Monday, September 10, 2007


Please post your comments. Remember the victims of the 9/11 tragedy.
The town will be holding a ceremony at AF Veteran Park - multipurpose building at 7 PM on 9/11.


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Anonymous said...


Question of the Day for Steve Bass:

As you are know, the recorded music industry is currently in great turmoil.

Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards featured an opening act of Britney Spears and her latest single.

By most accounts, it was a woeful performance.

Would you offer a resolution that will encourage Ms. Spears to focus her attention on once again becoming one of America’s most beloved entertainers?

PS – Does Eddie Mae know who she is with?

good news said...

good news - britney announced she is with paul.

another reason to send him packing.

another huge feiner mistake said...

Feiner foisted that hideous heap of concrete in front or webb field/presser park which is an alleged 9-11 memorial wall. Once again we learn that Greenburgh's 9-11 memorial will be at veteran park.

obviously the wall is not needed and should be removed (along with feiner).

feiner and slate = disaster said...

wise words from the scarsdale inquirer two years ago regarding feiner and his then slate of kevin morgan and allegra dengler. this year's slate is even worse:

"The risks of being in office 14 years are complacency, resistance to change and arrogance. Feiner is guilty of all three. He may yet be able to make positive changes. But only if he has the wisest, strongest and most independent town board behind him."

Anonymous said...

Yes, but instead of having the wisest, strongest and most independent town board behind him, he had Sheehan, who took over and was a contemptuous bully, Bass who was maneuvering his hoped-for political future, and Barnes and Juettner, who tailed along with Sheehan and Bass like two old-fashioned dependent housewives, to undermine Feiner 24/7.

Of course the Scarsdale Inquirer didn't blame the Town Council. There was no way they were going to be honest. They were against Feiner steadily, along with the four Town Council bunch.

feiner - look in the mirror said...

if the scarsdale inquirer has moved steadily against feiner, look no further than feiner himself. feiner decided to take money from the town's independent auditors. feiner has not returned any of his other controverial campaign funds includng those of convicted swindler chase caro. only feiner wants to abide by the illegal and misconceived WestHelp deal. feiner meet feiner.

time for government not gimmicks said...

Two years ago the New York Times noted in observing Feiner's penchant for "gimmicky governance.”

“Mr. Feiner's critics point to a costly lawsuit over a fallen tree that caught the town badly underinsured; his failed - and some say inappropriate - attempts to defeat an expansion of the library; and what they call his increasing unwillingness to tackle big-picture problems, like neglected infrastructure, while obsessively promoting himself and tending to small-bore issues raised by every constituent who corners him at the supermarket"

Anonymous said...

in 1991 feiner said he would serve 8 years. now he wants 18! another two years of feiner is a greenburgh frozen in a political netherworld.

time for cooperation said...

Yup, Feiner pays attention to small-bore issues like listening to constituents, while Bass pays attention to large-bore issues like solving the Darfur problem.

And of course the Town Board is absent when Feiner makes all those terrible decisions.

Greenburgh needs good government, and that means a government which works cooperatively, not a Town Council whose principal governing philosophy is to undermine Feiner all the time, regardless of whether he is right or wrong.

fresh start needed said...

we dont need a supervisor pothole. we need a supervisor who can be seen as an honest broker between the villages and the unincorporated. feiner is a political dead end for greenburgh. berger offers us a fresh start to undo the messes feiner helped create.

Anonymous said...

I am a village resident. We see Paul Feiner as an honest broker because he has played fair. We don't see any of the other Board members as honest brokers because they are tied hand-and-foot to Bernstein, who has created total hostility towards the villages. If you think that we in the villages trust Berger you are way off base. She is tied to the other four Board members and she is supporting and is supported by Bernstein.

It will take a new non-Bernstein-dominated Town Board to restore the villages trust in Greenburgh government. Many of us who voted Greenawalt-Juettner-Sheehan two years ago are voting Feiner-Morgan=Brown this year.

feiner corrupt inept and unfair said...

feiner played fair? but he didnt paly smart. when the town was underinsured and the town agreed to pay millions, did feiner tell the villages they were in on his private settlement?

when he spearheaded the purchase of taxter ridge but failed to tell the villages they may have to pay for it, did he play fair?

when he gave away millions of town money (meaning village money) to the valhalla school district without any strings or accountability or even a legal opinion - was that fair?

when feiner takes money from developers like toll brothers who want to build on the periphery of villages like ardsley (and in its school district) and doesnt disclose this fact for months or years later - is that fair?

when feiner takes campaign money from the town's independent auditors - is that fair to the taxpayers of the town?

when feiner lets properties like the waterwheel ina ardsley languish for a dozen years in an unproductive state generating no tax revenue (but visual blight, is that fair?

the case for getting rid of this career politician has never been stronger. he is corrupt, inept and divisive.

Anonymous said...

A village resident would have to crazy to vote for Berger, Bass and Barnes.

Anonymous said...

And after the Dromore Road affidavit, an unincorporated area resident would have to be crazy to vote for Berger, Bass and Barnes.

Anonymous said...

Dear 4:35
Have you seen all this money that you speak of go into Feiners hands or are you repeating what Some of the Edgemont residents are saying.
Remember if you did not see it with your own eyes,it is hearsay.
Why must you repeat all these lies just to make Feiner look bad.
Check his list of contributions and let us know if you see all the monies that you are referring to.
The way you speak Feiner should be up to Clinton ,with these contributions.I don't think he comes no where close.
I don't think the small change,contributed , would ever
reach the amount that you stated.

Anonymous said...

If Berger,Bass and Barnes get elected all of Greenburgh will be
under the Bernstein rule.
We have already seen how he operates,which is not the way an honest town government should operate.
Remember what the four town council members did together with two Edgemont residents,Bernstein and McNally concerning the property on Dromore Rd.

feiner still unfair said...

well village resident - tell me about feiner's fairness ?

Anonymous said...

How can the villages say that Feiner is unfair.If anything he's being sued by Bernstein for the reason being,Bernstein wants the villages to pay for the sidewalksss in the unincorporated part of Greenburgh.
PLus he wants villages to pay for Taxter Ridge.
Here we go again with the ruler Bernstein.
So who is being unfair.

Anonymous said...

No village resident thinks that Feiner is unfair. They see that he has dealt with them fairly. Of course Bernstein tries to turn fairness into a pro-village bias, but village residents are too smart for Bernstein.

What Feiner is doing is following the law, and letting the court decide what the law is. Bernstein hates that because he wants to decide what the law is.

hal samis said...

Anyone curious about how those meetings in Harrison at the would-be Developer's office took place?
On Saturdays.

Try this one for size. If you want to check the facts, you'll have to ask Steve Bass.

Probably as a loyal Greenburgh Democrat you want to believe that the Developer sent them invitations to come over and chat.
Guess again. Try the honest Steve Bass calling the developer on behalf of himself and Francis Sheehan and proposing that they should meet to discuss some important matters but that they did not want to be seen meeting the Developer in Greenburgh, most certainly not at Town Hall. How about your place?

So the Developer agreed to host the meeting. There's just one catch, you can't tell anyone, particularly the Town Supervisor or your lawyer Mark Weingarten. Ok said the Developer.

And lo and behold, Saturday here comes Mr. Bass and Mr. Sheehan hopping down the money trail and guarding the rear was Bob Bernstein and his faithful Edgemont companion, Michelle McNally.

Mr Troy, have you met Mr. Bernstein and Ms McNally asked Mr. Bass.

And we are twiddledum and tweedledee said Bass and Sheehan, to all, and if we don't like what we hear we are going to moratorium your backside so hard you'll run home in tears. In case you don't know it, we are the champions of the world and whatever Bob wants, he will get.

You understand that if Supervisor Feiner finds out about this meeting, all bets are off said Mr. Sheehan.

And above all, don't go blabbing to Samis because he ain't no Woodward and we've already got Bernstein on our side.

And now let's hear from Bob said Steve and Francis in unison.

And Mr. Bernstein as he is wont to do proceeded to whisper his plan to make everyone happy.

And of course, everyone remembers what happened in the land of draft agreements and the following Saturday meeting when Ms Barnes and separately Ms Juettner just happened to meet up with the gang in Harrison.

But Sheehan still maintains there was no meeting -- too many listens to the Talking Heads, Francis?

So before the Primary, remind yourself if Steve Bass and Eddie Mae Barnes weren't talking over ways to help Bernstein screw the Town, what were they doing there?
Eddie Mae Barnes and Diana Juettner to discuss Affordable Housing for Edgemont? I think not.

In your heart you know that Bass and Barnes are blight, now you need to check into the facts. Ask Steve or Edie? Ask Suzanne if three is a crowd or a Town Board meeting.

Anonymous said...

Well you knew Darth Sheehan would rise from his manure pile at some point. Filing unfair election practices on Feiner. They should add all of THEIR unfair practices let the committee rule on it all. I attended the debate on our street and could not believe the BS by Berger, Bass and Barnes. Barnes was the most clueless person there. Good question, no answer par for the course. And for Stevie what a useless bag of bones. He would be good as a republician in Washington
say nothing, do nothing. He circled around like a pick pocket at a seniors breakfast. Time to give someone else a chance. vote Feiner, Brown, Morgan and Beville..

By the way the risk of being in office 14 years passed Barnes a long time ago. Complacency,arrogance and a do nothing attitude reigns by the council person. You all disgust me.

data not drama said...

" ... tending to small-bore issues raised by every constituent who corners him at the supermarket."

I've noticed this, too, and I'm not particularly anti-Feiner.

Personally, I'd like to hear more from the candidates regarding 1) an economic development plan for Unincorporated Greenburgh and 2) the management of routine municipal services in Unincorporated Greenburgh that we as customers/taxpayers pay the Town to do.

Anonymous said...

It's a known fact that SHEEHAN lied about the meeting with troy.
Bernstein said that there was a meeting.
Bass said that there was a meeting.
Tim Lewis was asked if Bernstein represented the town at that meeting, and the answer was no.
Forget about the two ladies they are both in lala land.
So now we see how and why we must vote for Feiner,and his running mates.They have not lied to the residents of Greenburgh.
We have to turn things arround so,we could get back open government,not under the ruling of Sheehan and Bernstein together with his clan.

Anonymous said...

Forget the past, that's all over with. Would someone enlightened please give a reasoned balanced analysis of the consequences of a Feiner loss? Would taxes go up 6% a year instead of 5%? Would trash pick ups be once a week instead of two? I 'm tired of all this overheated rhetoric on both sides and really want to know what, if anything is at stake here besides someone's six figure job.

hal samis said...

Dear just born yesterday @9:33,

That is a question that should be asked of Suzanne Berger.

If Feiner loses, how would he know what she intends intends to do.

You pay your money after you
took your chance.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:07 is playing fast and loose with the facts.

No one except Feiner has ever said there was a "meeting" of town board members which, for purposes of the open meetings law, requires that three or more town board members be present. Feiner simply made that up out of whole cloth in order to get publicity for himself.

Feiner, of course, had his own private "meeting" with the Dromore developer which he doesn't like to talk about. Consistent with his practice of refusing to meet with anyone who's ever criticized him in the past, Feiner did not invite anyone from any Edgemont civic associations to attend.

A written summary of that meeting prepared by someone from the Nature Center shows that the developer wanted the town to go along with an illegal tax avoidance scheme -- and Feiner (who has gotten the town in all sorts of legal trouble over the years) was all for it.

Anonymous said...

If Feiner is re-elected (especially if the rest of the bicycle is elected too) we can expect:

1. Continued A/B litigation -- with no attempt by the Town to resolve, resulting in not only legal expense, but no rationalization of use of Town parks, including no indoor tennis at Veterans.

2. Subsidies of the favorites of the day, especially the Valhalla School District (the Westhelp monies) and now the Greenburgh Central district (SAT money etc), not only resulting in most of Greenburgh paying for schools in addition to their own, but likely also more litigation.

3. Slow process, if any, on comprehensive plan.

4. Central Avenue continueing to look like the armpit of Westchester, in between the nicely maintained Yonkers and White Plains.

Anonymous said...

At least if the rest of the bicyle gets elected we will see forward movement. NOT the present council which is stuck with a flat tire.

What comprehensive plan where has it been?? ask the do nothings.

If there is an armpit issue have the present council clean it up. OH I forgot they will need to study it for another 20 yrs.

Your posting is a joke . You must not have kids. If you did school's would be a priority and SAT's help needed.

Next blame Katrina , Iraq, Darfur, WW 2, Viet Nam. ect. on the four who will work on Greenburgh issues not BS like you spit out.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:59
You had better get your facts straight
Then why is there a law suit pending initiated by the Troy's.
And better yet how come Sheehan demanded that the zoning map be changed to show that the map in hand was the wrong zoning figures.
Put the blame where it belongs.
Feiner wanted the property for the nature center,and he did not hide the fact that he met with the owner.
I think this was mentioned at a town meeting.
The board did meet with the Troy's together with Bernstein and McNally,theres no getting away from it.
PLease stop your BSing.The facts speak for themselves.
The six idiots slipped up. Greed took over their reasoning for acquiring this parcel.

hal samis said...

Full of unexcreted food by-product otherwise known as anonymous @10:12

1) Why would we expect continued A/B litigation if Feiner is re-elected?

Properly stated such litigation followed from the four votes of the existing Town Council when they voted to appeal the Bernstein decision. You mean, that if Berger was elected, that the Town Council would reverse themselves?

2) WESTHELP was voted for by the Supervisor and the Town Council. If the Town Council now objects to
such subsidies, there will be none and thus no threat of future litigation.

