Thursday, July 19, 2007


I just got home from the Town Board meeting (1 AM). There was extensive discussion at the Town Board meeting re: Richard Troy's affidavit concerning 1 Dromore Road. Mr. Troy alleges that the Town Board members (excluding me) met with him and Bob Bernstein. Land was going to be deeded to Bob Bernstein for the possible use as an Edgemont Town Hall. The affidavit, which is posted on the town web site: (forms) highlights secrecy, favoritism, avoidance of proper procedures and violations of law by the Town Council members.
At the Town Board meeting this evening some residents pointed out that comments in an affidavit by a developer are just allegations (that are sworn to). The suggestion was made that Councilmembers Francis Sheehan, Steve Bass, Eddie Mae Barnes and Diana Juettner should give sworn testimony.
Did they participate in an illegal meeting with the developer and Bob Bernstein?
Did they violate the open meetings law?
Did they discuss Edgemont secession with the developer and the possible use of 1 Dromore Road as a Town/village hall?
Do they support Edgemont becoming a village hall?
Was the Supervisor (me) excluded from the meeting, as alleged?


Anonymous said...

This is already a blog topic. Just post your entry to the existing section to continue the discussion (and delete this one) rather than starting all over again.

Anonymous said...

The subterfuge that Attorney Tim told the board not to talk about the affidavit because "they might get sued" was pathetic and just more lawyer mumbo-jumbo.

The Town Board can answer simple questions based on facts without "damaging" their position in any potential lawsuit.

The Truth will set you free!

Anonymous said...

Better yet, the TRUTH will set us free.

Free from those who have difficulty distinguishing Ethics from Ethics laws.

Anonymous said...

For all that Candidate "SHUT UP" Berger had to say this evening; curiously she didn't have anything to say about the affidavit. Nor anything about the “Incorporation” of Edgemont, nor anything about the letter and spirit of the open meeting laws.

What we did hear was her law resume.

She also didn't seem to think that there was any issue with funneling "masked" funds to her Democratic running mates, in order to circumvent any potential Ethics Laws.

Please tell me why she would be the person that I would entrust important decisions about my town with?

Curious wouldn't you say?

PS – My head spun with the “logic” that justified why her law firm was awarded business after a contribution to a town board member. That according to her was not an ethical item. Even Sheehan had to spin a tale on that one.

Anonymous said...

Bob Bernstein, a private citizen, who can say what he wants, said the meting just didnt take place.

I am sick and tired of Feiner supporting this developer in trying to get zoning changed.

Anonymous said...

Does the Superviosr invite fellow Town Board members to all of his meetings?

Anonymous said...

No, because then he wouldhave to split the money he gets from developers with them

feiner is illiterate said...

Feiner asks"
Do they support Edgemont becoming a village hall?

feiner is dumb but this dumb?

the proper question is do they support edgemont incorporating to become a village within the town of greenburgh. the last time this happened was over a century ago when elmsford became a village around 1905.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asks "Does the Superviosr invite fellow Town Board members to all of his meetings?"

No, but he doesn't keep them secret and threaten those with whom he meets to keep it secret or else..."

Anonymous said...

Nine Villages + No Unincorporated Area = Peaceful, Efficient Township

Dobbs Ferry

Anonymous said...

If Bernstein is right and the meeting did not take place then why did Tim Lewis issue a gag order on the rest of the Board. I though Omerta was only for mob guys.

Anonymous said...

Becuse the developer will likely be suing the town. There are a number of issues, including certain erroneous town maps, and Feiner trying to help the develper. Any discussion of the dromore property is not in Towns best interest. But Feiner couldnt care. He views this as win-win.

1. Help develpor/broker who pays him $$$.

2. Hurt Edgmont.

Anonymous said...

Sure there wil be a lawsuit. The Town Council will have to testify, both in a deposition and at a trial. They can't hide. Feiner has nothing to do with it. They tried to strong-arm the developer and ultimately screwed him, so he has no choice but to sue.

You can blame Paul Feiner all you want. You always blame him anyway, no matter what. But this problem was caused by Sheehan and Bass, who have become so dictatorial that they don't realize that people can fight back.

Feiner wanted to get grants to acquire the property and keep it from development. The Council secretly undermined that, by trying to help Bernstein and McNally, including saving the property for an Edgemont Village Hall.

You can gripe all you want about Feiner, and sometimes he deserves it. But not on this one. This crisis, and it is a big-deal crisis -- is Sheehan/Bass fault.

hal samis said...

The question of the Town Council was only: did you attend a meeting at the developer's office? Within the first 5 minutes of a deposition (following what is your name, where do you reside...) and this same question would be put to the Town Council members. That of course would follow SHOULD a lawsuit be filed and, if filed, whether it is actually heard vs settled.

The game plan is clearly to play out the clock. Developer goes to Zoning Board, matter is resolved or takes another meeting(s), now the Primary is over.
Developer follows up by filing suit at Court, a postponement, if anyone even looks at it, and lo and behold, the November election has come and gone.

The lawyering going on is for the exclusive benefit of the members of the Town Council, not for the benefit of the Town. This suggests that there can be situations when the best interests of the Town Council, even the Town Board, may not coincide with the best interests of the Town. Who then is defending the Town? If the Town Council knowingly and purposefully -- indeed even attempts to circumvent a breach of their oath -- are they entitled to be represented by the Town Attorney whose function is to whitewash their behavior. Litigation represents a substantial cost to the Town, either in payroll manpower or overhead and/or the retention of outside counsel. On the other hand, there has never been any demonstrable benefit to the Town in establishing a narrowcast moratorium for only "Edgemont" benefit.

Residents need to demand that our elected officials are working on our, the Town's, behalf. Just because someone decides to sue the Town should not be viewed as giving the Town Council a "reason" not to explain their suspect behaviors.

The idea of having them submit their own sworn and executed affidavit was brilliant. I would even accept these affidavits being "sealed" if the Ethics Board would agree that following depositions made for or given during litigation, or the absence of litigation, they would be unsealed and that should subsequent evidence establish that these affidavidits contain lies, then the Ethics Board would recommend the harshest remedies available.

Of course the way the Ethics Board laws are being written, they merely recommend the punishment and send the file to the Town Board for "appropriate" action. As per the rules, the Town Board can resolve the action in any manner in which it sees fit, including ignoring the recommendation of the Ethics Board.

