Thursday, September 20, 2007


Most communities in Westchester do not have emergency generators in their buildings. On Friday (tomorrow) Greenburgh will be among the handful of communities to have a generator at our town hall. The need for a generator became obvious last year when there were power outages all over the county. I recall reading about Eastchester- there was a power outage at their police HQ. And, they couldn't do anything about it.
THe town will now be able to function if their are blackouts/power outages.
Town Hall will close at 4 PM - power will be temporarily out.
In the event of a major power outage, the town hall could be used for temporary shelter to house the elderly/disabled.


Anonymous said...

Now that Steve and Eddie Mae will have alot of spare time on their hands, why don't we just set up a giant gerbil cage so they can run laps inside of it? As the gerbil cage spins, a magneto is turned and electricity is generated.

Anonymous said...

Wondered at first, a few months ago when it first arose, about the town hall generator idea. Since that time I have read about other towns and villages installing such generators. Now I think that it's good that it's there. Let's hope we never need it!

Jim Lasser said...

Congratulations on accomplishing an important objective. There are a few questions to which the public deserves answers -
How long will the generator be able to provide electricity to the facility without refueling? What happens if the crisis lasts longer than the fuel?
How will the Town notify residents the shelter is open and available during a particular crisis?
Has the Town established and published a protocol for determining how many seniors, how many disabled and how many other residents can/will be sheltered in an emergency?
What criteria will be used to include/exclude residents during a crisis?
Once the facility is at capacity what will happen to those who arrive later?

Anonymous said...

The return of Jim Lasser !!! Hip Hip Hooray! Back to the same old drivel from Edgemont Jim. The Supervisor talks about how Greenburgh is ahead of the curve in providing emergency power and all Edgemont Jim can do is come up with a laundry list of questions in a pathetic attempt to embaress Feiner. Among his questions are:

What happens if the crisis lasts longer than the fuel?

Gee Jim, I guess that means we have to get more fuel. How exactly will you Edgemonters do it at your Village Hall??

By the way Jim, we NEVER HEARD from you regarding the Dromore Road information that Hal Samis wanted. Namely, since you are an an executive of the Edgemont Community Council, was Bob Bernstein empowered by the ECC to obtain the Dromore Road Property on its behalf?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lasser,

Did you ask these questions on Bob Bernstein's behalf?? Or Michelle McNally?? Are you their new spokesman?

Jim Lasser said...

I guess the concept of a loyal opposition is beyond some members of the Greenburgh community - too bad because with the politics behind us, we could have made real progress.
I said nothing about Dromore, because unlike some bloggers, when I have no facts, I do not make things up or substitute opinions.
As for the ignoramus at 12:41 who thinks crises last only as long as there is fuel in the tank - did you learn nothing from New Orleans horrible experience with Katerina?
When the roads are closed, bringing in more fuel isn't always an option.
Greenburgh is ahead of the curve because the hardware is in place - we need to be just as sure the protocols and procedures are up to the standard of the hardware. More projects fail because of poor advance planning than bad hardware. All I'm asking is that we, as a community led by our elected officials, do not miss the opportunity to get all of our ducks in a row before we are in crisis. That's good management and good government - not politics.

Anonymous said...


Since you SERVE ON the ECC with Berstein and McNally, why don't YOU GET THE ANSWERS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lasser,we will have good management after November because we will have council members working for the Whole town and not just for your dear friends Bernstein and McNally.
The new members cannot be bought.

Anonymous said...

The new council members have already been bought and paid for by Paul Feiner. It ain't called the PAULitburo for nothing.
Lasser, hold your ground! Nice to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Edgemont Jim,

If you are going to create a Katrina-like crisis, no generator, even with an unlimited amount of fuel will suffice to meet the significant amount of issues which will arise. A generator in a Town Hall is only for a short term emergency. In a major catastrophe other issues such as clean water, food supply, population unrest, raw sewage backing up, etc, will come into play.

Your initial questioning is a complete Red Herring. You are setting up the Supervisor as a straw man to be blamed for failing to anticpiate and pre-plan for a serious catastrophe. All the Supervisor is doing is installing a generator in Town Hall. That is it. Town Hall is not a bunker designed to survive nuclear, biological, chemical or a massive natural disaster such as an earthquake or a tsunami.

When you and Bob Bernstein design the Edgemont Village Hall I suggest you create a bunker-like fortress so that the rest of us will have a place to hide out for months when the end comes.

Jim Lasser said...

I asked the question how long -
another blogger insinuated it was a foolish question, not me.
This is pointless - an omniscient presence is not sitting in Town Hall and it is not blasphemous to ask questions to which we, as citizens, deserve answers.
How long will the generator run on a full load of fuel?
How many people can be serviced under various conditions?
What will happen to those arrive at the shelter after it is full?
None of this questions is impertinent - and the answers should be in the realm of public discussion. No one is being "set up" as a straw man - unless you believe that questioning elected officials is not the role of citizens in a democracy.

hal samis said...

