Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Unofficial vote DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY 91%

Suzanne Berger 1951
Paul Feiner 3916

Kevin Morgan 2725
Eddie Mae Barnes 2705
Sonja Brown 2826
Steve Bass 2192

Town Clerk
Judith Beville 2838
Alfreda Williams 2129

Doris Friedman 3603
Walter Schwart 2573
Sandra Forster 2741

Absentee ballots and 7 districts have not been counted.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Paul! Best of luck to you. The public answered your call. Now you must do the right thing by us and take the control out of Francis Sheehan's hands and place it back where it belongs, with WE THE PEOPLE. America hates despots and we quickly grew tired of the CSI from Hartsdale. He is to blame for the stunning defeat for all things anti-Feiner. Now, our Democratic Principles must be restored.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to one of the greatets campaigners in Westchester's long history. They used to call Robert La Follette, "Fighting Bob," but Paul Feiner, the tenacious Supervisor from Greenburgh, is the real "Fighting Paul," and for sure is the "real" Democrat. Once again taking on the bosses, the party hacks, the NYC legal beagles, Paul won an unprecedented 9th term. He's been tested under fire more than any recent office holder in history, and has come through stronger and stronger. We all look forward to great days in the future marked by his unique brand of openess, transparency, creativity and progressiveness.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Good morning Suzanne ... good morning Steve ... good morning Eddie Mae ... good morning Alfreda ... good morning Czar Francis ... good morning Diana ... good morning Gil ... good morning Bob ... good morning Michelle. Great day, isn't it?

Have a good one!

hal samis said...

The anonymous blogger @ 9:15 made a spelling error.

Let me correct it.

Good mourning.

post mortem part 1 said...

hey unincorporated greenburgh - i wonder if you saw feiner's last campaign flyer in ehich he said he would be following a "villages first" policy.

i wouldnt gloat over this "victory"

berger's candidacy had no rationale or traction - no one really knew who she was

brown and morgan (if he holds on) will soon recede into rubber stampdom ala timmy weinberg and barnes and juettner before they got religion

an unchecked feiner is a recipe for more disasters

feiner still has to answer to the court rulings on the budget

on a more upflifting note - lets sit back and enjoy hal samis spar with sonya brown for the next four years - lol

Anonymous said...

Congradulations !!!!!!!!Paul,Morgan,Brown,Beville .Your work is just starting.
For the rest of the campaign remember that honesty is the best policy.
Being honest got you this far just follow the same guidelines and you all will be victorious in November.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have time to thank Sheehan and Bernstein for all the work they did to get you elected .
Goes to show you the hatred that they have for Feiner and how they tried to put him down on all points did not work in their favor in this important primary.
Loren,thank you as a committee man[wowwee]you worked so hard to have Paul defeated,with your arragence and hatred but it didn't work.
Maybe the Greenburgh Democratic party has learned that the true democrates spoke this time. There's no place for phonies.
Come November the picture will be the same Feiner,Morgan,Brown and Beville.

central 7 is another big loser said...

feiner morgan brown etc spell disaster for greenburgh central school district

Anonymous said...

Is that the same Central 7 school district where a member of the Board of Ed is married to a Journal News reporter? Gee...what a shame.

Anonymous said...

Paul Feiner again won a historic victory. Against the collected party bosses of Westchester County, the County Executive, a number of the elected officials and of course The Greenburgh Democratic Party Town Chairperson Suzanne Berger. As of the moment, with 91% of the vote he is leading with over 67% of the vote and by way over 2000 votes. I assume that when all the votes are counted his victory will be greater. At the present time we are leading in both the Town Board races and are assured of at least one of those seats no matter how the remaining 9% is counted. My guess is that we will prevail with the remaining vote. Judy Beville won the Town Clerk position handily, by ousting many year incumbent Alfreda Williams, and if all things remain the same, we will have swept all of the offices, and regain control of Greenburgh.

It was a hard fought campaign, featuring the unwavering tenaciousness of Paul Feiner, who won his 9th term. All our candidates weathered an almost unprecedented level of sleaze, slander and falsehoods, which featured another round of attacks on the issue of "choice." Two years ago we were slammed by a last minute attack accusing our slate of being stealth anti-choice candidates. We went to the Fair Campaign Practice Board and we won our case, but lost our two Board races, as even Paul's margin shrank considerably. Even though they had been censured by that Board, they again attacked our candidates on that specious issue. But this time we had the ability to fight back, but it did cost our Town Board candidates, Kevin Morgan, and Sonja Brown valuable votes. But with all of their baseless accusations, Supervisor Feiner won a great race against a well-healed opponent. The people spoke loudly and clearly.