Let the punishment fit the crime has been given over to allowing the punishers to punish themselves.
Four guilty Town Council members, three votes required and the outcome will be ?????

Anonymous said...

So grants would pay part, and like Taxter Ridge, the town would pay the rest FOR MORE USELESS LAND.


what lawsuit? said...

lawsuit? for what?
the zoning of the parcel is an open and shut case - its residential

the top court in ny state has held you cannot rezone the property by bureaucratic error.

the dromore folks have suffered no injury. the property is still worth what they paid for it.

hal samis said...

Dear wide world of learned bloggers,


I'm sorry to trouble you but I just don't understand. Maybe someone can explain. Here's my confusion.

I remember that during the Town Budget hearings that there was a Town Department called Legal and that there were line items for Town Attorney, Attorneys, support staff, conferences, phones, professional fees etc. I thought I had already discovered the grand daddy of accounting blunders when the Town soaked the taxpayers for $308,000 supposedly going to a maintain and repair a Library Building that didn't exist.

But apparently I didn't look hard enough at other Departments. You see what confuses me is if the Town has a Legal Department, why is Bob Bernstein drafting legal instruments of behalf of the Town, after all he says the porperty was to be gifted to the Town. Why don't one of those lawyers that the taxpayers are being charged for do the work. Or, like the Library, don't they exist either? Of course if Bob wants to type away on behalf of Edgement or a private Edgemont corporation, be my guest.

You see, the matter is not just a private deal between a property owner and a resident of Edgemont who wants to acquire a parcel of land for whatever use, that would be his business. And, following that scenario, Bob can represent himself; in fact an agreement between a seller and a buyer doesn't require a lawyer on either side. What becomes a problem is when members, either 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or together even 2 on 2 off, become involved and give representations of interest, participation and actions the performance of which can only be provided by the Town of Greenburgh. As this was the case, then why wasn't the Town Attorney sitting right there with the member(s) of the Town Council and why wasn't the document(s) created in his or her word processor/or computer? In the Town Budget under legal there is also a line item for office equipment.

Well perhaps the were some practical reasons, like the room was too small to seat others, thus for wanat of a chair use Bernstein.

Maybe the Town Attorney was out sick or on vacaction and no one had confidence in one of the other staff attorneys. Ok, unless the Town Attorney was away, on leave of absence or looking for another job, but relying on the information at hand, it would be a reasonable presumption that the Town Attorney would be back in the office on a given date.

Sheehan or Bass
"Hey, Mr. Troy ok if we hold off our meeting until the Town Attorney gets back?"

Developer Troy
"Well if I agree to that, why can't I have my own Attorney present as well?"

Sheehan or Bass
"Why bother him and besides it will cost you money. We can work things out among ourselves and besides Bob's an expert on anything that may come up. And by the way, how about your place, Town Hall's so busy these days what with the Credit Union and the Library; we need some place where we can talk and won't be disturbed"

Developer Troy
"Need directions?"

Anonymous said...

The attachment said that the property was to be deeded to teh TOWN.

Anonymous said...

Hal, your trenchant and sarcastic analysis of the situation is welcome.

But let's put it in simple English.

The Town Council has made a deal, for political purposes, to let Bernstein run the town. That's why they make sure that anyone who doesn't think that this is right is kept out. That means Feiner, that means you, that means Renninger, that means the village officials, that means Fairview, that means everybody who isn't with Bernstein and his plans.

The Town Council is in too deep to be able to change. Sheehan and Bass are stuck, especially with their public statements. Barnes and Juettner aren't stuck by their public statements because they never say anything. Even if they don't agree they have cornered themselves by letting Sheehan and Bass run them. They give feminism a bad name.

There is nothing left but to get these people out of government. Then two years from now we can get rid of Sheehan and Juettner and Feiner, if he doesn't do a better job in the next two years. But for now, Feiner, with all his faults, is a damn sight better than Berger.

Anonymous said...

A deal to let Bernstein run the town? And again, name three things the Town has done for Edgemont. Ok, name two.

Anonymous said...

HOW would one know what is done for Edgemont if all deals are made behind closed doors.,

Anonymous said...

What has been done behind closed doors?

Even if negotations are behind closed doors, teh results are up front - like -

Taxter Ridge
Valhalla - Westhelp
Methandone Clinic Zoning -- Town Wide
Hatsdale Flooding
Deals for Volunteer Firemn - -- no support of civil servants

Anonymous said...

The affidavit alleges that the Town Board refused to allow the developers lawyer to participate in a meeting.
the affidavit indicates that Bob Bernstein participated in a meeting with the Town Board and developer.
This could be a violation of the ethics rules governing attorneys. Lawyers must deal with other lawyers. Bob should know better.

Anonymous said...

The Best of the Shadow!

Only a moron would pay much attention to the anonymous crackpots that continue to blast the Supervisor, his supporters and the truth. The hatred and vitriol that feeds this angst is amazing. The effort made by the CABAL over the years has been quite remarkable. They spend hours making video tapes, they attend board meetings with religious intensity, they pursue the study of the law with zeal beyond comprehension and they bean-count and nit-pick with the ferocity of a roadrunner bird pecking at the sand.

What motiviates these "killer bees?" What drives them like grunnion in their a self-destructive run to the sea? I am constantly amazed by their energy, their passion and their desperation. Are they really after the "blood" of Paul Feiner. Would Paul Feiner have embarked on this public career in high school if he would have known of the mine fields he would face in middle age?

Paul was an innocent teenager who started this long journey registering voters, integrating the Scarsdale Town Club, creating bike paths, when he graduated up to the minor leagues to take on boss Ed Brady. Wasn't it Ed Brady who locked away the County copying machine so that Paul couldn't send out his missives?

But, if I only could of have looked into a crystal ball and have seen the Wicked Witch of the North and her merrie band of CABALISTS flying through the air like the winged monkeys of OZ, I would have screamed out a warning. Go back, go back, don't challenge Ed Brady, don't cross swords with O'Rourke, don't get in over your head! The CABAL will be awaiting, as sure as "The Ides of March" were upon Caesar. The assassins are at the gates of Town Hall as they were at the Senate. They drool each Wednesday, they are armed to the teeth with their honed daggers of hate, and they are prepared for mortal combat with their implacable foe!

