution to benefit Unincorporated Greenburgh and Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

Edgemont will never become a village. That would force the anti-Greenburgh people to actually govern, rather than just complain. It is easy to criticize, much harder to do

Anonymous said...

The majority of residents in Edgemont are very happy to stay the way we are now, We could never afford to go it alone. We hope all this foolish talk stops at one point.The more things requested the more we have to pay. You cannot have everthing in your own neighborhood. There are playgrounds that can be used throughout greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

1. But why does unincorporated Greenburgh have to pay for parks open to the entire town?

2. I really dont see why I have to drive long distances to go to a park. After Greeenburgh has spent millions for parks, funded 22% by Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of reasons to believe a majority of Edgemont residents would support incorporating Edgemont as Greenburgh's seventh village, but the only way to know for sure is to put the matter to a vote.

The economics of incorporation were studied by EVEC, which produced a report which outlined several different ways that Edgemont might approach it.

However, the proponents of incorporation in Edgemont have said they do not wish to put the matter to a vote unless and until the legal disputes over who pays for what in Greenburgh are settled, either by the courts or by negotiation.

They favor certainty over uncertainty.

If the town and villages prevail, and the town can lawfully charge only unincorporated area taxpayers for the costs of services and facilities offered town-wide, then it would be far more cost-effective for Edgemont to become a village.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

What about their own yards!

Anonymous said...


Edgemont is a very, very special NEIGHBORHOOD with very, very special needs.

Anonymous said...

Steve Bass, Eddie Mae Barnes and Suzanne Berger should be distance their campaigns from Bob Bernstein who wants Edgemont to incorporate. The Town Board will have to rule on the validity of a petition. Bernstein wants a Board that is favorable to him. The Town Board should recognize that Bernstein has an agenda, an agenda to split the town apart.

Anonymous said...

Does the rest of Greenburgh and the town board have to bow down to them

Anonymous said...

What has Berger promised Bernstein in return for his support of her candidacy? What has Bass promised Bernstein?
Isn't there a conflict?

Anonymous said...

Elitism is the belief or attitude that those individuals who are considered members of the elite — a select group of people with outstanding personal abilities, intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes — are those whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight; whose views and/or actions are mostly likely to be constructive to society as a whole; or whose extraordinary skills, abilities or wisdom render them especially fit to govern. Alternatively, the term elitism may be used to describe a situation in which power is concentrated in the hands of the elite.

For the converse of "elitism" see "anti-elitism," "populism," and the political theory of pluralism. Elite theory is the sociological or political science analysis of elite influence in society - elite theorists regard pluralism as a utopian ideal.

Elitism may also refer to situations in which an elite individual assumes special privileges and responsibilities in the hope that this arrangement will benefit humanity.

At times, elitism is closely related to social class and what sociologists call social stratification. Members of the upper classes are sometimes, though inaccurately, known as the "social elite."

The term elitism is also sometimes misused to denote situations in which a group of people claiming to possess high abilities or simply an in-group or cadre grant themselves extra privileges at the expense of others. This debased form of elitism may be described as discrimination.

Quack, Quack said...

"Do the other school areas in the town have sidewalks? Meaning, is this something that the town has neglected just in Edgemont, or neglected throughout Unincorporated Greenburgh? "

No. There are no sidewalks on West Hartsdale Avenue (holy hell!!!)leading into the Woodlands campus. There are no sidewalks in Juniper Hill leading into Lee F. Jackson. There is no sidewalk leading into Highview. None at Maria Regina, None at Solomon Schechter.

So, instead of banding together with the town entire on this extremely important issue for ALL children in Greenburgh, Edgemont makes it their issue.

Makes you wonder.

PS would some please find their tots some see-saws?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's dangerous and so irresponsible (regarding the lack of sidewalks around schools throughout the town). I truly thought it was only around the three Edgemont schools.

How has the town been permitted to get away with neglecting this matter? I remember someone talking about sidewalk districts several months ago, which I thought was ridiculous and I still do. A municipality should build and maintain sidewalks ... period ... no drama, no whining, no special tax districts, no Edgemont vs. Hartsdale ... Just do it!

(Plus, this is the kind of thing that earns votes for candidates. Show me the candidates who get streets swept and sidewalks built ... That kind of thing (plus police) is primarily why I pay town taxes, and candidates who get things done along these lines are the ones I vote for.)

blogger hits said...

*sings wearly*

We love you Eeeeeedgemont.

Oh, yes we dooooo.

Your kids are more precious.
It must be true!

Just cause you live near us,
you're blue!

Oh, Eeeeeeedgemont we love you.

Anonymous said...

wow. I remember reading a resolution that Steve Bass authored directing the supervisor to propose a sidewalk policy. The supervisor complied over a year ago. He wrote a proposed policy. Has the Town Council adopted a policy or even proposed a policy? Here's hoping that Mr. Bass, Sheehan, Ms. Barnes and Juettner either approve the supervisors proposed sidewalk policy or come up with something better.
If they take action I'll say WOW

hal samis said...

Oy, all this news about Edgemont and Scarsdale joined together, it must make Michelle McNally k'velen.
Not to mention Robby Bernstein, oops I did. And look all it takes is for Edgemont to throw a few bucks in the direction of Scarsdale; not the Town's money mind you but serious Edgemont money. And going along for the ride is Mr. Ryan who might have had some problems justifying County money for the deprived youth of Scarsdale so he can say he has ear-marked this money for Greenburgh, a larger area of voters. Mr. Ryan, what's in your basket for Fairview?

But isn't this good news for Edgemont leaders. This is a start. After all, maybe they'll be asked to join up and become a part of Scarsdale proper, not just the post office zip code. Consider this the courting phase. If they can get along, who knows what will come next. But on the way out, will they please return the name Edgemont so the Town can recycle it. But wait, what if it turns out that Scarsdale isn't interested in all of Edgemont but just the Eastern side of Central Avenue, that which is closest to Scarsdale Road. Well, thanks for your help, West Edgemont but gotta go, see ya around.

But what I don't get is how the County can funnel money to just one section of Greenburgh, to a program which is not even open to all children of Greenburgh and to an entity which sounds like the Valhalla School District's Scarsdale campus. What date is the State Comptroller scheduled to visit the County Board of Legislators? What's next, money for the Greenville Civic Association?

Oh and with the mention by bloggers of sidewalks comes this good news. School children and their parents in Greenburgh need not fear walking to and from school any longer or even Commuters entoute to the train. Your Town Board has a ready, inexpensive solution and it is called a multi-modal pedestrian facility. But before you rush to google this term, let me save you the trip. It is just yellow stripes painted at the street or roadway lane edge. Cars are not supposed (scout's honor) to cross over into this area and hit any pedestrians who may be walking in this striped area. Especially when visibility is impaired by rain or snow.

New York State even allows bicycles to ride in this area, wouldn't you know there is even a name: a "shared" multi modal pedestrian facility. In case you think I'm making this up, consider:

The Greenburgh Health Center made a mistake and purchased a parcel of land on State maintained Knollwood Road, at a former nursery site. However, as most of its healthcare clients come by foot and public transportation (buses along Tarrytown Road), they must walk along Knollwood from Tarrytown Road to the Health Center and back. Knollwood Road is also an exit from 287 so traffic comes from that source as well the entrance and exit traffic when the Library is completed. There is insufficient right-of-way for either the State or the Town or the Health Center (responsible for the cost) to build a sidewalk and fulfill the mandated obligation. This sidewalk is required by decisions of the Planning and Zoning Boards and ratified by your Town Board.