We should be in excellent shape for November. There are no Republican challengers, and our opponents only have minor lines, if they wish to continue this fight. My sense is that if we can hold onto the party's nomination, for both of our Town Board candidates, there will be no contest. If one of our Board Members loses the Democratic line, we will still back that candidate vigorously in November, on our United Greenburgh Party ticket. My sense is that we won't need to run, but if we do, we will still win that seat.

Richard J. Garfunkel

PS: As of 12 noon,with 100% of the vote counted, absentees also, I have been told. Sonja Brown and Kevin Morgan have won. Kevin is up by 72 votes and I believe that will hold! Paul obviously cruised with 66% and Judy won a great victory. I am sure without bullet voting both our candidates would have easily won head to head contests. But that is how these four way races go!

WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

PARTY 83 Districts out of 83 Reporting (100)% Votes Percent
110 Absentee Votes Cast
Office Totals 6,317 100%

PARTY 83 Districts out of 83 Reporting (100)% Votes Percent
206 Absentee Votes Cast
DEM STEVE BASS 2,348 21%
Office Totals 11,199 100%

PARTY 83 Districts out of 83 Reporting (100)% Votes Percent
103 Absentee Votes Cast
Office Totals 5,318 100%

PARTY 83 Districts out of 83 Reporting (100)% Votes Percent
196 Absentee Votes Cast
Office Totals 9,609 100%


Anonymous said...


READ IT AND WEEP! The good people of Greenburgh took our Governmenr back! You are finished! Sheehan, quit now before the investigations begin!

Anonymous said...

BERGER LOSES BY 32 PERCENTAGE POINTS ... the REAL Democrats have spoken, Suzanne. Paul will get over 70% of the popular vote in November when the Republicans and Independents can vote. It's time to save face, for both yourself and the party, and announce that you are dropping out of the election. If you do not listen to the voters of your own party and continue, you should be forced to resign your post as Greenburgh Democratic chair!

feiner damaged said...

greenburgh's many problems still exist. this so called victory will be fleeting. town employees near retirement will be fleeing.

do you really think brown and morgan will do any serious homework before either work sessions or town board meetings?

do you really think they have the skill sets to tackle the issues facing the town?

barnes was a nice lady but out of time. even with that, she almost made it.

dont kid yourselves - feiner has been seriously damaged by this campaign - now he is really stuck in greenburgh with no political future.

there will be no more foolish taxter ridge purchases and no more under the table deals with feiner. feiner will slip up because he has no checks other than sheehan.

hal samis said...

One thing that this Primary has established is that the People won.

Not those that pretended to speak for the People but the People themselves.

Consider the local Democratic organization, all those delegates and district leaders, they did not represent the people, the man in the street, the homeowners, the taxpayers.

Consider the Democratic leaders, elected to more "prestigious" and higher up the foodchain of public office but still claiming a mandate from the People. It turns out that their endorsements didn't help either when it came into conflict with the People speaking.

Consider the organizations like Grassroots for Greenburgh which, really is less than a handful of persons, that these groups didn't reflect the People's voice either.

Consider that the various civic associations and their umbrella organizations like the ECC and CGCA, they didn't represent the People either.

Consider that the Scarsdale Inquirer in its analysis of the Greenburgh electorial climate, they missed the boat too when undertanding what the People wanted.

Consider that 16 years in office was not the prescription to failure for the Town Supervisor because this turned out not to be a problem for the People.

Consider that the Bernstein lawsuits, win lose or draw, these too proved not to be a problem for the People either.

Consider that Democracy triumphed over supposed authorities and experts who claimed to know better than the People what the People wanted.

Consider that incumbency is not the ticket for all, just those who would be freeloaders; that there has to be a real person under all that dressing up for public consumption.

Consider that it turns out that life in Greenburgh is not as bad as some would depict it.

Consider that the People have spoken. Somehow they've reached the same conclusion at the same time, "we've had enough and we're not going to take it anymore".

If all of this sounds familiar or even sounds borrowed (just the quote above comes from "Network") it was meant to be. I have adapted the language of Ayn Rand to this significant event.

The Greenburgh "leaders" who have been telling everyone else for years what is right and what is wrong, who to believe and who not to believe, what they should do and what they should turns out that, in the end, it is they who are out of step with the rest of the parade. Although there is noting wrong with marching to a different drum, the problem arrives at everyone's door when the few claim to speak for the many. Now that the situation is clear, it turns out that the People did check the facts and did decide who the real Democrats are.
The facts supported Feiner and his team and the real Democrats turned out to be not those belonging to a club meeting monthly in Ardsley but the People themselves. Something the "Party" should sit up and take note of.