But, alas, time has moved on. Now we face the real onslaught! Hark, hark and beware, they are comming, they are coming. They look normal, just like other citizens. But like Kevin McCarthy warned in the movie, "The Body Snatchers," could they be really be celestial pods floating in from outer space. They look almost like us. One is rotund, so rotund that he could roll easily into a room. A few wear woven headpieces like ancient warriors from some sort of a pre-Columbian religious cult. Others look almost like the people who like Paul Feiner. They are in our midst, they act normal on occaisson and they may even see their own children between board meetings.

But what really drives them? Are they fanatics, are they ready to continue this relentless crusade with a final banzai charge to oblivion?

We won't really know until it is all over.

I am now known as "The Shadow" and remember, "who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (women too!)"

So I will periodically report on this ongoing saga, this epoch, this ultimate struggle between good and evil, this final cataclysmic "Twilight of the Gods."

The world waits with baited breath to see its outcome, so all come on Wednesday night and a witness to history.

"The Shadow"

7/17/2007 8:34 AM

Anonymous said...

The Best of the Shadow - Part II

I want to thank all our allies out there who continue to expose light on the dark recesses where the CABAL seems to hide out and plan their next escapade. Over the years we have been bombarded by the bombast of an assortment of characters. Many, of course, you know. At one time it was Krauss, Preiser, or Renninger, and the faux heads of neighborhood associations that rarely met, but claimed an unencumbered right to speak in the name of their community, on any subject. Then we had Lasser, who ran in one of the last open elections when November counted, and was summarily crushed! McNally, O’Shea, and Sheehan, the self-styled documentary filmmaker, who sees himself as a modern day Bud Greenspan or David Wolper, led our next group He eventually got on the Board two years ago with his last minute McCarthylike smears of his opponents. He was thoroughly chastised and exposed by the Fair Campaign Practice Board. His short reign may end with resignation or for sure by the hand of the voters in 2009.

It was this group, now led by Robert Bernstein, the manipulating attorney from Edgemont who once claimed that he would spend endless hours per week to pursue his goal of removing Paul Feiner. We all wondered then what were the nefarious reasons behind his active and venal animosity. Maybe with the revelation of the Troy affidavit, the truth will start to bubble to the surface. Maybe with the acquisition of this parcel of land, Bernstein will establish his capital and his seat of power. Like Louis XIV, the Sun King, Le Roi Soleil, who was attributed to have said, “L Etat, c’est moi,” or “I am the state!” Bernstein will become the crowned head of Edgemontania. Maybe he will not only be able to secede from Greenburgh, but Westchester, the United States and maybe the Western Hemisphere. Hurrah and hail for a tax-free Edgemontania!

I can see it now, Edgemontania as a small principality, not unlike San Marino, where its income derives mainly from postage stamps and corporations, which reside comfortably in a tax-free atmosphere. I am sure he would rather reside in the Cayman Islands, with its famous Seven-Mile Beach, and tax-shelters, but unfortunately, Edgemontania’s only water front is the Bronx River, which is much more like a creek then the Caribbean. But so what, the hilly beauty of Edgemont is more reminiscent of the foothills of Albania. Albania used to have a portly sovereign at one time or another. One, Ahmed Zogu, with the support of Yugoslavia, became president in 1924 and proclaimed himself King Zog I in 1928. I am wondering if the sobriquet, King Bernie doesn’t seem to fit, and whether he should borrow Zog’s famous name and become Zog II. Let’s face it there have been many Kings with the names of Louis, Charles, Wilhelm, Frederick, and even Richard, but Zog!

Zog II, of the CABALISTIC Kingdom of Edgemontania It has a ring to it. I suggest a popular uprising at the pond in Edgemont to show popular support for a revolution. Off with Feiner’s head!

But of course all this is fable. Edgemont is the home to an unlimited amount of sensible people, and they would never allow a coup d’etat from this wannabe potentate. They are made of sterner stuff and when the news of his plotting comes out, his pipedream as the future King-Emperor will be dim as the smoke from his burning ambition rises to the stratosphere.

The Shadow!

Anonymous said...

The Best of the Shadow - part III

I suggest all of you lusty cast of characters that inhibit this blog show up at the real theater of the absurd and watch the un-crowned clown prince of Edgemontania, the faux King Zog II, and his band of merry mischief makers, twist this miscreant Board into another pretzel of their design on Wednesday night.

It should be a lesson to all of us when they must confront the evidence of their dark magic, now exposed to the light of day.

Maybe the 4th estate will finally take note of who really directs the Board. Maybe then the portly puppet-master, the uncrowned King, will pull another rabbit out of his black bag of Blackstone tricks.

The world waits in wonderment for this wannabe Prince to explain away his wheeling and dealing!

Let's find out how Bass was going to arrange this "no can lose" referendum. Let's find out how Edgemont will be bent to the will of Zog II and his dreams of a secessionist paradise beholden to no one.

How ironic is it that Queen Bee Suzanne, who knows virtually nothing of Greenburgh is the official head of this ticket of mischief makers, while the real power is Zog the 2nd who pulls all the strings.

Keep up the good work you literary pigmies. Keep on banging the empty drum of WestHelp, that's a good one. Keep up talking about Feiner's money! But don't forget about the "real" story, the one that is about greed, corruption, manipulation, law-breaking and arrogance. Don't forget about how Zog II gets everyone in line!

The Shadow knows!

Anonymous said...

The Best of the Shadow and his son! -part IV

Please note: The usual defenders of the Four Stingless Bees seemed to have gone away. Maybe they are busy like little drones working on the hive's protection tonight. Maybe, just maybe, it is starting to resonate with them that the problems that Bassgate is causing may not go away.

But in reality, Bernie the attorney, who writes all their claptrap is probably busy wondering if he'll be disbarred.

Meanwhile, back to the real world!
a) What was this deal all about?
b) Why is Barnes supporting Edgemont secession? Is she crazy?
c) Is Juettner really awake? What is a lawyer doing in illegal meetings?
d) Can Bass guarantee a referendum and a victory? Send him to the GOP!
e) What are the implications for S&R Developement and what did the Board really promise?
f) What happened if the property was given to Bernie the Attorney and he did not give it back?
g) Why was S & R led by the nose?
h) Do the people of Edgemont want their own Village with Bernie and Michelle as their Duke and Duchess?
i) Does the open meeting laws mean anything to the Board?
j) Why did Bass croak and choke on WCBS-880 this morning?
k) Is the heat in the kitchen getting to hot?
l) When will these people resign?
m) Why are they proposing an unconstitutional ethics law?
n) Should they all be prosecuted?
o) What control has Bernie have over these so-called elected officials?
p) Does he have pictures on Bass?
q) When will these public "servants" be sworn?