Since the Health Center is almost as important as your kids getting to school, the Town Board, in its wisdom, decided about three weeks ago to allow the Health Center to proceed without any guarantees of a sidewalk ever being built. Something which the Health Center cannot say with certainty as it does not possess the power of Eminent Domain to take the needed sidewalk frontage from the plots of the two intervening properties, a next door office building and the Church on the corner.

Your Town Board, headed by Francis Sheehan (remember him proposing that the first places needing sidewalks were the missing gaps along Tarrytown Road and Central Avenue. The existing Health Center on Tarrytown Road faces some gaps on the other side of the road where there are indeed wide swaths of land still un-sidewalked.) Here on Knollwood, there is no such safety margin. Now, the State may or may not build the sidewalk as part of a proposal to redo the Tarrytown/Knollwood intersection somewhere around 2009-2010. This proposal is neither committed or funded. Whereas it is understandable that the Health Center would prefer the State to bear the expense, that possibility should not be the one that the Town Board should follow because it is responsible to a greater Public. In approving the site plan, indeed with the week or so ago Planning Board approval of the amended site plan, the Health Center is free to go ahead and build without a sidewalk. Or not. Town Attorney Tim Lewis is of the opinion that the amended site plan does "not" require a return visit to the Zoning Board. Sue us is his attitude. Oh if only the State Comptroller was in charge of everything. Practically speaking, if several possible events happen, even if unanticipated and reasonable efforts to secure have failed, no Town Board is going to tell the Health Center to shut down and cease doing business for want of a sidewalk. Political suicide. But this being an election year, no members of the Town Board want to establish binding conditions to prevent the absence of a sidewalk from being lost along the multi-modal. Conditions which, should be simply to build the sidewalk first. In fact, Mr. Sheehan wrote language into the Amendment which provides the Town Board the escape valve to allow the Health Center to function forever without the sidewalk. Why is this important? Because, the road without a proper sidewalk is dangerous, to both pedestrian (think parent with stroller or senior with walker) and motorist alike (think about your concerns regarding snow removal, where does the snow go when it is pushed off the road bed? why onto the side of the road. In this location, the side of the road is the multi-modal pedestrian facility, now covered with snow so where will clients walk to get to their doctors? In the roadway. Sound consistent with the sidewalk story elsewhere, on the way to the train station or the school? Well this location is worse, especially for the Town. Not because having to walk in the road is more dangerous here but not there. The difference is that the Zoning Board, the Planning Board and the Town Board have declared in Public Hearings that without a sidewalk there is a safety hazard and that a sidewalk is REQUIRED as a mitigation and part of the site plan. Not the temporary multi-modal yellow paint stripes but a real sidewalk. The State will tolerate such a measure but has also notified the Town that they, NYS, are not responsible for any death or injury within; the Town is wholly responsible. Does that sound like a responsible Town government? Even one that seeks votes this year from clients of the Health Center? Is this to be the long awaited Town COUNCIL low cost solution to a sidewalk policy? If here, why not there? Lots of kids walking on Seely Place. Call DPW to send over a truck with a few gallons of yellow paint. Voila, instant sidewalk.

If anyone gets injured or killed on the busy Knollwood incline, the Town is in deep manure because the case is such an easy win for the Plaintiff. The safety issue is on record, the Town went against its own Boards and allowed the Health Center to open without the real world of politics means to close it down if, for any reason, a sidewalk is not constructed. And like I wrote, Mr. Sheehan even drafted a new sentence in the final version of the Amendment to the site plan which gives the Town Board the right to ignore the missing sidewalk. That sentence neither makes the unsafe condition go away or reduces the Town's liability. All it does is allow the Town Board to look the other way until such time as...

At the Planning Board I verbalized what everyone knows: that even without a sidewalk, the Health Center will open and remain open. To take the politics away and ease the burden on mere mortals, I proposed that a condition of the approval be writ as follows:

That the Health Center ACKNOWLEDGE that BEFORE it seeks a permanent Certificate of Occupancy, it must first construct or cause to be constructed the sidewalk as is currently required.

While this fails to stop them from operating with only a temporary Certificate (lacking the sidewalk), their likely desire to obtain permanent financing to pay off the higher cost construction loan at completion would be endangered because Lenders do not like to make permanent mortgages on real estate lacking a C of O. But this too was ignored by the Planning Board.

So, a sidewalk solution can be underway tomorrow for chump change.
Raise your hand if you will be satisfied by a multi-modal pedestrian facility coming to your neighborhood. What can choke the goose will kill the gander, even if you paint them both with stripes.

Anonymous said...

"Call DPW to send over a truck with a few gallons of yellow paint. Voila, instant sidewalk."

Would the DPW paint straight lines on top of the weeds and debris, or in curvy lines around the weeds and debris?

Anonymous said...

The problems with GNC started when they acquired the property which was zoned multi-family, not clinic, and they had to get rezoned. GNC said that they had been told by the town that the re-zoning would be no problme. The whole GNC situation is a nightmare that the town created.

Anonymous said...

Raises hand!

I think it's a wonderful idea to use yellow paint in place of actual sidewalks. One problem though. Yellow would not be suitable for the Edgemont area. I think Edgemont should consult with Scarsdale Villige on a more appropriate paint color, not wanting to offend their senses, being good neighbors and all. Possibly hire a design consultant. Create a unique color that identifies exactly where a motorist might encounter an Edgemont child or pedestrian and drive extra, super careful. Greenburgh should pay for this, of course.

Suggestions: a very nice, yet understated shade of red. Classy, yet unmistakeably unique and distinctive. Perhaps it can be called "haughty huckleberry"

Anonymous said...

The town did not create the GNC problem. It was the Edgemont civic associations . Once again the town gets the blame for failures. What Edgemont wants Edgemont gets.

Anonymous said...

I think the Edgemont Civic associations are also responsible for the war in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

The undertone of class resentment and class solidarity here are hilarious. The inferiority complex of the remainder of unincorporated Greenburgh (and let's be honest - all of Greeburgh-excepting parts of Irvington) toward the wealth of Edgemont residents is stark. It would be easy to make a joke about the need for sidewalks in Edgemont (I guess there could theoretically be days when both Lexus's are in the shop!), but I'll refrain. Though it is wonderful to see our county tax dollars subsidizing those underprivilideged Edgemont kids who want to drive daddy's extra Infiniti over the bridge to Scardsdale to hang out with simliarly deprived kids when the home entertainment center and backyard acre have just gotten too boring. Of course if there were a Greenburgh youth center (maybe there is), the posters on this board would be too intimidated to actually visit it. On the other hand, we all do empathize with those Edgemont residents who insist they live in Scarsdale - and pay Scarsdale prices for their homes and Scarsdale level taxes- and yet constantly find themselves bewildered to find that neighborhoods of modest homes (poet's corner!) and even people of, um, diverse backgrounds share the same borders.

Anonymous said...

Edgemont has the capabilities to start unrest throughout all of greenburgh.

Laughing Blogger said...

Edgemont makes blogging fun!

hal samis said...

Dear 12;32,

The single, funniest comment I have ever read on this blog. I am still laughing.