3) Why would there be slow process on the Comprehensive Plan.
Isn't the Planning Department capable of moving it forward? Do we need a different Planning Commissioner? Or are you supposing that the Town Council would try to throw up roadblocks and prevent the Plan from moving ahead? Is it not moving forward quickly enough? When would you like it to be finished?

4) Is the Town Council going into the real estate development business? Is the Town Council to become a real estate Developer? Is the Town Council going to demand the resignation of Al Regula, the head of DPW? You really appreciate the scenic splendor and attractive look of Central Avenue in White Plains?

tear feiner's wall down said...

on 9/11:
the decent thing to do is to tear down the ignoble wall feiner and his rubber stampers put up in front of webb field/presser park.

the ceremony is not even held there.

tear this heap of concrete down.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:17 is spewing misinformation.

The Troys have filed a notice of claim against the town because they claim that they were misled by a town map that showed the property on Dromore Road to be zoned for multifamily housing.

In fact, there is no town ordinance zoning that property for multifamily housing. The only town board ordinances show the property to be zoned for single family homes.

This is yet another example of Feiner mismanagement because Feiner is supposed to sign the zoning maps to make sure that they're accurate. Even though zoning changes have been approved since then, Feiner hasn't signed a zoning map since 1992.

New York says you can't zone by mistake.

Feiner thinks you can, even if the mistake was his, and he's sided with the Troys in their dispute against the town.

If Feiner had wanted to preserve the property as open space, he's had 9 months to do something about it. All he's done is support the developer -- a developer who's obviously helping Feiner with his campaign.

Feiner is so corrupt and venal that if he and his slate are elected, Feiner will compromise the claim by the Troys by voting to re-zone the property so that the luxury townhouses can get built after all.

Anonymous said...

I am offended to hear you say rip down that wall. You may not like it but it is a symbol for something terrible that happened to us and personally, my nephew. How dare you attack it. Do you attack the memorials at the Dam or ground zero. Only an insensitive creep would go after this issue. If your family member died you would be appalled that someone could bring up this issue. Give us your name you bastard. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that you blame Feiner for the wall at Presser park,for the souls of those who died on 9/11.
Was it not voted on by the council members.
I think you should have an exam from a cardiologist,because I feel that your sitting on your heart.
What is missing, a good landscaper to put up the necessary plantings to make it look great.
At one of the town meetings it was said that they would allocate monies for this purpose,but nothing has been done.
Get rid of Kaminer and put his salary to good use.
If this were a memorial to the fallen soldiers would you still be thinking in the same vein.To bad being an american means nothing to you.

Anonymous said...

So no one can tell me how my life will be affected by the outcome of this election. Posters here are only capable of diatribes. It appears, as i expected, that nothing "real" is at stake this election except for who gets the right to live at the taxpayers' expense. Why should i vote on 9/18? (oh yeah, i'm a registered independent, so i can't vote anyway).

take it down 2 said...

what does this wall stand for - the rotary on the other side - what does that have to do with 9-11?

the rising in valhalla is a true memorial - inspiring with power

the greenburgh wall used fema funds in its construction - another shame esp in light of katrina

the wall was an excuse for paul feiner, career poltico to issue a press release

it signifies nothing and should be taken down esp as it ruined the vista of the park and the last stretch of open space between yonkers and white plains on central avenue

a mistake was made - lets admit the wall is a ponderous nothing that demeans the victims of 9-11

Anonymous said...

The only thing that you are interested in is open space.
By this you must be a resident of Edgemont
Too bad that all the property along central ave is taken up,by weeds and debris.
Wake up some day in the future Presser field will also be developed.Nothing is forever.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that katrina happened after the wall was built.
If the town of Greenburgh received these funds from the government who are you to say tear this wall down.This happened in Germany some time ago.
If you feel so strongly about tearing the wall down, get in touch with the governmental department that issued the grant to Greenburgh,maybe they could put your head on straight.
Another thing get in touch with the rotary club ,maybe they could tell you why it was done this way.
Your determination is sickening.
There are other things in this world to discuss,other than the wall should come down.
Maybe you should picket the wall so this way we all could see what a coward you are.

Anonymous said...

Today's mailing from the Berger camp repeats the slander from two years ago that Morgan is not pro-choice. Thay say the same thing about Sonja Brown, without any evidence whatsoever.

As I recall, when Sheehan and Juettner pulled this stunt two years ago the Fair campaign CPractioces Committee harshly criticized them. Of course by this time the election was over.

So now these Swift Boaters are doing it again, this time a week before election, so that there is no time to call the Fair Campaign Practices Committee.

What cowards. What kind of Democrats are these people. They are McCarthyites, and they don't deserve to be elected.

Anonymous said...

A new flyer sent out by Friends of Bass,was received today,Tuesday,stating that the democratic party does not endorse Brown or Morgan.
Look who the democratic party did endorse ,not only liars but also garbage.
Sheehan did this in the last election,and was repremanded by the democrates.
This group is useing the same method as was used the last time.
Morgan and Brown,said at the debate that they were pro=choice
About indian point,Morgan is right,if we close this facility,where do we pick up our electricity.We have to have an alternate plan before taking down this plant. Bass and Barnes want to leave us in the dark.
Not committed to democrates.How do you know how one votes.
How can you say that a person is not a true democrate.
Do you think that there is a true democratic representation of the democratic party With Berger,Bass,and Barnes. Wrong.
The three of them do not have an honest platform,since all their flyers have one lie after another.
Berger does not know anything about our government,except what is preached to her by Master Sheehan.
Bass and Barnes have not done anything by themselves to say that they are intrested in the betterment of Greenburgh.The three seem like parrots, following Sheehan with every word that they utter.

Barnes & Barnes = Poor Education said...

As clearly evidenced by their signs.

"I am with Bass and Barnes and they are with us?"

It should read "We are with Bass and Barnes and they are with us."

Poor Francis, he is really slipping with his language skills.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the stupid signs,what about the new flyer full of lies which was in the mail today.
I as a true democrat I feel insulted that these three liers are running on the democratic ticket.
It does't make sense that these three should make statements as they did ,after all these questions were asked at the first and second debate.Where will these lies get them.
If one had a different idea as to how to vote, they have made peoples minds up, without second guessing.
Each one of them is hurting the other.Morgan and Brown were up front with all their answers,so why should BASS AND BARNES take this road,maybe they don't give a dam if they win or loose..
This flyer was the icing on the cake.
It gives Feiners' running mates the upper hand,since many of us read the papers and know just how the debates went.
The flyer was put out by Bass's the saying goes with friends like them who needs enemies.thank your friends you really made up my mind,and I"m quite sure many more voters feel as I do.

Anonymous said...

Bass;Barnes;I have to say that your latest BS flyer has done both of you in.
If we receive any more of these lies,I should say your political careers are finished.
Honesty is the best policy,but I guess neither of you would know this.
Not only did you ruin it for yourself, you also harmed Sheehan's benefactor,Berger.

morgan bombshell said...

morgan bombshell - he was carrying petitions for an anti choice judicial candidate.

morgan lied.

thanks steve and eddie mae - you truly are with us!!

hal samis said...

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good.
I have something nice to say about Steve Bass. He had the guts to answer my question (after prodding) at the NAACP debate Sunday. The question was "Why did you vote against awarding the contract to Bryan Cave?" (the law firm where Berger is employed but never made partner). He answered:
"Because I was unhappy with the work they did for the Town previously."
This was courageous because the hiring of this firm was controversial in light of there have been no interviewing of firms for the assignment and I understand that "her" firm was not even the low bidder.
The other vote against their retaining them was Feiner. But it takes just three votes (Barnes, Juettner and Sheehan). The contract at the quoted hourly rate can easily reach $1 million in fees. When the Town Board votes on an initial amount, it is not like the Library Referendum. When the limit is reached, the Town Board allocates more funds. Even more interesting is that Berger made campaign contributions ($250 each) to Sheehan and Bass and this did not stop his nay vote. This suggests that he has some serious reservations about the work the firm did.

The Public has been told by the Berger campaign that the hiring of "her" firm was vetted by the Town's legal staff and by the Planning Department but not after interviews by the Town Board. To my mind, if you were a Town employee in these departments and could read the handwriting on the wall, you would not submit unfavorable opinions about a firm that WILL be hired and a firm you will have to work with during their employment.
That the Town does not pay the fee, rather the developer does, has no relevance. That Berger received a good chunk of her campaign funding from her coworkers at Bryan Cave is coincidental and not evidence of payback. That she will not work on the account; that she will not participate in the afterglow and billings of the assignment is an issue at least understandable regarding the scrutiny it has received; however it is not something that can be proven for either side's satisfaction. Thus as I have argued elsewhere on this blog, the matter at least gives the appearance of impropriety and that is the problem for me with the entire concept of "appearances". Appearance should not be a crime for either Feiner or Berger despite how the Ethics laws were fashioned. Innocent until proven guilty is for me the highest test of the law's merit. But since the Bernstein crowd would like to remind everyone of the "appearances" regarding Feiner, I cannot quarrel when Feiner's people raise the same issues regarding Ms. Berger who bears the double edged sword when as Democratic Party head, she can direct contributions, made to the Democratic Party, to the campaigns of those she favors. A telling point for all those Democrats falling all over themselves to endorse Berger.

The Bad.
Adios Jim Heslop, don't take the $310,000 of library repairs and maintenance with you.

The Ugly.
This no doubt will be very controversial and, as such, it needs some background.
One of my issues with Mr. Bass is his seeking publicity for spurious matters; matters not relevant to the job of the Town Board and not relevant to any capacity of the Town to fulfill or impact. The Resolution on Darfur is such an example. A good thought, a commendable personal view and he is welcome to put his name out there as an individual resident but hardly something that Greenburgh (where?) will have much influence upon the President of the US or at the UN. If Town Board meetings go on too long, these type of feel good resolutions are partly the reason.

Another part of this matter took place just over two years ago at the local Greenburgh Democratic Party interviews for Town office candidates. This is the meeting that was held at the Ardsley Libary because the Community Center was booked for something else. Kevin Morgan was running for Town Council against Francis Sheehan and Diana Juettner.
Kevin was "crucified" for what was manipulated into appearing as a stance against pro-choice/women's rights. Leading this attack was a local resident very involved with the NOW organization. This woman is a long time supporter of Mr. Sheehan as she is of Mr. Bass as well.
Mr. Bass sat in the room and did not speak up to prevent this character assassination. I sat there also (as an observor without any portfolio) but completely confounded by the politics underway, not following what relevance this issue had to someone running for the office of Town Council. What will the Town of Greenburgh be able to do regarding any threat to a woman's right to free choice -- something that I support while others do not; but again I could see no local relevance. And, during the actual campaign, this issue reared its ugly head again and again while Mr. Bass was campaigning on behalf of Mr. Sheehan.

Over the intervening two years I struggled with trying to understand why anyone would bring this into the campaign as a justifiable attack upon a candidate running for Town Council. Trying to justify this I hit upon the only plausible explanation I could muster -- and I have shared this in part discreetly with others but never going public until now.

I concluded that apparently, in politics, it is important to understand the private life and personal views of a candidate on everything because with this knowledge you will be able to judge how good an elected official they will be. This is the best I can come up with.

And then I see that the same game is being replayed in this year's campaign; this time on behalf of Mr. Bass' re-election bid. He is a 100% pro-choice candidate; clearly the implication that his opponent, Mr. Morgan is not. In fact, that this is completely fallacious and still irrelevant remains the sticking point for me. I am mad (and not going to take it anymore) and in my usual, forthright manner I am going to speak out, starting on this blog with a question that will help me and perhaps help other voters to understand the inner candidate so we too can judge how good an elected official he will be.

Mr. Bass are you a homosexual?

There it's done. I need to know this important information much as others need to know whether Mr. Morgan is pro choice. This is 100% my question and Feiner, Morgan and Garfunkle had no prior knowledge of what I have done -- and probably will disapprove.

And this question is not without substance. There are reasons for my asking this particular question. Observations that score high on the gaydar.

Finally I could be capricious and say ala Seinfeld, "Not that there is anything wrong with that". However I feel obligated to state that I am not homophobic, have lost gay friends to AIDS and in my twenties and thirties I had summer shares on Fire Island (Davis Park) and our heterosexual group would go to the nearby gay communities: Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove for "tea dance" at the Botel or for dinner or for dancing till dawn at The Ice Palace. Chemical stimulants were also involved. These were pleasant activies indulged in by my social circle and included both wife #1 and wife #2.

As we got older and more affluent, we moved to the Pines because where rentals matched our incomes and we could get a house with a swimming pool and jacuzzi. And the grocery store, the music, and the women (visually) were the BEST.

So I am not bringing this up because I have any problem with gays.

But the bottom line for those running for public office is: what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If candidates are hiding their views on pro-choice or their gender preference, then clearly the way politics are being played in Greenburgh, the public has the right to know who is 100% and who is not.

Anonymous said...

Question of the Day for Steve Bass:

According to multiple reports, allegedly three of your fellow board members met with a developer to trade a favorable land use decision for land for a Edgemont Town Hall.

Would you offer a resolution that will censure Francis, Eddie & Diana for not acting in the best interests of the Town of Greenburgh?

PS – If a prince came through the inchanted forest and found Eddie Mae asleep (no need for imagination here) would he be able to wake her with a kiss?

Anonymous said...

Whether Steve Bass is homosexual or not should be of no interest to people who intend to vote for him or against him in the primary.

What really matters, is if he is a Yankee or Met fan.

Anonymous said...


If you do not understand the difference between a candidates position on abortion and his or her own gender preference, let me explain it to you. A candidate who is not pro -choice, even if the candidate only has issues with parental permission can restrict others right to abortion. What if Planned Parenthood needs a variance, etc, and a candidate, such as Mr. Morgan, who has previously had issues with parental choice, puts that on the table?