Dear Jim Lasser,

You ARE being evasive about this.
You, belonging to the ECC, KNOW that Bernstein and McNally were not empowered to act on behalf of the ECC re the meetings with Richard Troy. This is not conjecture awaiting confirmation of the Court but a simple fact already known: a fact already in your possession. Thus the emboldened request for your acknowledgement of this, not for a rendering of your opinion.

The Town Attorney has stated that Bernstein was not representing the Town.

Other members of the ECC have already acknowledged that Bernstein was not representing the ECC, at least not in any "official" capacity. However these members are not people who typically write blog postings. You do.

If this was not an official meeting(s) on behalf of at the behest of the ECC; if it was not an official meeting(s) promoting intersts of the Town; if Bernstein and McNally have nothing better to do with their Saturday afternoons than attend a gathering in Harrison; if Bernstein additionally takes the trouble to draft some documents under his name: what interest other than his own was being served?

However I didn't ask for your conjecture, I asked simply if Bersntein, ECC Head, was representing the ECC; still you have avoided answering; not by pleading friendship, not by pleading disinterest, but by stating that you are not in possession of all the facts and thus are not capable. No one is ever in possession of all the facts; we can comment on what we do know however.

If YOU SAW a person hit by a car and the police asked if you saw the accident, I think you would answer "yes" (because you are honest) or "no". You would not evade answering the question because you did't know where the victim was headed.

As for the gnerator at Town Hall, obviously this one location will not serve everyone and it will not function forever without fuel replenishment. The issue, even without all the i's dotted and the t's crossed, remains that Greenburgh is better off for having the generator than being without one. As it is similarly true for all the other communities which have chosen this option: they too have generators which will not service the needs of everyone and will not run forever without refilling the gas tank.

Likewise all literature and governmental programs that promote survival preparations and inventories do so on the basis that the disaster has a limited expiration date. When they advise a supply of drinking water, for example, it is meant to last for, say a week or two, of duration. There is no program or destination available for "public" participation which exists for indefinite use.

What you are suggesting is that the generator is not a cure all which anyone of even limited intelligence suspects to be true.
However, neither is it merely a false hope or a gimmick to promote Feiner and it's presence, to my knoweldge has not been marketed for that purpose. It is only a step, a first step if you will allow it to be taken. I don't think that your posting was merely to assure yourself and all other residents that the Supervisor had read the instruction book that came with the generator.

Nor do I think that the building across the street (Dannon) which has its own emergency generator will see a widespread cancellation of leases when it is pointed out that the generator will not last forever.

And it is possible to get all the ducks in a row but there is also a cost.
We could have generators in every school, in every public building. In every multi family hi-rise or town house development, in every shopping center, in every school district, on every block. And we could have above ground fuel tanks to back up the generators. Going beyond that there are several doable alternatives and scenarios possible under the banner of preparedness.
somehow in a Community which resists not only tax increases but also places strict controls on cell towers, I doubt that these efforts will gain much traction by the population at large.

Perhaps we should also ask what those leaders with bigger purses at their disposal, Ms. Bronz, Mr. Spano and Mr. Brodsky are doing for us in the way of disaster preparation.

Why not give the Supervisor a few more days to celebrate his victory before the mud slinging starts anew. The 2008 Town operating budget emotionalism starts in a few weeks. Maybe we can hide the purchase of a fuel stockpile somewhere in the DPW budget.

By the way, lest I forget, the Feiner Primary victory was made possible, in part, by the good citizens of Edgemont, at least by those citizens not represented by Edgemont civic leaders.

Anonymous said...

When will Bernstein be deposed regarding One Dromore?
When will he tell us why he wanted land deeded to him?

Anonymous said...

Jim, it really is a shame you have become so insignificant on this blog. When you had the opportunity to adress real issues you punted. Now, you resurface to ask questions about the gas level in a generator like you are investigating the Lindburgh kidnapping. Pretty pathetic

Jim Lasser said...

I have done something that no one other than Hal Samis has done - I have signed my name.
Hal deserves my respect, and an answer. The rest of you deserve only to be treated without rancor.
Hal, I said nothing because you and others had already held the trial and condemned those you regarded as guilty. I was not in possession of the facts, and as you well know, by the time I did learn "the truth" any defense I might have offered was moot. As you also know, the last 4 weeks of my silence was occasioned by ill-health - not lack of interest or a desire to "hide" anything. I don't have any more sway at the ECC than anyone else - you could have turned to Frank Kaiman who is a member of the Executive Committee and demanded he be deposed. But you and the anonymous bloggers chose me thinkng I was an easy target because I am willing to sign my name to my opinions.
I didn't punt - I simply refused to make up facts to advance or defend anyone's conspiracy theories. I'm sorry that my respect for the truth is so distasteful to so many. I am actually quite proud of that, and deeply dismayed by your attitude.

Anonymous said...

So, now you admit that you know the "truth" but won't share it.

Jim, you are quickly losing credibility here. You are acting childish. You are stating for all to see "I know something you don't na na na na na."

I'll behave as childish as you "Please Jim, pretty please with sugar on top, what happened at the Harrison meeting?"

Jim Lasser said...