Laughing Bogger said...

Hey! Thanks, Hal!

*takes a bow*

Anonymous said...

This is news, as reported in the newspapers:

"Westchester County has awarded the center a $35,000 grant to help it better serve teens from the Edgemont school district."

Well, Edgemont was in the forefront of criticizing Greenburgh's government for making a grant to WestHelp, and rightly so, because it is unconstitutional for a municipality to make gifts to a schol district unless it benefits the entire municipality.

But it seems to be OK with Edgemont when Westchester County does the exact same thing by making a grant to a teen center to benefit Edgemont -- a grant which is exactly as unconstitutional as the Greenburgh grant to WestHelp.

I wonder. Is it that Edgemont is more needy than the Valhalla School District?

Or is it the usual greed and hypocracy that is typical of Edgemont.

Time to report to the Westchester County government that it has made an unconstitutional grant. Since Edgemont spokespeople have been demanding that the Town sue Valhalla School District to recover the money, it is appropriate to demand that Westchester County sue to recover the grant to Edgemont.

Let's see how the loudmouths from Edgemont try to get out of this one.

Anonymous said...

" ... a grant which is exactly as unconstitutional as the Greenburgh grant to WestHelp."

9:59, I can tell you feel strongly about your opinion, but you are completely incorrect.

hal samis said...

Now there's a novel defense.
Short and sweet.
"you are completely incorrect".

This must be from a lawyer who charges by the case rather than by billable hours.

Or a blogger who writes only during commercial breaks.

Is this program that admits Edgemont's troubled teens a town-wide benefit? I can see a lot of benefit from inebriated and zonked out kids networking and exchanging dealer's names or which bar will accept phony ids.

Is this an example of communities working together? Their youth forging strong bonds, even saving energy by taking just one car, either the Lexus or the Beamer.

This is logic that will be ovious to those who also believe that stopping residential development along Central Avenue is a town-wide benefit.

And does the County allow monies, raised from funds generated by all County residents, to be used exclusively by sections of Towns or Villages or even sections of Towns that are really just School Districts at best or a civic association (ECC) at worst. Tough luck troubled teen from Ossining, we're taking your father's taxes and spending them just in Scarsdale (Village) and Edgemont (?). And you can huff and puff but they won't let you in.

On the other hand, sometimes the County can be more tolerant. Like their one-third share of Danny Gold Park. "oh we don't know where you hail from and we don't care where you've been, but it really doesn't matter, grab a chair and a platter and dig, dig, dig right in".

How come Edgemont isn't setting the example and returning questionable grants? And who is that whispering "appearance of impropriety"; not me, I hate the concept.

And hasn't Mr. Bass learned anything yet from his years working for the County and Greenburgh. Part of the time saying "Miss Scarlet, ah don't know nuttin about WESTHELP". And how did Feiner manage to break the law this time? Because he thought that Edgemont should pay?

I eagerly wait the response that I too am completely incorrect.

"Please sir, I want some more."

"Please Mr. State Comptroller, open the letter, the sooner the better..."

Anonymous said...

Westchester County is giving $35,000 to the Scarsdale Teen Center, a joint venture between the Village of Scarsdale and its school district, to support the opening of its teen center to students from the Edgemont School District.

The grant is entirely lawful.

Greenburgh's grant to Valhalla schools was unlawful because the town was using town revenues for non-town purposes (to subsidize a school district with school district expenses) and because the town revenues were not be used, as required, for a town-wide purpose.

Counties operate differently.

Counties can support projects in different parts of the county where necessary to further a county interest.

County funding is appropriate here because it is in the county's interest to protect teenagers from the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, because of the intermunicipal nature of the particular program being funded, and because without the county's assistance, Edgemont's students wouldn't otherwise be offered the opportunity to participate.

It's a sad reality that the Town of Greenburgh has never offered a drug and alcohol-free place for Edgemont's teenagers to congregate.

Most other communities, including in Greenburgh's villages, allow teens to use a community center.

But Edgemont's teens don't have that opportunity.

However, thanks to the county and private donations from Edgemont Rec, and no thanks to Greenburgh, Edgemont's teens will finally be able to be part of a teen program that might work -- and if it does work, then Edgemont's taxpayers may decide to fund Edgemont's contribution themselves.

Anonymous said...

To 10:09, why is 9:59 "completely incorrect? it seems to me he hit the nail right on the head.

If you say that he is "completely incorrect" then you have to show a meaningful difference, not just an address -- i.e., Mayfair-Knollwood is out, Edgemont is in. Just saying "completely incorrect" is the sort of self-centered arrogance that has become typical of Edgemont residents.

I don't think that you can show any difference, much less a meaningful one. In each case it is a grant to a school or school related function. In each case it is directed to a narrow group, not the entire town.

hal samis said...

Dear Edgemont Mafioso,

One of the expenses that Greenburgh 101 identified as a large expense that Edgemont doesn't use is the Theodore Young Community Center.

Whereas I understand that the Lexus and Beamer factory warranty may not apply to vehicles parked in Fairview, did the parents of Edgemont's troubled youth ever consider requesting such a program to be held on the premises, a wholly owned and operated Department of the Town of Greenburgh. Cetainly they would be in their rights to demand such a program be started and as taxpayers they would be entitled to participate at no additional expense. They might even meet some sons and daughters that they might not otherwise meet and join in a show of reality that they might not otherwise be exposed to.

Please tell me that the Community Center has said "get the hell out".

Otherwise I'm going to believe that your "thanks but no thanks" are really what you fail to disclose.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a pick-up/hang-out for Edgemont and Scarsdale youth only? Like the Montagues and Capulets, the Raider and Panther (?) clans are the same class and background tragically divided by a irrational border erected ages ago! Never has there been tale of more woe! God forbid these precious "at-risk of not going Ivy" youth intermingle with the children of the merely middle class!

Anonymous said...

completely incorrect is completely correct ... see the 10:54 posting

Anonymous said...

10:54's "entirely lawful" is about as persuasive as 10:09's "completely incorrect."

The State Constitution applies to the county as well as the town. If the county gives a grant to a teen center then it must be open to all.

I know that Edgemont parents might feel that their teen agers will be corrupted if allowed to mingle socially with teens from other areas. Perhaps this can be solved by a program teaching teens about democracy, equality, and that Hondas are no less worthy than Acuras and Infinitis.

If it looks like a duck... said...

I find it difficult to understand how Edgemont provided proof to the county that Greenburgh provides no option for it's teens when CLEARLY there are facilities and services available for them through the town. All that anyone needs to do is open up a Greenburgh Parks & Rec brochure to find them.

Here is some info lifted from the Town brochure:


Over 150 general youth, teen & adult programs
Athletic leagues for youth & adults
Summer & Winter Day Camps for youth
Programs for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Trips & Special programs for teens
Office for the Aging
Town wide nutrition program for senior citizens
Maintenance 600-acres parkland, ball fields, nature preserves, playgrounds, tennis courts and outdoor aquatic systems
Cooperative events with other departments such as the Library, T.D.Y.C.C. and the Nature Center

From The Theodore Young center:

The Theodore D. Young Community Center, Department of Community Resources seeks to improve the quality of life for Greenburgh residents by providing a variety of educational, cultural, recreational, and social activities and services.