Now gender choice does not bring up theseissues. It is a private choice.

Shame on you for bringing this up.

And a person who will attack someone for gender status will attack others for equally irrelevant issues.


Steve Bass & Eddie Mae Barnes lied in the mailing sent out today. They both claim that Kevin Morgan and Sonja Brown are not pro choice when they are pro choice.
It's similar to the awful, wrongful claim made 2 years ago by Francis Sheehan who was found GUILTY OF UNFAIR CAMPAIGN PRACTICES.

town comptroller calls it quits said...

The real bombshell tonight is the news that Heslop has quit. How long has Feiner known about this, but kept it a secret?

Heslop is the third town comptroller to quit in four years. The other two, Norah McAvoy and Ann Marie Berg, gave interviews to the New York Times two years ago and both said the problem was Feiner.

Now Heslop is calling it quits too, right on the eve of the primary, and Feiner doesn't even tell anyone. It should be obvious that Heslop is quitting for the same reasons that McAvoy and Berg quit -- none of them can do their jobs in an environment where Feiner of all people is the man "in charge."

Heslop proved to be an honorable, hard working guy, trying to do the right thing. He just couldn't take working for Feiner anymore.

morgan nailed as anti-choice said...

Congrats to Steve and Eddie Mae for nailing Morgan on the choice issue.

How can Morgan proclaim himself to be 100% pro-choice when he goes out of his way like he did to promote the candidacy of an anti-choice conservative Republican judge who wants to see Roe v. Wade overturned.

Feiner obviously had to know Morgan was doing this, and had no problem with it. Maybe Feiner himself is supporting that anti-choice judge too.

Either way, there's no campaign violation here. Morgan's name is on the judge's nominating petition. You can't find a better smoking gun than that.

Anonymous said...

Stop the presses, News BOMBshell Morgan supported a LIFELONG DEMOCRAT Judge Devlin who in 2005 was endorsed by the Republician party after the Democratic Party shafted him. Devlin the highest rated family Judge was the victim of the likes of Cheeseberger. Can the killer B's stoop any further. At least Morgan has the guts to put him name forward for the best candidate. Not like our back stabbing low life's like Catherine Plaskett who as a democratic district leader stabbed Cousins in the back and endorsed Nick Spano a republican YES YES . How short is there memory.

And how about the committees backing of Sir Francis a LIFE LONG REPUBLICAN YES!!! oh my god. The church ushering prolifer has nerve to speak. Watch out for lightning.

So this is what the democratic party has to offer to us the residents. I might as well change my party for independence line which has embarrassed itself by endorsing BBB and become a communist.. At least I will see my enemies coming.

You all should be removed and run out of town.

Anonymous said...

Hal; you the man. You will go where no man will. You have the guts to speak freely and not lie, cheat and falsely accuse like the BBBBB's. Maybe you should ask more YES or NO questions. I applaud you.

hal samis said...

Dear 11:26 and others,

I am really not seeking to prolong this but you know I will have a parry for every thrust.

What if a gay bar required a zoning variance?

Private matters should be private matters. However when Pandora's box is opened, don't expect to close it "willy nilly".

Pro-choice and sexual orientation should both have never entered the campaign. But as I pointed out, this door opened over two years ago and Berger could have shut it down then and today. Being Party Chair two years ago and still in same role today while claiming this as "adminstrative experience", such a tolerance for below the belt campaigning used against opposition Democrats blows a big hole in her platform that she actually knows how to manage.

Anonymous said...

Hal; how many kids does Stevie have? OH I forgot pro-choice

Anonymous said...

You are correct ! Our chair has allowed this outrageous behavior to exist and will now distance herself. What REAL democrats they are. She can't keep the lid on her own TEAM how will she rule the Kingdom of BASS, BARNES and Bernstein. Don't forget to throw in Sir. SHEEHAN

Anonymous said...

That 9/11 wall is disrespectful to those who died. It should be moved to a location where the tiles could be seen close up where there are people who walk by. Maybe outside Town Hall or the Community Center or the new Library. Its current drive-by location demeans the victims.

Anonymous said...

Something like this would be great for the southern section of unincorporated Greenburgh:

"Irvington opens new playground for preschoolers"

Anonymous said...


This is a mean and bigoted attack on Steve Bass.

As to his position on bars, I know he is in favor of protecting residential areas and protecting children. He would not want ANY bars near them.

Please explain to me though, how one distinguishes a gay bar from a non-gay bar in a zoning matter. A bar's clientele can change overnight -- one did in White Plains, years ago. The government can and should deal with issues such as hours, noise, music, etc. Everything else is your bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Some comments on Hal Samis' outing of Steve Bass.

One, I am sorry that Samis did it. I am less concerned with what motivates the lower part of Bass's body, his gonads, than what motivates the top of his body, his brain. That needs more outing than it has received. The political lies, the meanness of his attacks, the emptiness of his public initiatives, the kowtowing to those whose political favor he seeks, his political clambering without offering ane serious political philosophy, etc. etc. etc.

Second, Samis (and others) are right to blast Berger, Barnes and Bass for the 2007 repeat performance of accusing Morgan of being anti-choice. It is a shameless lie. It was found to be an unfair campaign practice two years ago when trotted out by Sheehan when Morgan last ran, and here it is again. These people, and I include their supporters, the leaders of the Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations, claim to be for good government while engaging in the worst kind of political activity.

If one believes that this kind of hate must stop, then the way to do it is throw out the current Town Council members so that these haters lose their majority.

Anonymous said...

It is disgraceful that this, a website with a link from the town, allows anti-gay bigotry.

What group is next?

What has Feiner, who owns this website, done to control his pitbull Samis?

Anonymous said...

I think this gay stuff is to get our attention off of the important news -- another comptroller bailing.

Anonymous said...

Question of the Day for Steve Bass:

We are all witnessing a very mean spirited campaign this year for the democratic primary.

Certainly some have recognized you as a man of fairness and global concerns.

With this in mind, will you introduce a resolution condemning those who feel the need to stoop to such low politics as to illegally remove the "I'm with Paul" lawn signs from taxpayer’s private property in Greenburgh?

PS – If Eddie Mae does not win the democratic primary, how will she find out?

Why Berger Can't Be Trusted said...

Berger was the attorney who defended Sheehan & Juetner:

Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee
c/o League of Women Voters of Westchester
Room 12B, 200 Hamilton Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 949-0507 / fax: (914) 997-9354


October 4, 2005CONTACT:Stephanie Sarnoff, Chair
276-0760 day

The Westchester Fair Campaign Practices Committee (FCPC) met on September 29, 2005 to hear post-election complaints filed by Kevin Morgan and Allegra Dengler against Francis Sheehan and Diana Juettner, all having been Democratic candidates in the September 13th primary election for two open seats on the Greenburgh Town Council. The complaints stemmed from alleged misrepresentations in the campaign literature distributed by Mr. Sheehan and Ms. Juettner.

Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Dengler complain that their positions on Choice were falsely described in the literature distributed by Mr. Sheehan and Mrs. Juettner.

While the Committee is not in a position to decide the definition of “pro choice,” there is no evidence that Mr. Morgan said that he favors restrictions on a woman’s right to choose. The inference that Ms. Dengler is not “100% Pro-Choice” is based solely on a private conversation and not backed by other evidence.

Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Dengler complain that their positions on Indian Point were falsely described in the literature distributed by Mr. Sheehan and Mrs. Juettner.

The allegations made in the campaign literature fall within the realm of normal political discourse.

Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Dengler complain that Mr. Sheehan and Mrs. Juettner’s campaign literature is false when stating: “As a Planning Board member he (Mr. Morgan) initiated the vote to waive a public hearing on a final subdivision and voted to allow the subdivision. His company then purchased the land he voted to subdivide, and is now developing it.”

The statement is misleading because the implication is that he had an interest or knew he was going to acquire an interest in the subdivision at the time he was voting on the issue, when in fact he did not acquire the property until a year later when it came on the market.

Berger is a Sheehan Supporter said...

Berger supports Sheehan. Sheehan wished to deny the 1st amendment rights of the Valhalla School Superintendant. Sheehan ordered Gil Kaminer to warn her not to speak. When called out by the courageous women from Valhalla, Kaminer broke down and confessed in front of witnesses in the conference room.

Feiner wanted an investigation. Sheehan ordered silence.

Berger has never supported the 1st amendment rights of the Valhalla School Superintendant and has never supported an investigation into this issue. Berger obviously supports Sheehan's strong arm tactics.

Berger supports Sheehan said...

Sheehan had the zoning map altered illegally. Town Code cals for any changes to be approved by the Zoning Board and then by the Town Board. This procedure was not folowed. Francis Sheehan's illegal tactics will cost the Town millions in a lawsuit by the Troy's. Suzanne Berger has kept silent on this issue. She is a Sheehan supporter. Given her silence, we can conclude that Berger has given a tacit approval for these illegal actions. Should she win, what other illegal activities will Berger apporve of???

Berger Supports Bernstein said...

Berger has only paid lip service to the violation of New York State's Open Meetings Laws. Berger's lack of candor clearly demonstrates that she supports the Bernstein Position of land acquisition for the new Edgemont Village Hall. Berger has never supported the Town Council taking an oath to determine whether or not they violated the laws.

hal samis said...

To 8:39,

What have you read that in anyway can be construed as anti-gay or bigotry?

You're going to have to work a little harder to make that stick. Even harder than your attacks on Kevin Morgan.

To 8:16 (same author)

Assuming that 8:39 was your after thought, there is no difference between a gay or a straight bar for zoning purposes. The point, which you seek to obscure, is that if a gay bar were to seek a variance to build, say, an outdoor deck, it is then reasonable to suggest that a gay councilman would pressure the Zoning Board to allow this. And this thinking is only my application of the earlier conclusion offered by 11:26 PM (Tuesday) who wrote:
"what if Planned Parenthood needs a variance..." and they have to deal with a Councilman who is not pro-choice?

Is one supposition any different or worse than the other? Hypocrisy runs rampant in Greenburgh. I wholly subscribe to the proposition that neither a person's sexuality or stance on abortion has anything to do with their ability to peform as a Councilman. And if this view is shared by all, then why is Kevin Morgan being smeared by repeated lying misrepresentations of his Pro-Choice beliefs, beliefs that are clearly pro-choice. Whatever his position is, it has no bearing on the race on the office he seeks. Just as Mr Bass' sexuality has no bearing on the office he seeks.

The obvious answer is that those conducting the campaign against him are panicked and possess no integrity or respect for fair campaign practices.

If you open the box, be prepared for what cohabits therein.

Anonymous said...

Paul and Richard:
Get back to work.

Anonymous said...

The social and sexual proclivities of Steve Bass is no concern of mine or the campaign of Paul Feiner. We have tried to keep the high road in this campaign. We have raised questions about Suzanne Berger's connections with Bernstein and Sheehan and her camapign financing through both her friends at the law firm, Bryan, Cave, her employer, and her role as Greenburgh Chairperson.

Ms. Berger violated the trust of her alma mater, Barnard College, by using a restricted alumna list for soliciting campaign contributions. This is an unethical act and the college has been informed. No one is allowed to solicit through that list and every one with a wit about them knows that!

We have also addressed the illegal meetings of the Town Board with Robert Bernstein and Michelle McNally, as written in the affadavit by Mr. Richard Troy, yes a developer, and a lawyer. His affadavit revealed events that he could only know by personal experience, and his statement was backed up by other witnesses.

We have also addressed Ms. Berger's obvious lack of experience, and unfamiliarity with Greenburgh issues.

Paul Feiner has been the paragon of honesty in his 24 years of public service. He has brought openess, transparency, and innovation to the position of Supervisor.

Many may disagree with his style, or really believe that there is time for a change. It is a free country, and all of us have a right to our beliefs. But, for sure, Paul Feiner has never been in anyone's pocket. He has looked out for Greenburgh, and he has acted legally and responsibly in all venues.

Develope must continue, we all know that, but it must be in the public interest. Being a Luddite will not solve the problems of high taxes, an aging population, and the drain of talent to other parts of our great country. Therefore we need responsible growth and the proper fiscal responsibility that Paul Feiner has fought for. Paul Feiner has always believed in that. When we needed steep slope legislation, and moritoria, to prevent over-development, he supported those measures and legislation. Developers knew that the Supervisor would keep their "feet to the fire," and the record supports his concern and actions.

The Supervisor stood up to the bosses in both the County and Town Democratic parties. When Andy Spano want his way with regards to a homeless shelter, it was Paul Feiner who put his constituents first. Yes, he has developed enemies over the years. Most of them are people that he has defeated in both primaries and the general election. Obviously his homesty and hard work, solving problems and bringing government to the people has worked. Paul Feiner operates directly to the people and he does make political alliances of convenience. So be it!

With regards to this new series of scurilous attacks on his running mates, this is nothing new!

Two years ago the Fair Campaign Practice Board understood full well this tactic. To accuse our slate of being in support of the continuation of Indian Point is patently ridiculous, and every knows the idoicy of that lie.

Pro-Choice! That issue was addressed time and time again. But look at the politics of that issue. It was articulated earlier regarding the campaign of Andrea Stewart-Cousins. This is an issue that has been abused time, and time again. Kevin Morgan and Sonja Brown are pro-Choice, plain and simple. They have stated it on their literature, and in public time and again.