The People don't often speak but when they do, they can move mountains.

flawed discussion said...

and the other 80% of the people who did not vote?

what say you ayn rand?

Anonymous said...

"Do you really think brown and morgan will do any serious homework before either work sessions or town board meetings?"

Are you kidding? Sheehan, Barnes, Bass & Juettner just tried to conduct a fire drill because a deadline was approaching for Greenburgh to be able to qualify for hundreds of thousands of dollars of grant money for affordable housing. This alone is enough to cause "Ms. Affordable Housing" Barnes to lose her job. Talk about being asleep at the wheel!

We'll take our chances, thank you, with Kevin and Sonja sitting alongside a neutered Sheehan and Juettner.

Anonymous said...

"and the other 80% of the people who did not vote?"

And your point is? Study any election, at any level of government: MOST people in this country do not vote. You guys are really grasping at straws.

I loved the previous post at 1:13 p.m. that said "Feiner has been seriously damaged by this campaign."

Yeah, right. Obviously.

post mortem 2 said...

kevin morgan won by a mere 20 votes
walter schwartz came very close running an independent campaign for judge

a 20 vote margin is not a smashing victory

bass and barnes were incredibly weak candidates with no real record to run on.

their last minute "100% pro-choice" gimmick was stupid.

20 votes for barnes would have still left feiner in the minority.

berger was somewhat tone deaf, bereft of ideas (feiner has none either) and if she runs again, she should learn to dress better. she never looked to part she aspired to.

just two years ago, feiner almost lost. he won this time in convincing fashion but over the past two years his energy has sagged and his recent accomplishments are few and far between. if the courts or the ethics board rule against him, he will be in trouble again. feiner won but his support is still wafer thin.

new math doesnt add up said...

so under the new math, the 20% who show up somehow represent the 80% who didnt?

i guess this what they teach in greenburgh central ?

Anonymous said...

Dear 1:41

Feiner PERSONALLY spoke to well over SIX THOUSAND people while campaigning this year. You wish you had energy like Feiner.

Anonymous said...

If one chooses not to vote, one has nothing to bitch about. I suggest you create a whole new system of government where those who don't express themselves at the polls get to choose our elected representatives.

There's your assignment. Now get to work and stop posting your ridiculous sentiments here.

Anonymous said...

How much would you give to listen in to the Bernstein Sheehan calls today?? I bet they are blaming each other.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Post-Mortem 2 at 1:41 p.m. ...

1. "Bass and Barnes were incredibly weak candidates with no real record to run on" -- A combined 25+ years sitting on the board and no record to run on? And you wanted us to vote them in again?

2. "20 votes for barnes would have still left feiner in the minority" -- Wrong. Come November, when the Republicans and Independents cast their votes for the entire Feiner slate, Bass and Barnes will be left walking out the door with their tails between their legs (unless, of course, Eddie Mae is still slepping).

3. "Just two years ago, feiner almost lost. he won this time in convincing fashion but over the past two years his energy has sagged and his recent accomplishments are few and far between." -- If Paul's energy had sagged, you people have re-energized him, so we thank you for at least doing that. As for his recent accomplishments, he's been handcuffed by Czar Sheehan and his puppets. That ends, beginning Jan. 2008.

from 2005 - we shall see about kevin said...

In an interview with the Inquirer in May, shortly after announcing their candidacies, Morgan and Dengler declared they would not be rubber stamps for Feiner. "We are independent thinkers and will do what is right for the town," Morgan said in May.

In a phone interview Tuesday, Morgan told the Inquirer that he believed if elected he could maintain his independence, despite Feiner providing all the financial support up to this point in the campaign.

note - morgan voted for the msg helioport while on the planning board - this was a pet project of feiner's which was derailed by massive public opposition

danger ahead? said...

in 1946, sam goldwyn's best years of our lives swept the oscars - goldwyn came to curse that movie as he never achieved much success afterward and everything he did was compared to this great movie

there is danger in triumph

pity kevin and sonya said...

bass and barnes had a 25 year record - of what?

bass was there 6 years - barnes may even pre-date feiner

but what did she accomplish?

dont expect much from brown or morgan - just new faces for a part time job they will quickly tire of
esp when they get a true taste of the feiner way of doing things

Anonymous said...