Edgemont found it distasteful to allow their children to participate in Town wide sports programs, so they created their own Rec but they use town wide facilities. They defend themselves by saying "we pay to have our own" but they do not pay the town to "reserve" private space just for their own because it's illegal yet this is provided to them. They complain about their whooping 22% contribution to town taxes and yet refuse to use town services except when "reserved for their own"

So, for example. An Edgemont kid can join a Greenburgh sports team, attend a Greenburgh camp, use the Town pool,play tennis, swim and play ball at Theodore Young sing up or participate in hundreds of Town offered services for their teens yet they continuously pursue questionable practices in segregating their own, all thinly disguised as school district business.

Hey Edgemot! Despite what you believe you can't PAY to have your kiddies untouched by other kiddies in the town. You CAN pay to move into another town or Village like Scarsdale and legally have services available only to those you deem fit for your kiddies to intermingle with.

I firmly believe that what Edgemont is doing/does smacks of unlawfulness if not down right immoral. I believe that is spurs their quest to form it's own Village. All of their other innocuous complaining is a smoke screen.

If you don't like living with all of the other families in the town, MOVE to a Village that has families that you feel better about living with.

Anonymous said...

Other areas of unincorporated Greenburgh field teams, or parts of teams, like Ardsley (including the area where Feiner lives). The teams are based on school districts, which meander in and out of the unincoporporated area and the villages. But the village teams dont even pay their share of rec costs.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if the community center has said get the h*ll out, but G& says that to non-african americans (students and teachers)

If it walks like a duck.... said...

1st: Ardsley is a Village. Edgemont is not.

Whether the Village of Ardsley uses unincorporated facilities for their teams use(practices) I am not aware of this. If so and the Village does not contribute to the town for this service, this is unfair.

However, it is a Village of Ardsley issue. NOT an Ardsley school district issue. The lines are blurred as one assumes that any Ardsley team is comprised of only children attending Ardsley schools. Likewise in Edgemont. To add further confusion, most any Town or Village Rec sporting team uses school properties for games and practices. These shared uses make sense however a town or village team is NOT a school team.

If I lived in the Village of Ardsley, and my child attends private schools, would my child be eligible to join the Ardsley Village softball team? I'll bet the answer is yes. The Village of Ardsley has its own Parks & Rec's paid for by the Village residents, legally, through their taxes. However what, if my child wants to join the Ardsley HS basketball team? I'll bet the answer is no as this is a school team, school sport.

So, to my point.....If I live in Edgemont SD but my child attends a private school can my child join an Edgemont HS basketball team. No. An Edgemont recreation basketball team? Yes. Swim team. Yep. Any Edgemont recreation team that uses unincorporated facilities? Yes. Why? Because PRIVATE citizens in Edgemont PAY to administer, not purchase their own recreation fields, pools and such, but to use unincorporated facilities to support a select NEIGHBORHOOD OF FAMILIES WITHIN ITS OWN TOWN. Greenburg entire pays taxes to support this. This is wrong.

Can any Edgemont child join any Greenburg parks & rec's team? Play on a GBH baseball team? Softball? Tennis? Be on a GBH swim team? YES! So, why don't they?

A Greenburgh coach, coaching a Greenburgh town Rec sporting team is told at draft that they can not draft children on their teams solely from one school or another. They MUST pick children to be on their teams from those living in un-GBH attending many different schools as this is a TOWN service, NOT a school district funded service and these teams play in a league against other Towns & Villages. NOT schools!!!! Yet here we find un-incorporated Town Of Greenburgh/Edgemont rec teams hiding behind their school district boundaries. Why? Because they PAY to handel the paperwork involved to orginaze it?

The only SD funded sporting teams are for children attend those schools. Not any kid living within the SD boundaries. School coaches are hired by the SD to coach these teams. The Rec departments do not pay for these coaches.

What would happen if the families of the kids attending private schools in GBH formed their own recreation like Edgemont?
Why couldn't they just PAY to administer a Rec dept. and only allow say, anyone with a 10530 zip in? Use town facilities and GC gyms and fields.

Why isn't this as clear to everyone else as it is to me what is ENTIRELY WRONG with this?

Anonymous said...

"If the county gives a grant to a teen center then it must be open to all." Actually, that's not true. If the grant were given to a municipality or another public entity like a school district, that might be a valid argument.

The Scarsdale Teen Center certainly works well with the Town of Scarsdale and with Edgemont and Scarsdale high schools, but it is an independent community organization, not an entity of any municipality or school district. Westchester County kindly (and legally) offers many such grants to community organizations.

hal samis said...

If only some of you bloggers could explain this to Steve Bass.

Sucking up to Edgemont does have its downside and Bass should understand that Edgemont is going to leave him stranded at the first sign of danger. Perhaps if he was really capable of undertanding local laws and practice without a translator, he wouldn't be so quick to be their errand boy.

Of course, we'll read about how progressive Edgemont is and how retro and naval gazing Greenburgh is in comparison when The Scarsdale Inquirer reaches the newstands this Friday.

Anonymous said...

Hal or anyone else:

Do we know what % of Edgemont is for or against forming it's own government?

Anonymous said...

"Why isn't this as clear to everyone else ..."

Edgemont Rec is not an entity of the Edgemont School District. Edgemont Rec pays rent when it uses town facilities. So, I see no problem whatsoever.

Another thing ... Communities (related or unrelated to municipal lines) tend to be focused around schools, not politics. Therefore, kids who live on Sprain Road in Unincorporated Greenburgh participate in the Village of Ardsley's recreation programs, kids who live in the East Irvington section of Unincorporated Greenburgh are welcomed to the Village of Irvington's attend basketball camp ... the examples go on and on. And so it's no different with Greenburgh Rec ... Kids from Greenburgh Central School District participate in Greenburgh rec programs.

Ultimately, the problem is that our municipal boundaries and our school district boundaries and our ZIP code boundaries and our fire district boundaries, etc. don't coincide. Clean up those old-fashioned arrangements, and I think there would be a lot less drama around here.

Anonymous said...

Many of the villages field teams in Greeenburgh rec. They may use their own fields, but also use greenburgh town fields.

No one is going to change boundaries of school districts. It wont happen.

Anonymous said...

So.... Scarsdale welcomes Edgemont,Greenburgh welcomes Edgemont, Ardsley welcomes Greenburgh,East Irvington welcomes

Who does Edgemont welcome?

It is a DUCK!!! said...


Anonymous said...

Greenburgh welcomes Arsdely, Elmsford, Irvington and doesnt ask them to pay. They welcome Edgemont to pay.

Anonymous said...

Edgemont = Greenburgh.

Since The Edgemont is so happy to pay for every other exclusive inclusion, why not pay Ardsley or any other Town, State or Country to get what you want?

Anonymous said...

Has the civic asociations in Edgemont realize what a problem they have caused throughout all of Greenburgh.It' a disgrace. Being pushey has only caused more hatred of your representatives. Too bad your resident don't tell you how they feel. I think you should start distancing yourselves from town hall for a while and let the atmosphere cool down. In all the comments ,whatever the title Edgemont comes up smelling like doodoo.Can't you all realize what your'er saying and doing to yourselves.Smarten up.Greenburgh is not Edgemont.

Anonymous said...