With regards to our opponents Barnes and Bass, their record on the Dromore Road is clear. Because of their actions there exists a suit against Greenburgh. Because of their actions, the Young Center and Fairview were threatened, plain and simple. Whether it was malice or forethought by Bass or foolishness with Barnes the meetings with Bernstein and McNally could have led directly to a parcel of land that would certainly have been used for a Village Hall in Edgemont. Of course, if the Edgemont citizenry want that, so be it, but did they want that? Barnes and Bass must live with the consequences of their actions. Their meetings, as articulated by Richard Troy, in Harrison with Sheehan, Juettner, Bernstein and McNally
are a serious matter. According to Troy they met, (he didn't know that meeting was illegal, but they certainly did!) This should be more of a concern to the voters than the specious claims by Bob Bernstein, the phony Ethics Board and its loop-hole filled code, and the sexual proclivities of any Board Member. This meeting could have concluded with the destruction of Greenburgh and the bankruptcy of the Fairview area.

The current Board is dysfunctional, not the Supervisor. He is what he is. He's been acting in the public's interest for more than a quarter century, and his record has been execellent. The Town functions well, despite the hatred fulminated by Sheehan, Bernstein and their fellow-travelers.

Their record of obfuscation, delay and character assassination has been clear to anyone watching Board meetings for years. They have been attacking with vehemance and hatred since Bass was appointed to the Board. He's bad for Greenburgh, bad for Westchester and must be defeated. That action on Primary Day will start the healing.

Therefore change is in you hands. If you appreciate the work that Paul Feiner has done, give him the votes to continue to protect the people, and keep Greenburgh a great place to live.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Are you authorized by Paul Feiner to speak on his behalf?

Anonymous said...

I am quite certain that Garfunkel is not authorized to speak for Paul Feiner. Garfunkel does what he wants, says what he wants, and writes what he wants. Nobody can stop him.

But that doesn't mean that he isn't right. Sometimes he goes overboard, but his 11:14 blog is right on the money.

I suspect that he wans't writing with Feiner's auhorization, but I also suspect that Feiner wouldn't disagree with what Garfunkel wrote. Neither do I, and I have never met Garfunkel.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't questioning the content of Richard's post. I only ask b/c Richard interchangeably uses the first person singular and plural - implying that he is writing officially on Paul's behalf.

Sheehan and the Phone Company said...

Sheehan's brother works for the telephone company. Sheehan did not recluse himself from the vote that allowed Verizon to enter the Cable business in Greenburgh. I think an investigation is waranted.
Clearly, this has the look and feel of impropriety all over it. Pay for Play Francis??????

hal samis said...

And that reminds me.

I'm still curious about how life is better in Greenburgh with Verizon.

They don't broadcast the Town's government channel; they don't have their own equivalent of channel 12 and my Cablevision bill has gone up.

Meanwhile I haven't heard anything about Cablevision renewing their 2 years, 3 years? elapsed franchise agreement with the Town.
This is the responsibility of the Town Clerk but Mr. Sheehan considers it also one of his areas of expertise.

So, can anyone explain when Greenburgh will harvest the riches from the tough new contract?

The contract that is the envy of all.

Rivaled only by the tough new laws that sent Con Ed begging for mercy.

Anonymous said...

Count me as very happy with verizon- i have FIOS for my t.v., internet and landline. Choice and service has been excellant in my experience and best of all, I don't have to pay the Dolans money out of my pocket to ruin the Knicks and Rangers. For me, this is the best reason to vote for Feiner.

Anonymous said...

I have known Paul Feiner, on and off for 35+ years when my wife was a teacher at Sleepy Hollow HS in 1972. During the McGovern Campaign, when 18 year old voting was introduced, she asked the Board of Elections to send someone up to help her explain voter registration to her seniors that were 17-18 years old. Paul Feiner came on his bike!

That's how Linda met him and that is when I became aware of his political activities.

I watched his career from White Plains, where I was actively involved in local politics from 1969 thru 2001. I was the White Plains co-coordinatator for McGovern in 1972, and was campaign manager for Marty Rogowsky's great run for Assembly in 1976. From that day on I was active in many, many local and national campaigns.

Over those years I became aware of Paul's success through the newspapers. When I moved to Greenburgh five years ago, I was contacted by Paul, invited to a Town Board meeting, and learned first hand what he had to deal with.

Since that first meeting, I sympathized fully with Paul's struggle. He has been up against a core group, which I eventually named the CABAL, which was basically made up from Paul's defeated rivals, and local activists with their own political agenda. One was someone who did business with the previous Veteran administration, and whose inflated contract with Greenburgh was terminated by Paul.

No one can say that Paul has been right on every issue. But, for sure, his heart and mind have been there for the people of Greenburgh. Just look at his "thank you" books. They weigh 20 pounds. Those thank yous used to paper the halls of the old Town Hall.

Therefore, the character assassins of the CABAL and their allies have met their match, time and again. They will again meet their match on the 18th.

By the way, this, and the previous statement were not read or cleared by Paul Feiner. It was written by me and without input from anyone.

I am fully supporting Paul, like thousands of others. I support and am vigorously working for his slate of Kevin Morgan, Sonja Brown and Judy Beville, and I feel that with three votes, Paul and the Town can move forward. One thing is for sure, that with three votes the Town will get to the bottom of the Dromore deal, the loop-hole ridden ethics code, the influence Sheehan holds over the Town departments, the fact that the current Town Clerk doesn't do her job, and the inside influence that Bernstein wields.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

I am appalled at the attacks on Morgan and Brown as being anti-choice which is a total lie.

I had come to lose respect tor Steve Bass and Eddie Mae Barnes because of their behavior at Town Board meetings. But I had respect for Suzanne Berger and I thought that she would change the nasty and dishonest atmosphere.

Now I have seen Berger participate in the same unhealthy behavior as Bass and Barnes, and I know that Berger is no better than they are. I no longer have respect for her. Too bad. She leaves me no choice.

And yes, I also deplore the comments about Steve Bass and his orientation. But those comments were not made by a candidate, so there is a big difference.

Anonymous said...

What ever Garfunkel or Samis say,is nothing but the truth.
The Feiner haters,are getting blinder with the lies told by the 3Bs plus Sheehan and company,Bernstein and McNally.
You can see with the flyers that we have received in the mail,each one worse that the other.
How could these people live with themselves after this election when the victor will be Feiner and his running mates.
The flyers contained the same BS as when Sheehan and Juettner ran,which goes to prove that the democratic party has lost a lot of ground.
These people who say they are running under the democratic ticket with Berger are not true democrates.The don't know what the word means other than a paycheck which they don't deserve plus a good pension.
We do need a change,and it has to take two positions for board members together with Feiner,to create good government for Greenburgh.
Feiner,Brown and Morgan all the way.

hal samis said...

I'm taking a short respite from the blog for a one day observance of the "Rosh". Happy Holidays to all and see you back here Friday so we can talk more about the "meeting" that never was and why Feiner is not "venal" and doesn't intend to punish Edgemont upon his Primary victory.

The stories that Bernstein spins...

feiner is illogical said...

a tree falls in unincorporated greenburgh and causes terrible personal injuries - feiner says the whole town has to pay for the damages

a park is open to everyone in the town, feiner says only the unincorporated has to pay

feiner makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

garfunkel's rosy colored image of feiner is out of date by about 10 years. feiner is inept and polarizing. he said he would serve eight years now he wants eighteen!

Anonymous said...

No, the law makes no sense. And don't listen to Bernstein's distortion of the law.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all of you that celebrate. This is a time which, for Jews, reflects the re-birth of the world and the forgiving of all debts and sins.

Since it is a time of introspection and confession, I suggest that all of us look within ourselves and seek the truth and spirit of our actions.

As a people, we are getting coarser and coarser, and our political expression reflects that lack of civility.

Back to work after the holidays!

Richard J. Garfunkel

Anonymous said...

Affordable housing in Edgemont. How about that land Bernstien meet with the board about, maybe thats why he was there he was looking for a place for affordable housing.
Bernstien go with that!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do only some parts of unincorporated Greenburgh have cable tv choice? Is Verizon not following through with its contract? It was such a good idea. Someone in Town Hall should investigate this matter.

Anonymous said...

If there is coarseness in politics, look no further than richard garfunkel.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Eddie Mae's cable tv campaign commercial.


Team Bernstein is looking really scared at this point.

I generally thought if you were the incumbent, you ran on your record.

Sort of makes you understand why Barnes has become part of the smear campaign against Morgan & Brown.

I really hope when all is said and done, she is really embarassed over her behavior in this campaign. It is disgraceful and beneath her.

Bass & Barnes Lies said...

The lies of Bass and Barnes have been reported in today's Journal News. Bass and Barnes have BEEN CAUGHT lying about Kevin Morgan's abortion stand. Good for the Journal News to expose these lies. Bass & Barnes have lied about their illegal meetings with Bob Bernstein and the Dromore Road Developer, Bass & Barnes have lied about Kevin Morgan's record, Bass & Barnes have allowed Sheehan to violate a women's right to free speech, Bass & Barnes have allowed Edgemonters like Bernstein & McNally to wield an inordinate amount of power over Town affairs, Bass accepted a $500 donaion from McNally in a Pay For Play Scheme so that he would change his vote on tree legislation that Michelle did not like, Bass accepted money from the Westchester Credit Union.
Bass and Barnes have now been exposed for their lies and hypocrisy. It is a great day in Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

And remember, Suzanne Berger knew all about Bass and Barnes' lying literature and said nothing. How can she expect respect?

feiner corrupt - slate a disaster said...

bass returned the contribution from the credit union. feiner received $10,000 from convicted felon ans swindler chase caro - and never returned one dime!

regarding the alleged laws governing who in the town pays for what - feiner has no clue how to solve these issues and has only caused more problems by ignoring the inequities.

bloggers who say feiner is corrupt and past his sell by date are right.

time for new leadership.

and as the scarsdale inquirer said - election of feiner's slate would be a disaster for greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

As far as verizon goes, questions should be aimed at Sheehan.He was the one that took credit for the contract over and over again.
How come the communications of America unions are backing Berger,BAss abd BArnes, Yes how come Sheehan.What's your take in this .

Anonymous said...

Everyone except the conservation groups are supporting Feiner. And even now, everyone in Town knows that Feiner will not acquire any new open space because now that the Courts are siding with the position that costs of such must be charged Town wide, including the village residents, and Feiner wont charge the villages.

Hold Feiner Accountable said...

Feiner EXTORTED a contribution from the Greenburgh Health Center in 2003 - and still hasn't returned the money.

Feiner told GHC he would make sure they got the variance they needed to use the nursery site for their new location. Talk about redrawing maps illegally! He told them exactly how much it would cost, and how to make out the check.

What's especially wrong with accepting this particular contribution is that as a registered with the US Internal Revenue Service charity with
501(c)3 status, GHC cannot legally contribute to any political candidate or party. It is an absolute violation of the terms under which they got a tax exemption. Paul, return the money you received from them in 2003, preferably with interest but with at least a meaningful apology.

Feiner has also solicited donations from churches - and his crude attempt to extort a fire engine (retail value around $175,000) from Fortress Bible Church has cost the Town another lawsuit. And he made this little Gaffe-unkel when he still had two fulltime allies on the Board - allies to whose campaign his campaign was majority contributor.

The election of a new PAULitburo with the Samis' sanctioned "just 3 votes" paves the way for a return to business as usual - and it is EXACTLY that corrupt situation the Scarsdale Inquirer warns against. Shame on the Journal-News for its lack of interest.

Anonymous said...

11:05 is typical of Feiner bashers. Glaring headlines with nothing substantive to back it up. 11:05, where's your proof????

On the other hand, Bass and Barnes clearly violated the Town's new ethics law by not filing their campaign contributions by September 1st.

Bernstein out of control said...

It seems to me the nearer we get to the primary, the more out of control the Sheehan/Bernstein/McNally group seem to get. Has anyone else noticed?

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:05
You say that Feiner pomised the health center that he would get a variance,if needed.
Well according to this statement you're saying that the planning and zoning board are on the take.
Feiner cannot do anything to receive favors for the developers .
Every plan has to go in front of these two boards,then it gets voted on by the town board..
Stop saying all the lies in your comment.
The way you are voicing your oppinion it sounds very familiar as a guy named Lorin Brown a supposedly democratic committee person.. A bigtime Feiner hater.

Anonymous said...

The more the Sheehan/Berger crew lie, the more the rest of us realize that Feiner and at least Morgan will win on Tuesday. The Sheehanites have nothing to stand on except their record of lies and bullying tactics.

Sheehan is intolerant toward the Jewish Faith said...

Francis Sheehan once again demonstrates that the only thing he cares about is his personal power. By scheduling a Town Board Meeting on Rosh Hashanah, Sheehan is spitting in the face of every Jewish resident of Greenburgh and everywhere else for that matter. This act exhibits an incredible lack of tolerance for religious practices. Why have Bass & Barnes caved in to this disgraceful man time and time again???? I wonder if Sheehan (an usher at Sacred Heart Church in Hartsdale) would have scheduled a Town Board meeting on Christmas? Bass & Barnes should be ashamed of themselves. They should not have participated in this type of abuse of religious rights.

Anonymous said...

Today's mail brought more of the truly filthy lying campaign literature from Suzanne Berger and her cohorts. For one who says she wants freshness in Town Hall, she is certainly smelling herself up. I expected this sort of stuff from Bernstein but not from Berger. On the other hand, it proves that Berger is Bernstein's tool. Shame on her.

journal news shows bass/barnes correct said...

Today's Journal News story shows that Bass and Barnes were right in criticizing Morgan and Brown for not being 100% pro-choice, for not being 100% against Indian Point, and not 100% committed to Democrats.

The Journal News reports that Bass and Barnes accurately stated in their flier that Morgan is actively supporting efforts to get an anti-choice Republican elected as the Democratic nominee for family court judge. Morgan and Feiner don't deny it.

The Journal News reported that Bass and Barnes relied on a flyer put out by the Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion and the current head of that organization was quoted saying the candidate is Morgan supported told her in 2005 (when he was running as a Republican) that he wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, and that if he's saying the opposite today, it's because he's running as a Democrat.