How does the turnout in this election compare to previous years? Does anyone have those numbers?

voters unmoved said...

early reports seem to indicate no material change in turnout

same 6000 people voted

seems the two candidates were lackluster

Anonymous said...

With his mixing up of personal pronouns, you would think Mr. Garfunkel won this victory. Richard, please step aside for a moment and let Paul bask in the victory he earned pretty much by himself (his coat-tails much require much patching after carrying Morgan and Brown all summer). If he wishes to dole out credit and thanks, we'll be listening. I'm sure Paul will continue to call you everyday as before.

Anonymous said...


That must have been some coat that allowed Judith Beville to crush Alfreda Williams, the long-term incumbent.

Mind you Beville was running with the "baggage" of being a political neophyte at the municipal level (sounds like Berger’s rap) and saddled with the "horror" of being a member of the Valhalla BOE.

And she still embarrassed Williams, who had a ton of "heavy-weight" party machine support.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's not coattails, that's a hurricane!

Anonymous said...

What were the vote totals from Edgemont??????

lackluster is an understatement said...

We vote for the devil we know because we can't put up a decent candidate and the devil goes unchallenged.

Greenburgh is a very strange political place.

Anonymous said...

so its agreed - feiner is a devil.

Anonymous said...

Yes. haven't you seen the 666 on his scalp?

Feiner neeeds to update emails /blogsite said...

Congratualations Mr. Supervisor Please try to do the following 2 things.
1. Please update your posts and emails on a regular basis because some people feel after you make them they disappear into cyber space or you never look at them again.
2. Hopefully your team members will have thier own voice and not be yes people or your puppets.

Again congratulations on your win

Anonymous said...

Question of the day for Eddie Mae:

Do you know you lost?

Anonymous said...

I want to know who the last blogger (5:33 PM) is. I want to nominate him for the Pulitzer Prize.

Anonymous said...

Gil, Jim , Francis and the rest of the gang are very quiet.

Dark Futures Ahead said...

Dear 7:24

Of course they are quiet. Look at their future:

Gil will be FIRED.

Jim Lasser WILL NEVER become the Mayor of The Village of Edgemont.

Francis is going to have his extra cirricular activities investigated.

A very dim future indeed for three prominent members of the CABAL.

Anonymous said...

Will you look at that photo gallery! In lieu of the results of last night's win it is rather sad and depressing to see who's there. You had Idoni, Spano, Brodsky, and Latimer.

Earlier this year governor Sptizer came into Westchester with some heat directed at Brodsky and Latimer. Maybe she should run candidates against them next year!

Anonymous said...

correction : he

Sorry guv!

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic that Bass will be gone. In particular, he has personally obstructed the free flow of information to the public on government spending over Feiner's ojections. Thank you Paul for supporting candidates in opposition to him!


Who do you think is blaming who for last nights debacle?

Sheehan blaming Bernstein/McNally?

Bernstein/McNally blaming Sheehan?

Bass & Barnes blaming Sheehan?

Bass & Barnes blaming Bernstein/McNally?

Everyone blaming Berger?

Berger blaming Bernstein/McNally?

pancho said...

The big loser yesterday: The law firm ayekay cholersay.

Anonymous said...

Question for Steve "Dead Last" Bass:

Did Francis Sheehan excuse you from losing last night?????

Anonymous said...

Question for the law firm Bryan Cave:

When your unethically achieved, no bid contract is withdrawn, will you still employ Suzanne Berger???

Anonymous said...

With regards to the turnout, the vote was up about 10% from two years ago and the Feiner victory was quite remarkable. The anti-incumbent spirit that knocked off Ernie Davis in Mount Vernon, and Arnie Bernstein in White PLains, along with three entrenched long-time incumbents in Greenburgh was bucked by Feiner's remarkable triumph. Despite being up against a well-healed challenger, who had the party apparatus in her hands, the top Westchester officials behind her, and Richard Brodsky making calls along with Lois Bronz, Feiner crafted a 2 to 1 victory. Koch, Cuomo, Pataki, DelBello, O'Rouke, Davis, Veteran, and many, many others never got past twelve years in office.

This may have been his greatest victory. He got off the floor after a close call in 2005 with Bill Greenawalt, and endured two years at the hands of the mean-spritied Francis Sheehan and the other members of the Council.

Interestingly, Barnes, Williams and Bass had never really been challenged, and they were not up to it. Its tough to keep on winning, and Paul did it with his campaign style and hard work. Even his literature couldn't match the slick pieces churned out by his ooposition. But the message was positive and I am sure it resonated with his constituents.

On to November!

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

I bet Bill Greenawalt is really peeved right now.....