I refuse to respond to someone without the courage top sign his name. Anonymous, you have already decided that something happened which you find abhorrent - if I say such was not the case, you won't believe me. Bernstein and McNally have told the truth and you choose not to believe them - are you suggesting that despite your protestations you hold my opinion in such high regard you would change your mind. I think not, and you are welcome to cling to your beliefs. Please do not insult me by pretending to respect me - you don't even respect me enough to sign your name.
I have become irrelevant because this blog has made truth irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Temper, temper Jimmy.

Pray tell, when did Bernstein or McNally tell all about the Harrison Meeting???? Since you won't ofer the "truth" as you know it, perhaps you can enlighten all of us as to the location of the printed words of Bernstein or McNally explaining what happened.

Anonymous said...

Jim boy talking about the truth,Bernstein and McNally lie and you swear. They admitted that they were at that meeting in Harrison.
Stop pretending that you know nothing of what took place.
The amount of voters in your area that came out to vote in the primary proves they are sick and tired of the ECC,and all the civic associations.
They are residents who seek the truth and don't want to be bullied into anything that you or your dear friends have to offer.
Smarten up you have all hung yourselves this time and there is no turning back.

hal samis said...


It is true that you have sick and mostly out of action in the last month.

But you still haven't confirmed that Bernstein and McNally were not at the meetings as representatives of the ECC.

This has nothing to do with an online trial or condemnation or a defense that you might want have wanted to mount.

When you write "the truth" (and I believe that the blog keyboard is limited to quotation marks) and talk of an undelivered defense does not convey that you agree or have consented to state that they did not attend these meetings representing the ECC. That's all I asked.

Later in another posting today you say that "Bernstein and McNally have told you the truth and you choose not to believe them". That statement is not a fact although you choose to believe them. You did not attend the meetings either so you are relying on their statements. The point here being that you are not acting consistently: You can't come right out and affirm what you know regarding the ECC yet you have little difficulty in advocacy despite awaiting all the facts.

Whereas I respect your words regarding your/our courage in posting with our given names, you were not a target because you had signed your name. Rather because you had introduced your opinions early on, parried the thrusts because of promised forthcoming defenses (when all the facts are known) and then stopped in your tracks on the one simple fact that was in your possession: that Bernstein and McNally were not (despite their ECC elected offices) at the meeting under a commission from the ECC.

Knowing this I rightfully removed the Town as their portfolio and that left their presence only as private citizens.

I don't see why this is so hard to acknowledge, even when you know what's coming next. It is admirable that you use your name versus "anonymous" or its cousins but since you do use your name that doesn't excuse your avoidance of discomforting posts.

Anonymous said...

If Bernstein is being paid to fight Feiner, has he lost his client?

Jim Is Irrelevant said...

Memo to Jim Lasser:

You are not irrelevent, you are just arrogant. Your statement:

"I have become irrelevant because this blog has made truth irrelevant."

is the sign of someone who is quite filled with his own importance. To think that you are the bearer of truth and the rest of us aren't quite as clued in as you is shameful. That attitude is what led to the crushing defeat that your side suffered in the recent election.

My advice, lose the attitude, come down from your lofty position and join the rest of us.

Jim Lasser said...

It is arrogant to hide in anonymity.

hal samis said...


Although I would prefer everyone to use their name, I would rather see comments, even absurd or lies, than no comments at all.

You or I, even from different sides, can deal with those who write without abandon by writing without attribution. The truth will always out in an open forum.

But if if comes to trading epithets
over the internet, let me remind you that:

"Familiarity breeds contempt"


"Go forth with crowds,
in loneliness is danger.
Call no man foe,
but never love a stranger."

Anonymous said...

Well Lasser,I guess we pinched a nerve in your side.
How does it feel to be constantly attacked.
How many times have you attacked people.

Anonymous said...

Lasser has the courage to speak up - and to sign his name, which is more than most of us....

Anonymous said...

Yes, he has the courage to sign his name but not to tell us what happened on Dromore Road.

Anonymous said...

There was a brief blackout today did the generator work?

Substance not Shadow LLC said...

Lasser also has the sense not to speak of things he has no first hand knowledge of - unlike bloggers who make up "facts" to fit their preconceptions.
It is not Lasser's job to ride herd on Bernstein and McNally - where were the Feiner appointed "block liaisons" during ECC meetings? Why aren't they being asked to tell the truth? OR were they just another "feiner" idea?

Anonymous said...

Lasser has stated he knows the truth about Dromore Road. He just won't share it.

hal samis said...

There are/were no appointed "block liaisons. Regrettably this was one of Feiner's ideas that I helped to kill. A position that I was wrong on.

And, with block liaisons, why would they feel the need to go to an umbrella like the ECC. The people know how to speak; witness the Primary vote.

Don't even think percentage of the total population. If it doesn't explain the block liaison, distinction is even more finely drawn when you get down to the ECC.

Anonymous said...

The truth about Dromore Road, according to Lasser, was that he believed Bernstein and McNally.

Anonymous said...

And what exactly is Bernstein and McNally's story??????

Anonymous said...

Jim Lasser won't tell, he is still holding his breath because he is mad!