Tuesday, December 18, 2007


THIS MESSAGE IS INTENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE AFFECTED BY PARKING RULES ON EAST HARTSDALE AVENUE. At a meeting of the Town Board held on Monday, December 17, the Board acted to rescind the Snow Parking regulations that they adopted for East Hartsdale Avenue on November 28. The action was taken in response to requests from the Chief of Police and Commissioner of Public Works who indicated that the law both endangered the public safety and hindered snow removal operations. During two comparatively insignificant events occurring on December 13 and December 16, vehicles that remained parked on the street long after Snow Emergencies had been declared, hampered snow removal operations. Addressing this required the assignment of substantial police resources, taking them away from other public safety duties within the township. The Snow Parking regulations that previously applied to East Hartsdale Avenue have been reinstituted. These prohibit the parking of vehicles December 1 through March 15 from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. The new signs have already been removed and notices advising of the change will be distributed to retailers and residential buildings along the avenue. Press releases to the Journal News and Scarsdale Inquirer are also being prepared and warnings will be placed on cars parked on the avenue during the overnight hours through Sunday, December 23, after which enforcement of the 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. ban will begin. The Police department is inviting interested parties to a meeting scheduled for Monday, January 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the Oporto Restaurant, 187 East Hartsdale Avenue to further discuss this matter and solicit additional opinions as to what can be done to address the parking situation on East Hartsdale Avenue.
Chief John Kapica


parking poopers said...

Nice going!

Super! Let the whiners on EHA go buy an overnight permit at the Site A garage (has ALWAYS been an option) & let's been done with this nonsense. This has been a waste of everyone's time.

While sadly I'm sure it was a bunch of rotten apples that ruined it for all, it shows the abundant selfish mentality of those involved. What more should we do for these irresponsible people?

I hope those who did abibe by the new, recinded, law know who these offenders were and give them a piece of thier minds.

Anonymous said...

How much has the experiment of Feiners cost us, in overtime for police and public works?

Thankfully no one was hurt because of some people's selfishness.

Did they recieve tickets? Substantial amounts I hope.

Fener needs to update emails blogsite said...

I wonder how much the new snow emergency signs that will not be used cost us tax payers?

Anonymous said...

Probably not as much as this latest Feiner disaster cost the merchants on East Hartsdale Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Why is the chief concentrating oly on Hartsdale ave.
All the roads should be looked at with the same problem.
Years ago there were signs telling home owners that they could not park overnight from DEC. to Mar.
What happened to those signs.
Are the other roads not part of Greenburgh.

Anonymous said...

Why are you blaming Feiner with this problem.I don't think that he alone set the rules for parking and no parking.
Find out who should be blamed with this other fiasco.

parking pooper said...

Dear 5:50,

Although Paul is not responsible for the parking problems on EHA, he is responsible for playing into the "problem solving" tactics with a limited few complainers on EHA. This causes the disruption. He doesn't know how to POINT THEM IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION and leave it be, since there are viable alternatives for these complainers. His tactics backfire, as in this case, and THIS is what he should be blamed for.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of municipalities have snow emergency parking - this isn't a new concept. Two weeks is obviously not enough time for a new law to sink in. A winter long trial was needed.

Blame goes to the Chief (complaining incessantly), the merchants (wouldn't you rather have the snow cleared in a few hours than wait until the next day?), and especially the Hartsdale Parking District's Stephanie Kavourias (reactive hysterics from worry about her "district" financials than the people of E. Hartsdale Ave. - why not wait until the snow emergency is over to clear your garage?)

Again - a TWO WEEK trial? Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

The merchants lost a lot of business on those two "snow emergency" days. Things are bad enough already for these merchants. Most bore the brunt of last spring's flooding, no interim flood mitigation plans were put in place, and the stores are just as vulnerable today as they were last April.

Those folks who bought or rented apartments on East Hartsdale Avenue knew or should have known there was insufficient parking. Their problem should not be visited upon the merchants, the parking district, or upon any other sector of the town.

Anonymous said...

What about the other roadways.
Where are the signs.
The winter is just starting could you tell me what the department is waiting for to inform the residents of this law.
we have many newcomers on the streets who do not know the laws.

Anonymous said...


This experiment was doomed from the start. Even in towns/cities that do have snow emergency rules re parking, the key streets are NOT included. You will see signs that indicate so. No one but a lunitac would allow parking on East Hartsdale Ave., it is a key street.

Anonymous said...

I still see overnight parking on roads during the night.
Ther seems to be a law on the books that reads no parking from December to March.
Where is the police department to enforce this law?

Just a thought... said...

The problem all along has been poor communication. The change to "snow emergency" parking rules on E Hartsdale Ave is/was major and requires proper notification to residents. What does "notices distributed to residential buildings along the avenue" expect to accomplish? And if the building never passed on the information to all the residents?
What are visitors suppose to know? They don't live in Westchester so they don't listen to WFAS nor have any reason to look at the Town's website. Too much is left to assumptions. Whenever there is a change in regulations, notices must be sent individually to every single resident.
How about getting meter covers that clearly state SNOW EMERGENCY - NO PARKING and when it goes into effect, place them on the parking meters as a clear alert to any parker.

Just a thought.

Feiner needs to update email/blogsite said...

To Just a thought: Great idea about snow emergency covers for the parking meters but it will fall upon deaf ears as our beloved supervisor hardly ever updates his blogsite.

Anonymous said...

Revamp this parking system or give it over to a company that could do a better job.
The people in charge are the same from the start. Their pockets are getting fuller and the parking patrons pocket are getting lighter.
Does anyone know how much longer people could afford their hikes.
They are not running a good facility.
How much longer is it going to take for someone to realize hey what the hell are these people doing with all this money.
This has got to stop.
If they cannot run a good show then the town should get someone to show them what has to be done other than raising parking fees every year.
If the garage was run the right way there would not be any paqrking problems.
They make enough money to expand along the pipe line.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you that whatever is presented on the 14th is not the way to go.
There has to be space availabe for the cars to be parked when it snows for a certain amount of time.Sanitation comes in cleans the snow and the cars are then again parked from where they started.
The property along the pipline should be taken over by the town to accomadate not only the store keepers but also the people that have to park on the avenue.
Having the pipeline strip of land is also good for the merchants.
You have a few eateries that can have valet parking ,this will help them out ,their customers,and the parking situation.
You have to start somewhere.The garage says that they have no room to serve the community,but the hikes come up periodically.
The land on the pipeline is perfect for this extra parking that is needed.
Paul just think about it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Waves to Hartsdalejewess @ 1:36pm.

Anonymous said...

how did jan 14th parking meeting go?