Anonymous said...

Greenawalt should run against Sheehan in two years.

Anonymous said...

Greenawalt is in his seventies now. If he's going to run he wants a "big time" office. So he should run against Brodsky.

It's over, Brodsky said...

Abinanti was pilloried this year because he announced for Assembly when Brodsky was running for Att Gen, and then Brodsky changed his mind and Abinanti didn't fall on his knees.

It is time for Abinanti to get his chance. brodsky's arrogance and meanness is known in Albany as well as Greenburgh. Let him follow Berger into the sunset.

Anonymous said...

Brodsky is the one behind Berger. He lobbied the "minor parties" very hard to endorse her. He probably pulled strings to get his fellow Westchester assembly critters to do the same. Only Greenburgh has ever been a friend to Brodsky he could not get elected anywhere else or even statewide. I'm surprised he never actually thought of challenging Paul Feiner. Though he did once run against Andy Spano. Anyhow I sure hope someone runs against him in a primary next year.

Anonymous said...

where are all the nattering nabobs of negativity (who have about 2 distinct writing styles) tonight?

hal samis said...

I'll bet Greenawalt is having a big laugh over Berger's crushing defeat. Bernstein and Sheehan picked Berger because they didn't think that Greenawalt could defeat Feiner.

Just two years ago, Feiner beat Greenawalt by 200 votes.

Two years later, after being roughed up by Bernstein, roughed up the the State Comptroller, roughed up by the GFG, ECC and CGCA members, roughed up by the Town Council and the whole Greenburgh Democratic Party, including Lorrin Brown Plus roughed up by every Democrat that ever drove by Greenburgh, Feiner beat Berger by, sorry having trouble reading the number, how many votes...

That's progress? Can the Democratic Party leadership be so out of touch with the People, not all People everywhere -- just those residing and registered in Greenburgh? Is this any way to run a Party?
It's not good; the kind of thing that doesn't reflect well on anyone who is also the Chair of the Party. Maybe it's time to return the Chair to Greenawalt.

I had thought that professional politicians would learn from history. If so, then perhaps someone might have remembered that Dewey lost despite a telephone poll which didn't recognize that those owning phones then were not representative of the population.

Sixty years later, polling friendlies, those with blackberries will be remembered as the same mistake.

History repeats itself. Berger, Bass, Barnes and Bernstein will not.

The hard rain fell.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how quiet the anti Feiner side has been on this blog since the election. No battle cry, no we will see you in November. Did they just lay down?

Glad its over said...

Even a wild demagogue like Bernstein, and his rabid followers, had to be struck dumb by the triple-whammy. No, quadruple-whammy.

We will hear from them again, with excuses and rationalizations. The one thing you won't hear from them is an admission that their failures were due to public anger at the two-years worth of government policy that consisted only of Feiner-trashing by the Town Council and the vile campaign that they just fought.

Let us hope they just go away and leave the arena for honest public-minded residents.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Feiner side realized that the VAST MAJORITY of people in Greenburgh are disgusted with them. They are not as powerful as they thought they were and their message of hatred is no way to run a campaign.

They also realize that now is not the time to antagonize as January is right around the corner and the new Feiner Team will have the votes to begin serious investigations into past activities which could easily end political careers.

Anonymous said...

We will finally get rid of Bernstein,McNally and the rest from Edgemont,who have tried to do so much harm to all the residents of Greenburgh.
They controlled Sheehan who in turn dictated to the rest of the board.
HAve the loosers learned that following Sheehan [a looser]made them loose the election.
How can the Edgemont leaders and Loren campaign for the loosers if they run on another ticket other than Democratic line.
It goes to show us that the Democratic party with all it's famous leaders and especially committee man[wowwee]Loren have lost so much power here in Greenburgh.
The best people won the primary,and they will also win in November.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the Scarsdale Inquirer has been editorializing for the past few days after Bernstein's loss?

I am hopeful said...

The key will be, how Paul feels toward his mortal enemies. Hopefully, he has learned a lesson and realizes that these people hated him and wanted nothing more than to see him destroyed. Hopefully, he won't be very kind to them in the future. Hopefully, he realizes that Sheehan has mental issues and Juetner is nothing more than a flacky. Hopefully, Paul will not reach out to his enemies.

Anonymous said...

Paul doesn't have to be unkind to them. He doesn't have to treat them like they've treated him. I doubt you'll see Paul trying to lock them out of votes due to holidays and religious observance issues.

But yes, I'm sure he's more weary of them now and will proceed with caution. Reaching out to them doesn't have to mean allowing them to walk all over him.