Today I passed a great spot for a play ground for young children in Edgemont. I was on Ardsley rd.getting ready to make a right hand turn at the light maybe it's called old army rd. THere is ome parkland below and over to the right of Ardsley rd. Maybe it's the cottswall area, I'm not sure, There's the spot for a nice park,with plenty of street parking.

Anonymous said...

"Who does Edgemont welcome?"

If Edgemont were a municipality, of course it would welcome the non-Edgemont residents who live in the school district, just like Ardsley Rec allows Sprain Road kids to participate. But Edgemont Rec is not part of a municipality, so the situation can't be compared.

Quack, Quack said...

"But Edgemont Rec is not part of a municipality, so the situation can't be compared"

wow. These arguments get crazier & crazier.

right. ding! Edgmnt is NOT a municipality, it is NOTHING but a SD or neighborhood, therefore there should be no Rec that serves any and all who live in the SD boundaries especially when their town ALREADY provides Rec.

It is nothing more than a bigoted, segregation that is defended by "we pay for it"

Gosh. Can we make up any more crazy stuff?

What law prevents Edgemont, because it’s not a municipality, to extend services to those living outside Edgemont SD boundaries? HUH?

Don’t be silly. The whole situation is silly enough

Anonymous said...

Wow -- what a shock, more Feiner Edgemont haters. But Edgemont people are too smart. There is no basis for these complaints. Greenburgh rec has all types of teams -- Dads Club -- Ardsely and other SDs. Most kids play on school related teams. You just keep making up silly rules. There is nothing wrong with basing teams off of schools.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Edgemont can have all of the clubs that it wants, and it can be as exclusive as it wants to be.

But when the County makes a grant to Edgemont then the rules change. If the grant is legal in the first place, which is doubtful, then Edgemont has to open it to all county residents. That is what the State Comptroller said.

There is not one rule for Edgemont and another for everybody else.

Anonymous said...

See Anon at 10:34

Asked and answered.

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Edgemont. I sorta feel bad for them as their identity crisis causes them such angst.

It must be painful trying so hard not be Greenburg while wanting to, but not being, Scarsdale.

I hope they get their wish to go it alone just to end their suffering and so then rest of Greenburgh can start to have real issues addressed.

Anonymous said...

8:04 ans 10:34 are both wrong. The Constitution doesn't make a distinction between a municipality or another public entity like a school district and a community organization. But the people who never see anything wrong with Edgemont's demands and see everything wrong with anyone else's demands will never concede the point.

Anonymous said...

Real issues? Like

1. Resolution of the A/B budget issues, which is pretty tough after all the $$ that was spent on useless park land like Taxter Ridge, that no one can use.

2. Resolution of the Westhelp situation -- get back our money.

3. A new comprehenseive plan -- ours is out of date, and doesnt facilitate reasonable development.

4. Flood control. For areas that have had known problems for years.

Feiner has had years to deal with these issues. Nothing has happened. Edgemont hasnt stopped him from doing anything.

Anonymous said...

The TY Community Center did't say "get the hell out" Edgemont said "I would never go the hell in!"

Anonymous said...

I'm very pro-Edgemont, but 8:52 makes the wisest point on this entire page.

hal samis said...

Here's convoluted logic. Edgemont Recreation is a private corporation; thus it not a School District, it is not a civic association, it is not part of Greenburgh.

How then did Mr. Ryan justify the County providing funding to a private corporation which only admits the children of those who live in Scarsdale, the Village or Edgemont, the Town.

Isn't Mr Bass supposed to prevent embarrasment for the County Board of Legislators? He wasn't running very good interference in setting up this meet.

Now Mr. Ryan should hear the same chorus we hear recited in Greenburgh. When is the money going to be returned?

Private corporations with exclusionary resritctions are not proper destination for excess County cash.
If Mr. Ryan thinks that it his job to be Santa Claus with County money, he will soon be able to perform that song solo before the State Comptroller. By now, the Comptroller already knows the words by heart.

Following this SRO concert, Mr. Ryan will be free to commence a road tour singing that and other hit tunes.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, looks like Samis is up for the Emily Litella Award again.

The $35,000 county grant went not to Edgemont Rec, as Samis wrongly suggests, but rather to the Scarsdale Teen Center.

The county entered into a contract with the teen center in which the teen center agreed to use the county money to expand its programs to include teens from the Edgemont School District.

Edgemont Rec, which is a private not-for-profit entity, donated its own money to the Scarsdale Teen Center for the same purpose.

Anonymous said...

To make the boundaries even more complicated, I know of several GC district families who pay thousands of dollars to the Ardesley school district to send their kids there. I don't know personally of any GC families paying out-of-district fees to Edgemont to go there - it would be interesting to see how many there are. Of course, this leads to another thought: just as the fanciest prep schools like Horace Mann set aside a few subsidized spots for diversity purposes, why doesn't Edgemont SD (arguably the most prestigious public school system in the state) do the same and allow a few Fairview kids in? Such an initiative might go a long way to easing town tensions.

Anonymous said...

"How then did Mr. Ryan justify the County providing funding to a private corporation which only admits the children of those who live in Scarsdale, the Village or Edgemont, the Town."

Because it has no residency requirement. Its primary audience is Scarsdale and Edgemont teens, but they don't exclude others, i.e. the Mamaroneck kids who attend Scarsdale High, the Yonkers kids who attend Edgemont High ... really anyone interested can participate in STC programs.

Anonymous said...

" ... why doesn't Edgemont SD ... allow a few Fairview kids in ... "

Not legal to do so; only if GC were a failing school district would something like this be possibly allowed. By NYS standards (student achievement), GC is nowhere near failing.

Also, all public school systems have tuition rates available for out-of-district students, but many like Edgemont have no more space.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that as a condition of Solomon Schetcher receiving its permits, etc., it had to offer 2 scholarsips. Are those availaible to everyone in the Town or only GC residents?

hal samis said...

Dear 7:33,

Lucky Mamaroneck and Yonkers kids.
Just two questions.
1) Are these kids within the School District boundaries?
2) If not, do they pay to attend?

If #1 is yes, then what's the big deal and if no, that leads to #2 which if yes, then what's the big deal.

If you're telling me that anyone can pay to use the Scarsdale Teen Center but Scarsdale and Edgemont kids don't, then we're back to:
"how did Mr. Ryan justify the County providing money to a private corporation..."

Anonymous said...

Regarding STC ...

Some Mamaroneck streets are within the Scarsdale SD, and some Yonkers streets within the Edgemont SD. (Strange, antiquated school district boundaries all around this area.)

Some programs at STC are offered at no cost and some have a fee. A kid from anywhere could attend a program, but since their goals and primary audience are Edgemont-Scarsdale focused, and it's located in Scarsdale, there's not much demand at STC by kids who live in Ossining or Greenburgh Central or Poughkeepsie or Pocantico Hills or wherever. But if your kid lives in Dobbs Ferry or in Oklahoma and wants to attend an event, no one's going to do an ID check or kick her/him out.

So while Edgemont-Scarsdale is obviously its primary market, all are welcomed. Therefore, the county grant to the non-municipal community organization is just fine.

Truly the more important concerns worth battling are in the 7/10/2007 8:52 PM posting. Playgrounds and sidewalks throughout Greenburgh are also, in my opinion, major concerns.

G is for Greenburgh said...

"So while Edgemont-Scarsdale is obviously its primary market, all are welcomed. Therefore, the county grant to the non-municipal community organization is just fine."