The Journal News also quoted the founder of the WCLA as saying Morgan made a "major mistake" in not looking into the background of the anti-choice candidate he's backing.

The Journal News also reported that the flyer's statements about Morgan not being 100% committed to finding alternatives to Indian Point and that Morgan even said we should just trust the Bush Administration to make decisions about Indian Point's safety were fair, and found to be fair by the Westchester Fair Campaign Practices Committee.

The Journal News also reported that Bass and Barnes had a point that Sonja Brown had never voted in a Democratic Primary in at least the last 10 years even with Feiner complaining that the flyer was unfair, Brown herself couldn't be found to refute. How convenient was that?

It was obvious that the story was written because Feiner was obviously upset about the Bass and Barnes flyer -- and rightly so because it makes Feiner look like an idiot for having picked Morgan and Brown in the first place.

Feiner's complaining resulted in the Journal News giving Bass and Barnes at least three times the amount of publicity their flyer would have gotten had Feiner just ignored it -- and they got the publicity for free. Way to go, Feiner.

But the Journal News went even further to show how stupid Feiner was by pointing out that he can't even spell the word "sleaze." What a moron.

Sheehan The Despot said...

Sheehan should be thrown off the town board for showing his true colors when it comes to the members of the Jewish faith.
It's a disgrace. What gives him the authority to call a meeting on such a joyful holiday, knowing quite well that the supervisor will not be able to attend.
The rest of the board should hang their head in shame. Sheehan is discriminating against practicing Jews because he KNOWS that they won't be able to attend this meeting. Sheehan once again demonstrates that he he does not care about individual rights and freedoms. He is a despot plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Since Sheehan is demanding that this attorney be hired immediately for the Ethics Board, a GIGANTIC RED FLAG must now be observable above Town Hall. This attorney needs to be thoroughly vetted. Does he have ties with Suzanne Berger? Or anyone from her firm? Does Sheehan have any ties with him? What about Bernstein, McNally and Sigal. Do they know this guy? Who recommended him? Anything that Francis Sheehan does needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb since it invariably leads the Town into lawsuits.

feiner's been AWOL at town hall said...

Anon at 1:38 is spewing misinformation.

The Town Board scheduled the special meeting for Friday evening at its work session on Tuesday this week in order to schedule a public hearing for September 29 on whether to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for affordable housing. If no hearing was held at the Sept. 29 meeting, the town would have lost out on the funding.

As town supervisor, it was Feiner's responsibility to make sure that the public hearing was scheduled in a timely manner. However, Feiner's been AWOL from town hall for weeks. He knew nothing about it.

Because he's been AWOL, he blew off the board's work session on Tuesday and therefore had no idea why the special meeting even had to be scheduled.

And the Board wasn't being insensitive about Rosh Hashonah. It excused Steve Bass from attending the meeting because of the holiday, but unlike Feiner (who never showed) Steve made clear he had no objection to scheduling the hearing on Friday evening because he knew how important it was not to lose funding for affordable housing.

Feiner, however, didn't show up and thus didn't even know that his absence was putting affordable housing funding at risk.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:08 is right. Feiner was so clueless -- and paranoid -- about the need for the special meeting this Friday that he speculated it was about an ethics board matter when it had nothing to do with that at all. You've got to wonder what's wrong with a town supervisor who's so out of control and unhinged these days he doesn't even know he's putting the town at risk of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for affordable housing and thinks instead the meeting must be part of some plot by the rest of the Town Board to screw him personally.



AKA Francis Sheehan himself. Study the writing style. Pontification through and through. So Mr. Sheehan, the Board EXCUSED Steve Bass? This sentance demonstrates YOUR insensitivity toward members of the Jewish Faith. There was no need to EXCUSE Steve Bass. He has to celebrate an important religous holiday. One not be excused to conduct himself or herself in this manner. Only someone as pompous and arragont as you would feel the need to excuse someone to practice a tenant of their faith.

Sit Down Francis said...

Bill Murray uttered those magnificent words in the movie Stripes. It is so applicable to our Town today. Yes Francis, why don't you just sit down and shut up. And why don't you take Bernstein, McNally, O'Shea, Sigal, Lorin Brown and Steve Bass with you??????

Anonymous said...

When Sheehan was in Las Vegas recently did he by chance hook up with Mel Gibson??????

Anonymous said...

Sheehan there was plenty of time to schedule this meeting concerning the grant,you did not have to wait until this coming Friday.

This was nothing but a set up to attempt to discredit the supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec. Anon at 2:08 couldn't have been Francis. He's teaching at that hour. Must have been someone else. Paul or Jason, would you please check the blog-o-meter and tell us who 2:08 is. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

No school today.

Anonymous said...

11:41 -
The proof of the Greenburgh Health Center contribution is in the report filed by the Feiner campaign. It documents the contribution and subsequent filings do not show the money leaving the account. The State of New York doesn't lie - and the Board of Elections filings can be relied upon.
The proof of the Fortress Bible Church can be found in NY State Supreme Court - the case is on the calendar and the filings by Fortress say exactly why the suit is being brought. NY State's Courts are not subject to tampering or undue political influence.
Get real. Paul and his PAULitburo would not have been in this position but for either a.) stupidity, b.) greed, c.) arrogance d.) all of the above.
If the truth isn't to your taste, salt it, as you always have, with tasty lies.

Anonymous said...

There are no tracking devices on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear 3:39

Post these documents to support your position.

Feiner needs to update emails/ blogsite said...

If this meeting on Friday is about housing money with a deadline then by all means have it to save the town to get the money. Is Paul so paranoid that this was about the ethic lawyer that he had to send out an email about this.I am of the Jewish faith and was outraged when I first read the supervisors eamil but it looks like he did not post all the facts about the housing money but I hope this has nothing to do with the ethics board lawyer. I hope these people that have been putting up all the pretty political signs around our town so fast are as fast to remove this potential litter other wise if they're not down after 2 weeks from election day the politician whose name on it should be fined a small amount for littering.One more storefront (small) has closed on Central Avenur being Moneys Worth car rental next to Dairydel. Is thee anyway I can save the politicians money by not sending me any more literature? It only get's tossed right in the garbage. We have do not call for telemarketing can we please have that for mailing of this stuff and phone calls.

Anonymous said...

No meeting should be held on a religous holiday. It is disrespectful to people of that faith who would be disenfranchised from participating in their government because they can not attend. Sheehan knew about the grant. This was done at the last moment to embaress Feiner.

Anonymous said...

3:40 -
Posting documents is beyond my level of expertise - but you can read them at the Grassroots for Greenburgh site, where they are posted for all to see -

Anonymous said...

Paul,we do not need another tax free building in our area.
Why can't The Fortress Bible church build an extension on their existing building.?
About the fire truck ,i'm sure it was said jokeingly.
We don't want this ,so do the best that you can,to enlighten the courts that the people cannot take on another burden and our roads cannot take the extra traffic.

Anonymous said...

Paul,we do not need another tax free building in our area.
Why can't The Fortress Bible church build an extension on their existing building.?
About the fire truck ,i'm sure it was said jokeingly.
We don't want this ,so do the best that you can,to enlighten the courts that the people cannot take on another burden and our roads cannot take the extra traffic.

Anonymous said...

Question of the Day for Steve Bass:

As reported in the NY Post today, the grey lady (aka the NY Times) gave a significant discount to for a full page advertisement to attack an American military officer, who is serving his country.

I sense that you may be able to relate to the appropriateness of the press getting involved politically given your treatment as recently as today’s headline article. For example, today’s reporting by our very own Journal News of your allegedly intentionally misleading campaign mailings about your opponents really creates quite an impression to a casual observer of the Greenburgh Town Board primary.

Would you offer a resolution that will reprimand the NY Times for the misuse of the public trust?

PS –Has Eddie Mae ever used an alarm clock?

Anonymous said...

Is there a similarity between Fortress Church being asked to give a fire truck and a developer being asked to give land for an Edgemont Town Hall?

feiner lying about dromore said...

The Dromore developer was never asked to give land for an "Edgemont town hall." That's a bald-faced Feiner lie.

According to documents prepared by the developer and sent to the chair of the Nature Center's Board of Directors and Feiner himself, the developer had offered to donate the land to the town provided it could take a federal tax deduction equal to the difference between what the developer says he paid for the land and the increased value of the land assuming multifamily housing could be built on it.

When the developer realized that a gift conditioned on the Troys receiving a cash payment equal to what they supposedly paid for the land would not qualify for the federal gift tax deduction, the developer took its offer to donate the land off the table.

Feiner knew all this, but figured he and the Troys could cook up a cock and bull story about Edgemont trying to get the land for a town hall, and then get away with it.

Could it be Bobby B?? said...


Is either Bernstein or a flacky of Bernstein. Sorry Super Lawyer Bob, you got caught with your pants down in Harrison! Your documents speak for themselves. The truth will win out and you probably will be disbarred. Let's not forget the civil lawsuit that might haunt you for your erroneous remarks in your signed statement to the Ethics Board.

Anonymous said...

Regarding yesterday's e-mails from Feiner and from Sheehan, Feiner should feel embarrassed. He chose not to be informed, and then chose to pull the religion card prematurely, thus making him look foolish, yet again.

I sort of feel pity for Feiner grasping at anything in an attempt to stay afloat, but he always seems to grasp at nothingness. In a way it's unfortunate; I remember when he used to be beneficial for Greenburgh. After sixteen long years, though, it's logical that anyone in the Supervisor position would have surpassed her/his expiration date.

Pathetic said...

This campaign is the most pathetic campaign I have witnessed in a quarter century.

I have not been a fan of Feiner and I was quite prepared to throw him out. Then I started getting the campaign fliers from Berger and Bass and Barnes and I couldn't believe my eyes. How stupid do they think I am? I do follow what is going on.

This libel about Morgan being anti-choice. I think that whether one is pro-choice or anti-choice doesn't really matter for a Town Council position, but truthfulness does matter. So bald-faced lies matter a great deal, and Berger $ Company sent out bald-faced lies.

This nonsense about an unaccounted slush fund. I remember reading that every cent of the Westhelp money was accounted for and it was never spent for anything inappropriate. So why do these people lie and lie.

Then about taxes. There have been no tax increases for several years, so how do these people expect me to believe this lie.

Then about problems with the villages. We all know that Feiner had nothing to do with that, it was Robert Bernstein who started this and has kept on with it. It may be good for unincorporated Greenburgh, but please, don't blame Feiner for Bernstein's acts.

I am amazed that such dishonest junk is being done in Greenburgh. I won't help to keep it going on. I will vote for a new Town Board, and I will cross my fingers that Feiner has learned much these past few years. Certainly, with all his faults, I trust him much much more than I trust those running against him and trashing him.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Sheehan has kept Feiner in the dark with many of the upcoming issues.
This is the way Sheehan operates,to make Feiner look bad. Sheehan only notifies the other three board members and then in the very end he may mention it to the supervisor.
Sheehan likes to play games at peoples expenses.
Does he not think that we all have his number as the way he rules at town hall,or the way he tries to undermine the spectators at meeting. He smiles at two or three members,I will not mention their names ,with the others he's ready with a fight and then a lecture.
Sheehan how about taking a long vacation and just keep going. We all had enough of you.

Anonymous said...

lets get something straight to the ahole who pulled little snippets from the journal news article.. What it really say's it that BASS and BARNES are bold face liars, Rothstein face to face told Bass leave it alone just like she told Rep. Sheehan not to go there. Who interviewed Brown for these charges on Choice, NO ONE.

Question of the day?? When Stevie is in the mens room at the County Office Bldg with Spano and Brodsky who sits and who stands ?

Anonymous said...

That Feiner controls this blog and allows this type of comment is disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

To 8:24, Feiner doesn't censor anything, even the hateful vitriol that so many people spew. Do you only find it disgraceful when Sheehan and Bass are exposed?

Anonymous said...

The Berger team should have realized that all the lies will catch up with the whole group.
As someone said the democratic party with Berger as the chair is for the birds.
Thank you for all the lies that were told about Feiners team will make them winners in the primary and then the election,in November.
You could fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool them all the time.
Getting rid of two board members is the start in giving people back their town hall.
For the past few years town hall belonged to the ruler Sheehan and his friends the dictators Bernstein and McNally.
Feiner,Brown and Morgan will make a great change in Greenburgh.

feiner and slate are a disaster said...

feiner's slate will be a disaster for greenburgh

brown is the weakest candidate in recent memory - she is worse than dengler who along with morgan had their clock cleaned two years ago. morgan will be another feiner rubber stamp and will give away millions to valhalla. do you really think brown could name any of the leaders in the villages? she hasnt even voted in the past 10 years.

berger, bass and barnes are the only way to stop the political dead end the town has reached under feiner.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean Brown hasnt voted in 10 years?

Can you prove that?

Anonymous said...

There is no need for the Town Board to meet on a holy Jewish holiday. Francis Sheehan should visit Auschwitz. He will then learn why many Jewish constituents are so angry at him for his disrespect.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:24, of course they can't prove that Brown hasn't voted. They can't prove most of the accusations that they make against feiner, Morgan and Brown for the simple reason that these accusations are made up lies.


Francis Sheehan is pushing for the appointment of an attorney to work with the Ethics Board to review ethics issues. I read the post about the attorney on the glist. This attorney represented El Sayyed Nosair who was involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
Guys--can't we do better?

Anonymous said...