Tune in to more of the Son of the Shadow

Anonymous said...

The Best of the Shadow- part V

The Shadow Watched Carefully!

The Town Board met last night and the storm that broke over Westchester returned with vengeance to 177 Hillside Avenue, There the story finally got out about the real ethics problem facing Greenburg. Suzanne Berger’s contributions! It was told that she got 33% of her campaign money from her law firm, Bryan, Cave, in the wake of her engineering the no-bid deal in Greenburgh! Now we are talking ethics! Let her deny the connection, let her plead that these contributors are only her friends, but they got their money’s worth in spades!

How about roly-poly from Edgmontania? Bernie the Attorney, aka King Zog II, came in loaded for bear and got a whiff of grapeshot blasted back at him. King Zog II expects to rule Edgemont one day as the Kingdom of Edgmontania. He wants to be a benevolent dictator, a philosopher king, in the Platonic mold. Maybe he needs a platonic friend? But boy were his hands shaking when he handed his papers over to Princess Michelle. But Barnes was quivering and silent! Why did she cave-in on secession for Edgemont? Where was Juettner? She never uttered a word, maybe she was just brain dead or asleep. But Sir Francis he was totally out of control, talking like a frightened magpie. Boy is that guy a bag of stale wind! Two and half years left to get him!

It was great theater on Channel 76, sorry I couldn't be there to enjoy the show!

The Shadow Knows!

Anonymous said...

An interesting Zoning Board Meeting. I have one question: Whose initials are on the map that was dated with the notation March 2007? Since the Town Board is the only legal authority to be able to change a Zoning Map and since they did not vote on a change in March 2007, who made these changes? Whoever initialed the map seems to have violated Greenburgh Law and should be dismissed from their positions for doing so.

unkosher to me said...

It's not bernie the attorney. it's bob bernstein you're talking about. Bob was going to get a deed from the developer. My understanding was that the deed was in his name?
bass seems to think that was a good idea.
seems unkosher to me

Anonymous said...

From the Shadow Part VI

The Four Stingless Bees (Barnes, Bass, Bernie the Attorney, Berger) and Sir Francis Duck (aka Drake) were exposed last night. Bernie the Attorney aka King Zog II accused Ms. Merton of Pace Law School of expectorating on him the last time they met. Maybe because he is small and round and she thought he was a spittoon. But truthfully she was offended by his manhandling her as she announced that to the throng of interested and newly enlightened spectators.

Of course that silenced Barrister Bernie, who seems taller when his Kingly Crown is on his shiny pate. Of course he claimed that his train was late, but the Shadow knows that the trains were never interrupted by the big sinkhole in midtown.

But the real fireworks happened when Princess Suzanne started screetching shut up, shut up! Very classy style. Even the legal beagles in "Inherit the Wind" didn't blow that much flummoxed hot air.

In truth the Princess knows little of Greenburg or even Dobbs Ferry where her highness was defeated for Town Judge.

Princess Suzanne or the 33% gal, who received 33% of her political donations from Bryan, Cave, where she toils, was unhappy when one local wag exposed her firm's largess. Was it pay back time for her insider no-bid deal arranged by Bass and Sheehan? Methinks something is rotten in Denmark!

The Princess, if she wins, is hinting at hiring a town manager at an annual expense of $150 to $300 gs when one adds in all the benies! She'll then bop into her new office once in a while as she pulls down a salary from Bryan, Cave. Seems quite convenient for the Princess!

Of course it could be King Zog II serving in his dual role as monarch of Edgemontania and Town Manager of the New Greenburgh.

Of course the Silver Streak swimmers, who want an extra swim day at the Young Center, won't have a pool when Edgemont becomes the the Village of Edgemontania. They better take up something like stickball.

But, all in all, it was an enlightening evening. The new ethics team decided to put loop holes in every provision but one. That provision would prevent the Supervisor from doing anything, and if he did anything, especially whistle-blowing he would be locked out of his office by the young dashing Kaminar. I see the deft touch of Sir Francis Duck. Of course Sir Francis, who speaks volumes for the Board; Barnes is tongue-tied, Juettner is asleep, and Bass is contemplating leaving town, has two more years to bore the shrinking Greenburgh audience with his moronic drivel.

The Shadow "Knows what lurks in the hearts of men (women, too!) He'll be watching from the most unlikely of places!

God save Edgemontania and all of King Zog II's citizens!

hal samis said...

I'm liking the Shadow. I can't wait for the next installment.

Anonymous said...

In today's Scarsdale Inquirer Bob Bernstein states that "We therefore welcome the fact that the town council was willing to work with us in Edgemont to explore whether the property could be protected."

At Wednesday's meeting Bob stated categorically that "no meeting took place." Well Bob, which is it? Did you meet with the developers without any approvals from the Edgemont community or did you not? Did you commit to costing Edgemont taxpayers millions of dollars without asking them first to create your Park District?

Jim, no defense for your buddies???

Anonymous said...

"was willing to work with" does not equal have a meeting

and I would first like Feiner to take an oath that the only expenditure of Westhelp moneies was to VSD or the FFD.

Anonymous said...

If the Bernstein/Sheehan defenders are now claiming that there was no meeting, why did the Town Council accept Tim Lewis' suggestion of silence? If there was no meeting, they would have nothing to worry about.

Also, please cite exactly where Bernstein and McNally were given permission by the Edgemont Community to arrange financial deals involving Park Districts. Also, please cite were the Edgemont Community was told or voted upon asking the Town to hold a special ballot referendum on acquiring this piece of property.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell the four on the council ,Bernstein,and McNally----
Your ship is sinking fast,there are no life savers left.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell the four on the council ,Bernstein,and McNally----
Your ship is sinking fast,there are no life savers left.

hal samis said...

Dear 9:19,

You must have missed something due to the sound system at Town Hall.
Apparently Mr. Lewis had advised the Town Council not to say anything to the Public, only at a Town Board meeting. However it must be perfectly alright to discuss their presence at the meetings with the reporters from The Scarsdale Inquirer.

I'm not an attorney but I guess quotes made to reporters are not admissions and are really just some kind of joking exchange that goes on and are really not meant to be taken seriously.

Such an example of this "good natured frivolity" would be Mr.Sheehan telling The Scarsdale Inquirer that "In fact, the Council sought to expand the proposed moratorium to include commercial development as well."