As I suspected. Thanks.

*emails this information to 74 neighbors in Greenburgh*

hal samis said...

Kids just walk or drive in and nobody checks?

There is no registration, no questions on a form about name, HOME address, age, phone, who to contact in the event of an emergency...?

Yikes! said...

Far from it. But they may not have updated the website yet as there is no mention of Edgemont. Regardless, from the looks of these policies, it doesn't look like just anyone can pop in. Far from it.
I copied this from the STC website:


Resident and Non-resident Use Policy
The Scarsdale Teen Center is for the enjoyment and use of Scarsdale residents in the 8th Grade (after spring break) through the 12th Grade. Attendees of Scarsdale High School who do not live in Scarsdale are also permitted to use the teen center with their High School ID. Non-residents are subject to a $1 non-resident fee during drop-in hours and a $5 non-resident fee during event nights.

Guest Policy
Teens who are eligible to attend the Teen Center (see above) may bring with them one (1) non-resident guest at times when the Center is holding an event (such as bands, dances, competitions, etc.). The Guest must leave the Center when the resident host does, and the resident host is responsible for any damage found to be caused by his/her guest. Guests are only allowed at the Center during scheduled events.

- Scarsdale resident students are permitted to bring one (this number is subject to change depending on event) non-resident student guest at one time and must adhere to the following STC guest policies.
- All guests using the STC facilities must be introduced by the host to the Director/designated staff member on duty and must sign a logbook including name, address, e-mail and phone number.
- All guests must arrive with the host and remain in the presence of set host at all times.
- The resident host will be held responsible for any damages incurred by his/her guest. Any guest who causes damage and/or who is disorderly will be asked to leave the STC property. (Herein STC property includes the building itself, behind the building, the driveway and walkway). The rules committee will determine re-admittance.

hal samis said...

Dear 5:55 (yikes),

Welcome to the blog and thanks. However there are a few other things that while not spelled out, somehow create the impression, an impression that would be perfectly acceptable until Mr. Ryan showed up on the scene. First the name: Scarsdale Teen Center, not the Westchester Teen Center but the Scarsdale Teen Center. Then there are the references to SHS and SMS which are the Scarsdale High School and the Scarsdale Middle School. In fact, as the website doesn't even mention Edgemont (likely going to be changed) why would anyone from anywhere (unless Oklahoma is now a new town/village in Westchester, Mr. Ryan need not worry about this one) suspect that these programs are open to anyone who doesn't live in Scarsdale. Certainly a troubled teen would not be able to guess. What the website does not say is don't worry about Scarsdale, we're here for everyone.

But look at how bloggers try and dig Mr. Ryan/Steve Bass out of their self-dug hole. 11:43 tells us that anyone could attend a program but that there isn't much demand from anywhere. Not unless you promote these programs "anywhere". But I have a way to remedy this. I'm going to print up flyers and see that they are distributed in Westchester schools, libraries, pools, supermarket bulletin boards and Community Centers like the Theodore Young Community Center.
Maybe Mr. Ryan will get behind having the County provide bus shuttles to and from New Rochelle and Mount Vernon.
Won't this be a great opportunity for the kids from anywhere to see how the other half kids share the same problems that they do. Call my cynical but I'm sure that if a group of, say, five kids from "anywhere" were to drop in, the "id check" might suddenly be remembered as their policy. If anyone from anywhere has any ideas for other places that these notices
should be posted, please write c/o of this blog. Oh, and I think what will really put this over will be the tag line, "Tell them at the door that Anonymous from Edgemont said to use his name".
Works at all the Manhattan "guest" list spots and VIP rooms.

You see when bloggers like 11:43 tell us that the Scarsdale Teen Center's primary market is Scarsdale and Edgemont, I wonder whether they have looked at a map recently. Doesn't Edgemont, itself, abut YONKERS which is even as close or closer than Edgemont to the Teen Center. Isn't Eastchester as close to the Teen Center. Perhaps the Teen Center is not even meant for Edgemont on the wrong side of Central Avenue. Somehow I suspect that "Primary Market" is code for "just us". But let's all do our best to make sure that the Scarsdale Teen Center doesn't suffer for a lack of Teens to drop by. Let's make sure that the Country dollars are spent wisely. Make it your goal to introduce at least one Greenburgh kid and their parents to another one of Edgemont's gifts to the entire Town. Be polite, remember to say thanks.

And 7:40 AM, does Edgemont have no space for non-resident children who pay? Don't you want to be proud of your "at capacity" School District and remind us again how many outsider "for fee" students are ALREADY in the system. That will assure us that Edgemont is doing its part and also give us a better picture of what "at capacity" really means.

So, remember, help a less fortunate kid out. Scarsdale/Edgemont TC has the welcome mat out for him/her and their friends.
STC is closed now but keep posted on their reopening from their web site

Don't forget tell them Robby, Michelle and Bill Ryan said to drop in.

Maybe some bloggers will learn that turning EVERYTHING into an attack on Feiner can have a downside.

But looking back to the topic that Feiner posted, "Needed in Edgemont:
Playground for Pre School Children".

Doesn't Edgemont want this? Psychiatrist's define neurotic behavior as repeating the same mistakes, even after knowing that these choices don't work. Business as usual is not what can be considered healthy behavior when it doesn't work. If Edgemont really wants things and they have "learned" that they can't get them from Feiner, how come they don't get it by now that: they don't need Feiner's vote. His is only one vote out of five. If Edgemont is "delighted" with the four sympatico Council Members who have four votes, then they should go directly to them and say gimme.
Only three of them need be impressed. Keep banging away at Feiner is not going to get you what you want (you tell is this every posting) no matter how many times you feel he is cheating and has cheated you. You want a playground. Go to the Town Council. Enough of your whining. Bass is your puppy, Barnes lives in Edgemont, Sheehan is "presumed" to think the opposite of Feiner and Juettner (ok you don't need to wake her up, you already have the other three). Start acting healthy and go with the three votes you need. There can't be any problem when your case is so strong...
Just three votes.

Anonymous said...

"Doesn't Edgemont, itself, abut YONKERS which is even as close or closer than Edgemont to the Teen Center."

Yes, but there's also historical elements here ... Edgemont high school students used to attend and graduate from Scarsdale High School. Also, Scarsdale and Edgemont have been linked by a common newspaper since 1901, they share the same ZIP code and phone exchanges, etc. So, just as a matter of history, the two have been linked together for decades.

Anonymous said...

"does Edgemont have no space for non-resident children who pay" ... currently no space for non-residents and no space for extra residents either (though must be accepted)

"how many outsider "for fee" students are ALREADY in the system" ... not many, but I don't know the exact number

"also give us a better picture of what "at capacity" really means" ... Greenburgh Central, Elmsford, Valhalla, and most other districts that serve Greenburgh students have smaller class sizes than Edgemont

Just for the hell of it said...

Yes, but there's also historical elements here ... Edgemont high school students used to attend and graduate from Scarsdale High School. Also, Scarsdale and Edgemont have been linked by a common newspaper since 1901, they share the same ZIP code and phone exchanges, etc. So, just as a matter of history, the two have been linked together for decades.
7/12/2007 2:15 AM
I’m always fascinated and sometimes entertained, (if bored enough an a particular day) as to the various configurations an Edgemont resident makes to justifying any alignment or allies they form to exclude, include or make exclusive any particular group of interest to them.