Talk of political coarseness, the political flummery and claptrap that is coming out of the Barnes-Bass-Berger Team has set some new lows. They of course have milked the phony and felonious �choice� issue with their repeat performance of the 2005. Then they scored with their last minute slanderous slam. Of course this �frighten the voter� act has grown stale. Again they have used their �political attack operative,� Lederer-Plaskett, to entrap candidates with her stealth tactics. She has brought dishonor to herself, and has lowered the effectiveness of her cause�s vital position. By staining her organization with her blatant policies of political prejudice, she has cheapened herself and therefore harmed her movement�s support and effectiveness. The comments by Poly Rothstein reflect the bankruptcy of her tactics and I believe that her eventual removal be strongly considered.

All of a sudden, Kevin Morgan, who has built 5-6 houses in eleven years, is a developer to be feared, and his elevation to the Town Board will mean carte blanche to over-development. Another farcical and ridiculous scare tactic promulgated by a desperate group that has their back against the wall.

But how about the outrageous claims of a �slush� fund made by Suzanne Berger. This is a candidate who used her Barnard College list to solicit campaign funds to her bankrupt campaign. It seems that her message didn�t resonate any more with her former classmates or any one else. She has raided the Greenburgh Democratic Party�s bank account with unethical gifts to her campaign, and she has loaned herself $30,000 to support her faltering effort.

Of course this so-called �slush� fund does not exist, and never did. The Board controls all town monies and every penny is, and was accounted for. Where did she invent that latest fabrication? She attacks Paul Feiner as one who threatens the environment by giving in to developers. But Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the Sierra Club and the NY League of Conservation Voters disagree, and are supporting the Supervisor.

Then she talks of the �ethic�s code� and the Supervisor�s efforts to block its passage. Funny, he voted to authorize its passage, and immediately, Feiner and his team filed their campaign statements, but Berger and her team did not! Surprise! They were hung by their own petard!

How about the meeting on Hartsdale Avenue the other night? Jerrold Cohen, a thirty-five year resident of East Hartsdale Avenue, and the president of his co-op board, and Chairman of the Hartsdale Parking committee, stated, �I beseech you to support Paul Feiner�s bid for re-election, along with Sonja Brown, Kevin Morgan and Judy Beville.� He also stated, �On the contrary incumbent Eddie Mae Barnes is out of touch with the needs of Hartsdale. Ironically she is the liaison to the Hartsdale Public Parking District, but is unaware of the 6-12 month wait list for 24 hour parking at the Site C.�

The current Board members, Bass and Barnes, have spent the last number of years attacking, obfuscating and slandering the Supervisor. What else is new? Barnes has done nothing, is out of touch and should be retired. Bass has been a stealth �mole� for Sheehan and Bernstein for years. He has contributed nothing since his appointment five years ago. He has never been challenged by the voters until now, and his cynical act has been finally been exposed. Therefore, you have the opportunity to redress the mistake made five years ago, and get people on the Board who want to move forward with the business of the town.

With regards to Suzanne Berger, she proposes nothing! She is the anti-Feiner. She is a political hack who has abused her own college list and its ban on political usage. She has raided her own party�s treasury, she has shepherded through a no-bid contract with the town with the support of Board Member Francis Sheehan. She is a strong ally of Robert Bernstein, whose litigation threatens not only the Town of Greenburgh, but the economic and social viability of Fairview. She has no experience as an administrator, but she has plenty of experience fighting for landlords who have been pitted against the NAACP. Her law firm, Bryan, Cave, has financed her campaign, which is the beneficiary of the Board�s acceptance of its no-bid 6-7-figure contract. Even Bass voted against it with the Supervisor. But she sees no conflict of interest!

Berger is career party hack and is the tool of the political bosses of Westchester. She has feathered her own law firm�s nest and her elction would open the door to more abuse. She has proposed no new ideas, has no solutions to Greenburgh�s problems, and has no vision or plan for the future. The choice is clear. Support Feiner and his team, and keep Greenburgh government honest and open. They have promised to terminate the contract with Bryan, Cave, tighten the loop-holes in the ethic�s code, bring direction back to Greenburgh, solve Hartsdale�s flooding problems, and keep Greenburgh�s fiscal house in order.

Richard J. Garfunkel

Sheehan's choice represented a terrorist!!!! said...

Sheehan ordered a Town Board Meeting on a Jewish Holiday and now he wants to hire an attorney who represented a terrorist sworn to the destruction of Israel. Does this tell us something about Sheehan???? Bernstein, you should be ashamed to associate yourself with an individual like Sheehan. Why should we, the taxpayers of Greenburgh have our tax dollars go to an attorney who represented such a vile client?

Go Garfunkel Go!!! said...

Great job by Garfunkel exposing the hypocrisy of the Berger Team. Berger, Bass and Barnes court the African-American vote while Berger's law firm makes money supporting landlords pitted against the NAACP. Hypocrisy at its worst!!

Anonymous said...

The town should not hire a lawyer who represented a terrorist sworn to destroy Israel. They should definitely not hire the lawyer on Rosh Hashanah.

Anonymous said...

Bass should be ashamed of himself if he votes to hire this clown as an attorney for the Ethics Board. Barnes will be demonstrating how non-involved she is as will Juetner. Sheehan will just be Sheehan. This is what he is. He has clearly demonstrated himself to be insensitive toward members of the Jewish Faith. First he orders a meeting held on a Jewish Holiday and now HIS Ethics Board is set to hire an attorney who represented a terrorist who would like to see Israel wiped off the map. Sheehan should be asked to resign.

Sheehan should be asked to resign said...

Here is the resume of the client of the attorney that Sheehan wants to hire:

El Sayyid Nosair (born November 16, 1955) is an Egyptian-born American citizen and terrorist involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. El Sayyid Nosair was convicted of nine counts, including seditious conspiracy, murder in aid of racketeering, attempted murder in aid of racketeering, attempted murder of a postal police officer, use of a firearm in the commission of a murder, use of a firearm during an attempted murder, and possession of a firearm.

He was also charged by the State of New York as the gunman who killed Rabbi Meir Kahane, the controversial leader of the Jewish Defense League and the founder of the political party Kach, in Manhattan in 1990. Although there were numerous eye-witnesses, Nosair was acquitted of the murder but convicted for possession of an illegal firearm.

Nosair was convicted as part of the trial of the "Blind Sheik" Omar Abdel-Rahman. Both received life sentences for the World Trade Center bombing conspiracy, in Nosair's case life plus 15 years imprisonment. [1] Since it was ruled that Kahane's death was part of the total "seditious conspiracy," Nosair was finally convicted of killing Kahane. [2] He is serving his sentence in ADX Florence, the Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

Contents [hide]
1 Kahane trial
2 Pipe bomb plot, 1991
3 World Trade Center bombing, 1993
4 References

[edit] Kahane trial
According to prosecutors, a man named Wadih el Hage purchased the .38 caliber revolver used by Nosair. El-Hage was told by a man named Mahmud Abouhalima to buy the gun.

Nosair was acquitted of murder but convicted of gun charges. High-profile defense attorney William Kunstler served as his attorney in the case. Dozens of Arabic bomb-making manuals and documents related to terrorist plots were found in Nosair's New Jersey apartment, also Army Special Warfare Center manuals from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, secret memos linked to Joint Chiefs of Staff, tapes of the Blind Sheik threatening "high world buildings," and 1440 rounds of ammunition. (Lance 2004 26). Osama bin-Laden contributed approximately $20,000 towards his defense.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, "In taped messages made before killing Kahane, Nosair urged others to launch a jihad....'Remember ye brothers that God the Almighty commanded us to fight,' he said, according to a federal transcript of the tape. 'Without fighting there will not be justice on earth...We cannot establish God’s rules on earth except by fighting.'"[1]

Conspiracy evidence was ignored to avoid a 'show trial' by NYPD chief detective Joseph Borelli. Mahmud Abouhalima and Mohammed Salameh, who was also present in Nosair's apartment, were released the night of Meir Kahane's murder. Abdel-Rahman's tapes were not translated until after the World Trade Center bombing.

[edit] Pipe bomb plot, 1991
On March 8, 1991, El-Hage visited El Sayyid Nosair in Rikers Island, where he told him he wanted to execute a bomb plot - 12 pipe bombs, to be used for assassinating his judge and a Brooklyn assemblyman, the others to be used against Jewish targets. (Mylroie 1996)

[edit] World Trade Center bombing, 1993
Main article: World Trade Center bombing

The aftermath of the February 26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City. Six people were killed and over 1,000 injured; Yousef fled to Pakistan hours later.Nosair was later convicted as part of the trial of the Blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman. Both received life sentences for the World Trade Center bombing conspiracy, in Nosair's case life plus 15 years imprisonment. [3] Since it was ruled that Kahane's death was part of the total "seditious conspiracy," Nosair was finally convicted of killing Kahane. [4] He is serving his sentence in ADX Florence, the Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.


feiner campaigning on jewish holiday said...

Feiner is a phony. He cries that the Town Board is being unfair by scheduling a meeting on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, claims he observes both days, but lo and behold, I and several of my friends received an e-mail from Feiner last night at 11:35 p.m. telling us why we should vote for him and his team. Feiner's not observing the holiday -- he's out there campaigning. Who does he think he's kidding?

I also find it odd that I'm on his campaign list. The only list I've ever signed up for is the town's e-list. It sure looks to me like Feiner is using the town's e-mail list for his own personal campaign. That doesn't sound right to me.

And now we see all this crap about Sheehan wanting to hire some lawyer for the ethics board. This is the lawyer that the Ethics Board is recommending. Where and when did Sheehan or any other town board ever weigh in on the subject and how would Feiner know if they had?

Feiner hasn't shown up for work at town hall in weeks. Feiner is so out of touch he didn't know for days that Heslop, the town comptroller, had resigned.

Anonymous said...

If your name is on the e-mail list and Feiner sent it out at 1135pm WOOOOH he must have done it before he brushed his teeth. Give your name looser and that of your friends to verify Is there a curfew for praying. Get you ducks in a row before you spew BS.

Anonymous said...

I checked the full headers, and he did send it in the afternoon.

I'm on his campaign list, too, which initially surprised me, but I think it's because I've sent him email in the past.

feiner campaigning on jewish holiday said...

Don't be fooled. Of course, Feiner sent the e-mail out the first night of Rosh Hashanah. Here's the header for the one I received -- at 11:35 p.m.

From: Paul Feiner []
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 11:35 PM
To: [deleted to prevent retribution]
Subject: The Real Truth Kevin and Sonja 100% Pro Choice

And to think this jerk would issue an e-mail blast on the town's website complaining about a special meeting on a Jewish holiday that's needed to get hundreds of thousands of dollars for affordable housing that the town would otherwise lose.

Gimme a break. Whoever said Feiner's become unhinged hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Feiner did not send out the e mail saying Kevin Morgan and Sonja Brown are pro choice. A company he hired probably sent it out.

CPA's are an endangered species in Greenburgh said...

Greenburgh residents should be worrying far more about the Town's inability to keep a controller than about whether candidates are "100% pro choice."
Losing five controllers in three years should worry everyone - especially when the Supervisor and all of the rest of the Town's elected officials proudly proclaim they are not CPA's.
Are Greenburgh's elected officials, including its Chief Fiscal Officer, Paul Feiner, creating a situtation inimical to honest financial reporting?
Has a hostile workplace environment caused honorable people to quit rather than betray their principles?
It is particularly disturbing that all the departing controllers have reached significant financial settlements with the Town which preclude those ex-employees from any discussions of the Town's accounting practices.
Hey Mr. Feiner, how about some real answers BEFORE the primary?

Anonymous said...

Feiner overreacted a bit about the meeting on Rosh Haschana. I don't blame him considering the never-ending efforts by Sheehan to isolate him.

Still, there is a big difference about scheduling s meeting on Rosh Haschana and sending out emails on that day. It isn't a metter of religious practice. It is a matter of the public's ability to attend a meeting. The public has a right to attend, but the public has nothing to do with sending an email.

Anonymous said...

The next thing that Feiner will be blamed for is that the summer is over.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know why Heslop resigned. I doubt that he will tell. But those who watch these things will remember that Sheehan and Bass have spoken and written constantly about unreported funds, about sluch funds,about hidden accounts, etc. These were all lies, as was shown by the detailed report Heslop prepared, but that didn't stop Bernstein from going on and on about money being hidden and misspent, and Berger's campaign literature talking about unrecorded funds and slush funds.

The usual suspects will blame Feiner, they always do. But it is Bass and Sheehan who have made it their business to create this horrible atmosphere in Town Hall, as part of their power-seeking affort. Heslop was caught in the middle of it. It will be hard for this town to get another Comptroller.

Anonymous said...

We may be hit with a hurricane this time arround,blame the supervisor for this also.

Anonymous said...

7:47 -
The accounting numbers simply do not add up - if the money was not in an account reported to the Town's auditors, it is NOT properly accounted for. The money was NOT in an account shown the auditors, so whether it was spent or not does not absolve the guilty. The Supervisor provides an affidavit to the outside auditors that states, under oath, that ALL records of ALL accounts over which the Town has control, have been delivered to the auditors. It further states that the information delivered is true and correct to the best belief of the affiant. This one isn't a matter of opinion - it is a matter of the Supervisor in his official capacity failing his constituients. It should make NO difference whether the failure was deliberate or inadvertant, but the lengths to which the Supervisor has gone to obfuscate the issue should raise serious questions in the mind of rational, unbiased observers.

new westhelp scandal about to break said...

Documents recently produced in response to a FOIL request show that shortly after the first WestHELP payment arrived in August 2003, there were a large number of unusual disbursements made from town funds. Investigators are still pouring over these disbursements, trying to figure out what they were for, but they look mostly like "walking around money." No wonder Feiner tried to cover this up.

Anonymous said...

To 8:17, the numbers were reported and they did add up. The problem was that they were included in the fund balance rather than being credited to the revenue side of the budget, which was bad accounting, but that doesn't mean that it was unreported in the town's financial records.

