Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Case No. PB 07-08 Fuji Mountain Corp., 95 Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY – Site Plan, Special Permit and Town Planning Board Slopes Permit
A public hearing to review a proposed site plan, special permit and Town Planning Board steep slopes application by Fuji Mountain Corp., which consists of the demolition of the existing building and the proposed construction of a single story 6,300 sq. ft. retail and restaurant building with forty-nine (49) parking spaces. The property is situated on the west side of Central Park Avenue approximately 320 feet from the intersection of South Washington Avenue. The proposed floor area consists of 4,800 sq. ft. of retail space and a 1,500 sq. ft. restaurant. The applicant is proposing the disturbance of approximately 5,039 sq. ft. of area classified as 15-25% slope (STEEP SLOPE), approximately 16,085 sq. ft. of area classified as 25-35% slope (VERY STEEP SLOPE) and approximately 2,697 sq. ft. of area classified as greater than 35% slope (EXCESSIVELY STEEP SLOPE). The subject site is located at in the Central Avenue (CA) Mixed Use Impact Zoning District. The property is designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Volume 8, Section 30, Sheet 23, Block 8231, Lots 6,33,34.


Anonymous said...

This should be granted we do not need another eyesore on Central ave.
Civic associations please stay home to bake cookies.
You have done too much damage to central ave. already.
We need the revenue NOW.

Anonymous said...

hey, maybe they should put another bank there. hmmmmm

Anonymous said...

So lng as the property is developed who cares what goes in there.

Anonymous said...

Priority #1: Get that building knocked down ASAP. Its neglect by the owner is such a shame. The county health office should have already closed down the business; sooooo many health code violations, as well as building code violations which have been ignored. Tom Carvel would be so embarrassed by what the town and the county and the owner have allowed to happen to this historic location which is now irreversibly dilapidated.

P. Leavy said...

What a shame! Years ago I contact Carvel corporate about the condition of this store to see if they could get the franchise owner to do anything about it. Corporate didn't care.

Very sad indeed. Tom must be rolling in his grave. I can't believe that this has been allowed has happened to this historic landmark.

Anonymous said...

Building code violations ignored?
That's not a neighborhood association flexing its muscle.
Health code violations ignored?
That's not a neighborhood association flexing its muscle.
We must acknowledge that our governments - Town and County - aren't living up to their responsibilities. A clear, unambiguous set of instructions to the Building Department to ENFORCE THE TOWN CODE AS WRITTEN (as contrasted to the way the inspectors choose to interpret it in meetings with owners and their checkbooks) would significantly reduce the involvement of neighborhood associations. Their activity is a direct response to a clear failure of the Town officials charged with enforcing the law. The deliberate flouting of the building code on Route 119 at the car dealer wouldn't have happened if that neighborhood association was on the ball - but a building inspector, a greedy owner and a sack full of cash make a strong case absent any sign the neighborhood cares.

Anonymous said...

not going to be another furniture store? what a disappointment...