I’m bored today so I shall add my fun twist to the above statement. Of course all of what I present is obvious, yet writing it here, on this blog, apparently gives more validity to my statement? Warning* any Edgemont person not wanting to experience head trauma should skip this post*

Added elements

There is a Scarsdale paper that contains a section titled Edgemont/Hartsdale.
There is a post office that is shared by Edgemont & Hartsdale
Edgemont & Hartsdale abut on at least 3 if not more boarders.
Edgemont & Hartsdale people do there daily shopping together
Edgemont commutes out of Hartsdale
Edgemont & Hartsdale both reside in the same town
Edgemont & Hartsdale children play in the same sporting leagues.
Edgemont & Hartsdale families socialize together.
Some Hartsdale children attend Edgemont schools
Some Edgemont children attend Hartsdale schools (private)
Edgemont & Hartsdale have common telephone exchanges. (Is this meaningful?)
Edgemont & Hartsdale children attend nursery schools together.
Some Edgemont & Hartsdale people live on the same blocks/across streets
Edgemont & Hartsdale share parks & pools

Some Scarsdale & Hartsdale children attend the same schools(public & private)
Scarsdale & Hartsdale children attend nursery schools together
Scarsdale & Hartsdale shop together
Greenacres commutes out of Hartsdale
Hartsdale & Scarsdale families socialize
Scarsdale & Hartsdale share common telephone exchanges.
Scarsdale & Hartsdale share local news

I could go on but I’m putting myself to sleep. So my point is, anyone can make a case for anything if they try hard enough and at least my “elements” are more worthy of any case that could be made as to why, say, Edgemont has more in common with Hartsdale then they ever would with Scarsdale. I’m sure Edgemont has other important common “elements” that justify why they could prove me wrong other than zips & telephone #'s. Well known, but not fit to print.

Heck, based on this information it looks as if Hartsdale has more in common with Scarsdale as Hartsdale kids attend Scarsdale public & private schools where as I don’t know of any Edgemont kids attending theirs. Hartsdale (GC) children can’t attend Edgemont schools as they have hung a shingle “no room at the inn”


Anonymous said...

I do think that under the direction of Bass ,Mr. Ryan has done something illegal in giving a grant to Edgemont.

Yikes said...

I have to agree with you anon 2:28

yikes said...

oh, and Hal, Let's see how or if the STC updates its website. Could be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

The grant wasn't made to Edgemont. It was made to the Scarsdale Teen Center in Scarsdale to provide outreach to Edgemont teens.

Drug and alcohol abuse among teens is a serious problem in Westchester County. Most communities in the county try to address the issue by offering teens an drug and alcohol-free place to hand out.

For a variety of reasons, mainly due to resistance from other parts of Greenburgh, Edgemont's teens have historically fallen through the cracks when it comes to off-campus community programs intended to address drug and alcohol abuse among teens.

A number of Edgemont parents feel that Edgemont's teens should be given the same opportunities to avoid drugs and alcohol that other communities provide.

Thanks to Chairman Ryan, and to Steve Bass if he too had something to do with it, Edgemont's teens will finally get that opportunity.

Those in Greenburgh who sneer that Edgemont's kids are privileged and do not deserve opportunities like this should put their class prejudice to one side.

They should appreciate that drug and alcohol abuse among teens affects all communities, rich or poor, and that it is our obligation as parents and community leaders to see to it that Edgemont's teens have the same opportunities to benefit from these programs as teens in other communities do.

hal samis said...

There is even a rumor going around that Edgemont came over on the Mayflower, packed up in the hold and reassembled in its present location. But that is just a rumor.

What really happened, as everyone in Edgemont knows, is that Edgemont traces its Anglo origins back to the 16th Century when the first Earl of Edgemont, Robbie McNally, attacked the neighboring kingdom of Fein Paul which caused the outbreak of the hostilities known as the "ninth term" war. In the movie version, Robbie (as portrayed by actor Danny de Vito) originally sought to overcome the attacking enemy forces by forging alliances with the clan known collectively as the Counting Bored Lepers but tensions from an earlier conflict over their once close allegiance with Fein Paul during the time of the great Taxpayer Ripoff for the exclusive benefit of the Moondny Goldberg Blues Band and traveling show to be their secret clubhouse. However, with the outbreak of the AandB Plague and the threat from the surviving wild herds of dragons thought to be roaming the land, it was thought best by all to leave it untouched and off limits even to the occasional weary traveller from the northern kingdom of Buffalo.

Meanwhile, with the arrival in the south of new settlers, including the wealthy merchant princes, descendants of the Lord of Scarsdale, the Earl of Edgemont pledged his support and agreed to forever use his lands as a buffer between Scarsdale and its larger enemies, the nearby pagan tribes of Yonkers, Vernon, Rochelle and especially, to the South, the inhabitants of Faerview.

With few hardy menfolk left to defend their territory, the descendants of Robby McNally have taken oaths to keep out all new settlers for fear that their strength of numbers could overcome the barricades, weaken their pure bloodlines and, worst of all, seek seats in their vested institutions of learning.

Even today, reminders of the dormant rivalry for entitlement and spoils of war exist. And Edgemont, waits patiently on the sidelines for such time as when Scarsdale, not Fein Paul will reward them for their loyalty and tribute by allowing them to visit also the grand hall and break bread at the same table. Meanwhile, the heirs of Robby McNally subsist on whatever nourishment is provided by the cast off table scraps Scarsdale is willing to empty into their half-full troughs.

And thanks for reading today's presentation of "You Were There Then but Are Here Now".

Anonymous said...

"Edgemont has more in common with Hartsdale then they ever would with Scarsdale" ... Some of the Hartsdale-Edgemont stuff you listed is incorrect, but it doesn't matter anyway. STC is a Scarsdale-Edgemont organization that was legally entitled to receive those county funds, so it's just not worth arguing about anymore.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Samis, you are funny ... overflowing as usual with socioeconomic class envy and prejudice, but funny nonetheless.

Hal is funny! said...


Hal, what you failed to mention is that the men folk who were left to defend those much sort after seats in their vested institutions of learning, in modern day, forego traditional weapons to thwart attacks. These modern day brave gate keepers use their children and the students of those vested institutions, as human shields to defend or deflect any attacks at their boarders.

“Stop attacking us! It’s for our children! You don’t want our children to get hurt! By God ! Do you not have any humanity?”

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Hal,

When you get the STC schedule of events, let me know. Maybe my son would be interested. We also have a "community" web site I could post it on to save paper.

Anonymous said...

"Some of the Hartsdale-Edgemont stuff you listed is incorrect..."

Interesting...Like what exactly?

Yikes! said...

"For a variety of reasons, mainly due to resistance from other parts of Greenburgh"

Please tell me of this "resistance" which you speak of.

Also ,since you believe that Greenburgh does not adequately serve the growing needs of teen today, tell me what efforts Edgemont made to try to change this that they were unsuccessful at.

kolesar should be ashamed said...

Kolesar's kid doesn't need to visit the Scarsdale Teen Center to enjoy and alcohol and drug-free place to hang out.

That's because Kolesar lives in the Village of Ardsley. His village already provides such activities for its teens.

