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Subject: Senior Property Tax Workoff Program

Two years ago, I introduced Assemblyman Steve Englebright, the then-chair of the Assembly Aging Committee to the Massachusetts Sr. Property Tax Workoff Program. He loved it. I drafted the bill which was then refined by the legislative experts. Englebright then secured the support of Senator Martin Golden to the measure. In that session, the legislation was brought to the Ways and Means Committee where some NYC folks objected to some of the terms. Last year, those objections were allayed with the result that the legislation passed both houses and placed on the Governor’s desk for signature.

The Governor didn’t sign the bill, not because he didn’t support it, but because it was many bills that got lost in the pile at the end of the session when the Big issues were stalemated.

I would be happy to work with you to make sure the bill is re-entered and signed in the new session.

Paul Arfin

Intergenerational Strategies


Anonymous said...

Paul, you seem determined to ride this pony. Just remember, Massachusetts also REQUIRES property revaluation every 5 years - not every half century. If Greenburgh hadn't suffered from 14 years of fiscal ignorance and neglect, there wouldn't be a need for a seniors bailout.

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Anonymous said...

I am a single mother. I get up every day before dawn to go to work. Why do seniors deserve more than I do? I dont begrudge them, but this is so unfair. If they get this bene, why cant my chlld work off my taxes.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we also reinstitute debtors prisons too. Then if you can't pay your taxes there will at least be a place for you to sleep.