Now that is either breaking news, fantasy or playing the game that when Sheehan speaks, he does so tongue-in-cheek never expecting it to be believed. Perhaps offering a treat for "Seinfeld" fans who still miss the show.
Let's give them the Town Council, a show about nothing.

If commercial moratorium talk ever occurred, which I doubt, it would have to be simultaneous with the Council's decision to drop the march to moratorium. Think: 'As long as we're not going forward with the moratorium, then we can safely expand it to include all development along Central Avenue.' It is apparent that Mr. Sheehan is now running his own and parallel Planning Department because the Planning Commissioner has never commented on any intention to expand the scope of the proposed moratorium: that would include any of the Public discussions and Planning Board presentations regarding the moratorium.

There was another tv show long gone that I miss. It was named
"Dream On" about things that went on in just the narrator's head.

The fuzzy determination of what is reality is the hallmark of a Town Council which says whatever it wants with impunity knowing that they can contain the reaction by shackling those who question.

Mr. Sheehan has mastered this all too well and has learned how to manipulate the media which don't have the resources to fact check every utterance. When falsehoods appear in print articles, they will forever remain fixed as true because readers are trained to believe what they see in print. At Town meetings, Mr. Sheehan knows he can speak untimed and limitless and that he will always have the opportunity to be the last word. Perhaps having started as a member of the peanut gallery and observing first hand how it works, he has lusted for the day when he could sit on the dais and work the position to his advantage.
Now that he has achieved his ambition, he has become a greater tyrant than could have been imagined.

Thinking of my own skepticism when reading the newpaper comments made by the neighbors of those who have committed horrific crimes, my reaction to those typical comments, i.e. "he seemed like such a nice guy" was always 'how could you not suspect something was amiss?' I have since learned that the guy "next door". in this case Mr. Sheehan, is not the nice guy that I once thought existed. All that was needed for the real Sheehan to come to the surface was to win the first race and thereafter he hasn't looked back.

What the general public (or more correctly their friends racing to the aid of the Council) thinks is happening when they see disturbances and "disrespect" occurring at Town meetings is that there is an unruly mob in the room.
What is really happening is that the Town Meeting is really the private clubroom of the Town Council to which a number of friends are invited and, lacking their own meeting room, they have to use the Town Hall which by law is open to the Public. They are not happy when the Public shows up and they do their best to discourage the Public from speaking. From time to time the Public succumbs to its anguish at being manipulated and lied to and reacts with passion. Those who sit at home, themselves too busy to make the effort to attend, judge those that do make the effort just upon what they hear or see from the POV of the camera. They miss the behind the scenes politicking and they never see what is happening from the angles that the camera doesn't pick-up.

The Greenburgh Town Board meeting is really a lot funnier than "Seinfeld". You just need to be a little more in the loop to recognize the laughs.

I continue to recommend reading Ayn Rand for an understanding of how subtle are the ways to manipulate public opinion. Instead of starting with the "bible", the long "Atlas Shrugged", I suggest the more digestable plot driven novel, "Fountainhead". Once you read this, you will, at the very least understand, if not agree, with my observations.

Anonymous said...

It isn't that the Scarsdale Inquirer lacks resources to check facts. All they have to do is ask questions of others than Bernstein and Sheehan.

The problem is that the Scarsdale Inquirer is a poop sheet for the Town Council and for Bernstein. Susan Wolfert has esttablished that she is not a reporter, but their press agent.

Anonymous said...

The hand writing was on the wall when Sheehan gave Kaminer a job at town hall as a goofer. Has he promised the Wolfert dame a position,also. It seems she reports on what Sheehan and Kaminer says is ok to print.

Anonymous said...

Did the Scarsdale Inquirer report that the Bernstein wanted the developer to give him (not the town) a deed to the land near the nature center as a gift?

Green Burgher said...

No - the Inquirer reported correctly that the land was to be deeded to the Town. Not Edgemont, not Fairview, not the volunteer firefighters in Ardsley and not the Supervisor himself.
The "deal" fell through because it seems the developer wanted to both claim a charitable gift (the difference between the $1.4 million he paid for the land and the $10+ million his appraisal said it was worth) AND get a zoning variance.
The IRS has rules about such things - and those rules say a gift is a gift and giving something in return for a tangible benefit is not a gift.

hal samis said...

For all his sage advice and self-directed "I'm the man to ask" needlepoint, Bob Bernstein has never been the personification of one whom anyone would pay to hear at a comedy club doing stand-up.

He has always presented himself as as detached, soft spoken* (perhaps done so to cause listeners to lean forward in their seats to hear him
and thus give him their complete attention and the by-product that his words gain added weight) and very, very serious, even more serious than Francis Sheehan.

Thus it is surprising to learn in The Scarsdale Inquirer that there is another Bob, a person trapped below the outer skin and hiding just below the public personna of pregnant with pompousness.

And this person is Bob Bernstein, the practical joker. Bob Bernstein told The Scarsdale Inquirer that (he) 'denied that thoughts of a village hall factored into the negotiations. He said the topic came up in jest, but was never seriously considered.'

Please send in your vote whether Bob or the Shadow should win this week's new comic award.

But before you vote, take another look at the GIFT AGREEMENT which BOB WROTE, which he does not deny writing, holding the original he raced up to the podium to make sure that it was read in its entirety by the speaker. I too want everyone to read it. The Gift Agreement is exhibit 19 of the Troy affidavit. The only problem is that if it had been signed, you would not be been able to read it unless you knew it EXISTED and therefore subject to FOIL...IF...let me type section 9:
and section 10:

And who are the parties?
S&R Development Estates, LLC,
Richard Troy, Managing Member AND

Robert B. Bernstein (this was agreement was drafted by Robert B. Bernstein)

Now there are two divergent directions that confound residents.
1) This is an agreement by private parties and thus not subject to FOIL requests and would remain secret or
2) This is an official agreement and thus subject to FOIL requests; however this raises the question: Who the hell is Robert B. Bernstein and who empowered him to sign an agreement which obligates the Town?