The Village of Ardsley employs a "youth advocate" with office hours at the Ardsley Community Center to "help organize teen activities."

Edgemont is not a village. It does not employ a "youth advocate." It has no one to "help organize teen activities." It has no "community center."

By mocking the grant the county has given the Scarsdale Teen Center to reach out to Edgemont's teens, Kolesar evidently could care less that Edgemont's teens don't have what Ardsley's teens already have.

The next time there's a tragedy in Westchester involving another teenager who was experimenting with drugs and/or alcohol, let's all think of Kolesar and his parochial view of public responsibility for drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers.

Anonymous said...

There is some normality in Edgemont. They have children who drink and take drugs. What makes them think that a center will help them. .

hal samis said...

When planning the Edgemont Village Hall, you can be assured that they will include a Teen Center so that Archie, Veronica and Jughead can drop by for a "shake". Just let Mr. Ryan (Reggie) know where to send the check.

But seriously, coming to a blog near you.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
All the King's horses and all the King's men,
Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Humpty should consider spending the rest of the summer jogging between The Bite, Lattanzi's, Linda Jean's and the Black Dog.

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Anonymouse 7/12 5:10PM,

I can follow your continued trail of no backbone and no courage to stand up for your views. See my just posted response to a different subject higher up on the list where you posted at 4:54 PM.

Same style, same lack of courage and responsibility. Do you really think those that read these don't know who you are? Given that you are closely tied to certain current members of the Town Council and are closely tied to a candiadte for Town wide office, your style of legitimate public discouse is the best thing the Supervisor has going for him in this year's election cycle and you know I didn't support the Supervisor the last time around. Keep it up.

Ardsley taxpayers pay for the Youth Advocate and the programs are open to all of the Ardsley School District, which is 55% OUTSIDE of the Village of Ardsley, most of that in unincorporated Greenburgh. I just want my share of county funds. I don't need to subsidize wealthy Edgemont, where the average household income is reported as higher than Ardsley.

Anonymous said...

"Ardsley taxpayers pay for the Youth Advocate and the programs are open to all of the Ardsley School District, which is 55% OUTSIDE of the Village of Ardsley, most of that in unincorporated Greenburgh."

And that should not be a problem, just like the Scarsdale Teen Center should not be a problem. It's called community - a community caring for its youth without regard to municipal boundaries. We should be thanking Ardsley and Scarsdale and whomever else offers teen services. Yes, Scarsdale's is a private organization and Ardsley's is municipal, and that leads to conflicts, but there are soooooo many battles to fight in Greenburgh, and this matter should at least be sidelined.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Bass and Bernstein in a photo published in the scarsdale inquirer. Boy you could readily see much AK going on between the two of them . I do hope the other areas see how fast the two of them can get grants for Edgemont.Wake up Greenburgh.Bernstein is first in line then comes Sheehan and Bass.This coming election is very important ,we have to get open government, not what has taken place since the four council members have cited with Edgemont alone.

Anonymous said...

How can Ardsleys center be based on school district and not scarsdale? Should everyone just go over to Ardselys

Anonymous said...

Wow, after reading these repeated posts insisting on the epidemic of drug abuse among edgemont teens, maybe i'll just keep my kids in hartsdale. maybe the rest of greenburgh is better off not having their children influenced by such out of control youth! (tongue firmly in cheek).

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the Edgemont residents, have made know that their teenages have a drug and drinking problem .Maybe this was the way that Bass and Bernstein,could get the grant from Ryan to give to Scarsdale so their kids go to that center.If they have a problem a center won't help.

How many children from Edgemont do attend this center? Why was the grant given to the center ?Was this done to make Bass and Bernstein look like they are doing someting good for the community?The grant should have been given to another part of town where every donation how small or large is appreciated.Bass and Bernstein would never think about the children in my area.As they say money goes to money.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Scarsdale parents should be wary about allowing their kids to come into contact with the troubled youth of Edgemont! Someone should send these posts to the STC management ASAP!

Michael Kolesar said...

Dear Anonymous 12/13 9:41AM,

The point of my message is that if there is County wide money available for teenagers, it ought to be distributed fairly to all communities including Yonkers, New Rochelle, Bedford, etc, and not just Scarsdale / Edgemont. Would you agree to that?

The secondary point is in part to respond to the often mentioned point that the Villages are great beneficiaries from unincorporated Greenburgh. Many are not informed about the many programs that go the other way at no cost to those outside of the legal boundaries of the Villages. I have no problem with what the Village of Ardsley does in this regard and am not suggesting any change.

To Anonymous 10:47 AM

The Village of Ardsley's youth programs not based on the Ardsley School District, but no attempt is made to make them exclusive for Village residents. The youth of the commmunity don't really care about the "political" boundaries and that's fine. The Village of Ardsley taxpayers also fund a virtually full time member of the Ardsley Police Department at an annual cost of probably $130,000 per year (that's with benefits) who functions as a community affairs officer. As such, this officer spends considerable time in and around the Ardsley schools, which as I have noted, contain many students who do not reside in the Village and thus the properties on which they reside contribute nothing toward this cost. The officer doesn't interact only with youth from the Village, but all, and apparently quite well.

Anonymous said...

Ardsley definitely understands what community is, and I wish I lived there rather than in Unincorporated Greenburgh-Greenburgh Central. I hope that Ardsley, like the STC, also applies for grants available for youth services from the county, the state, the federal govt, and private sources. Do you have someone on staff skilled in searching for grants and writing grant proposals? It's amazing how many grants are available, for private organizations like STC and municipal organizations like Ardsley.

Anonymous said...

Edgemont citizens like to keep their kids together and not let them mingle with other kids outside of Edgemont, during the school year or the summer. an example of this is they do not send their kids to the Town day camps, they have their own, which the Town gives them money for, I'm not sure how much but I know it's alot. I don't agree with this but that is why these kids do not know how to interact with other kids before they go off to college. They grow up in their little cocoon.

Anonymous said...

2:31 PM- do you think it is different in other districts? Westchester is a series of little enclaves that think their protectorate is better then the next guy's. Byram - North White, Valhalla -Thornwood-Hawthorne, Pleasantville-Briarcliff. Every little fiefdom thinks they have the lock on society. These kids would be better off with regional high schools both academic and vocational.

Anonymous said...

I thought Edgemont Rec was a private organization. Are you sure that Greenburgh contributes to Edgemont Rec?

Anonymous said...

2:31 sats "kids would be better off in regional schools, acacemic or vocational" so that they would not be in a cocoon.

Must tell you that everywhere in the nation educators are coming to the conclusion that "small is better" for the students. The anonymity that is part and parcel of big schools is a disaster - it breeds anonymity, less accountability and more teen suicides.

Anonymous said...

ask the Rec Dept. if they pay Edgemont for camps. I pretty sure they do but not positive.

Anonymous said...

Lifted from the town website:
Edgemont Recreation, The Edgemont Recreation Corporation is an active non-profit organization that offers a variety of recreational programs for elementary through high school students in the Edgemont School District. The Edgemont Recreation Corporation co-sponsors the following programs: Youth basketball leagues, baseball leagues, soccer leagues, and softball leagues. The corporation also conducts programs for all ages including a summer day camp. For more information about their program call Director, Paul Solomon at 725-1397

Co-sponors??? with who???
Does anyone know? Can anyone tell me if TOG is paying for ANY of this?