Paul will most likely try to work with them. Hopefully one of them will be more receptive now that there is the likely hood of a 3-2 division on the board. Juettner could most likely play the role of the swing vote. But if they refuse to work with him then well.....

It's not that bad actually there's more balance on the board now.

Anonymous said...

The "Cabal" clearly came to the realization that there weren't substantive issues to use against Feiner. Even of the 20%+ who voted, how many have actually heard the term Westhelp, understood it, or even cared? Besides, what does the Supervisor really do other than sign checks anyway? As Andy Spano declared in a debate last year, don't complain to him about taxes, that's Albany's fault. Similarly the Cabal, realized that the suffering of "downtrodden" Edgemont was not a rallying cry in a town that includes Fairview, Elmsford, etc. Rarely does class resentment work from the top-down angle! Instead the "cabal" chose to make the issue Paul Feiner himself, gambling that focus on Paul's not quite ready for prime time personality would be their checkmate move. Their crucial mistake, however, was in not running a Bill Greenawalt type, who has gravitas and decorum, as a front for their movement. Instead, Berger seemed to not have had her heart in this race, was less than charismatic and seemed undecided whether to jump in the scrum or rise above it. Thus she was easily outclassed by tenaciuos Paul both low (Rosh Hashanah anyone?) and high (Mr. Problem Solver). In addition, the poster children of the Cabal, Sheehan and Bernstein (and to a lesser degree, Bass), were, if possible, even less appealing than Feiner. Lesson? If you are motivated by hatred, at least try not to let it show too much and be likeable yourself.

testing time said...

keep dreaming. the budgetary problems created (or ignored) by feiner will not simply disappear.

berger was right on one score - feiner's tactics of solving an indivdual's problem is not necessarily in the town's best interest

feiner is still facing:
1.a decision in the fortress bible case
2.the bernstein litigations
3.ethical investigations
4.westhelp audits
5.a huge tax increase for unincorporated greenburgh
6.the library construction and
7.huge expectations now that his team is in place

8. no excuses

Anonymous said...

Sheehan's Hair Helmet will not suffice to protect him from what is going to happen to him:

1. Investigation into the Kaminer/Superintendant Incident.

2. Investigation into how the Zoning Map was changed without following stated procedures.

3. Investigation into the Dromore Road Meeting.

feiner's dangerous ideas said...

feiner successfully used the bryan cave contract against berger. he also "profited" from his scare tactics about village taxes tripling if the villages had to pay for parks in unincorporated greenburgh.

feiner said residents should only pay taxes for services they use. interesting - i guess edgemont and lots of hartsdale are now excused from paying for the young center which essentially serves only fairview.

but wait - the library is billed only to unincorporated greenburgh.... but used by everyone

maybe berger was right - this is a dangerous principle

Anonymous said...

Forget the Kaminer-school superintendent issue.
Is Kaminer spending taxpayer time working on the Bass, Barnes, Williams November strategy?
That would be a violation of the Ethics Law.
MEMO TO GIL: Lots of town employees are watching.

Anonymous said...

Town employees will now be encouraged to report on waste and inefficancy. Morgan and Brown will see to that. As for Gil, he will be gone by January.

Anonymous said...

The Kaminer/Superintendant issue is key to exposing Francis Sheehan's illegal tactics.

Anonymous said...

Sheehan your troubles have just started.
You tried to muddy the waters for Feiner and his running mates.but you failed big time.
Watch out pay back is sweet.

backstabber said...

Alfreda Williams lost the primary because Bass & Barnes refused to put her name on their literature. How sad! Sad when your friends put a knife to your back.

Anonymous said...

Since Sheehan gained control of Greenburgh, the politics of personal destruction were raised to limits never before seen. The lack of coordination amongst the Democratic Party Endorsed candidates is evidence of the dysfunctional methods practiced by the Town Council. This is what happens when despots like Sheehan, who only care about their own personal power, take control. There is no longer a team effort.

Sheehan could never ride the four person bicycle. He would want to steer and drive it at the same time! It takes a team to operate machinery like that.

Anonymous said...

It's 11:03 p.m. on Wednesday. Has anyone yet seen a post from Anonymous Bob Bernstein? Where are you, Bob? Meeting with devlopers?

Anonymous said...

Bob is hiding out ib his bunker along with Michelle McNally and Jim Lasser.

Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake, do not mention Jim Lasser's name alongside Bernstein and McNally. Lasser is an honest Edgemont resident who is open and demands nothing, while Bernstein is a lying power seeker helped by McNally.

Anonymous said...