To 8:39, this is the latest big lie that you and your gang are spreading anonymously. You are getting boring.

new westhelp scandal brewing said...

No, all Heslop reported was that if no unauthorized disbursements had been made -- a big "IF" -- then the total amount of funds that should be there add up to a certain figure and that there is enough money in the fund balance to cover that amount.

What Heslop did not do was review the disbursements made by the Town from its general funds in the period immediately after the initial $1.8 million payment was made by the county on August 18, 2003.

That works is now being done by a volunteer CPA resident. What she's found and documented so far has been a series of highly unusual disbursements to dozens of individuals and organizations -- including payments to cover tickets to Radio City Music Hall -- none of which have ever been accounted for. All of these payments were made in the fall of 2003 -- and then suddenly stopped being made in 2004.

Anonymous said...

Man on backhoe with front bucket dropped & scraping all the weeds off of the sidewalk at the intersection of Knowlwood & Tarrytown Rd. (across from the old Town Hall)
Man standing with weed whacker doing nothing.

I can't say for sure if this is Greenburgh DPW but I suspect it was due to the lazy, destructive way thought up to get the weeds removed. I can assure you that the curb, street & sidewalks have suffered damage.

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I can not beleive Paul is complaining about the Town Council having a meeting to obtain grant money. Isnt is Paul's job to make certain we meet timing requirements for grants? We are lucky that the Council was on top of this. In my office, where there are people of different faiths, we all try to help out, so others can be off on their holidays. Why is this a bad thing?

No Westhelp Scandal said...

To the New Westhelp Scandal purveyor, you are wrong. What Heslop provided was an accounting of all the Westhelp moneys that came in and all the Westhelp moneys that then went out, and it matched to the penny.

That didn't sit well with Bernstein, who then went on a tear about how other moneys must have been spent and so on. Westhelp quickly became the new gimmick for the Bernstein gang (of which you are one, and you may be Bernstein). New conspiracies were tossed out into the public. Your volunteer CPA resident is part of that group (if she is indeed a CPA). We will wait for her "findings" and I'd bet the house that what she comes up with are more conspiracies, tall tales, anti-Feiner accusations and more of the same diversions to keep the acrimony alive.

It never stops.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone confirm Heslop resigned?

Anonymous said...

I read the Journalnews piece this morning and also believe Feiner over-reacted. If Feiner is so religiously observant, then why did he have town road crews out tearing up the stones lining the streets in my neighborhood yesterady? If the schools are off, why not the town paid workers too? Does Feiner plan on working christmas since presumably he won't be observing that day?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:49, get serious. I know that there is lots of nonsense on this blog, but don't you have anything better to say than such drivel?

westhelp scandal is brewing bigtime said...

Anon at 10:15 is part of the same crowd that's denying that Feiner used the WestHELP money to create a slush fund.

Feiner admitted to the Journal News last November that at least $450,000 of the WestHELP money was not recorded as revenue in the town's budget, but placed in a general fund, where he could disburse it as he saw sit.

Feiner admitted at a town board meeting this summer that he disbursed some of the money for "neighborhood purposes." He even read a prepared statement that said that. It's hard to believe he would say something like that if it wasn't true.

Feiner then backtracked and said none of the money kept off-budget had been distributed.

How is anyone to know which time Feiner was telling the truth?

Concerned residents FOILed town records showing the money that had been disbursed from the town's general fund after the first WestHELP money arrived -- and the CPA in charge of the investigation reports finding a number of unusual payments.

Heslop is well aware of these discrepancies, but it's not his problem to explain them. These unusual payments were all made prior to his being hired, and now that he's announced he's leaving, effective October 12, it will be up to his successor, or maybe Feiner, to explain them.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bernstein or Bernstein clone, keep at it forever.

I am told that if a shark stops moving he dies. I guess you have to keep moving these nonsensical lies, or else you too will stop living.

Luckily most people have more to life than that.

Anonymous said...

Question of the Day for Steve Bass:

As a man so protective of the rights and beliefs of others, you surely must be appalled at the potential of a governmental body to infringe on the religious freedoms of every belief.

In today’s paper of record, the Journal News, once again the misdeeds of the Greenburgh Town Board are front page news.

Would you offer a resolution that will reprimand Mr. Sheehan, Mrs. Barnes & Jutner for their callous disregard for the religious beliefs of Greenburgh tax payers by scheduling a meeting in the midst of this important Jewish religious celebration, ostensibly so that they can approve a “couple of block parties”? I’m sure that you too Steve are chuckling over what those wayward members of the Town Board are trying to do with this very interesting tale.

PS – If Eddie Mae took sleeping pills, would that wake her up?

Anonymous said...

There was no calous disregard of anyone's religous beliefs. This was an effort by the Council to insure that grant funds were obtained. I guess Feiner doesnt want affordable housing.

Anonymous said...

Someday soon I hope that the writer of these trenchant and to-the-point suggestions for Steve Bass to offer resolutions and the questions about Eddie Mae will publish them as part of the history of this Town Council. And I hope he won't publish them anonymously

hal samis said...

a bit of this, a bit of that...

Heslop submitted his resignation at Tuesday's work session having already given 30 day notice to the NYS Retirement System. He said he didn't need any pressure when his friends were dropping dead. But his incompotence earned this pressure. There are several complaints in to the State Comptroller regarding his mishandling of the books, mostly because that it how they were always handled. This suggests that not only is he getting out before the manure really hits the fan but also that our much vaunted previous comptrollers may also not have been as fabulous as they were deemed to be. From my personal experience, the bit about assigning $310,000 of repairs and maintenance to the "missing" Library building because: that it the way "it was always done" (when there was a building) and then NOT correcting it when the error was pointed out; that is an example of his inability to handle departures from "same old same old". That he elected to do it days before the primary and ahead of the 2008 budget are questions that the Public should rightfully pursue.
Sheehan omits to say, that the reason the Town Board HAD to schedule a meeting on the second day of the Rosh, was because they didn't "notice" it earlier in the month when they SHOULD have. Nothing prevented the Town Board from getting it done well in ADVANCE of the deadline. As for hiring the Ethics lawyer, that was supposed to be on the Agenda as well. Without an attorney (the need for such a travesty itself spun by the Town Council) the Ethics Board had decided to do nothing.

Sheehan meanwhile is apparently a Catholic in good standing in favor of abortion. Nothing wrong with that.
And you are all falling victim to the deliberate obfuscation that is what the "pro choice" tumult is meant to serve.
This is merely a clever drawn sideshow that has graduated to the center ring. It has nothing to do with the qualifications or actual job performance of a member of the Town Council. No more so than ANY other personal view which could be shown to be influential by the one vote that each member of the Town Board controls.

The so-called zoning decisions that might be before the Town Board would be those decisions that would have first passed muster for the Planning and Zoning Boards and it would take an act of political suicide to vote against their rulings on ANY matter that came before the Town Board. That includes not only churches and abortion centers but gay bars and strip clubs, tennis bubbles and 9/11 memorials.

There are plenty of "real" issues out there that require 100% candidates, not 100% cogs. That the Berger camp has been free reign to fan the smoke from issues that more properly belong to Bass and Sheehan supporter Catherine Plaskett is the evidence that Berger doesn't have a campaign of her own and has to substitute the lobbying efforts of a backer. She doesn't have a story other than the politics of despair and the pre-packaged angst that Bernstein provides.

And these are the kinds of reasons that led me to avoid voting for most of my adult life. The party machine rewards its own and one hand washes the others is the only platform that remains inviolate.
The use of the Party funds, indeed the Town Council's success in making it possible through the new "Ethics" laws to use them, is sickening.
This is a story of another "tens of thousands of dollars" that while now permissable is the kind of action that demands "atonement" in next week's Yom Kippur service. It is saying that dollars laundered through the Democratic Party are good but those that come above board from developers are not.
That is the sort of stuff that tells us who Suzanne Berger and her hanger-ons really are.

In a more perfect world than Greenburgh, that alone should cost her the Primary.

But Berger runs for office while carrying another heavy load. The hiring of her firm without interviews is not only a story of what happened when she wasn't in office but also the snapshot of a Berger that sees nothing wrong with it. Even though the Party itself demands interviews from Democrats seeking office - persons who everyone already "knows" - somehow "her" firm was chosen while there was still some lingering aftertaste from their earlier Town employment, hired without submitting to interviews. Don't take my word, check the facts, ask Steve Bass who voted against them.
So, Ms Berger had a choice to make: about how she would defend, not defend or recuse herself from comment. She didn't hire "her" firm so she can't be held accountable. Thus her choice to defend the hiring is clearly the trailer of coming distractions should she gain office in November. She is overweighted in the favors due department; her Town Supervision will amount to honoring her obligations to her endorsers; this is not a situation that bodes well for Greenburgh.
Meanwhile, the effect of Bernstein's and Bass's and Barnes' support of Berger, is not without its own quid pro quo. Bernstein wants an Edgemont Village. There is no question that if it could happen by snapping his fingers, he would be a candidate for hand surgery. There is no question that what is deemed a "scare tactic" is anything other than a scary reality. One of Greenburgh 101's slides showed that too many of Edgemont's tax dollars go to the Town's big ticket budget items, the Community Center near the top of the list. If Edgemont incorporates, Edgemont leaves taking their tax dollars with them. There is no way that what remains of unincorporated can make up the loss of these dollars so department budgets will have to be cut. Some items like garbage collection affect all residents whereas not all residents use the Community Center. It does not take a genius to realize that the Young Center becomes an optional item when the red pencil is out.
And Bernstein has, assisted by Bass, Sheehan, Barnes and Juettner, already been shopping for the Edgemont Town Hall. True the land store was inconvenient being located in Harrison and, the store was only open on Saturdays. And true there was a mix-up when to arrive, but the Dromore parcel was definitely on the short list. So if Berger and her team win, one of the first things to do is to grant Bernstein and Co. their fondest wish. Hello Edgemont Village.
Anyone who believes the clap trap about 16 years cannot honestly say that 16 years of Feiner is longer than 16 years of Barnes. The only difference is that for 16 years the taxpayers know Feiner as a doer while for 15 years, 5 months Ms. Barnes never opened her mouth other than to preach harmony. In the corporate world, we do not dismiss earnest managers just because they have been around for 16 years. Instead companies recognize that an experienced executive has more value than one that needs, best case scenario, only training. And in government there isn't even a budget saving argument; the trainee gets the same starting salary as the veteran.
A vote for Berger today is really putting out the welcome mat for Sheehan the day after. No one believes that Berger is abandoning a "successful" law career for a two year elected Town Supervisor job. Her role is merely to be the wedge in the Village vote and split these votes that might otherwise go to Feiner. If she loses she will have fallen upon the sword to strengthen Bass and Barnes who will be seen as the voting check against Feiner. If she wins, then near the end of term when the training wheels are due to be removed, she will be offered a Judgeship (nice for the Party to be holding one open for bartering) and somehow Sheehan will ascend to fill the void until he can run as the "incumbent".
And a few words about the race for the Town Clerk. The incumbent doesn't show up before noon. Ms Williams has slowed down and thrown "sugar" in the gas tank whenever she has had the opportunity to not obtain information. While her staff is indeed courteous; they are often unable to supply documents because the Town Clerk's Office is not agressive in obtaining them. This bodes well for the members of the Town Council. Last year in July 2006, NYS passed laws requiring Town Clerks to accept FOIL requests by EMAIL. Only this August, a year later did the Town pass an unneeded resolution (NYS law is the higher body) that allowed the Greenburgh Town Clerk to accept emailed FOIL requests -- despite residents seeking this compliance but ignored by the Town Clerk. Futhermore the NYS laws also said that the Towns (owning a scanner, a $200 expense) were required to submit the FOIL requested information by EMAIL if similarly requested. The Town Board has seen fit not to include this as part of the local law.

Then too Ms Williams is proud of the grant providing for in-house document storage. The grant, around $70,000 I believe, replaces the annual outside storage expense; yet one of the reasons given for the purchase of Town Hall was that there would be room for such storage. Thus only after three years of occupancy did this matter come to fruition and most of the $70,000 grant money merely replaced the already wasted from the storage rental bills. Finally, although the Town Clerk would like us to believe that it was her office that arranged the grant, this is not true either. The Town has an onstaff Grants Coordinator and it is she, Winsome Gordon that should receive the glory. Something that Mr. Bass also forgot to do when sending out a "non-political" message about a Fastswim grant over the Town's email system.

And for those of you wondering about the still unsigned but expired Cablevision contract, you can either ask the Town contact, Alfreda Williams, or wait until you hear that the Town Clerk has asked Ardsley (proven track record) to handle the negotiations.

Have to go now, there's pressing conferences awaiting.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Heslop,

I hope you are reading this. Hal Samis, Mr. Feiner's protege, stating

"Heslop submitted his resignation at Tuesday's work session having already given 30 day notice to the NYS Retirement System. He said he didn't need any pressure when his friends were dropping dead. But his incompotence earned this pressure. "

samis wins town clown award said...

Samis wins hands down as town clown.

If parks and rec facilities that are available for use townwide must be paid for townwide, which is what Bernstein is trying to accomplish with his lawsuits, then how could Edgemont's incorporating as a village result in Edgemont's being able to walk away, as ignorant Samis puts it, from such big ticket items as the Community Center. If Bernstein wins his case, then everyone must pay -- Edgemont included. No if's and or buts.

That being the case, it's obvious that Samis and Garfunkel and Feiner are all lying about this, trying to scare people.

Of course, not all of us in the villages use the wonderful programs that the Community Center offers to low-income and minority families townwide. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't all pay for them, does it?

