Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Supervisor Feiner,
It was nice speaking with you at Sustainable Hastings last weekend. As requested, here is the link to our company's website which will provide you with much information.

Also, there is an event coming up on May 18 that I thought you should know about. Known as Greasestock, the event started several years ago with a group of vegetable oil car enthusiasts. It has grown into a more broad-based alternative energy festival, with over 50 veg-oil cars driving in from a dozen states as well as exhibitors displaying a variety of alternative fuel technologies with a sustainable lifestyle theme (solar, air-power, bio-diesel, etc.). It is a great event that gets tremendous media coverage (NY Times, Journal News, CNN/RNN, local papers, etc.). It is held on the grounds of Peter Pratt's Inn, in Yorktown Heights and it would be great if you could attend. The website is

Please feel free to contact me if yiou have any questions.

Thank you,

Jon Bernz
V.O. Tech, LLC
10 South Moger Avenue
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 USA

T (914) 525-1015
F (914) 244-3450

Saving the planet...
... one car at a time.


Anonymous said...

I'd prefer that Greenburgh focus on street-cleaning, weed-wacking, and other basic municipal responsibilities before spending any time on optional ventures such as this.

Anonymous said...


hal samis said...

Feed your car veggi oil?

Put V-8 Juice in your car's V8?

The problems of the world do not get placed in separate boxes which have no relationship to each other.

So off the top of my head a few things that come to mind, especially with Passover ahead.

Ethanol, corn based, has caused corn prices to rise which in turn has caused the price of beef to rise because cattle are fed corn and while growing vegetables to produce veggi oil you need to have more farm equipment servicing the fields and they in turn require more fuel while producing crops require more fertilizers which themselves are harmful to the environment and the price of wheat is rising because more fields are being turned over to growing the cash crop, corn, causing the price of matzoh to rise...

All to save two zuzim at the gas pump.

Anonymous said...

The garbage and the clean up of streets cannot be done by Regula and now you want him to look into collecting vegetable oils from the restaurants.
What's in it for him?

Anonymous said...

good, creative, innovative initiative.