Was Sheehan present at Mighty Joe Youngs or did he leave his associates out in the cold?

Steve Bass' look on his face in today's Scarsdale Inquirer is worth a million dollars. He looks like like he is about to cry.

stop kidding yourself said...

sorry to disappoint you but bob was on the train going to work. just another normal day.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Bass' defeat, I am crying tears of joy.

Anonymous said...

Dear 2:33

Not quite a normal day. When he left for work on Tuesday morning, Bernstein was arguably the most influential citizen in a Town with a population of 90,000. He had Bass showing him Town Board documents. He wrote laws with Sheehan. He got the Town Council to meet illegally with the Troys. He was so influential that he was allowed by the entire Town Council to write documents regarding the Troy Property.

After Tuesday night, Bob Bernstein is just another lawyer taking the train into Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

To the author of the 2:40 p.m. post...You are hereby nominated for the Pulitzer prize!

Concerned parent said...


Please in this term, SAVE OUR SCHOOL, CENTRAL 7. Please don't forget about the middle class that live in Unincorpated greenburgh

Anonymous said...

I am a village resident so please excuse my ignorance about this.

I have seen posts from residents asking Feiner and the Board to do something about Central 7. I always thought that the town government cannot do anything about the schools, that is the responsibility of the Board of Education.

What do these posters want the town government to do? And then, can the town government legally do it? If there is an answer I'd like to know it because then we can try the same in the villages.

The Spirit of '76 said...

"when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security"

The above words were written by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independance.

On Tuesday night, we assumed our duty as citizens and threw off the despotic government of Sheehan by exercising our right to vote. The Democratic Party of Greenburgh should realize this and remake itself. The Sheehans of the world should never again be nominated for elected positions, nor should the Bass & Barnes' of the world who empower them.

Anonymous said...


A beautiful post! My sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

The holidays are over for now maybe we will see Bernstein walking and talking to himself trying to figure what he did wrong.
Bernstein,McNally,Sheehan, Juettner, Bass and Barnes did you ever hear of poetic justice.

hal samis said...

When Bernstein walks and talks to himself, he has trouble hearing above all the applause.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If Juettner quits now the lame duck board picks a replacement. If juettner steps down next year the new board picks a replacement.

Anonymous said...

Who would want the job of being in the minority. Also, Berger LOST $30,000 of her own money. Feiner can clearly outhustle any candidate and he still has a HUGE warchest. Anyone taking the job should Juetner resign had better be a friend of Feiner or else they will be eliminated in the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be a friend of Feiner to be chosen for a job.
Your qualifications count.
Remember the public elected Juettner and Sheehan to the council and look what we got.the worse of the bunch.
Sleepy and grumpy have no place on this board but then again having two new elected members on the board Sheehan's and Juettner tails have been cut.
We will get back our town government.

term limits needed said...

when you dont have term limits you get fossils like juettner. when you dont have term limits, you derail the chance for new leadership to arise. as a result, the non feiner wing of the democratic party has no credible townwide candidates to run in 2009. the 2007 results are a good indication of the poverty of the current town democratic party.

yonkers has term limits. nyc has term limits. whether its voluntary or mandated by law, term limits are necessary esp in a one party town such as greenburgh.

good point said...

without term limits, the frustrated will channel their energy elsewhere if they are foreclosed from running.

Anonymous said...

Term limits? Why don't you start at the state and county level first. First get rid of those stiffs in Albany (Richard Brodsky) and at the Michaelian Office Building in White (Lois Bronz) and then you'll be taken seriously.

hal samis said...

First off, the only sensible pre-condition to a term limit discussion is where the term of office is itself four years.
The Town Supervisor is a two year term; the Town Council seats are four year terms. These durations are set by State law. I take the position that the position of Town Supervisor should be expanded to a four year term. Not only to equalize the stability of Town Council seats but also to remove the inefficiencies due to the continual re-election process. Two years goes by too quickly.

Why would a qualified candidate want to run if, at present, the job can last just two years depending also on voter satisfaction AND
thereafter the job would be over in a fixed number of years if term limits were applied.

Political office with residency requirements further limits the field. The Yonkers mayor or the NYC mayor cannot export their expertise to Greenburgh Town Supervisor and vice versa when their set terms are over. Thus the only candidates, with qualifications, that would seek to become a Town Supervisor are: those who would have the desire for AND the possibility of a political career still ahead; those who are about to retire or are retired and have no further interest in pursuing employment, those who are wealthy and not concerned about mid-career unemployment or those who are opportunists and see a job opening with little competition because it has so little appeal for others.