If Bob says that he is merely sitting in for the Town, who gave him the right which does otherwise would not exist. In point of law, the agreement does not say that Bernstein WILL but instead says MAY (per paragraph 6) assign any rights he has to the Town) and if the Town DOES NOT enter into its own agreement which would supersede this agreement, then there is no provision that the Gift Agreement would be rendered void. As the result, Bernstein could acquire the property.
And, of course, as the agreement is supposed to remain secret, then the Town might never know of its rights or even its obligations.
Whether I believe in Town Attorney Lewis' abilities, I would still argue that the Office of the Town Attorney would be the proper destination for this agreement, not to argued, drafted and signed by Bob Bernstein as its Agent.
Since I am positive that Mr. Bernstein is also aware of this as he knows everything and would not trip over who represents the Town, then I must consider that there is really some not ulterior motive or unspecified outcome intended.

Bernstein is a very sharp lawyer and, as it turns out, really a very funny man. Ha Ha. Why aren't you laughing too?

*And yes Virginia, I have witnessed Bob Bernstein baiting women, calling them "honey" and the like to provoke them.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time that Bernstein has functioned as an unacknowledged but dominant member of the town government. Ordinarily he has been smart enough to obscure the fact that he and Bass and Sheehan have a close working relationship, and the two women just say yes. This time he slipped. Arrogance I suppose. But he has put himself in the middle, drafting documents, being the intermediary for land transfers, and participating in secret meetings that would bind Edgemont and the town.

He along with the Town Council have to be investigated and penalized.

Anonymous said...

It has been finally leaked that Robert Bernstein, aka as Bernie the Attorney, and the yet to be crowned king of Edgmontania, Zog II, is really the Shadow. With indisputable evidence surfacing from the files of Asst. District Attorney, LM Cranston, the story is damning. Cranston who served notably and with distinction from the days of Carl Vergari, of sainted memory, to our present DA, is the new Deep Throat of Westchester. It seems as Cranston was comparing word sequences and the coincidence of certain phraseology, he came to the conclusion that the Shadow must be Bernstein.

First of all, whispering Bob, the fearsome foe of Feiner, and the Shadow, speak with dulcet tones. BB aka as Zog II has had his voluminous material entered into the archives of Greenburgh, Westchester, and the Library of Congress innumerable times. Therefore, with careful research, and plenty of material to work with, along of old recordings of the Shadow episodes, with the legendary Orson Welles, Cranston determined that these two were one in the same. This shocking news came out only yesterday, as it was leaked by phone to the Journal News. But the call was traced back to the DA's office, and to Cranston's extention. He was the only person in the office that time of the day, and Cranston's analytical skills are legendary. Little was known of LM Cranston's early days, but he served with William Friedman of the legendary codebreakers of Naval Intelligence fame, who broke the Japanese Purple (Naval) code, and spent 2.5 years in Bletchley Park, Room 20 deciphering the famous German Enigma code. Only Cranston, whose early education was at a little private school on Baker Street could be able to trace these verbal samilarities.

Of course it was impossible to see any other similarities. The future King Zog II is roly-poly, bald and incredibly short, and the Shadow is tall, dark, handsome and wears a slouch fedora. His eyes are quite piercing, and he can see into men's souls. It is also true that both Zog II and the Shadow have never been seen together. That maybe the real proof we all have sought.

It is also true the Shadow has the power "to cloud men's minds (and even women- Barnes and Juettner) and the Asst. DA may really believes that he clouded their minds in their series of meetings. They thought that he was just having that land ceded to him to put up a Truth Museum, dedicated to the abuses of Supervisor Feiner. There were going to be exhibits like, Feiner's Problem Solver car sign, and his old American Flyer bike, and his various t-shirts. There was even going to be a special wing dedicated to his supermarket card tables. Only the Shadow could convince incredibly gullible people with that charade. Every one knows that Feiner's bike was given to the Smithsonian and his car sign was to be willed to a local pizza delivery service, if and when, he retired somewhere in his 80's or 90's. By then, of course, pizza would never be delivered by by car.

The Shadow also mesmerized S & R developemnt and Richard Troy. He convinced them that with his acolyte, Stevie Bass, they were going to order, create, and win a referendum based on the fabrication of protecting the Edgemont schools. It almost worked. but the hynotic daze inflicted on the Troy family was finaly lifted because of some weather inversion that blew through Westchester. There was a mini-tornado that brushed through the County around that time.

Now that the truth is out and I am sure that we have heard the last of the Shadow and Zog II. It would seem that their days of incredible influence are on the wane.

From the Voice and the Mind of the:
The Son of the Shadow and the new voice of truth!

Anonymous said...

"He along with the Town Council have to be investigated and penalized."

Realize, though, that there are no legal grounds to penalize Bernstein or McNally. Nor are they bound by any town ethics regulations. For good and/or for bad, as private citizens not in elected office, they can meet with whomever they want and propose whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 8:10, you are mistaken. Both of them took it upon themselves to make a deal for the residents,in Edgemont without anyone's knowledge,.Who are they to take such a criminal matter in their own hands,for the betterment of Edgemont.Yes they cannot be punished by the ethics board,but they could be punished if a civil action is brought against them.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein might not have broken the law by meeting with a developer and the Town Council. He is a private citizen. But, as a lawyer he should know better. Lawyers are not supposed to meet with private citizens unless their lawyer is present. The Town Council should not have preseeted the applicants lawyer from participating in a meeting and Bernstein, knowing the restriction, should not have participated in the meeting. Ask the BAR Association for a ruling.

Anonymous said...

Why did the Town Council and Sheehan prohibit the developers applicant from bringing a lawyer to the meeting with Sheehan, Bass, Barnes, Juettner?
A violation of rules governing lawyers. Bernstein should not have gone along with the restriction. He is a lawyer. He knows better.

Anonymous said...

Somebody under the age of 70 asks: what is this "shadow" thing people keep alluding to?

Anonymous said...

Steve Bass
Francis Sheehan
Eddie Mae Barnes
Diana Juettner
We want you to swear, under oath, what took place during your meetings with the developer. Are his allegations true?

Anonymous said...

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man" The Shadow Knows!

Wednesday night we were entertained by the both this mysterious "Shadow" also known as (aka) Bernie the Attorney, or the uncrowned king of Edgemontania, King Zog II. The proof is irrefutable.

Now it has come to the attention of the special investigator, LM Cranston of the Westchester DA's office, that the strange women who attempts to end each meeting with her unusually pious slant on political life in Greenburgh, is the mother of the "Shadow."

Only the "Shadow's" mother could be in all of these places at one time: the Zoning Board, the Planning Board, the Tuesday work sessions of the Town Board and the myriad of committees that she haunts. This ominous spririt is obviously leaking all sorts of goodies to Bernie the Attorney, aka the "Shadow." How else would hard-working, sincere, Bernie be made aware of what is going on?