Why is it that Feiner insists that those of us in the villages not pay their fair share for these services? We certainly have our share of low income and minority families who benefit from these programs. In fact, several village residents recently came out in support of extending the hours at the Community Center, particularly for the indoor swimming pool.

So why is it that village taxpayers should be excused from having to fund these valuable services? Is this just another example of Feiner pandering to us, or does he really subscribe to the racial and economic prejudice that allowed the villages to be excused from having to pay our fair share for all these years?

Anonymous said...

Both things are true. No Comptroller could function and stay healthy in an environment where Sheehan calls him up to the front of a meeting and makes the Comptroller say that everything in Heslop's town-wide email about Westhelp is correct when in fact it is not correct, not to mention the witch hunting that goes on in Town Hall. And also Heslop, while a straight arrow, did not handle many important things well.

Good luck, Jim Heslop, wherever you go. It is bound to be a happier place than Greenburgh Town Hall.

hal samis said...

To no one,
When it comes time to decide what services Edgemonts wants from unincorporated and those it does not, what if Edgemont says nix to the Community Center and thus disappointing the 9 Edgemont residents that use the Center.

Then Edgemont will say, thanks but no thanks. We'll pass. Cancel our subscription.

And besides, Edgemont already has its own Community Center; it just happens to be located in Scarsdale.

I know that clowns aren't supposed to talk but you need to learn how to deal with one that does.

town clown not funny or bright said...

For a clown, Samis is really not that funny, or bright.

If Bernstein wins his lawsuits, and all parts of the town have to pay for the town's parks and rec facilities and programs that are available for use in both the unincorporated areas and in the villages, then it doesn't make one bit of difference whether or not Edgemont incorporates as a village -- it will still have to pay its fair share of the Community Center -- even if only nine of its residents use it.

That means, Samis, that even if Edgemont says no thanks, we'll use the teen center in Scarsdale, Edgemont will still have to pay.

Anonymous said...

An Edgemont Community Center in Scarsdale? Hal, you may have been misinformed.
There is a cooperative program for teenagers - there is no other "community" center in Scarsdale with Edgemont participation.
Please be accurate, your value decreases with the dissemination of incorrect information.

samis is right said...

But what if Bernstein doesn't win his lawsuit?

Also, Bernstein's lawsuit involves Taxter Ridge, which went in Bernstein's favor only because it was bought with state and county funds and is owned by the state and county along with Greenburgh. Read the decision in the lower court. It doesn't apply to all the other parks and the Community Center which will still be paid for by unincorporated Greenburgh taxpayers.

So Samis is right. If Edgemont becomes a village they take the taxes away from the town and Edgemonters won't have to pay for parks and the Community Center.

Bernstein is not a fool. A liar yes, but not a fool. He is sticking the rest of unincorporated Greenburgh, and especially Fairview, with enormous new taxes or else the elimination of the Community Center if he and hisa friends make Edgemont a village.

And they don't care. Edgemont will still vote for the Town Board, so they wil continue with their cushy salaries and pensions.

Anonymous said...

Actually the suit went in Bernstein's favor on a matter of fundamental fairness - if you can use it, you must pay for it.
If a seven village TOG wants Edgemont to continue to pay, just follow the law. Of course that means the current six villages will need to pay too, and that should provide more and better services because there will be more money available. Broaden the tax base and you expand the potential.

Anonymous said...

Sheehan wanted to hold a Town Board meeting on Rosh Hashanah so the Town Board could hire a lawyer for the Ethics Board who defended a terrorist who tried blowing up the United Nations. This is the kind of person he wants the Ethics Board to take advice from!

samis is right said...

Anon 1:47 says "Actually the suit went in Bernstein's favor on a matter of fundamental fairness - if you can use it, you must pay for it."

Not true. I read the decision. It said that because the state and county funded the purchase of Taxter Ridge and required open admission, the court said that the Finneran Law didn't apply. The court said that if it had been federal funding the Finneran Law would have applied.

The other parks either have no funding that requires open admission, or have federal funding that requires open admission, and therefore the Finneran Law applies. Bob Bernstein says otherwise, but he hasn't gotten a court to agree with him. And he may well lose the appeal on Taxter Ridge.

Bob has said often that he wins either way. If he wins his lawsuits he wins on taxes. If he loses trhe lawsuits he will be able to get edgemonters to form a separate village.. He calls it a win-win for him.

In truth it is a lose-lose situation for Edgemont.

As I said, Samis is right.

Anonymous said...

How much will the Ethics lawyer cost the taxpayers?
The lawyer might be great defending terrorists and criminals. Does he have any background in laws dealing with ethics?
Does he have any background dealing with municipal law?

Anonymous said...

I have no respect for Sheehan, but he did not want to hire an ethics lawyer at today's scheduled meeting. I looked up the agenda on the town website and there was nothing about that.

Let's stick to the terrible things that Sheehan actually does. There are enough of those.

Anonymous said...

Why hire as our ethics lawyer an individual whose claim to fame was defending a terrorist who tried blowing up the World trade center in the 1990s?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:28 is spewing misinformation.

Sheehan hasn't weighed in on what he thinks of the Ethics Board's choice of a lawyer. Nor has any other town board member because the matter hasn't come up for discussion yet. And if the Ethics Board chair doesn't publicly explain why his board wants this particular lawyer, it's doubtful the Town Board will ever take up their request. Why should it?

And another thing. Doesn't Bernstein have at least two suits going on, one involving Taxter and another involving all other parks and rec facilities and programs in the town that are available for use by everyone?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:49's interpretation of the lower court's Taxter Ridge ruling is not correct.

The lower court ruled that Finneran did not apply to Taxter Ridge because Finneran, by its terms, applied only to parks that are restricted in use to unincorporated area residents and Taxter Ridge is available for use by all residents.

The lower court never ruled that Finneran would have been applicable if only Taxter had been acquired with federal funds, as opposed to state and county funds.

One of the issues that the appeals court says it intends to address is whether it is even constitutional for the town to apply Finneran to any parks and rec facilities and programs that are available for use townwide.

According to Bernstein, the town's application of Finneran to parks that are open to all town residents violates the rights of the town's unincorporated area residents to equal protection and due process under the state and federal constitutions because such application violates state laws that say parks open townwide must be paid for townwide, Finneran's requirement that parks be restricted in use to those being required to pay for them, state laws that don't authorize the town under Finneran to borrow money for parks, and state laws that require the consent of the people to be taxed before being taxed on a part-town basis for parks.

According to Bernstein, the towns and villages have all had their own say on the issue, so we'll soon find out whether it's even constitutional for Finneran to be applied to town parks and rec facilities open to all town residents.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Bob, let's wait.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein and company have to go. The have ruined the serenity that once was in Greenburgh.
Thanks to men like Samis and Garfunkle ,and anon.,that constantly add comments to the blog telling us the truth of what is going on.
We need a change of the four council members.
TWo will loose in the election ,one may be disbarred and the other [you know who]Sheehan maybe he'll resign.
This has been the worse 2 years to live in GREENBURGH,under the dictatorship of Sheehan and his counter parts Bernstein and company.
We have to remember to vote. Democrates vote in the primary on the 18th of this month ,and whatever other political afilliations you have please vote in November.
We have to get back to open government so please vote For the Feiner team.
We have the opportunity to vacate two seats this year and the other two we will take our chances. As Samis say's three votes.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Town Board have their own lawyers? Why waste big bucks for another lawyer? I'd rather see a tax reduction than pay unnecessary legal bills.

I wanna know! said...

Greenburgh PAYS a large sum of money to Edgemont Rec to run it's Summer camp program.

Edgemont Rec DONATES money to both the Edgemont School District AND the Scarsdale Teen center.

Unincorporated children CAN NOT
1) attend Edgemont Camp
2) Edgemont schools
3) Scarsdale Teen Center.

For the love of all that is good can anyone explain why Unincorporated taxes are going to subsidize these Edgemont only services??

Anonymous said...

Can anyone find anywhere in the town budget how much Greenburgh pays pays Edgemont Rec to operate its summer camp? If it's not there for all to see in the town budget, how do we know there's any payment made at all?

If town government under Feiner is supposed to be so "open," how come no one can find that information in town budget that Feiner's responsible for preparing?

Come to think of it, can anyone find anywhere in the town budget how much Edgemont Rec pays to Greenburgh to use Greenburgh property for its camp (e.g., use of the pool at Veteran Park)?

When people raise legitimate questions about how much money is being paid to Edgemont Rec, or to any other organization in the town, they have a right to be able to look it up in the town budget and see for themselves what the answer is. Instead, thanks to Feiner, we get to rely on sly innuendo.

Anonymous said...

I live in Edgemont, and as far as I am concerned the Council should examine how Parks funds, including to Edgemont Rec are spent; HOWEVER, they should also examine any funds allocated/use of fields by or to Rec teams including the school based, but primarily Village resident, Ardsely, Irvington, teams, etc.

Star of David said...

A guy in schul, who got his information from a counter guy at Epstein's, who's related to a macher on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn, who's son is married to a desert princess from Allah knows where, swore me to secrecy and told me the "Ethics" lawyer has negotiated a contract that will pay him 100,000 Halalah a month, How to lessons on bomb making, how toavoid the Mossad in Argentina and kosher pastrami sandwiches for life which he can trade in for barrels of oil in Iran, Iraq or Saud Arabia. But only one of those countries. Did anyone say Hamarabi?

Anonymous said...

Greenburgh pays Edgemont rec about 18K a year for the camp. Claims that IF Edgemonts kids attended Greenburgh camp, Greenburgh would have to spend that money in "rent' to the GC school district. (total hogwash)

Anonymous said...

Dear 6:49,

No one is agueing with you (OK, maybe except Feiner). Everyone in Edgemont I know wants rational, legal, transparent accounting. My guess is that even if you are correct on the 18K, there are other issues that are much larger, that go in Edgemont's favor. So bring on the accountants.

lawyer and client are not the same said...

oj (the murderer) had a lawyer from the innocence project represent him. the same innocence project has exonerated hundreds of wrongly convicted "criminals" via dna analysis including a recent case here in westchester where a peekskill teen spent 16 years in prison for a crime he never committed.

please do not confuse the client and the attorney.

Anonymous said...

7:42 says "please do not confuse the client and the attorney."

Oh yeah? What about Bernstein imputing Chase Caro's thefts from his clients to Feiner?

Or is it OK when Bernstein fans do it, but not when Bernstein's opponents do it.

Anonymous said...

Feiner took money from Caro -- a lot. That is why the crimes of Caro are relevant. Do you not understand the difference?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon at 6:49:

Where in the town budget does it say that Greenburgh pays Edgemont Rec one red cent, much less $18K?

Edgemont Rec is a private not for profit entity that provides recreational programs for Edgemont school children. I would think an $18K line item, if that's what it is, is sufficiently large enough to warrant an entry in the town budget, don't you? So why is it there and why do we have to take your word for it that this expense really exists? For that matter, why should be take your word for it that there's some rationale based on rent that would otherwise be paid to Greenburgh Central schools?

Weren't we told a month ago that the town and Greenburgh Central have a mutual cooperation agreement governing town use of school facilities for recreational purposes and that, under the agreement, no money changes hands?

Somebody's story here isn't adding up.

Anonymous said...

I am curious about this "mutual cooperation" agreement between Greenburgh Central and the Town. Just because no money changes hands, doesnt mean it is fair. Does G7 use the pool? If they didnt use the pool, coudl the pool be open less days? What other uses of Town property?

Anonymous said...

8:02 says
Feiner took money from Caro -- a lot. That is why the crimes of Caro are relevant. Do you not understand the difference?

Sorry to be rude, but you can't be that dumb. candidates received campaign contributions. caro gave contributions to many Democrats. Are they all therefore dishonest?

If Mr. Hsu gave money to Hillary Clinton and Hsu has now been found to be an embezzler, does that make Hillary Clinton dishonest?

You can make the same demonstration about most decent people running for office and who receive campaign contributions.

No, 8:02, there is no difference at all. Except for you who has to find something evil about Feiner all the time, even though you have to invent it.

Feiner is not the best of Supervisors -- that is his weakness -- but he is an honest and decent person -- that is his strength.

Anonymous said...

When Hillary found out the truth, she gave it back.

Anonymous said...

Hillary did it for public relations, which is good since she is being opposed by right wing slanderers who twists things (take a hint). Hsu gave to many people. They didn't give it back and there was no reason to give it back.

You try to tar Feiner because a lawyer who gave contributions to many Democrats (none of whom gave his contributions back, by the way). Feiner had no reason to return a contribution made many years ago because Caro was found to have embezzled money a few months ago. It is something every lawyer and/or sensible citizen knows and understands, but then you are a Bernsteinerite, so the normal standards don't apply to you.

feiner remains ethically challenged said...

Feiner had an opportunity to prove himself a mensch by giving back the $10,000 that he got from Caro. After all, Caro stole from the elderly. A lot would have been forgiven had he done so.

But Feiner has never returned any contributions from anyone. Thus, even when it was pointed out back in 2004 that he had taken tens of thousands of dollars from developers with applications pending before the town, Feiner never gave a nickel of it back, although he was repeatedly asked to do so, and he also never recused himself from any of these matters.

And now he's stonewalling the Ethics Board's investigation into his fundraising efforts by refusing to turn over a list of who was invited to his March 2004 fundraiser.

Feiner could easily get a copy of the list from chief contributor Mark Weingarten, who organized the March 2004 fundraiser (and many others before that one) and still has a copy of the invitation list. But Feiner won't ask him for it, and Weingarten won't turn it over, at least not voluntarily.

The list of invitees would show how Feiner sent invitations primarily to developers with applications pending -- a logical choice for him, of course, since those were the people with the financial incentive to fork over the most.

If this sounds sleazy, it's because it is.

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