Would Berger have run, invested her personal funds solely for the chance to win an election that would at most yield two terms of two years? There has to be some competitive incentive for those with other employment options, otherwise you have to eliminate wide swaths of the public who are otherwise qualified but hobbled because they are dependant on earning a living.

And let's face it, the title Greenburgh Town Supervisor is not such a prestigious resume item that it opens all doors for future employment at the end of the to be allowed years in office.

The people have spoken and in so doing they have indicated their satisfaction with Feiner. Why should their satisfaction be limited to a fixed number of terms?

Let's also allow that the Town Supervisor position is not the most sought after job and the single most unappealing aspect to any office seeker is that it requires a tremendous amount of politicking just to remain in place. Unless there are some sweeteners being offered by Party movers and shakers, only someone who sees the salary as attractive would seek to overcome the hurdles to attempt a first term win. If the current salary, which is below that paid to many Town Department heads, is so attractive that it became an enticement, then I have my doubts that any candidate this would appeal to possesses the proper qualifications if they could instead be seeking employment in the private sector.

If conservation of resources is such an important issue to most liberals, how can we seek to squander human resources by saying "thanks but you've reached your expiration date"?

samis vs. juettner? said...

the people have spoken? you mean the 23% of those eligible to vote in the democratic primary. (6300 out of about 27,000)

independents and that rare species of greenburgh republican had no say in this election round.

a two year post makes little sense although we have it at the congressional level.

juettner is nearing 18 years of "service."
barnes is in the same category.
both are political toast and the party has no one to replace them (even mr sheehan was a republican in a prior era).

the limited fallacy in the samis view is that there seems to be no shortage of people who want to be on the town board. some have even called for samis to run against juettner (that would be quite entertaining).

hal samis said...

Dear 1:05,
What is a limited fallacy?

Is a "limited fallacy" like "half pregnant", allowing pro-choice credentials to become the winner?

Not discussed before but Feiner's team won despite the untrue and unfair characterization of their personal beliefs.
Perhaps their lead over the incumbents would have been far wider had they not suffered the ill effects of their mislabeling.

I thought I was addressing the term limit argument as applied to the office of Town Supervisor; the office that cannot be so easily changed to a four year term.

If there is "laughter in the reign" ala Neil Sedaka, then where are the surfeit of candidates for Town Council? We know that finding an opposition candidate for Supervisor this year resulted in scaping the bottom of the barrel for the "runner" while Bernstein and the Town Council were supposed to do the actual campaigning against Feiner.

That strategy failed and Suzanne is not only sucking wind as Party chair but also feeling a big hit in her checking account; all for the privilege of "being Bobby's girl".

The "people have spoken" is a reasonable term in that the history for Primaries is such that this is as good as it has gotten and gonna get. Of course these numbers are not near 100% but then, what would Berger have said if she had won?

As for two years hence, I think the Villages may have Juettner's replacement already under contract.
That leaves Mr. Sheehan standing alone in the rain, even the newly minted, improved version Sheehan.

sorry to hear this said...

so no samis v. juettner.... now thats entertainment!!

as for supervisor - bloggers constantly heard that bass, sheehan, greenawalt wanted the job (berger... well thats unclear)

feiner certainly wants it and that obviously counted alot. only someone who wants the job can win or at least give feiner a real challenge. but now he has his team and lets see what he can do.

Anonymous said...


There is no such thing as an improved version of Sheehan. When he had the power he revealed his true nature. He is a bully. He craves power. He is willing to break laws. He can not be trusted.

Anonymous said...


"I support Clinton Young, the party nominee. I am the chair of the Democratic Party. How can I not support the party? Both are my friends, and I supported Davis (in the primary) because he was the party designee."

Memo to Suzanne Berger: THAT'S how a Democratic chair is supposed to act! If you do not plan on supporting the winners of Greenburgh's democratic primary on Sept. 18 then you need to resign your chairmanship immediately!

Anonymous said...

The Greenburgh results were certified by the Westchester Board of Elections. There were some slight changes with Kevin Morgan increasing his victory margin over Eddie Mae Barnes by 50 votes to a margin of 120+.

There were some other slight changes that reflect tiny adjustments.

The campaign for November proceeds forward and The Feiner Team, with Sonya Brown, Kevin Morgan and Judy Beville, will continue to actively campaign.

Over the weekend the team made stops at various community events and we are preparing our literature and position papers for public dissemination. Will be announcing endorsements at coming press events!

Richard J. Garfunkel
Campaign Chairperson

9/25/2007 12:26 PM