This stately conscience of Greenburgh has become a monument (or monolith) to "truth, justice and the American way." Her pearls of wisdom must rank high up on the pecking order, or scratching post with Kate Smith's rendition of "God Bless America." In fact she sort of looks like Kate Smith. It is true that Kate, who is currently immortalized in bronze in front of the Spectrum in Philly, hasn't been seen since 1986. It was about that time that this woman appeared in our midst. Originally people in her neighborhood started to hear a strange old song that was subsequently identified as "When the Moon Goes Over the Mountain."

Could this "Conscience of Greenburgh" be both Kate Smith, and the mother of the "Shadow?" As we have recently learned, anything is possible.

Every day there is an unfolding of new facts to confound and surprise the residents of Greenburgh.

The new first family of Greenburgh and the independent principality of Edgemontania, has been "outed."

Bernie the Attorney, aka King Zog II, we now know is the "Shadow." The last speaker at all Greenburgh meetings, is really Kate Smith, who used to close meetings with a rendition of the Star-Bangled Banner, who now has been immortalized as the voice of "God Bless America" in the Bronx. Queen MM is now the uncrowned consort of King Zog II and their daughter is the ravishing (roots showing)but brainless, legally blond, Princess Suzanne.

This uncrowned first family of Greenburgh/Edgemontania still has to deal with the following:

1) Telling strangely different stories to the press about their various and nafarious meetings.
2) Giving depositions on whether they had illegal meetings with the Council.
3) Will Sir Francis Duck be made Prime Minister of the independent State of Edgemontania?
4) Will the new Village Hall be made of Belgium stone?
5) If the Town Board is dissolved will Stevie be given a job?
6) Where will be the coronation of King and Queen Zog II be held?
7) Seeking Town paid legal defense, when they say they didn't meet.

Everyone is waiting with baited- breath to read the chapter of this soap opera.

Tune in to the Son of the "Shadow" with new tales from the family's kitchen table!

Anonymous said...

Steve Bass
Francis Sheehan
Eddie Mae Barnes
Diana Juettner

Answer the question:


Anonymous said...

To 7/21/2007 9:30 PM ... But they made no deal. Allegedly attempted, but no deal was made, so no civil or criminal matter for the private citizens.

Anonymous said...

yea, i don't get the shadow thing either ... maybe it was a 70s tv show or something?

hal samis said...

How come all you confused people with internet access don't go to google or wikipedia and type: The Shadow or Lamont Cranston?

I wish I had thought of this architecture for my comments. If you are on board with the framing, it is fiendishly written and for would-be imitators, there is always Bulldog Drummond or Mr. Moto.

Anonymous said...

To 11:48yes they did not consumate the deal but intent was still there. They still had some criminality up their sleeves. Yes the ethics board cannot handle this matter,because they are citizens of Greenburgh,BUT THERE ARE OTHER courses that could be taken. Shame on the board and shame on the two citizens.

Green Burgher said...

Assuming the meeting was "illegal" would including the Supervisor have made it "legal"? Of course it wouldn't have - so why is the Supervisor making a fuss about being left out? He should be thanking his lucky stars he wasn't invited - because I fear, given his track record, had he been invited, he would have attended!
As for McNally and Bernstein, they cannot be charged with attending an "illegal" meeting - there is no prohibition on their constitutionally protected right of free association (unless Richard Garfunkel has decided to suspend that part of the US Constitution to aid Feiner's re-election campaign).

Anonymous said...

The meeting was illegal because it was not open and the requirements of the open meetings law were not followed. There was no chance of Feiner being told about it because Sheehan and Bass have decided, illegally, to change the town government from a Town Board form of government to a Town Council form of government.

The illegality didn't require that they actually made an agreement. It was the secret and closed meeting. It was also the acting in a conspiracy. Remember, the objective of a conspiracy doesn't have to be achieved for there to be a crimninal conspiracy.

feiner exposed said...

oh no - more conspiracy bs

the biggest joke is that the dromore developer claimed feiner and mr bernstein were in a conspiracy together - thats the biggest joke

now we learn the developer has altered his affidavit - feiner of course never posted that one because it probably doesnt attack bernstein and mcnally.

more proof that feiner is only interested in attacking citizens and not getting at the truth. seems the troys told some half truths. now did they really think the property was zoned multifamily when they paid so little for it?

Anonymous said...

Where is this altered affadavit???

altered affidavit said...

altered affidavit file with the zoning board at their last meeting

im sure feiner has a copy.

Anonymous said...

The Son of the Shadow Observes:

The classic cult Book "City of Nets" by Otto Freidrich, published by Harpor and Row, in 1986, tells a strange and incestuous tale of the interwoven characters of Hollywood that stand two dimensional on the silver screen or sit ensconced in their plush office chairs behind mahogony desks. These dark, crass and half-alive models of the film noir, hold nothing on the characters who star in the Troy Affidavit.

As Adam Smith said, "People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but conversation ends in a conspiracy against the people..."

"Every morning, to earn my bread, I go to the market place where lies are bought. Hopefully I take my place with the sellers." Bertolt Brecht.

The characters in this farce are creations that have morphed from medicocrity to self-righteousness, and reflect the decline and bankruptcy of the body politic in Greenburgh!

One party government has spawned this dismal group. Four years ago Bass and Barnes ran unopposed. Bass, a person who has done little to deserve any office was appointed to fill a vacancy, and Barnes who has become tired in her long and unchallenged tenure on the Board, has become the poster child for the intravenous use of Geritol.

Therefore two years ago the door was opened for a challenge, and for the first time in a long while the one party world became the two-party reality: the Feiner Party and the Sir Francis Party. Who would really stand with the power mad Sir Francis the Fiend?

Of course now the mist that "clouds men's minds" is starting to lift. BB, or King Zog II aka the Shadow, has by some process, akin to osmosis, seeped venally into the "evil that stimulates the hearts of men (women too!.)" The old guard led by the atavistic Krauss, the obtuse O'Sheas, and other theater of the absurd characters like Sammis and Greenawalt have disappeared from this Kubuki theater alliance. They have retired from the field of hors de combat or shifted allegiances. They have left the stage to the roar of the grease paint and the smell of the crowd. They have this farcical danse macabre that has been running longer than "Oklahoma" to the real master of pupetry. This is proof, solid and definitive proof, that BB or King Zog II is the Shadow, or maybe the Phantom, or most propable the master puppeteer.

He like Lucretia Borgia or the Empress Livia has poisoned all of his fellow travelers. They have left the field to him, and him alone. It is now his triumph or his defeat.

He, with the aid of his political water-carriers, and the other unthinking pawns on the Board, finally found his "line to the King."

Not unlike a chess game, he carefully lured all of the players into his web of deceit. He knew he could not possibly win this election with Princess Suzanne, an inexperienced tool of the Brodskyites. He knew she was incapable of a decent race. But he didn't figure that she would create an incredible ethical black hole with her no-bid deal with Sir Francis and her law firm. King Zog II with all of his observing and manipulative skills could not have forseen the consequences of that faux pas. Who would have predicted that her ethical slide into oblivion would surface so soon? It did not take only the eyes of the pervceptive, the Son of the Shadow, to see her recent Board of Election contributor postings! Bryan, Cave, aka the "law firm" now has a large milch cow in Greenburgh. Ohers have seen, others know, and others understand this blatant and corrupt deal.

Of course, the vehicle for this coup was to be the land that abuts the Greenburgh Nature center. He would fund that acquisition with the fear-mongering of the schools. What else is new? He would wave the "bloody red flag" and deal would have been perfect. Troy would have been forced into accepting his piece of the action, Bass would have rushed the referendum through to secure his status as the protector of the Edgemont schgools, the voters would have flocked to save their property values, and BB would then become the crowned head of Edgemontania, King Zog II.

Oh what a perfect scheme! But of course this Troy was no Helen and he was not happy with his kipnapping by some modern day Paris. He swore out his deposition, and it was leaked by the Supervisor. Without that leak all would have been covered up in some endless litigation. The newly designated Ethics Board, a creation of Zog II, and his vassal Sir Francis the Fiend, would now make it a crime to reveal such "shenanigans." In other words, if this whistle-inhibitor law would have gone through, the Supervisor could have been removed from office. A coup d'etat.

So note the complexity of this woven web, this "City of Nets." It is all out there to see and understand. All the players are on the stage, and this King Zog II as morphed into a modern King Lear.

The Son of the Shadow observes with clarity.

hal samis said...

The significance of the "altered affidavit" is that it corrects a error regarding a date. Although I haven't read it myself, I believe that it is not significant.

What is equally significant is the letter to the Zoning Board from Mr. Stellato which was sent to the Zoning Board on the afternoon of their Hearing. Too late to be received by the Applicant and his Attorney but in time for Mr. Bernstein and Ella Preiser to obtain a copy.

Such tit for tat was part of the basis for the Zoning Board to continue the hearing.

And while we're on the fair play in war angle, the Planning Department was in such a rush to display (and point to) a correct zoning map (even though they claim that reading an incorrect map is not a defense) that in February they just replaced the faulty one with a corrected one -- not bothering to obtain a required Zoning Resolution to make the correction.

And for those of you who are into such things, the Town also failed to comply with a FOIL request from the Developer to inspect the "chain" of maps. It seems that (no news here) the information that "works" can be located but that which presents "problems" gets mislaid.

Next up a speech by Mr. Sheehan resenting any attacks on the hard-working Town employees. Careful, Francis, don't start with "tens of thousands of employees..."

Anonymous said...

Isn't also true that the Town Board must approve changes to the Zoning Map? A line can not be moved legally just because Frances says he found a mistake from 1978. The map WAS APPROVED in 1996.

Anonymous said...

the Town Council should hire a new law firm now that Bryan Cave is funding the election campaign of one of the candidates. How can Bryan Cave be fair during the review process?

Anonymous said...

Googled and found out.
"King Zog was the king of Albania before WWII. As the Italians invaded Albania he and his Queen fled with the national treasure. Living as a jet setter in exile he dreamt of setting up a feudal kingdom outside his former homeland. He eventuallly, in 1951, bought the Knollwood estate, in Muttentown, Long Island. Knollwoood was a gold coast era estate built for Wall sstreet mogul Charles Hudson. It was a huge 60 room castle of marvel and splendor. The Albanian King never did move into the mansion. As it sat in abandonment rumors of hidden treasures Kong Zog hid in the walls started to spread. It wasn't long before the estate was tarnished by vandals. This eventually led to it being torn down rather than restored,. Lukily for Long Islanders some of the ruins from this estate still exist."

Anonymous said...

Princess Suzanne is obviously in trouble now with Bryan, Cave. The overt and blatant connection between their funding of her campaign and the quid pro quo contract is out in the open. Sir Francis Duck, the former Admiral of the Ocean Seas, will be swimming against an ethical tsunami when all is exposed. Of course he has bought some time with this faux ethics board that has ignored the advice of some fine legal minds.

But will Group Steiner will hold out against any attacks? Quien sabe? But come January 1st, if this ethic's board starts to act like an NBA coach and blow the whistle because some "hitman" has been hired by Sir Francis to look over their shoulder, watch out. Their rulings will be well scrutinized and if the "fix" is in, the DA's office will be answering calls like David Stern.

My guess, as I peer through my crystal ball, is that the ethics board will be saturated with phony charges against Feiner. But I am sure if they cave in to such extortion, they will be quite unhappy as time goes by.

Hopefully, now that they have been appointed, they will wise up, remain independent and apolitical. But never forget the reach of Zog II and his water carriers young Stevie and Francis the Talking Mule.

By the talk about history, that was a great series with Donald O'Connor and I can see the similarity between the two of them. A mule has no hair, big teenth, false or not, and they are both notoriously stubborn.

Remember the Grandson of the Shadow lurks every where and hears everything. He's got his tenacles right in Town Hall, where many fear and loath "The Talking Mule."

So beware! One day the DA will be looking at the Troy document and she's no Helen to be kidnapped and taken to a faraway place!

Grandson of the Shadow!

shadow exposed? said...

shadow exposed? sounds more and more like someone linked to garfunkel, feiner's campaing manager - is it garfunkel's wife? feiner is a shadow supervisor so its not suprising he has a shadow campaign manager in mrs garfunkel. either way, one wonders if the shadow is now swallowing richard garfunkel's meds. if so, now we know why garfunkel acts the way he does.

Anonymous said...

Richard Garfunkel aka Reeking Carbuncle

Anonymous said...

Garfunkel is a bit crazy but he is also right on about the Council people, even if he overdoes the language.

crazy man garfunkel? said...

a bit crazy? is that like being half pregnant?